David Parker

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Club:Shaftesbury Barnet/Loughborough Students
Date of Birth:28/02/1980
Age Group:V35
Lead Coach:Unknown

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I have been involved in the Javelin Throw for over 20 years and have a broad range of knowledge and experiences relating to the event. My father Phil discovered I had a natural affinity with throwing when I was young and the transition to Javelin Throwing became fairly swift. He introduced me to Wilf Paish and later John Trower which led to a very successful throwing career as a young athlete, winning the English Schools Championships and the AAAs U20 title 4 years in succession as well as breaking the UK U17 record in 1996 which stood at 73.56m before finally being broken in 2014. I also went on to win the World Junior Championship in 1998 and gained further success in 1999 winning silver in the European Junior Champs finishing my junior career with a throw of 77.48m; a throw bettered only by our greatest ever male Javelin Thrower Steve Backley. The high point of my injury plagued senior career came in 2006 when I represented England at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

I have since gone on to focus on my coaching career and currently coach out of Loughborough University.

I graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in Mathematics with Management in 2003 and in 2005 with an MSc in Sports Biomechanics. As part of my dissertation, I looked into the how changes in momentum (impulse) during the "run-off" phase of the throw influence the ground reaction forces exerted on the plant leg during the throw. The findings from this still influence my coaching to this day.

I am currently the National Coach Mentor for the Javelin Throw, with England Athletics having taken this role on in 2012 and have recently started a role with British Athletics as the National Performance Institute Coach for Throws. I also support England Athletics as well as the other Home Nations with various coach education workshops and have been heavily involved in the development of the Coach Education material for the Javelin Throw for UKA. I previously worked for the English Institute of Sport as a Senior Strength & Conditioning Coach, leading the Physical Preparation of GB Diving into the London Olympic Games and I am an active Tutor and Assessor for the United Kingdom Strength & Conditioning Association (UKSCA).

Athletes Coached
NameClub AG  Sex  Best Event  Rank  AG  Year  Performance 
Dominic AllenExeterU20MJT80011U20201657.44
Luke AngellTeam KennetU23MJT80037ALL201656.72
Leon BaileyRugby & NorthamptonSENMJT80096ALL201649.91
Niamh BaileyCorbyU23WHepW3ALL20165208
Daniel BainbridgeCity of NorwichU20MJT80012U20201657.31
Kelly BramhaldShaftesbury BarnetU23WSP4K67ALL201511.44
Ashley BryantWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowSENM110H15ALL201614.41
Jordan CampbellSouthamptonU20WJT6003U20201543.70
Laurie DawkinsTauntonU20WJT5002U17201547.70
Charlie GranvilleHarrowU23MJT80039ALL201656.69
Emma HamplettBirchfield HU20WJT6001U20201652.27
Tori HamplettBirchfield HU17WJT50048U17201633.47
Joe HarrisManxU20MJT8004U20201667.70
Isabelle JeffsNorth DevonSENWJT6002ALL201557.39
Hannah JohnsonWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU23WJT60013ALL201642.72
Craig LacyBirchfield HSENMJT80015ALL201662.09
Harry MarshallBirchfield HU23MJT8008U20201557.46
Greg MillarBirchfield HSENMJT8006ALL201669.12
Kerry MurchRugby & NorthamptonU23WJT6009ALL201645.61
Tom NortonSheffield & DearneU20MJT80021U20201653.66
Annabel PeachNewark ACU15WJT5003U15201636.02
Aidan ReynoldsShaftesbury BarnetU23M
Steven TurnockShaftesbury BarnetSENMJT8008ALL201668.52
Rebekah WaltonDerbyU17WJT50013U17201638.35
Natasha WilsonSale Harriers ManchesterU23WJT6006ALL201648.35

Best known performances

Performances Submit
1994 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

2009 SEN Shaftesbury Barnet/Loughborough Students
JT80071.201SportcityNorthern Athletics Senior Championships21 Jun 09
JT80067.996LoughboroughMcCain Loughborough International17 May 09
JT80067.876BedfordBedford International Games31 May 09
JT80066.254BedfordCAU Inter Counties25 May 09
JT80065.612BManchesterBritish Athletics League Premiership4 Jul 09
JT80065.073Don ValleyYorkshire & Humberside County Championships9 May 09
JT80063.268BirminghamAviva World Trials & National Championships11 Jul 09
JT80061.353ADon ValleyBritish Athletics League Premiership7 Jun 09
2008 SEN Shaftesbury Barnet/Loughborough Students
JT80070.641SportcityNorthern Athletics Senior Championships14 Jun 08
JT80069.8321BirminghamUKA Throws Fest29 Jun 08
JT80066.843Varaždin, CROAšli Kožar Memorial5 Jul 08
2007 SEN Shaftesbury Barnet/Loughborough Students
JT80071.733BedfordBedford International Games10 Jun 07
JT80070.642LoughboroughLoughborough International20 May 07
JT80068.633SportcityBritish Athletics League Premiership2 Jun 07
JT80067.941BedfordCAU Inter County Championships28 May 07
JT80063.021BHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership4 Aug 07
2006 SEN Shaftesbury Barnet/Loughborough Students
JT80073.021BedfordBedford International Games11 Jun 06
JT80072.959Melbourne, AUSCommonwealth Games25 Mar 06
JT80072.392SportcityNorwich Union European Trials inc AAA Champs16 Jul 06
JT80071.921ASportcityBritish Athletics League Premiership3 Jun 06
JT80070.454LoughboroughLoughborough International21 May 06
JT80068.375Melbourne, AUSTelstra Grand Prix9 Mar 06
JT80067.991EtonBal Premiership5 Aug 06
JT80067.481Budapest, HUNBp. Honvéd Nemzetközi30 Jun 06
JT80067.2331BirminghamUK Challenge Throws Fest29 Jul 06
JT80066.802LoughboroughLoughborough European Athletics Permit (LEAP) Meeting26 Jul 06
2005 SEN Shaftesbury Barnet/Loughborough Students
JT80076.951BedfordGolden Jubilee Cup Final27 Aug 05
JT80074.781Glasgow (S)BUSA Champs2 May 05
JT80074.091LoughboroughLoughborough22 May 05
JT80073.414Bangor (NI)NORTH DOWN INTERNATIONAL GAMES Bangor24 Jun 05
JT80073.141GatesheadUK CHALLENGE EVENT-SPECIFIC MEETING Gateshead13 Aug 05
JT80073.071CudworthYORKSHIRE (May 14/15)15 May 05
JT80072.982SportcityAAA Championships9 Jul 05
JT80072.762BedfordInter Counties30 May 05
JT80072.011BirminghamINTER-AREA MATCH Alexander Stadium, Birmingham23 Jul 05
JT80071.412LoughboroughLOUGHBOROUGH EAA MEETING16 Jul 05
JT80071.061Manchester (SC)BAL D125 Jun 05
JT80070.951BHaringeyBAL130 Jul 05
JT80070.953Haringey30 Jul 05
JT80070.74A8Potchefstroom, RSA4 Feb 05
JT80065.041QAGlasgow (S)BUSA Champs2 May 05
2001 U23 Shaftesbury Barnet/Loughborough Students
JT80078.33A4Potchefstroom, RSA-24 Mar 01
2000 U23 Shaftesbury Barnet/Loughborough Students
JT80078.241BHalle, GER-27 May 00
1999 U20 Shaftesbury Barnet/Loughborough Students
JT80077.482BedfordGCf14 Aug 99
JT80077.262Riga, LATEJ7 Aug 99
1998 U20 Shaftesbury Barnet/Loughborough Students
JT80075.211YorkNYrkS-2013 Jun 98
1997 U20 Shaftesbury Barnet/Loughborough Students
JT80071.061BedfordAAA-206 Jul 97
1996 U17 Scarborough/Loughborough Students
JT80068.263Loughborough20vLC,BUSA,E19 May 96
JT70073.561StokeBS-1720 Jul 96
JT70073.041Sheffield-20 Apr 96
JT70070.521SheffieldEnglish Schools Track & Field Championships12 Jul 96
JT70070.221GrimsbyYAL-175 May 96
JT70069.121YorkNYrkS-178 Jun 96
1994 U15 Scarborough/Loughborough Students
OJTU15M55.961GatesheadNC-1529 May 94
JT70054.581Grimsby-25 Sep 94
Total Performances: 55
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