Alan Barnes

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Club:Herne Hill/Stock Exchange
Date of Birth:27/07/1978
Age Group:V35
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2014 V35 Herne Hill/Stock Exchange
2.5MXCL13:525L1ReigateReigate Priory Relays1 Nov 14
3ML14:471L1WimbledonSurrey Road Relays7 Sep 14
5K15:577BatterseaAssembly League 5K26 Jun 14
5K16:2611DulwichDulwich Runners Midsummer 5K3 Jul 14
5.994KL19:3713L5AldershotSouthern Men's 6 Stage Relays21 Sep 14
8.1KL27:5930L7Sutton ColdfieldERRA National Men's 12 Stage Relays5 Apr 14
8.9KXC30:4811Putney Vale2XU Surrey Men's League Division 111 Jan 14
5.7MXC31:3013Richmond Park2XU Surrey Men's League Division 18 Feb 14
15KXC55:4451Parliament HillSouthern Championships25 Jan 14
12.2MMTL76:212L4RichmondGreen Belt Relay17 May 14
HMNAD80:2780:245KingstonKingston Half Marathon6 Apr 14
13.3MMTL83:501L16RichmondGreen Belt Relay18 May 14
ZXC28:0817Wimbledon CommonSouth of Thames CCA 5M Team Race22 Nov 14
ZXC28:1028Croydon2XU Surrey Men's League Division 18 Nov 14
ZXC30:4529Coulsdon2XU Surrey Men's League Division 111 Oct 14
ZXC35:1817Parliament HillLondon Championships15 Nov 14
2013 SEN Herne Hill/Stock Exchange
2.5MXCL13:584ReigateReigate Priory Relays2 Nov 13
3MNAD16:4111BeckenhamAssembly League18 Apr 13
5K16:4612DulwichAssembly League6 Jun 13
5K16:516DulwichDulwich Runners Midsummer 5K27 Jun 13
3.5MNAD18:246London Victoria ParkAssembly League8 Aug 13
3.5MNAD19:2922London Victoria ParkAssembly League9 May 13
5MXC28:0225Wimbledon Common2XU Surrey Men's League Division 119 Oct 13
5MXC28:286Streatham CommonSouth of the Thames 5 Championships23 Nov 13
5.5MXC30:1722Mitcham Common2XU Surrey Men's League Division 19 Nov 13
7.5MXC45:2418Wimbledon CommonSouth of the Thames 7.5 Championship21 Dec 13
ZXC30:441Richmond ParkInter Financial Services Cross Country Championships27 Nov 13
2012 SEN Herne Hill/Stock Exchange
2.5MXCL14:4210L1ReigateReigate Priory Relays3 Nov 12
5MXC32:2641Roehampton Vale2XU Surrey Men's League Division 120 Oct 12
10.5MMT61:301L19RichmondGreen Belt Relay20 May 12
12.2MMT75:331L4RichmondGreen Belt Relay19 May 12
ZXC25:151RoehamptonBank of England Inter Club21 Jan 12
ZXC28:507Wimbledon Common2XU Surrey League Division 111 Feb 12
ZXC29:367Coulsdon2XU Surrey League Division 114 Jan 12
ZXC31:2740Richmond Park2XU Surrey Men's League Division 110 Nov 12
ZXC33:266Richmond ParkIFSAA Cross Country Championships21 Nov 12
ZXC39:09119BirminghamInter Counties Championships10 Mar 12
ZXC40:5713DorkingSurrey County Championships7 Jan 12
ZXC45:17479Parliament HillEnglish National Championships25 Feb 12
ZXC54:1051BrightonSouthern Championships28 Jan 12
2011 SEN Herne Hill/Stock Exchange
2.8MNAD14:342BeckenhamAssembly League1 Sep 11
3MNAD14:493Victoria ParkAssembly League2 Jun 11
5KNAD15:576Greenwich DomeAssembly League5 May 11
7.978KL26:1313L7Milton KeynesSouthern Men's 12 Stage Relays (Long Legs)27 Mar 11
8.663KL28:5819L9Sutton ParkERRA Men's National 12-stage Relays (Long Legs)9 Apr 11
ZXC28:279Ham Lands2xu Surrey League Division 112 Nov 11
ZXC28:389Ham2xu Surrey Men's League Division 115 Jan 11
ZXC29:593Putney Vale2xu Surrey Men's League Division 112 Feb 11
ZXC39:30116BirminghamInter Counties Championships5 Mar 11
ZXC39:4394Alton TowersEnglish National Championships19 Feb 11
ZXC41:4017RoehamptonSouth of Thames Championships17 Dec 11
ZXC42:022CoulsdonSouth of Thames 7.5M Championships19 Mar 11
ZXC43:049Lloyd ParkSurrey County Championships8 Jan 11
ZXC52:1133Parliament HillSouthern Cross Country Championships29 Jan 11
ZXCL14:121L4ReigatePriory Relays5 Nov 11
ZXCL15:212L2Wormwood ScrubsSEAA Cross Country Relays12 Mar 11
2010 SEN Herne Hill/Stock Exchange
2.8M14:122BeckenhamAssembly League 2.8M8 Apr 10
2.9M14:342North GreenwichAssembly League 2.9M6 May 10
5K16:114North GreenwichAssembly League 5K1 Jul 10
3.5M17:443London Victoria ParkAssembly League 3.53 Jun 10
3.5MNAD17:324Victoria ParkAssembly League12 Aug 10
7.798KL25:467 L5Milton KeynesSouthern Men's 12 Stage Relays (Long Legs)21 Mar 10
8.663KL28:1419L3Sutton ParkERRA National Men's 12 Stage Road Relays (Long Legs)17 Apr 10
10K32:2532:259HamRanelagh Richmond 10K20 Jun 10
HM72:431Farnham CommonBurnham Beeches Half Marathon22 Aug 10
ZRD13:501BeckenhamAssembly League2 Sep 10
ZMT62:471LondonGreen Belt Relay 219.55 Miles22 May 10
ZMT73:151LondonGreen Belt Relay 219.55 Miles22 May 10
ZXC24:301Richmond ParkBank of England Inter Club23 Oct 10
ZXC25:011Richmond ParkRanelagh v Bank of England Inter Club24 Jan 10
ZXC25:536Dorking2xu Surrey Men's League Division 113 Nov 10
ZXC26:289Newlands CornerSurrey Men's League Division 16 Feb 10
ZXC27:485Wimbledon2xu Surrey Men's League Division 19 Oct 10
ZXC33:046Parliament HillLondon Championships20 Nov 10
ZXC41:5074LeedsEnglish National Championships27 Feb 10
ZXC41:585CroydonSurrey County Championships20 Feb 10
ZXC55:0438Parliament HillSouthern Cross Country Championships30 Jan 10
2009 SEN Herne Hill/Stock Exchange
4.5K13:595GreenwichAssembly League 4.5K7 May 09
2.9M15:144BeckenhamAssembly League 2.95M2 Apr 09
ZRDL18:3750L1Sutton ColdfieldNational 6 Stage Relays17 Oct 09
ZXC28:119HamSurrey Men's League Division 17 Feb 09
ZXC28:527CoulsdonSurrey Men's League Division 110 Jan 09
ZXC28:5619ReigateSurrey Men's League Division 110 Oct 09
ZXC29:445CoulsdonSurrey Men's League Division 114 Nov 09
ZXC30:0517Richmond ParkSurrey Men's League Division 112 Dec 09
ZXC30:101Richmond ParkInter Financial Services Championships18 Nov 09
ZXC34:1511Parliament HillLondon Championships (inc SEAA Inter-Counties Championships)21 Nov 09
ZXC43:2411CroydonSurrey County Championships3 Jan 09
ZXC56:2945HillingdonSouthern Championships24 Jan 09
2008 SEN Herne Hill/Stock Exchange
2.9M14:398BeckenhamAssembly League 2.84 Sep 08
2.9M15:119BeckenhamAssembly League3 Apr 08
5K16:0010North GreenwichAssembly League 5K1 May 08
5K16:004DulwichDulwich Runners Midsummer 5K25 Jun 08
5K16:103North GreenwichAssembly League 5K3 Jul 08
3.5M18:005London Victoria ParkAssembly League (3.5M)5 Jun 08
3.5M18:347London Victoria ParkAssembly League 3.5M31 Jul 08
HM74:3028NottinghamExperian Robin Hood Half Marathon14 Sep 08
ZXC28:0412Wimbledon CommonSurrey Men's League Division 18 Nov 08
ZXC30:1519Richmond ParkSweatshop Surrey League Division 19 Feb 08
ZXC30:2213Richmond ParkSurrey Men's League Division 111 Oct 08
ZXC31:164RoehamptonIFSA Championships18 Nov 08
ZXC43:0712Wimbledon CommonSouth of Thames 12K20 Dec 08
ZXCL14:097ReigatePriory Relays1 Nov 08
2007 SEN Herne Hill/Stock Exchange
2.9M14:234BeckenhamAssembly League (2.8M)6 Sep 07
5K16:065DulwichDulwich Midsummer 5K20 Jun 07
5K16:0921London DomeAssembly League (5K)5 Jul 07
3.5M18:082London Victoria ParkAssembly League (3.5M)2 Aug 07
3.5M18:137London Victoria ParkAssembly League (3.5M)7 Jun 07
20M1:58:553Ashby de la ZouchAshby 2018 Mar 07
Mar2:42:48194183LondonFlora London Marathon22 Apr 07
ZXC27:216Wimbledon CommonSweatshop Surrey League Division 113 Oct 07
2006 SEN Herne Hill/Stock Exchange
HM71:4411NottinghamExperian Robin Hood Half Marathon10 Sep 06
Total Performances: 112
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