Alan Hewson

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Club:Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow
Region:South East

Athletes Coached
NameClub AG  Sex  Best Event  Rank  AG  Year  Performance 
Phoebe AndersonWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17W150027U1520164:44.4
Eloise BaxterWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20W60294U1720168.43
Elena BilslandWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20W60HW58U2020169.44
Eloise BrindleWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15WHT3K98U15201626.50
Bethany CantyWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20W
Jemima CopemanWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17W3003U15201640.7
Florence CoppWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20W60HU17W147U1720169.83
Eloise DavisonWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU23W300055U20201610:31.92
Rachel Denton-SnapeWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20WHT3K71U17201638.93
Eleanor DuckWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowSENW60HW127ALL20169.42
Euan EmeryWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17MDT1.25K184U15201627.25
Riley EmeryWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU13MDT1K239U13201615.72
Kerris FletcherWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU13W
Nathan FletcherWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15MHT4K109U15201626.62
Ele ForsdykeWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20W
Abigail FrickerWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20W
Alex GoodallWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowSENM10000111ALL201632:02.11
Morgan HansonWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17W800126U1520162:22.6
Matthew HindeWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20M2000SC112U2020167:26.57
Abigail HutchbyWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17W
Kitty JonesWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17WHT3K190U17201624.24
Ellie KreftingWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17W300114U15201643.4
Saskia KreftingWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20W80034U1720162:14.58
Mei-Ya LambertWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15W75HU15W537U15201613.5
Oscar MabonWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU13M75HU13M359U13201615.4
Francesca MacleodWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17WLJ185U1520164.77
Chloe MaysWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowSENW
Temi OjoraWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17WHJ5U1520161.68
Tobi OjoraWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU23WLJ54U2020165.33
Abigail PinnerWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20WTJ170U1720169.89
Matt PriceWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20MHT5K80U17201632.95
Tia RichardsWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20W100114U17201612.7
Darcey RoeWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17W
Freya SeeWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU23WTJ142ALL201610.85
Katherine SkipperWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU23W
Sophie StreetWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU23W
Katie ThompsonWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17W1500243U1520165:04.16
Rhiannon WardWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20W30075U17201641.87
Sophie WillisWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17W300HW22U17201645.59
Kieran WyeWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU23M1500313ALL20163:57.62

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