Mark Livingstone

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Club:Hercules Wimbledon
Age Group:V45
Lead Coach:Self
Previous Lead:Frank Horwill-2013

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U13-U17 CROSS COUNTRY & MIDDLE DISTANCE TEAM TRAINING. This training group is for competing TEAM athletes. Sessions are held Tues & Thurs 6:00 - 7:00pm all year round, at the atheltics track in Wimbledon Park, Southfields. Mark Livingstone UKA Performance Coach

Athletes Coached
NameClub AG  Sex  Best Event  Rank  AG  Year  Performance 
Alexander AbrahamHercules WimbledonU15M1500637U1320145:21.9
Sam BarkerHercules WimbledonU17M1500289U1520154:37.87
Calum BetteleyHercules WimbledonU15M
Jacopo BonettiHercules WimbledonU15M
Amelia CaseyHercules WimbledonU17W3000149U15201512:14.0
Madeleine CaseyHercules WimbledonU13W1500530U1320155:46.1
Audrey CoatesHercules WimbledonU15W
Gon DeclercqHercules WimbledonU15MJT400220U13201525.30
Sophie ElderHercules WimbledonU13W
Emily EllisHercules WimbledonU15W
Isabelle EllisHercules WimbledonU17W1500228U1720155:02.03
Alex ForbesHercules WimbledonU13M
James FordeHercules WimbledonU17M
Selma HegvoldHercules WimbledonU15W
Daniel IllisHercules WimbledonU15M800473U1320142:33.13
Lucas JeffsHercules WimbledonU17M
Fred JimackHercules WimbledonU17M
Louise LacourHercules WimbledonU17W
Diego LeyendaHercules WimbledonU15M
Mark LivingstoneHercules WimbledonV45M
Timothy LivingstoneHercules WimbledonU23M
Michael McCormackHercules WimbledonU17M
Eitan OrensteinHercules WimbledonU17M1500236U1520154:35.6
Madeleine OrensteinHercules WimbledonU15W800513U1520152:31.57
Sacha OrmistonHercules WimbledonU15M
Valerie ParockiHercules WimbledonU13W
Jeremy ParsonsHercules WimbledonU11M
Lucrezia PolloniHercules WimbledonU15W
Zachary PurnellHercules WimbledonU17M1500377U1520154:41.40
Rebekah RichesHercules WimbledonU15W150019U1320155:02.18
Blu RobinsonSt. Mary's RichmondU15M
Luke SaitchHercules WimbledonU17M
Henry SilversteinHercules WimbledonU17M300069U15201510:02.08
Annabel SimpsonHercules WimbledonU15W
Lloyd SmithHercules WimbledonU17M30090U15201538.88
Anya StaceyHercules WimbledonU13W
Ben TattersHercules WimbledonU17M1500224U1520154:34.94
Josh TattersHercules WimbledonU15M800221U1320152:27.5
George TrimmHercules WimbledonU15M1500641U1320145:21.94
Matt WatersHercules WimbledonU15M1500239U1320145:04.93
Natasha WattsHercules WimbledonU15W
Ellen WeirHercules WimbledonU13W

Best known performances

Performances Submit
2008 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

2015 V45 Hercules Wimbledon
8002:22.2372Tooting BecHerne Hill Harriers Open25 Jul 15
8002:22.372EwellSussex / Surrey County Masters' Championships7 Jun 15
8002:25.27WimbledonRosenheim League Division East10 Jun 15
15005:02.733WimbledonHercules Wimbledon Open Meeting5 Aug 15
15005:09.038nsCroydonRosenheim League Division East27 May 15
15005:13.93KingstonSouthern Counties Veterans' League South London Division18 May 15
parkrun19:5346London Bishop’s ParkFulham Palace parkrun # 8118 Apr 15
parkrun19:5520Wimbledon CommonWimbledon Common parkrun # 4426 Jun 15
parkrun19:56321Wimbledon CommonWimbledon Common parkrun # 4518 Aug 15
parkrun19:5923Wimbledon CommonWimbledon Common parkrun # 43916 May 15
parkrun20:1632Wimbledon CommonWimbledon Common parkrun # 44527 Jun 15
parkrun20:1630Wimbledon CommonWimbledon Common parkrun # 45719 Sep 15
parkrun20:1733Wimbledon CommonWimbledon Common parkrun # 4389 May 15
parkrun20:3927Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun # 36311 Apr 15
3.8MXC26:20546Richmond ParkRanalagh Inter Club7 Mar 15
7.5KXC33:32169Wimbledon Common2XU Surrey Men's League Division 110 Oct 15
5MXC31:32196Wimbledon CommonVeterans AC XC Championships17 Jan 15
5MXC35:17251CroydonEast Surrey League3 Oct 15
5MXC36:051447Great BookhamSouth of Thames CCA 521 Nov 15
5.6MXC39:1319312Wimbledon Common2XU Surrey Men's League Division 17 Nov 15
12KXC64:471704Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships21 Feb 15
15KXC79:52747BrightonSouth of England AA Championships24 Jan 15
ZXC40:0614931Richmond Park2XU Surrey Men's League Division 17 Feb 15
ZXC42:0416110Streatham Common2XU Surrey Men's League Division 110 Jan 15
ZXC43:0416Richmond ParkBank of England Inter Club21 Mar 15
ZXC46:4526896Parliament HillLondon Championships14 Nov 15
ZXC65:00222CroydonSurrey County Championships3 Jan 15
ZXCL12:2912L43Wimbledon CommonEast Surrey League Relays31 Jan 15
2014 V45 Hercules Wimbledon
40062.2863Tooting BecHerne Hill Harriers Open Meeting5 May 14
8002:24.503nsWimbledonSoleus Southern Men's League Division 1C3 May 14
8002:27.82nsEwellSouthern Counties Veterans' League South West London Division16 Jun 14
15005:20.95KingstonSouthern Counties Veterans' League South West London Division28 Apr 14
parkrun21:0926Wimbledon CommonWimbledon Common parkrun # 38914 Jun 14
parkrun21:3635Wimbledon CommonWimbledon Common parkrun # 3887 Jun 14
8.9KXC42:45212Putney Vale2XU Surrey Men's League Division 111 Jan 14
5.7MXC42:0318538Richmond Park2XU Surrey Men's League Division 18 Feb 14
12KXC66:05221DorkingSurrey County Championships4 Jan 14
15KXC79:29813Parliament HillSouthern Championships25 Jan 14
ZXC26:35182Richmond ParkRanelagh V Hercules Wimbledon Inter-Club Match1 Mar 14
ZXC35:2633Roehampton GateBank of England Inter-Club18 Jan 14
2013 V45 Hercules Wimbledon
40061.884ns1KingstonSouthern Men's League Division 1 C13 Jul 13
40063.42nsCarshaltonSouthern Men's League Division 1 C15 Jun 13
8002:24.224nsKingstonSouthern Men's League Division 2 C13 Jul 13
8002:24.223nsKingstonSouthern Men's League Division 1 C13 Jul 13
8002:31.34nsCarshaltonSouthern Men's League Division 1 C15 Jun 13
15005:11.28KingstonSouthern Counties Veterans' League South London Division20 May 13
15005:11.5572Battersea ParkRosenheim League East Division15 May 13
15005:19.84KingstonSouthern Counties Veterans' League South London Division29 Apr 13
parkrun19:5564Bushy ParkBushy Park parkrun # 46311 May 13
parkrun20:1978Bushy ParkBushy Park parkrun # 46127 Apr 13
parkrun20:2862Wimbledon CommonWimbledon Common parkrun # 3358 Jun 13
parkrun20:3330Wimbledon CommonWimbledon Common parkrun # 32530 Mar 13
5MXC37:221687Wimbledon Common2XU Surrey Men's League Division 119 Oct 13
5MXC39:23172Streatham CommonSouth of the Thames 5 Championships23 Nov 13
5.5MXC41:1918215Mitcham Common2XU Surrey Men's League Division 19 Nov 13
6MXC48:4660ReigateReigate Holly Run Open15 Dec 13
7.5MXC62:1521043Wimbledon CommonSouth of the Thames 7.5 Championship21 Dec 13
ZXC26:43153Richmond ParkRanelagh V Hercules Wimbledon V Milocarians Inter-Club Match2 Mar 13
ZXC38:18418CroydonEast Surrey League26 Oct 13
ZXC38:5015346Ham Lands2XU Surrey Men's League Division 112 Jan 13
ZXC47:49261105Parliament HillLondon Championships16 Nov 13
ZXC61:34154CroydonSurrey County Championships5 Jan 13
ZXC80:44463Parliament HillSouthern Championships16 Feb 13
2012 V40 Hercules Wimbledon
8002:23.01CroydonSouthern Counties Veterans' League South London Division9 Jul 12
8002:23.091CTooting BecHerne Hill Harriers Open21 Jul 12
8002:26.591nsBattersea ParkRosenheim League East Division4 Jul 12
8002:26.82EwellSouthern Counties Veterans' League South London Division18 Jun 12
15005:13.310KingstonSouthern Counties Veterans' League South London Division25 Jun 12
parkrun19:3820Wimbledon CommonWimbledon Common parkrun # 2877 Jul 12
parkrun19:4021Wimbledon CommonWimbledon Common parkrun # 28019 May 12
parkrun19:4419Wimbledon CommonWimbledon Common parkrun # 2839 Jun 12
parkrun19:4923Wimbledon CommonWimbledon Common parkrun # 27912 May 12
parkrun19:4923Wimbledon CommonWimbledon Common parkrun # 2822 Jun 12
parkrun19:5228Wimbledon CommonWimbledon Common parkrun # 28523 Jun 12
parkrun20:0327Wimbledon CommonWimbledon Common parkrun # 27331 Mar 12
parkrun20:0327Wimbledon CommonWimbledon Common parkrun # 28630 Jun 12
parkrun20:1326Wimbledon CommonWimbledon Common parkrun # 28416 Jun 12
5MMT37:37 254Wimbledon CommonHercules Wimbledon & Lauriston Open 529 Dec 12
5MXC41:3913141Roehampton Vale2XU Surrey Men's League Division 120 Oct 12
ZXC36:04399CroydonEast Surrey League27 Nov 12
ZXC38:4415745Richmond Park2XU Surrey Men's League Division 110 Nov 12
ZXC39:1314845Coulsdon2XU Surrey League Division 114 Jan 12
ZXC39:15128ReigateSouth of the Thames 5 Championships24 Nov 12
ZXC46:2220878Parliament HillLondon Championships17 Nov 12
ZXC56:32186DorkingSurrey County Championships7 Jan 12
ZXC75:24598BrightonSouthern Championships28 Jan 12
2011 V40 Hercules Wimbledon
8002:28.73nsTwickenhamSouthern Men's League Division 19 Jul 11
parkrun19:5717Wimbledon CommonWimbledon Common parkrun # 25710 Dec 11
parkrun20:2752Bushy ParkBushy Park parkrun # 3853 Dec 11
parkrun21:01112Bushy ParkBushy Park parkrun # 3723 Sep 11
parkrun21:3699Bushy ParkBushy Park parkrun # 34022 Jan 11
parkrun22:20122Bushy ParkBushy Park parkrun # 33915 Jan 11
10K44:34192WimbledonGeoff Moulden Wimbledon 10K2 Oct 11
ZXC38:2616643Ham Lands2xu Surrey League Division 112 Nov 11
ZXC43:035616ReigateHolly Run17 Dec 11
ZXC53:4814924RoehamptonSouth of Thames Championships17 Dec 11
2008 V40 Hercules Wimbledon
8002:29.13KingstonSurrey Veterans' Championships24 May 08
8002:31.096Battersea ParkBattersea Park Open20 Apr 08
Total Performances: 98
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