Mark Newell

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Club:Cambridge H/Uknetrunner
Age Group:V55
Lead Coach:Self

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A member of Cambridge Harriers since 1988. Have been an active coach for Cambridge Harriers for over 20 years. All pb's were set well before the existence of Power of 10. pb's as follows: Marathon - 2:51; Half- marathon - 1:18; 10 mile - 59:20; Mainly compete in fell racing, trail and cross country these days as the surface tends to be kinder on the joints. Completed my 25th London marathon this year, 2016. Achieved major goal in 2016 of completing 21 Ben Nevis Fell races, making me the 100th person to do so.

Athletes Coached
NameClub AG  Sex  Best Event  Rank  AG  Year  Performance 
Indigo AllenCambridge HU17W
Lara AtkinsonCambridge HU17W300028U17201610:13.52
Ailbhe BarnesCambridge HU15W120013U1320163:54.3
Roderick CookeyCambridge HU23M
Sophie FennerCambridge HU20W1500SCW82U2020166:24.8
Matthew FrancisCambridge HU17M30003U1520169:04.65
Milo GlaisterCambridge HU17M
Charlotte HuntCambridge HU23W
Zak JonesCambridge HU20M
Dean LacyCambridge HSENMHM20ALL201565:42
Bayley MasseyCambridge HU20M2000SC37U2020166:36.73
Mark NewellCambridge HV55M
Joshua OlawunmiCambridge HU17M1500553U1720164:33.4
Andrew SheridanCambridge HSENM5000849ALL201516:42.5
Tom SimpsonCambridge HU17M3000182U1720169:39.44
Amelia WatersCambridge HU20W
Adam WrightCambridge HU23M800755ALL20162:00.1

Best known performances

Performances Submit
2006 2008 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

2016 V55 Cambridge H/Uknetrunner
parkrun26:3540Shorne Woods Country ParkShorne Woods parkrun # 1462 Jan 16
5MXC47:1748BexleyCambridge Harriers Championship 522 Oct 16
10KXC55:5820015TonbridgeKent League29 Oct 16
12.08KXC72:111815Brands HatchKent County Championships9 Jan 16
Mar5:12:034:54:4328322806LondonVirgin London Marathon24 Apr 16
2015 V55 Cambridge H/Uknetrunner
parkrun26:0447MaidenheadMaidenhead parkrun # 3925 Dec 15
parkrun26:27281Slough Upton Court ParkUpton Court parkrun # 15726 Dec 15
parkrun26:31211LullingstoneLullingstone parkrun # 218 Apr 15
parkrun27:4428LullingstoneLullingstone parkrun # 723 May 15
5MXC44:4137BexleyCambridge Harriers Championship 53 Oct 15
10KXC54:331818Sparrows DenKent League7 Nov 15
10KXC57:571937TonbridgeKent League24 Oct 15
12KXC75:081929Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships21 Feb 15
7.5MXC72:0952BexleyCambridge Harriers Championship 7.5 & Open28 Dec 15
Mar4:44:194:39:2722345601LondonVirgin London Marathon26 Apr 15
ZXC52:491517HytheKent County Championships3 Jan 15
ZXC56:34341149Parliament HillLondon Championships14 Nov 15
2014 V50 Cambridge H/Uknetrunner
300014:43.14ASwindonSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 2 South17 May 14
LJ2.174BSwindonSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 2 South17 May 14
12KXC68:041621NottinghamECCA English National Championships22 Feb 14
ZXC44:5028BexleyCambridge Harriers Club 5 & Open4 Oct 14
ZXC57:491735TonbridgeKent League25 Oct 14
ZXC68:3827BexleyCambridge Harriers Club 7.5 & Open27 Dec 14
ZFL28:35139 20VentnorSt Boniface Fell (2.4M/771ft)13 Sep 14
ZFL87:56133 17VentnorVentnor Horseshoe (7.5M/1453ft)13 Sep 14
ZFL3:10:45471Fort WilliamBen Nevis (8.7M/4419ft)6 Sep 14
2013 V50 Cambridge H/Uknetrunner
parkrun29:58114BexleyBexley parkrun # 909 Nov 13
Mar4:13:574:11:5812511788LondonVirgin London Marathon21 Apr 13
40MMT9:06:06 9117ComptonCompton Downland Challenge 406 Apr 13
ZXC43:5429BexleyCambridge Harriers Club 5 & Open28 Sep 13
ZXC52:57280123Parliament HillLondon Championships16 Nov 13
ZXC54:3718428SwanleyKent League5 Oct 13
ZXC65:3017222DetlingKent County Championships5 Jan 13
ZXC72:221009SunderlandEnglish National Championships23 Feb 13
ZXC86:47508Parliament HillSouthern Championships16 Feb 13
ZFL28:43113 11VentnorSt Boniface Fell (2.4M/771ft)14 Sep 13
ZFL83:23107 12VentnorVentnor Horseshoe (7.5M/1453ft)14 Sep 13
ZFL88:3715831DorkingBox Hill Fell Race (7.5M/1739ft)19 Jan 13
ZFL1:59:5520230CardingtonCardington Cracker (9M/2602ft)1 Dec 13
ZFL2:19:36 115 12VentnorWroxall Round (13.1M/1598ft)15 Sep 13
ZFL2:23:3815324DolgellauCader Idris (10.5M/3002ft)18 May 13
ZFL3:01:1914322Church StrettonLong Mynd Valleys (11.5M/4501ft)10 Feb 13
ZFL3:03:27422ClagganBen Nevis (8.7M/4419ft)7 Sep 13
2012 V50 Cambridge H/Uknetrunner
15006:15.03BElthamSouthern Athletics League Division 2 SE21 Apr 12
parkrun24:1927BexleyBexley parkrun # 824 Mar 12
Mar4:28:394:24:07170441035LondonVirgin London Marathon22 Apr 12
ZXC52:1816519TonbridgeKent League27 Oct 12
ZXC52:2619123SwanleyKent League6 Oct 12
ZXC65:251610Parliament HillEnglish National Championships25 Feb 12
ZXC69:2338Joyden's WoodCambridge Harriers 7.5 Championships29 Dec 12
ZXC86:00705BrightonSouthern Championships28 Jan 12
2011 V50 Cambridge H/Uknetrunner
20MMT3:23:5669BrightonJog Shop Jog 209 Oct 11
Mar4:29:404:21:4614191LondonVirgin London Marathon17 Apr 11
ZXC50:1417733SwanleyKent League8 Oct 11
ZXC52:2823692Parliament HillLondon Championships19 Nov 11
ZXC52:5610421SwanleyKent League12 Feb 11
ZXC63:111189Alton TowersEnglish National Championships19 Feb 11
ZXC65:08175WilmingtonKent County Championships8 Jan 11
ZXC71:465411CambridgeCambridge Harriers 7.5M Championships27 Dec 11
ZXC85:11842Parliament HillSouthern Cross Country Championships29 Jan 11
ZFL1:52:501:52:2135734SnowdonSnowdon International Race23 Jul 11
2010 V50 Cambridge H/Uknetrunner
20MMT3:36:5912510BrightonJog Shop Jog 2010 Oct 10
Mar4:31:544:26:5818021LondonVirgin London Marathon25 Apr 10
ZXC52:4313622TonbridgeKent League23 Oct 10
ZXC53:5113626West WickhamKent League9 Oct 10
ZXC66:341357LeedsEnglish National Championships27 Feb 10
2008 V45 Cambridge H/Uknetrunner
300011:46.678ElthamCambridge Harriers Open23 Jul 08
300011:51.128ElthamCambridge Harriers Open25 Jun 08
ZXC49:23976Alton TowersEnglish National Championships23 Feb 08
2006 V45 Cambridge H/Uknetrunner
300012:05.28ElthamBMC Regional Races19 Jul 06
300012:09.67ElthamBMC Regional Races17 May 06
300012:18.77BElthamBMC Regional Races16 Aug 06
Total Performances: 72
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