Norma Harris

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Club:Stevenage & North Herts

Athletes Coached
NameClub AG  Sex  Best Event  Rank  AG  Year  Performance 
Neil AddisonStevenage & North HertsU23M
Lisa BarberStevenage & North HertsU17W
Kirsty Bateman FoleyStevenage & North HertsU20WJT60020U20201432.81
Lee BrownStevenage & North HertsU15MPV12U1520142.70
Janet BrowneStevenage & North HertsU23WHJ84ALL20141.60
Toju CoxStevenage & North HertsU15WHJ511U1520131.39
Tillie FarmanStevenage & North HertsU23W
Gregory GoddardStevenage & North HertsU17MHJ113U1720131.75
Bethany HarleyStevenage & North HertsU17WHJ104U1720141.49
Elior HarrisStevenage & North HertsSENM110H55ALL201417.4
Nicholas HarrisonStevenage & North HertsU15M60HU15M27U1520149.43
Jacob HoldernessStevenage & North HertsU17MPenU15M20U1520132451
Kashif JonesStevenage & North HertsU20MHJ11U2020132.01
Peter KeefeStevenage & North HertsU15MSP4K4U15201413.01
Kit KerrStevenage & North HertsU15MLJ116U1520144.80
Laurence LevyStevenage & North HertsU23MHT7.26K145ALL201341.77
Louis LomasStevenage & North HertsU15MHJ14U1320131.50
Finlay MacRaildStevenage & North HertsU15MHJ43U1320131.45
Katie McRoyStevenage & North HertsU17WSP4K305U1720137.90
Charley NightingaleStevenage & North HertsSENW
Millie PhelanStevenage & North HertsU23W
Abigail PickardStevenage & North HertsU15W60HU13W27U13201310.47
Laurie PirieNene ValleySENMHJ129ALL20141.85
Max PriceStevenage & North HertsU17M60HU17M2U1720148.18
Shona PybusStevenage & North HertsU15WSP3K116U1520147.82
Alice RackhamStevenage & North HertsU20WHJ74U2020131.55
Shannon RapacchiStevenage & North HertsU20WPV26U2020142.80
Anne ReesStevenage & North HertsU23WPV44ALL20143.30
William RidgwayStevenage & North HertsU20M400390U20201353.6
Moe SasegbonStevenage & North HertsSENWHJ12ALL20141.75
Max SchoppStevenage & North HertsU20M60HU20M34U2020148.64
Haydn WilliamsStevenage & North HertsU13M75HU13M4U13201413.6
Ralph WilliamsStevenage & North HertsU13M75HU13M12U13201413.9
Connor WintersStevenage & North HertsU23M60H98ALL20139.18

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