Astrid McKeown

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Club:North Herts/Germany
Age Group:V45
Lead Coach:Unknown

Best known performances
5K17:2318:5318:5918:41 18:2318:1117:3817:2317:3017:5418:24

Performances Submit
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2017 V40 North Herts/Germany
5MXCNT9684DunstableThree Counties League26 Nov 17
8.34KXCNT10173WellingboroughThree Counties League22 Oct 17
10K39:525121BedfordBedfordshire AAA 10K21 Jul 17
10K40:3740:317262LetchworthStandalone 10K1 Oct 17
HM89:1489:1011396St NeotsSt Neots Riverside Half Marathon19 Nov 17
ZXC46:212411Ampthill ParkAmpthill Trophy Open15 Oct 17
2016 V40 North Herts/Germany
ZXCNT7194BedfordThree Counties League3 Jan 16
2015 V40 North Herts/Germany
6KXC24:0863ShuttleworthSouth of England Masters' Championships (Inc South of England Inter Counties Championships)12 Dec 15
4.5MXCNT6353WoottonThree Counties League8 Nov 15
8KXC36:01111Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships21 Feb 15
10K38:4438:414321LetchworthStandalone 10K4 Oct 15
10M65:577083SidcupSidcup 10 (Inc BMAF Champs)8 Mar 15
Mar3:01:092:59:50101271Frankfurt, GERFrankfurt Marathon25 Oct 15
ZXC34:1115St AlbansHertfordshire County Championships4 Jan 15
ZXCNT6242DunstableThree Counties League11 Jan 15
ZXCNT5252LeightonThree Counties League29 Nov 15
ZXCNT6793North HertsThree Counties League20 Dec 15
2014 V40 North Herts/Germany
5K18:533621London Hyde ParkBrooks Serpentine Last Friday 5K31 Oct 14
5M32:206452CoventryCoventry Autumnal 520 Aug 14
HM89:0589:009673St NeotsSt Neots Riverside Half Marathon16 Nov 14
HM92:0992:0554106SalisburySalisbury Half Marathon19 Oct 14
HMNAD94:1094:086693PutneyPutney & Fulham Riverside Half Marathon31 Aug 14
ZXCNT5174WellingboroughThree Counties League26 Oct 14
ZXCNT6883WoottonThree Counties League9 Nov 14
ZXCNT6373Letchworth Garden CityThree Counties League21 Dec 14
2013 V40 North Herts/Germany
5K18:594621London Hyde ParkBrooks Serpentine Last Friday 5K25 Oct 13
5K19:072711IlfordValentines Park 5K29 Sep 13
5M31:502431IckenhamIckenham 515 Sep 13
10K38:0237:58153204ChichesterChichester Priory 10K3 Feb 13
10K39:2639:224332LetchworthStandalone 10K6 Oct 13
10K40:076852StevenageHerts & Essex Mid Week League Div 1 10K26 Jun 13
10K41:2941:267362FlitwickFlitwick 10K (Inc Bedfordshire Champs)14 Apr 13
10M65:566121PooleLytchett Manor 1017 Feb 13
HM85:2885:253841LyddLydd Half Marathon (Inc British Masters' Champs)10 Mar 13
HMMT91:24711Letchworth Garden CityGreenway Challenge Half Marathon5 May 13
ZXCNT5333WellingboroughThree Counties League27 Oct 13
ZXCNT7321WingThree Counties League24 Nov 13
2012 V35 North Herts/Germany
5K18:41 3521London Hyde ParkBrooks Serpentine Last Friday 5K30 Mar 12
10K37:3337:304841AshfordGivaudan Ashford 10K (Inc BMAF Champs)14 Oct 12
10K38:0338:00411LetchworthStandalone 10K7 Oct 12
10K38:5438:495322Hatfield Broad OakHatfield Broad Oak 10K4 Jun 12
10K39:4939:444211FlitwickFlitwick 10K15 Apr 12
10M65:515621SandySandy 1025 Mar 12
HM84:3984:385132St NeotsSt Neots Riverside Half Marathon18 Nov 12
HM90:0690:021411HitchinHitchin Hard Half Marathon8 Jul 12
ZXCNT6272WellingboroughThree Counties League28 Oct 12
ZXCNT6041WingThree Counties League11 Nov 12
ZXCNT5131LutonThree Counties League16 Dec 12
2011 V35 North Herts/Germany
10K40:0440:025973Letchworth Garden CityStandalone 10K2 Oct 11
10K40:562222LutonLuton 10K24 Jul 11
HM85:5785:526243St. NeotsSt. Neots Riverside Half Marathon20 Nov 11
HM87:5687:5012411HastingsHastings Half Marathon20 Mar 11
ZXCNT5943HaddonThree Counties League23 Jan 11
ZXCNT5322WellingboroughThree Counties League30 Oct 11
ZXCNT5933BiggleswadeThree Counties League13 Nov 11
ZXCNT5533LetchworthThree Counties League27 Nov 11
2010 V35 North Herts/Germany
5K18:232321PortsmouthPortsmouth Promenade 5K Series9 Jun 10
5K18:301921London Hyde ParkBrooks Serpentine Last Friday 5K29 Jan 10
10K37:2737:2353Hatfield Broad OakHatfield Broad Oak 10K31 May 10
10K38:383111FlitwickFlitwick 10K18 Apr 10
10K38:486341WelwynMidweek Road Race League11 May 10
10K39:255641StevenageHerts & Essex Midweek League 10K26 May 10
10KNAD39:0939:1952WindsorSparks 5K/10K4 Apr 10
2009 V35 North Herts/Germany
5K18:111811London Hyde ParkSerpentine Last Friday 5K25 Sep 09
5K18:433511StevenageThe FVS Stevenage 5K Series26 Nov 09
10K38:094151Letchworth Garden CityStandalone 10K4 Oct 09
10K38:544731StevenageStevenage 10K (Herts And Essex League 1)14 May 09
HM84:38371Barns GreenBarns Green Half Marathon1 Nov 09
ZRD42:264831ChingfordHerts and Essex Midweek League Division 117 Jun 09
ZRD44:545631St. AlbansHerts & Essex Midweek League2 Jul 09
ZXCNT3StopsleyThree Counties League25 Oct 09
ZXCNT3WingThree Counties League22 Nov 09
2008 V35 North Herts/Germany
5K17:383911StevenageStevenage Midweek 5K12 Nov 08
5K17:421011London Hyde ParkSerpentine Last Friday 5K26 Sep 08
5K17:453611StevenageStevenage Midweek 5K26 Nov 08
5K18:02171London Hyde ParkSerpentine Last Friday 5K25 Jul 08
5M29:321311CranfieldCranfield 58 Aug 08
10K36:541811LetchworthStandalone 10K5 Oct 08
10K37:00411BedfordshireBedford Harriers Invitation 10K14 Sep 08
10K37:054121Hatfield Broad OakHatfield Broad Oak 10K26 May 08
10K37:092011StevenageAdvance Performance League 10K29 May 08
10K37:312011Bishops StortfordAdvance Performance League 10K14 May 08
10K38:362311StevenageAdvance Performance League (10K)25 Jun 08
10K38:3991SuffolkNewmarket 10K27 Jul 08
10M61:031022Leighton BuzzardLeighton 1021 Sep 08
10M61:2012PortsmouthBupa Great South Run 1026 Oct 08
HM80:222411St. NeotsSt. Neots Riverside Half Marathon16 Nov 08
ZXC36:0526Parliament HillSouthern Championships26 Jan 08
ZXCNT242AmpthillThree Counties Cross Country League13 Jan 08
ZXCNT2911LeightonThree Counties League23 Nov 08
2007 SEN North Herts/Germany
5K17:23321StevenageStevenage Midweek 5K Series - Race One14 Nov 07
5K17:32331StevenageStevenage Midweek 5K Series - Race Three12 Dec 07
5K17:4771London Hyde ParkSerpentine Last Friday of the Month 5K28 Sep 07
5K17:522London Hyde ParkSerpentine Last Friday of the Month 5K27 Apr 07
5K18:06432StevenageStevenage Midweek 5K Series - Race 228 Nov 07
5M29:131CranfieldCranfield 56 Jul 07
10K35:54181LetchworthStandalone 10K7 Oct 07
10K36:281Hatfield Broad OakHatfield Broad Oak 10k28 May 07
10K37:411StevenageAdvance Performance League Division 120 Jun 07
10K38:571Bishop's StortfordAdvance Performance League Division 113 Jun 07
7M41:581St. AlbansAdvance Performance League Division 128 Jun 07
10M60:4220PortsmouthBupa Great South Run 1028 Oct 07
10M61:243St. AlbansFred Hughes 1021 Jan 07
10M61:331821BuntingfordBuntingford 1030 Dec 07
HM80:20201St. NeotsSt Neots Riverside Half-marathon18 Nov 07
HM80:48141ElyGrunty Fen Half-marathon9 Sep 07
HMMT81:531Milton KeynesNSPCC Milton Keynes Half Marathon22 Jul 07
ZXCNT2631North HertfordshireThree Counties League16 Dec 07
2006 SEN North Herts/Germany
5K17:301StevenageStevenage Midweek 5km Series15 Nov 06
5K17:451StevenageStevenage Midweek 5km Series13 Dec 06
5K17:541London Hyde ParkSerpentine RC Last Friday 5km28 Jul 06
5M31:003ChingfordAdvance Performance League3 May 06
5M31:291AstonAston 52 Jul 06
10K37:001WhipsnadeWhipsnade Wildlife Park 10km18 Jun 06
10K37:421WelwynAdvance Performance League16 May 06
10K37:511BedfordBedford Harriers Harrold 10km4 Jun 06
10K37:563LetchworthStandalone 10km1 Oct 06
10K38:05Lanzarote, SPALanzarote International Challenge (10k)26 Nov 06
10K38:094FlitwickFlitwick 10K9 Apr 06
10K38:213StevenageAdvance Performance League Division 17 Jun 06
10M62:142BuntingfordBuntingford Year End 1031 Dec 06
10M62:363WelwynGarden City 103 Sep 06
HM81:302St. NeotsSt. Neots Riverside Half Marathon19 Nov 06
2005 SEN North Herts/Germany
300010:41.4563WatfordWATFORD OPEN10 Aug 05
5K17:542London Hyde ParkSERPENTINE LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km28 Oct 05
5K18:043StevenageSTEVENAGE 5km SERIES16 Nov 05
5K18:114London Hyde ParkSERPENTINE LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km25 Mar 05
5M30:373BedfordEMBANKMENT 521 Aug 05
10K37:582LetchworthSTANDALONE 10km2 Oct 05
10K38:001HarlowADVANCE PERFORMANCE LEAGUE Division Two14 Jun 05
10K38:324FlitwickFLITWICK 10km10 Apr 05
SHORT10K37:304Hatfield Broad OakHATFIELD BROAD OAK 10km30 May 05
SHORT35:181BroxbourneADVANCE PERFORMANCE LEAGUE Division Two22 Jun 05
2004 SEN North Herts/Germany
5K18:244StevenageSTEVENAGE 5km SERIES17 Nov 04
5K18:4710StevenageSTEVENAGE 5km SERIES30 Nov 04
5M31:324ChingfordADVANCE PERFORMANCE LEAGUE Division One23 Jun 04
10K38:525LetchworthSTANDALONE 10km Hertfordshire3 Oct 04
10K40:244StevenageADVANCE PERFORMANCE LEAGUE Division One8 Jun 04
10K40:462WatfordWATFORD 10km3 May 04
SHORT10K38:375Hatfield Broad OakHATFIELD BROAD OAK 10km31 May 04
10M67:426WelwynGARDEN CITY 105 Sep 04
Total Performances: 142
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