Mark Robinson

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Date of Birth:14/12/1981
Age Group:SEN
County:North East
Region:North East
Lead Coach:Unknown

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At school I competed at county level in x country and 1500m track event but did not run again after leaving school.

I started running again in June 2009 and joined Quakers Running Club. This was for an alternative to the gym and more of an intensive to train for the Great North Run which I was running for the 1st time. The Great North Run was an event I had always wanted to do.

After numerous PB's and massive improvements is various distances and terrains, I went on to run my first marathon in May 2010 at Edinburgh. I am currently(2014) now training for my 8th marathon, a sub 3:00 at next years Virgin London Marathon.

During my 5 years of running, I have won multiple awards listed below:
Quakers Running Club 10k League 2010 Div 4 winner
Quakers Running Club 10k League 2011 Div 3 winner
Quakers Running Club 10k League 2012 Div 2 winner
Quakers Running Club 2010 Most Improved Male Athlete of the year
Quakers Running Club 2011 Senior Male Athlete of the year

Best known performances

Performances Submit
2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

2014 SEN Quakers
1MMTL5:5021L4MiddlesbroughNorth York Moors AC 4 x Mile Relay22 May 14
5K19:5219:4668RedcarNew Marske Summer Coast Road 5K25 Jun 14
5K20:5620:5399RedcarNew Marske Spring Coast Road 5K30 Apr 14
5KMT20:0425Carlton in ClevelandStockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series26 Jun 14
5KMT20:2925Wynyard WoodlandStockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series24 Apr 14
5KMT21:3125Cowpen BewleyStockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series5 Jun 14
5KMT21:5381Preston ParkStockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series15 May 14
parkrun19:2813DarlingtonDarlington South Park parkrun # 8221 Jun 14
parkrun19:4621DarlingtonDarlington South Park parkrun # 753 May 14
parkrun19:4616DarlingtonDarlington South Park parkrun # 7717 May 14
parkrun19:4710DarlingtonDarlington South Park parkrun # 7212 Apr 14
parkrun19:5314DarlingtonDarlington South Park parkrun # 7931 May 14
parkrun20:0524Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 30222 Feb 14
parkrun20:1037Conkers ParkConkers parkrun # 17526 Jul 14
parkrun20:1626DarlingtonDarlington South Park parkrun # 10025 Oct 14
parkrun20:1917DarlingtonDarlington South Park parkrun # 9520 Sep 14
parkrun20:3410IpswichIpswich parkrun # 1101 Nov 14
parkrun21:3031DarlingtonDarlington South Park parkrun 5K Event 5911 Jan 14
parkrun24:5054DarlingtonDarlington South Park parkrun # 899 Aug 14
10K39:1639:14107DarlingtonDarlington 10K10 Aug 14
10K41:0240:5454Newton AycliffeNewton Aycliffe 10K15 Jun 14
10K41:4459Marske by the SeaNew Marske Mermaid 10K18 Apr 14
10K41:4640Dalton on TeesPitstop 10K2 Jul 14
10K43:1363StaindropRaby Castle 10K18 May 14
10KMT44:0535RiponFountains 10K27 Apr 14
10KMT47:2717WhitbyMulgrave Castle 10K1 Jun 14
HM87:4150 BamptonHaweswater Half Marathon2 Mar 14
HM90:06ac768Newcastle-South ShieldsBupa Great North Run7 Sep 14
HM90:5590:45130RedcarRedcar Half Marathon28 Sep 14
20M2:28:042:27:5696LancasterTrimpell 2016 Mar 14
20M2:28:4123RedcarLocke Park 209 Mar 14
ZXC41:2355WhitbyNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League15 Nov 14
ZXC45:0168MiddlesbroughNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League5 Oct 14
ZXC53:38191Town MoorNorth Eastern County Championships13 Dec 14
ZXCL14:0815L1ThirskNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League Relays21 Sep 14
ZFL47:1159StokesleyCarlton Challenge (5M/1181ft)7 May 14
2013 SEN Quakers
5K19:0630RedcarNew Marske Autumn Coast Road 5K4 Sep 13
parkrun18:148Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 2546 Apr 13
parkrun18:338DarlingtonDarlington South Park parkrun 5K Event 139 Mar 13
parkrun18:5511DarlingtonDarlington South Park parkrun 5K Event 4121 Sep 13
parkrun19:156DarlingtonDarlington South Park parkrun 5K Event 512 Jan 13
parkrun19:3215DarlingtonDarlington South Park parkrun 5K Event 268 Jun 13
parkrun19:4520DarlingtonDarlington South Park parkrun 5K Event 4519 Oct 13
parkrun20:0313DarlingtonDarlington South Park parkrun 5K Event 214 May 13
parkrun20:0651SedgefieldSedgefield parkrun 5K Event 8426 Oct 13
parkrun22:3917DarlingtonDarlington South Park parkrun 5K Event 1123 Feb 13
parkrun31:39275Conkers ParkConkers parkrun 5K Event 12127 Jul 13
parkrun32:0599DarlingtonDarlington South Park parkrun 5K Event 2715 Jun 13
10K38:3432Marske by the SeaNew Marske Mermaid 10K29 Mar 13
10K40:0439:57117DarlingtonDarlington 10K11 Aug 13
10K40:1039:30772LeedsLeeds Abbey Dash 10K17 Nov 13
10K41:4539 RichmondRichmond Castle 10K13 Oct 13
10KNAD41:1341:0954Newton AycliffeNewton Aycliffe 10K16 Jun 13
10M71:0190 RipleyGuy Fawkes 103 Nov 13
HM86:1636BamptonHaweswater Half Marathon3 Mar 13
HM88:1688:1481RedcarRedcar Half Marathon29 Sep 13
HM2:25:552:25:55Newcastle-South ShieldsBupa Great North Run15 Sep 13
20M2:16:092:15:5139LancasterTrimpell 2017 Mar 13
Mar4:03:44c3122EdinburghEdinburgh Marathon Festival Marathon26 May 13
SHORTMar3:03:293:03:2625SunderlandMarathon of the North28 Apr 13
ZXC60:47714SunderlandEnglish National Championships23 Feb 13
2012 SEN Quakers
5K19:2136RedcarNew Marske Summer Coast Road 5K27 Jun 12
5KNAD19:3140Marske by the SeaNew Marske Mermaid 10K6 Apr 12
parkrun18:4811Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 21614 Jul 12
parkrun18:498Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 23127 Oct 12
parkrun18:599DarlingtonDarlington South Park parkrun 5K Event 115 Dec 12
parkrun19:2220Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 19625 Feb 12
parkrun19:2316Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 22225 Aug 12
parkrun19:235Middlesbrough Stewart ParkStewart parkrun 5K Event 2124 Nov 12
parkrun19:2520Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 2248 Sep 12
parkrun19:268Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 2378 Dec 12
parkrun19:276SedgefieldSedgefield parkrun 5K Event 306 Oct 12
parkrun19:4029Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 20024 Mar 12
parkrun19:4214Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 19014 Jan 12
parkrun19:5419Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 19411 Feb 12
parkrun20:1822DurhamDurham parkrun 5K Event 3110 Mar 12
parkrun25:5429Tees BarrageTees Barrage parkrun 5K Event 711 Aug 12
10K39:2038:47461LeedsLeeds Abbey Dash 10K18 Nov 12
10K40:2235Dalton on TeesPitstop 10K4 Jul 12
10K40:2829Marske by the SeaNew Marske Victorian 10K (Inc NE Veterans' Champs)22 Jul 12
10K40:4840:41130MiddlesbroughMiddlesbrough Tees Pride 10K2 Sep 12
10K41:1341:10120DarlingtonDarlington 10K12 Aug 12
10K41:4949BillinghamRay Harrison Memorial 10K19 Aug 12
10K42:4943 RichmondRichmond Castle 10K14 Oct 12
10KNAD40:1740:1253Newton AycliffeNewton Aycliffe 10K17 Jun 12
10KMT46:2429Bishop MiddlehamSedgefield Serpentine 10K9 Sep 12
10KMT57:31168HamsterleyHamsterley Forest 10K15 Jul 12
7M50:0052KilburnKilburn 78 Jul 12
10M69:2479 RipleyGuy Fawkes 104 Nov 12
HM89:2389:0887RedcarRedcar Half Marathon30 Sep 12
HM91:3091:22277YorkBrass Monkey Half Marathon22 Jan 12
20M2:21:352:21:2969LancasterTrimpell 204 Mar 12
20M2:26:2993HullEast Hull 2018 Mar 12
Mar3:12:303:11:39320EdinburghEdinburgh Marathon Festival Marathon27 May 12
ZXC38:5752WhitbyNorth Yorkshire and South Durham League27 Oct 12
ZXC56:53210HartlepoolNorth Eastern County Championships8 Dec 12
2011 SEN Quakers
5K19:4034RedcarSpring Coast Road 5K6 Apr 11
5K20:1543RedcarSummer Coast Road 5K29 Jun 11
parkrun19:5221Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 14426 Feb 11
parkrun19:5920Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 17424 Sep 11
parkrun20:1126Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 14212 Feb 11
parkrun20:2432Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 14029 Jan 11
parkrun20:5023Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 1378 Jan 11
10K40:4160MarskeMarske Mermaid 10K22 Apr 11
10K41:23121BlythBlyth Valley 10K (inc Necaa Championships)3 Apr 11
10K41:3441:25133DarlingtonDarlington 10K14 Aug 11
10K41:4243DaltonPitstop 10K6 Jul 11
10K41:4335MarskeMarske Victorian 10K24 Jul 11
10K41:4541:37143MiddlesbroughMiddlesbrough Tees Pride 10K4 Sep 11
10K41:50109Newcastle upon TyneHeaton Harriers Town Moor 10K13 Nov 11
10K42:16156GatesheadBupa Great North 10K17 Jul 11
10K43:0467Newton AyecliffeNewton Ayecliffe 10K19 Jun 11
10K48:08113Kirkby MalzeardKirkby Malzeard 10K4 Jun 11
7M51:0857KilburnKilburn Feast 710 Jul 11
10M67:4167:31189ThirskThirsk 1027 Mar 11
10MMT73:08122 RipleyGuy Fawkes 106 Nov 11
10MMT75:1479LeedsHarewood 102 Oct 11
HM92:4792:39256SheffieldSheffield Half Marathon8 May 11
HM93:0392:43143RedcarRedcar Half Marathon12 Jun 11
HM94:3294:22378YorkBrass Monkey Half Marathon23 Jan 11
HM1:48:3267MashamBurn Valley Half Marathon3 Jul 11
20M2:27:05119LancasterTrimpell 206 Mar 11
20M2:31:1197HullEast Hull Harriers 2020 Mar 11
Mar3:28:461205EdinburghEdinburgh Marathon22 May 11
2010 SEN Quakers
5K21:3921:39StocktonTees Forest 5K15 Apr 10
parkrun20:3223Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 1249 Oct 10
parkrun20:4730Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 12913 Nov 10
parkrun20:4931Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 12623 Oct 10
parkrun20:5137Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 12225 Sep 10
parkrun21:0234Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 1232 Oct 10
parkrun21:0332Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 9227 Feb 10
parkrun21:2221Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 13418 Dec 10
parkrun21:2338Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 10024 Apr 10
parkrun21:2343Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 11614 Aug 10
parkrun22:0349Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 1065 Jun 10
parkrun23:0313Middlesbrough Albert ParkAlbert parkrun 5K Event 1324 Dec 10
10K44:0643:56246MiddlesbroughMiddlesbrough Tees Pride 10K5 Sep 10
10K45:0197 RichmondRichmond Castle 10K17 Oct 10
10K45:4645:46BillinghamRay Harrison 10K22 Aug 10
10K46:2546:00Dalton-on-TeesPitstop 10K7 Jul 10
10K46:2546:17320DarlingtonDarlington 10K8 Aug 10
10K46:4446:44SunderlandBupa Great North 10K18 Jul 10
10K48:4348:43MarskeNew Marske Victorian 10K25 Jul 10
10KMT43:56173NewcastleTown Moor 10K14 Nov 10
6.4MMT51:3053SedgefieldSedgefield Serpentine 6.4M12 Sep 10
10M78:26205 RipleyGuy Fawkes 1031 Oct 10
10MMT82:04127LeedsHarewood 103 Oct 10
HM1:41:11198BamptonHaweswater Half Marathon7 Mar 10
HM1:43:181:42:50676YorkBrass Monkey Half Marathon24 Jan 10
HM1:44:45ac3465Newcastle-South ShieldsBupa Great North Run Half Marathon19 Sep 10
HM1:46:151:45:34IpswichLarking Gowan Ipswich Half Marathon29 Aug 10
20M2:56:002:56:00LancasterTrimpell 2014 Mar 10
Mar3:55:153:55:15EdinburghEdinburgh Marathon23 May 10
2009 SEN Quakers
10K45:4744:42902LeedsLeeds Abbey Dash 10K22 Nov 09
10K47:4046:56327DarlingtonDarlington 10K9 Aug 09
10K48:2148:21412SunderlandGreat North 10K12 Jul 09
10K50:04206RichmondRichmond Castle 10K18 Oct 09
10K51:13248Newton AycliffeNewton Aycliffe 10K21 Jun 09
10KMT46:5942SnapeSnape 10K5 Sep 09
HM1:50:55211FelixstoweFelixstowe Half Marathon4 Oct 09
HM1:53:081:53:087248Newcastle-South ShieldsBupa Great North Run Half Marathon20 Sep 09
ZMT85:07326RipleyRipley Guy Fawkes 101 Nov 09
ZXC40:3696DarlingtonNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League11 Oct 09
Total Performances: 163
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