Chris Mole

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Club:North Shields Poly
County:North East
Region:North East

Athletes Coached
NameClub AG  Sex  Best Event  Rank  AG  Year  Performance 
AJ BarbourNorth Shields PolyU15M60131U1520187.97
Alicia BeverleyNorth Shields PolyU15W60201U1520188.56
Jack BeverleyNorth Shields PolyU17M100120U17201711.4
Charlotte DevittNorth Shields PolyU15W60198U1520188.55
Daniel DrydenNorth Shields PolyU17M
Lucy ErringtonNorth Shields PolyU17W60210U1720188.37
Quisha GrahamNorth Shields PolyU15W60HU15W161U15201810.44
Sophie GriggNorth Shields PolyU20W
Faye GroomNorth Shields PolyU20W
Beth HawksworthNorth Shields PolyU20W
Emma JardineNorth Shields PolyU17WSP3K181U1720188.57
Lois KendallNorth Shields PolyU17W60547U1520178.82
Jessica LivelyNorth Shields PolyU17W60185U1520178.43
Finn McMahonNorth Shields PolyU17M100250U15201712.1
James MoleNorth Shields PolyU20M
Laura MoleNorth Shields PolySENW60725ALL20188.41
Robert MoleNorth Shields PolyU17M
Evie PerrettNorth Shields PolyU15WHJ137U1520181.40
Stella Rene PerrettNorth Shields PolyU20W20045U20201825.84
Freya RobinsonNorth Shields PolyU15WSP3K227U1520178.92
Oliver RobinsonNorth Shields PolyU17M60170U1520177.96
Jemma Anne RowellNorth Shields PolyU17WHJ44U1720181.55
Connor SplevinsNorth Shields PolyU17M60HU17M51U1720189.09
Morgan ThompsonNorth Shields PolyU17M60203U1520178.03
Martha ToppingNorth Shields PolyU15W60505U1520189.00
Jakey WeechNorth Shields PolyU15M200476U13201729.11
Ella WelshNorth Shields PolyU17WHT3K92U15201726.35
Emma WordsworthNorth Shields PolyU20W

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