Steve Linsell

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Club:Leeds City/Northern Vets
Date of Birth:13/10/1963
Age Group:V50
Lead Coach:Unknown

Best known performances

Performances Submit
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Awaiting Approval
HJ2.001BinghamRushcliffe A C Open Meeting4 Jun 97
HJ1.973GrimsbyNorthern Counties Championships16 Jun 90
HJ1.961Leeds (B)West Yorkshire League20 Apr 97
HJ1.961MansfieldMansfield Open Meeting7 Aug 98
HJ1.954AHullBritish Athletics League Div 45 Jun 82
HJ1.952ACleckheatonBritish Athletics League Div 37 May 83
HJ1.952CleckheatonYorkshire County Championships15 May 83
HJ1.951EastbourneEastbourne Open Meeting19 Jun 83
HJ1.956CreweNorthern Counties Championships25 Jun 83
HJ1.953AEdinburghBritish Athletics League Div 313 Aug 83
HJ1.95i2WorksopWorksop Indoor Open Meeting4 Mar 84
HJ1.956Gateshead (S)Northern Counties Indoor Championships17 Mar 84
HJ1.951HullHull Spartan Open Meeting1 Apr 84
HJ1.953ACleckheatonBritish Athletics League Div 316 Jun 84
HJ1.953CleckheatonDave Russell Memorial Meeting15 Jul 90
HJ1.951Leeds (B)Leeds City Open Meeting13 Aug 91
HJ1.951WakefieldWest Yorkshire League26 Jul 95
HJ1.951=LeedsLeeds City Open Meeting13 May 97
HJ1.953BlackpoolNorthern Knock-out Cup Final6 Sep 98
HJ1.95i4BirminghamMidland Counties Indoor Open Meeting9 Jan 99
HJ1.951BinghamRushcliffe A C Open Meeting20 Apr 99
HJ1.952AScunthorpeNorthern League Div 115 May 99
HJ1.952AWakefieldNorthern League Div 110 Jul 99
HJ1.952ABoltonNorthern League Div 131 Jul 99
HJ1.931NelsonPendle Open Meeting5 Sep 99
HJ1.911Leeds (B)Leeds City Open Meeting15 Jun 93
HJ1.911SheffieldSheffield Open Meeting20 Apr 96
HJ1.902LincolnLincoln Open Meeting25 Apr 82
HJ1.903NottinghamNotts A C Open Meeting3 May 82
HJ1.903CudworthYorkshire County Junior Championships16 May 82
HJ1.906AWest London StadiumBritish Athletics League Div 43 Jul 82
HJ1.902HullGre Gold Cup11 Jul 82
HJ1.901EastbourneEastbourne Rovers Athletic Club Open Meeting25 Jul 82
HJ1.904CleckheatonSpenborough Open Meeting20 Mar 83
HJ1.902HuddersfieldWest Yorkshire Track & Field League11 May 83
HJ1.902SmethwickTipton Open Meeting1 Jun 83
HJ1.905AEnfieldBritish Athletics League Div 34 Jun 83
HJ1.901BHullHull Select V Leeds Polytechnic Select V Harvard/yale22 Jun 83
HJ1.908BirminghamGre Gold Cup Semi-final7 Aug 83
HJ1.901Leeds (B)Northern Knock-out Cup20 Aug 83
HJ1.905LeicesterBoot Trophy Meeting4 Sep 83
HJ1.901WorksopWorksop Indoor Open Meeting18 Dec 83
HJ1.901CleckheatonSpenborough Open Meeting18 Mar 84
HJ1.904GatesheadGateshead Open Meeting5 May 84
HJ1.905ACwmbranBritish Athletics League Div 312 May 84
HJ1.904CudworthYorkshire County Championships20 May 84
HJ1.908MiddlesbroughNorthern Counties Championships2 Jun 84
HJ1.903BBrightonBritish Athletics League Div 37 Jul 84
HJ1.902KirkbyLiverpool Open Meeting22 Jul 84
HJ1.902KirkbyLiverpool Open Meeting11 Aug 84
HJ1.901Leeds (B)Northern League5 Jul 87
HJ1.903Leeds (B)West Yorkshire Track & Field League16 Aug 87
HJ1.902YorkTsb Games22 Apr 90
HJ1.902Manchester (W)Club Invitation Meeting5 May 90
HJ1.901GrimsbyGrimsby Open Meeting7 May 90
HJ1.901MiddlesbroughNorthern League12 May 90
HJ1.904Sheffield (W)Yorkshire County Championships20 May 90
HJ1.903BManchester (W)British Athletics League Div 310 Jun 90
HJ1.901BWoodfordBritish Athletics League Div 37 Jul 90
HJ1.902CleckheatonSpenborough Open Meeting23 Sep 90
HJ1.90i3=Dewsbury Sports CentreNorthern Counties Indoor Championships24 Feb 91
HJ1.902StretfordWarm-up Meeting27 Apr 91
HJ1.902SheffieldYorkshire County Championships19 May 91
HJ1.905Brierley HillGre Cup Semi-final7 Jul 91
HJ1.902YorkYorkshire County Championships17 May 92
HJ1.902BWoodfordBritish Athletics League Div 220 Jun 92
HJ1.901GranthamNorthern Knock-out Cup1 Aug 92
HJ1.905AHornchurchBritish Athletics League Div 35 Jun 93
HJ1.906HullNorthern Counties Championships26 Jun 93
HJ1.901OldhamNorthern Knock-out Semi-final14 Aug 93
HJ1.901Leeds (B)Leeds City Open Meeting31 Aug 93
HJ1.901Leeds (B)West Yorkshire Track & Field League10 May 95
HJ1.904SheffieldYorkshire County Championships13 May 95
HJ1.901=Leeds (B)Leeds City Open Meeting18 Jul 95
HJ1.901GatesheadNorthern Knock-out Cup22 Jul 95
HJ1.902ARochesterBritish Athletics League Div 419 Aug 95
HJ1.901NelsonPendle Open Meeting24 Mar 96
HJ1.903=AJarrowBal Div 44 May 96
HJ1.904SheffieldYorkshire County Championships11 May 96
HJ1.904ASheffield (W)Bal Div 48 Jun 96
HJ1.901LeedsWest Yorkshire League12 Jun 96
HJ1.905ALeedsBal Div 46 Jul 96
HJ1.901Leeds (B)Leeds City Open Meeting30 Jul 96
HJ1.903SheffieldDon Valley Games4 Aug 96
HJ1.902CudworthNorthern Knock-out Semi-final10 Aug 96
HJ1.904ATelfordBal Div 417 Aug 96
HJ1.905LeedsNorthern Knock-out Cup Final8 Sep 96
HJ1.908Sheffield (DVS)Northern Counties Indoor Championships18 Jan 97
HJ1.901NelsonPendle Open Meeting23 Mar 97
HJ1.90i2Sheffield (DVS)Sheffield Indoor Open Meeting27 Apr 97
HJ1.902LeedsBal Gold Cup1 Jun 97
HJ1.901LeedsLeeds City Open Meeting15 Jul 97
HJ1.902LeedsNorthern Knock-out Cup19 Jul 97
HJ1.901WakefieldWest Yorkshire League30 Jul 97
HJ1.903CudworthNorthern Knock-out Cup Semi-final9 Aug 97
HJ1.903ALeedsNorthern League Div 116 Aug 97
HJ1.901LeedsLeeds City Open Meeting26 Aug 97
HJ1.90i3Sheffield (DVS)Northern Counties Indoor Championships17 Jan 98
HJ1.902CudworthYorkshire County Championships9 May 98
HJ1.901GrimsbyNorthern Knock-out Cup11 Jul 98
HJ1.901Sheffield (W)Sheffield Open Meeting29 Jul 98
HJ1.901CleckheatonSpenborough Open Meeting30 Aug 98
HJ1.901NelsonPendle Open Meeting28 Mar 99
HJ1.902LeedsNorthern Knock-out Cup3 Jul 99
HJ1.901MansfieldMansfield Open Meeting27 Aug 99
HJ1.851CleckheatonWest Yorkshire Schools Championships17 Jun 80
HJ1.853HullNorthern Counties Youths Championships21 Jun 80
HJ1.852ACopthall StadiumNational Young Athletes League Auxiliary Final7 Sep 80
HJ1.851CleckheatonYorkshire County Junior Championships17 May 81
HJ1.852CleckheatonSpenborough Open Meeting21 Mar 82
HJ1.853BlackburnBlackburn Open Meeting1 May 82
HJ1.855AGrangemouthBritish Athletics League Div 48 May 82
HJ1.852HuddersfieldWest Yorkshire Track & Field League12 May 82
HJ1.853CudworthYorkshire County Championships16 May 82
HJ1.856HullNorthern Counties Championships19 Jun 82
HJ1.852HuddersfieldWest Yorkshire Track & Field League14 Jul 82
HJ1.85i9=Gateshead (S)Northern Counties Indoor Championships20 Feb 83
HJ1.852BlackburnBlackburn Open Meeting30 Apr 83
HJ1.853=StretfordGre Cup 2nd Round12 Jun 83
HJ1.854ASouthamptonBritish Athletics League Div 32 Jul 83
HJ1.85i2WorksopWorksop Indoor Open Meeting13 Nov 83
HJ1.853StretfordStreford Open Meeting8 Jan 84
HJ1.852ALeeds (B)Leeds University Shield Meeting11 Mar 84
HJ1.852WarringtonWarrington Open Meeting8 Apr 84
HJ1.856Leeds (B)Opening Of Track16 May 84
HJ1.853ASheffieldNorthern League Div 31 Jun 85
HJ1.851Leeds (B)Leeds Polytechnic Open Meeting9 Jun 85
HJ1.852BCleckheatonNorthern League Div 329 Jun 85
HJ1.852BHaringeyBritish Athletics League Div 310 May 86
HJ1.853BKirkbyBritish Athletics League Div 331 May 86
HJ1.859WiganGre Cup28 Jun 86
HJ1.853BNottinghamBritish Athletics League Div 36 Jul 86
HJ1.852Leeds (B)Northern Knock-out Cup8 Aug 87
HJ1.852CleckheatonNorthern Knock-out Semi-finals29 Aug 87
HJ1.854WiganNorthern Knock-out Cup Final1 Sep 90
HJ1.853WiganWigan Open Meeting14 Apr 91
HJ1.852=YorkTsb Games21 Apr 91
HJ1.852BTooting BecBritish Athletics League Div 311 May 91
HJ1.853BebingtonNorthern Counties Championships16 Jun 91
HJ1.852BLeeds (B)British Athletics League Div 320 Jul 91
HJ1.85i6Dewsbury Sports CentreNorthern Counties Indoor Championships1 Mar 92
HJ1.853YorkTsb Games19 Apr 92
HJ1.852Leeds (B)Leeds City Open Meeting28 Apr 92
HJ1.852BEnfieldBritish Athletics League Div 29 May 92
HJ1.854BlackpoolNorthern Counties Championships14 Jun 92
HJ1.851Leeds (B)Leeds City Open Meeting14 Jul 92
HJ1.852WakefieldWakefield Open Meeting5 Aug 92
HJ1.852Leeds (B)Northern Knock-out Cup Semi-final15 Aug 92
HJ1.852BBelle Vue Athletics Centre ManchesterBritish Athletics League Div 222 Aug 92
HJ1.851Leeds (B)Leeds Polytechnic Open Meeting27 Mar 93
HJ1.852BSwanseaBritish Athletics League Div 38 May 93
HJ1.853YorkYorkshire County Championships15 May 93
HJ1.852WakefieldNorthern Knock-out Cup Round 124 Jul 93
HJ1.851Leeds (B)Leeds City Open Meeting3 Aug 93
HJ1.851BLeeds (B)British Athletics League Div 37 Aug 93
HJ1.852SheffieldSheffield Open Meeting11 Aug 93
HJ1.855GranthamNorthern Knock-out Cup Final5 Sep 93
HJ1.852GrimsbyGrimsby Open Meeting26 Sep 93
HJ1.85i3Sheffield (DVS)Sheffield Indoor Open Meeting9 Feb 94
HJ1.85i2Sheffield (DVS)Sheffield Indoor Open Meeting27 Feb 94
HJ1.852BPeterboroughBritish Athletics League Div 46 May 95
HJ1.851Leeds (B)Leeds City Open Meeting30 May 95
HJ1.851BWakefieldBritish Athletics League Div 43 Jun 95
HJ1.851SheffieldSheffield Open Meeting14 Jun 95
HJ1.853WakefieldNorthern Knock-out Cup Semi-final12 Aug 95
HJ1.85i2Sheffield (DVS)Sheffield Indoor Open Meeting7 Feb 96
HJ1.851MiddlesbroughCyril Elliott Open Meeting7 Apr 96
HJ1.851Leeds (B)Leeds City Open Meeting21 May 96
HJ1.851MiddlesbroughNorthern Knock-out Cup20 Jul 96
HJ1.851YorkWest Yorkshire League18 Aug 96
HJ1.85i2Sheffield (DVS)Sheffield Indoor Open Meeting5 Feb 97
HJ1.851CudworthYorkshire County Championships10 May 97
HJ1.854AGatesheadNorthern League Div 17 Jun 97
HJ1.851BBebingtonNorthern League Div 15 Jul 97
HJ1.85i4Sheffield (DVS)Sheffield Indoor Open Meeting31 Aug 97
HJ1.852WakefieldNorthern League Div 12 May 98
HJ1.852LincolnLincoln Open Meeting21 Jun 98
HJ1.851WakefieldWest Yorkshire League8 Jul 98
HJ1.857CudworthInter-counties Meeting1 Aug 98
HJ1.851BBebingtonNorthern League Div 18 Aug 98
HJ1.851CleckheatonNorthern Knock-out Cup Semi-final15 Aug 98
HJ1.851YorkWest Yorkshire League16 Aug 98
HJ1.831HullNorthern Knock-out Cup11 Aug 84
HJ1.821Leeds (B)Leeds Open Meeting15 May 90
HJ1.802CleckheatonYorkshire County Youths Championships8 Jun 80
HJ1.803BCleckheatonBritish Athletics League Div 428 Jun 80
HJ1.802CleckheatonSpenborough Open Meeting24 Aug 80
HJ1.801CleckheatonWest Yorkshire Track & Field League Championships14 Sep 80
HJ1.809Gateshead (S)Northern Counties Indoor Championships7 Mar 82
HJ1.804ADerbyNorthern League Div 311 May 85
HJ1.805BEdinburghBritish Athletics League Div 210 Aug 85
HJ1.803Leeds (B)Leeds Open Meeting22 Jul 86
HJ1.803BEnfieldBritish Athletics League Div 316 Aug 86
HJ1.806CleckheatonSpenborough Open Meeting14 Sep 86
HJ1.804Hull (Indoor)Hull Indoor Open Meeting1 Mar 87
HJ1.805CleckheatonSaf Games12 Apr 87
HJ1.804BCwmbranBritish Athletics League Div 39 May 87
HJ1.803Leeds (B)Leeds Open Meeting30 Jun 87
HJ1.804BEdinburghBritish Athletics League Div 325 Jul 87
HJ1.801=Leeds (B)Leeds Open Meeting12 Jul 88
HJ1.801ScunthorpeNorthern Knock-out Cup23 Jul 88
HJ1.801Leeds (B)Leeds City Open Meeting14 May 91
HJ1.804ASwanseaBritish Athletics League Div 322 Jun 91
HJ1.80i3Sheffield (DVS)Sheffield Indoor Open Meeting26 Feb 92
HJ1.804BLeeds (B)British Athletics League Div 211 Jul 92
HJ1.804BReadingBritish Athletics League Div 34 Jul 93
HJ1.80i3The Leadmill Sheffield (indoor-wooden Floor)Sport V Art Invitation High Jump Competition23 May 95
HJ1.802AEdinburghBritish Athletics League Div 41 Jul 95
HJ1.801Leeds (B)Leeds City Open Meeting22 Aug 95
HJ1.802SheffieldSheffield Open Meeting19 Apr 97
HJ1.801CarlisleRon Hope Memorial Open Meeting31 May 98
HJ1.806LiverpoolNorthern Counties Championships20 Jun 98
HJ1.802GatesheadNorthern League Div 15 Jun 99
HJ1.781CleckheatonLeeds Schools Athletics Championships15 May 80
HJ1.751BHullNorthern Boys & Youths League24 Jun 79
HJ1.752CudworthYorkshire County Junior Championships11 May 80
HJ1.751ALincolnNational Young Athletes League25 May 80
HJ1.755Dewsbury Sports CentreNorthern Counties Junior Indoor Championships8 Mar 81
HJ1.751Leeds (B)Leeds Open Meeting16 Mar 86
HJ1.753Leeds (B)Northern League Div 2e4 Jun 88
HJ1.754BHayesBritish Athletics League2 Jul 88
HJ1.753WiganGre Gold Cup 2nd Round24 Jun 90
HJ1.754SheffieldSheffield Open Meeting19 Apr 98
HJ1.702=KirkbyMelbourne Trophy Meeting22 Apr 79
HJ1.704BCrystal PalaceNational Young Athletes League Final9 Sep 79
HJ1.654CleckheatonYorkshire County Youths Championships3 Jun 79
HJ1.602CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League Championships4 Sep 77
HJ1.573CleckheatonWest Yorkshire Schools Championships10 Jun 78
HJ1.553=BCrystal PalaceNational Young Athletes League Final17 Sep 78
HJ1.531BCleckheatonNorthern Boys & Youths League26 Jun 77
HJ1.502Temple Newsam Track (cinder)Leeds Middle Schools Championships2 Jul 77
HJ1.403CleckheatonWest Yorkshire Track & Field League21 Apr 76
HJ1.351Temple Newsam Track (cinder)Leeds Middle Schools Championships3 Jul 76
HJ1.261BradfordWest Yorkshire Track & Field League23 Jun 76
HJ1.221John Smeaton School (cinder)East Leeds Middle Schools Championships14 Jun 75
LJ5.776BLeeds (B)British Athletics League Div 211 Jul 92
LJ5.566ACleckheatonNorthern League Div 329 Jun 85
TJ12.702Leeds (B)Leeds City Open Meeting20 Jun 95
TJ12.624BHornchurchBritish Athleics League Div 35 Jun 93
TJ12.581Leeds (B)Leeds City Open Meeting31 Aug 93
TJ12.495AWoodfordBritish Athletics League Div 37 Jul 90
TJ12.342Leeds (B)Leeds City Open Meeting14 Jul 92
TJ12.034BWakefieldBritish Athletics League Div 43 Jun 95
TJ11.943Leeds (B)Leeds Open Meeting21 Jul 87
TJ11.903ACleckheatonNorthern League Div 329 Jun 85
TJ11.723CleckheatonWest Yorkshire Track & Field League26 Apr 87
TJ11.425BEdinburghBritish Athletics League Div 210 Aug 85
2014 V50 Leeds City/Northern Vets
HJ1.771CleckheatonSpenborough AC Ivan Stringer Memorial Open31 Aug 14
HJ1.741CleckheatonNorthern Veterans' League9 Apr 14
HJ1.741SportcityJoe Moran Memorial Veterans Meeting18 Jun 14
HJ1.701LeighNorthern Veterans' Championships11 May 14
HJ1.703CudworthYorkshire County Champioinships17 May 14
HJ1.701CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League16 Jul 14
HJ1.701SolihullEAMA Outdoor Inter Area Challenge20 Jul 14
HJ1.701=BRotherhamNorth of England League Division 2EC9 Aug 14
HJ1.701BirminghamBritish Masters AF Championships10 Aug 14
HJ1.701CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League Championships7 Sep 14
HJ1.701WakefieldDouglas Bedford Memorial Open Meeting14 Sep 14
HJ1.70i9SheffieldNorthern Athletics Open Meeting6 Dec 14
HJ1.654WakefieldWakefield Spring Open Meeting5 Apr 14
HJ1.652LeighNorthern Veterans' League inc 5000m Championships30 Jul 14
HJ1.651CleckheatonYorkshire Veterans Championships12 Oct 14
HJ1.65i5ASheffieldNottinghamshire AA Graded Open Meeting22 Nov 14
HJ1.601YorkYork Benenden Health Summer League2 Aug 14
TJ10.232CleckheatonYorkshire Veterans Championships12 Oct 14
TJ9.674BSpinkhillNorth of England League Division 2EC13 Jul 14
SP7.26K9.082CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League4 Jun 14
SP7.26K8.676WakefieldWakefield Spring Open Meeting5 Apr 14
SP7.26K8.524BSpinkhillNorth of England League Division 2EC13 Jul 14
SP7.26K8.007CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League26 Apr 14
SP6K10.311CleckheatonNorthern Veterans' League9 Apr 14
SP6K10.241SportcityJoe Moran Memorial Veterans Meeting18 Jun 14
SP6K10.191StretfordTrafford Grand Prix20 May 14
SP6K10.091StretfordTrafford Grand Prix6 May 14
SP6K9.991StretfordTrafford Grand Prix10 Jun 14
SP6K9.951CleckheatonSpenborough AC Ivan Stringer Memorial Open30 Mar 14
SP6K9.812LeighNorthern Veterans' Championships11 May 14
SP6K9.631StretfordTrafford Grand Prix12 Aug 14
SP6K9.291CleckheatonNorthern Veterans' League9 Jul 14
SP6K9.175SolihullEAMA Outdoor Inter Area Challenge20 Jul 14
SP5K9.563CleckheatonYorkshire Veterans Championships12 Oct 14
DT2K30.162CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League26 Apr 14
DT2K29.603BDoncasterNorth of England League Division 2EC7 Jun 14
DT2K28.976WakefieldWakefield Spring Open Meeting5 Apr 14
DT2K28.832WakefieldWest Yorkshire League25 Jun 14
DT2K26.693WakefieldDouglas Bedford Memorial Open Meeting14 Sep 14
DT2K26.481CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League Championships7 Sep 14
DT2K25.694BSpinkhillNorth of England League Division 2EC13 Jul 14
DT2K25.544YorkYork Benenden Health Summer League2 Aug 14
DT1.5K36.331LeighNorthern Veterans' Championships11 May 14
DT1.5K35.601StretfordTrafford Grand Prix6 May 14
DT1.5K35.051StretfordTrafford Grand Prix20 May 14
DT1.5K33.562CleckheatonYorkshire Veterans Championships12 Oct 14
DT1.5K33.441CleckheatonNorthern Veterans' League9 Jul 14
DT1.5K33.261LeighNorthern Veterans' League inc 5000m Championships30 Jul 14
DT1.5K31.301StretfordTrafford Grand Prix10 Jun 14
DT1.5K29.291StretfordTrafford Grand Prix12 Aug 14
HT7.26K27.173BLeedsNorth of England League Division 2EC4 May 14
HT7.26K25.115WakefieldWakefield Spring Open Meeting5 Apr 14
HT7.26K24.704BRotherhamNorth of England League Division 2EC9 Aug 14
HT7.26K22.995BDoncasterNorth of England League Division 2EC7 Jun 14
HT6K34.064LeighNorthern Veterans' Championships11 May 14
HT6K33.351StretfordTrafford Grand Prix20 May 14
HT6K32.291CleckheatonSpenborough AC Ivan Stringer Memorial Open30 Mar 14
HT6K31.202StretfordTrafford Grand Prix10 Jun 14
HT6K31.072StretfordTrafford Grand Prix12 Aug 14
HT6K30.372CleckheatonNorthern Veterans' League9 Apr 14
HT6K25.652CleckheatonNorthern Veterans' League9 Jul 14
JT80026.322CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League Championships7 Sep 14
JT80025.066ASpinkhillNorth of England League Division 2EC13 Jul 14
JT70026.701SportcityJoe Moran Memorial Veterans Meeting18 Jun 14
JT70026.352CleckheatonYorkshire Veterans Championships12 Oct 14
JT70025.892LeighNorthern Veterans' Championships11 May 14
JT70023.321LeighNorthern Veterans' League inc 5000m Championships30 Jul 14
2013 V45 Leeds City/Northern Vets
SP7.26K9.572YorkWest Yorkshire League13 Apr 13
SP7.26K9.344WiganWigan Harriers Open Meeting14 Apr 13
SP7.26K9.222RotherhamNorthern Veterans' League16 May 13
SP7.26K9.20i10SheffieldNorthern Athletics Championships13 Jan 13
SP7.26K9.103CleckheatonNorthern Veterans' League10 Apr 13
SP7.26K9.022BBurnleyNorth of England League Division 3WC9 Jun 13
SP7.26K8.993ACarlisleNorth of England League Division 3WC5 May 13
SP7.26K8.931LiverpoolLiverpool Throws & Jumps Open20 Apr 13
SP7.26K8.435BlackpoolBlackpool Winter Warm Up Open10 Mar 13
SP6K9.24i1SheffieldNorthern Athletics Open Meeting16 Nov 13
DT2K29.732ACarlisleNorth of England League Division 3WC5 May 13
DT2K29.356LiverpoolLiverpool Throws & Jumps Open20 Apr 13
DT2K29.203CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League22 May 13
DT2K28.231BBurnleyNorth of England League Division 3WC9 Jun 13
DT2K27.063StretfordTrafford Grand Prix14 May 13
DT2K25.204BlackpoolBlackpool Winter Warm Up Open10 Mar 13
HT7.26K28.113ACarlisleNorth of England League Division 3WC5 May 13
HT7.26K27.917LiverpoolLiverpool Throws & Jumps Open20 Apr 13
HT7.26K26.602CleckheatonNorthern Veterans' League10 Apr 13
HT7.26K26.352BBurnleyNorth of England League Division 3WC9 Jun 13
HT7.26K26.292RotherhamNorthern Veterans' League16 May 13
HT7.26K25.052StretfordTrafford Grand Prix14 May 13
JT80028.012WiganWigan Harriers Open Meeting14 Apr 13
2012 V45 Leeds City/Northern Vets
HJ1.782DerbyBMAF Championships22 Jul 12
HJ1.73i8Jyvaskyla, FINWorld Masters Championships6 Apr 12
HJ1.701SportcityJoe Moran Vets Open13 Jun 12
HJ1.702WakefieldWest Yorkshire League20 Jun 12
HJ1.702BStretfordNorth of England League Division 2WC1 Jul 12
HJ1.651LeighNorthern Veterans' Championships3 Jun 12
HJ1.6512Zittau, GEREuropean Veterans' Championships20 Aug 12
HJ1.601RotherhamNorthern Veterans' League24 May 12
HJ1.601CleckheatonYorkshire Veterans' Championships & Open Meeting30 Sep 12
SP7.26K9.01i7SheffieldNorthern Athletics Open Meeting8 Dec 12
SP7.26K8.77i3SheffieldNottinghamshire AAA Open24 Nov 12
SP7.26K8.713CleckheatonYorkshire Veterans' Championships & Open Meeting30 Sep 12
SP7.26K8.66i5SheffieldNorthern Athletics Open Meeting17 Nov 12
SP7.26K8.527CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League Final2 Sep 12
SP7.26K8.457WakefieldWest Yorkshire League21 Jul 12
SP7.26K8.44i1LeedsLeeds Young Athletes' Open Series1 Dec 12
SP7.26K8.084YorkCity of York Summer League15 Jul 12
SP7.26K7.934BStretfordNorth of England League Division 2WC1 Jul 12
SP7.26K7.721CleckheatonNorthern Veterans' League4 Jul 12
SP7.26K7.635RotherhamNorthern Veterans' League24 May 12
SP7.26K7.622CleckheatonNorthern Veterans' League11 Apr 12
SP7.26K7.562LeighNorthern Veterans' Championships3 Jun 12
SP7.26K7.452YorkCity of York Summer League9 Jun 12
SP7.26K7.331SportcityJoe Moran Vets Open13 Jun 12
SP7.26K7.166CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League30 May 12
DT2K27.775YorkCity of York Summer League15 Jul 12
DT2K26.283CleckheatonYorkshire Veterans' Championships & Open Meeting30 Sep 12
DT2K25.643LeighNorthern Veterans' League1 Aug 12
DT2K25.505CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League Final2 Sep 12
DT2K25.183CleckheatonNorthern Veterans' League4 Jul 12
DT2K25.175AStretfordNorth of England League Division 2WC1 Jul 12
DT2K25.072YorkCity of York Summer League9 Jun 12
DT2K24.584CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League11 Jul 12
DT2K18.964RotherhamNorthern Veterans' League24 May 12
HT7.26K26.393CleckheatonYorkshire Veterans' Championships & Open Meeting30 Sep 12
HT7.26K21.212CleckheatonNorthern Veterans' League4 Jul 12
HT7.26K21.195YorkCity of York Summer League15 Jul 12
HT7.26K14.406BStretfordNorth of England League Division 2WC1 Jul 12
JT80029.174CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League Final2 Sep 12
JT80028.412YorkCity of York Summer League15 Jul 12
JT80027.206CleckheatonYorkshire Veterans' Championships & Open Meeting30 Sep 12
JT80024.453SportcityJoe Moran Vets Open13 Jun 12
JT80024.101LeighNorthern Veterans' Championships3 Jun 12
JT80023.833LeighNorthern Veterans' League1 Aug 12
JT80023.762YorkWest Yorkshire League21 Apr 12
2011 V45 Leeds City/Northern Vets
HJ1.841BirminghamBMAF Championships26 Jun 11
HJ1.81i4Gent, BELEuropean Masters' Championships19 Mar 11
HJ1.801BCleckheatonNorth of England League Division 2WC7 May 11
HJ1.781Don ValleySheffield Festival of Athletics Open17 Apr 11
HJ1.761BradfordYorkshire Veterans Championships & Open18 Sep 11
HJ1.75i8Birmingham (PB)Midland Counties AA Indoor Open16 Jan 11
HJ1.751GrimsbyCleethorpes Open28 May 11
HJ1.751RotherhamNorthern Veterans Track and Field League13 Jun 11
HJ1.751SolihullVeterans Inter Area Match7 Aug 11
HJ1.756AKingstonBritish Athletics League 313 Aug 11
HJ1.75i4SheffieldNorthern Athletics Open17 Dec 11
HJ1.731CleckheatonNorthern Veterans' League13 Apr 11
HJ1.70i1SheffieldNorthern Athletics Masters Open5 Feb 11
HJ1.70i1=Lee ValleyBMAF Championships27 Feb 11
HJ1.702Wakefield Wakefield Spring Open10 Apr 11
HJ1.703CudworthYorkshire County Championships14 May 11
HJ1.706AGlasgowBritish Athletics League Division 34 Jun 11
HJ1.701LeicesterMMAC Championships12 Jun 11
LJ4.928AKingstonBritish Athletics League 313 Aug 11
TJ11.157AKingstonBritish Athletics League 313 Aug 11
SP7.26K8.352BradfordYorkshire Veterans Championships & Open18 Sep 11
SP7.26K8.048BKingstonBritish Athletics League 313 Aug 11
SP7.26K7.48i3SheffieldNorthern Athletics Open19 Nov 11
JT80031.711BradfordYorkshire Veterans Championships & Open18 Sep 11
JT80026.717BKingstonBritish Athletics League 313 Aug 11
2010 V45 Leeds City/Northern Vets
HJ1.85i1Lee ValleyBMAF Championships28 Mar 10
HJ1.841Nyireghaza, HUNEuropean Masters' Championships19 Jul 10
HJ1.811HyndburnNorthern Veterans League Championships26 Sep 10
HJ1.80i1SheffieldNorthern Athletics Masters Open24 Jan 10
HJ1.80i1Gent, BELBelgian Masters Indoor Championships13 Mar 10
HJ1.801ALeedsNorthern League 2E1 May 10
HJ1.802Don ValleyYorkshire & Humberside County Championships8 May 10
HJ1.801LeicesterMidland Master's Championships13 Jun 10
HJ1.751CleckheatonNorthern Veterans League14 Apr 10
HJ1.751Don ValleySheffield Festival of Sport18 Apr 10
HJ1.754ADerbyBritish Athletics League Division 26 Jun 10
HJ1.751CardiffBMAF Championships4 Jul 10
HJ1.756ALeedsBritish Athletics League Division 231 Jul 10
HJ1.75i1SheffieldNorthern Athletics Open11 Dec 10
HJ1.734AWormwood ScrubsBritish Athletics League Division 221 Aug 10
HJ1.702Cleckheaton Yorkshire Veterans Open & Championships19 Sep 10
2009 V45 Leeds City/Northern Vets
HJ1.851Mansfield Mansfield Open5 Apr 09
HJ1.851SolihullMidland Masters Championships14 Jun 09
HJ1.84i2Ancona, ITAEuropean Veterans Indoor Championships27 Mar 09
HJ1.80i6BirminghamMidland Counties Open22 Feb 09
HJ1.801Don ValleySheffield Festival of Athletics19 Apr 09
HJ1.802Don ValleyYorkshire & Humberside County Championships9 May 09
HJ1.805=ACardiffBritish Athletics League National 26 Jun 09
HJ1.807SportcityNorthern Athletics Senior Championships20 Jun 09
HJ1.803Compiègne, FRAInterland Masters International - FRA v BEL v GBR27 Jun 09
HJ1.801BirminghamBMAF Championships5 Jul 09
HJ1.80i4Q2SheffieldNorthern Athletics Open12 Dec 09
HJ1.781CleckheatonNorthern Veterans League15 Apr 09
HJ1.782Lahti, FINWorld Masters Championships3 Aug 09
HJ1.755BBromleyBritish Athletics League National 24 Jul 09
HJ1.752Leeds10 in 100 Cup Semi-Final18 Jul 09
HJ1.754BKingstonBritish Athletics League National 222 Aug 09
HJ1.751CleckheatonYorkshire Veterans' Championships20 Sep 09
HJ1.751HyndburnNorthern Veterans Championships27 Sep 09
HJ1.733=BLeedsBritish Athletics League National 21 Aug 09
2008 V40 Leeds City/Northern Vets
HJ1.90i3 Clermont-Ferrand, FRAWorld Masters Indoor Championships22 Mar 08
HJ1.80i1Lee ValleyBritish Masters Indoor Championships24 Feb 08
HJ1.801ShildonAnne Marie Readshaw Memorial Open13 Apr 08
HJ1.802Don ValleyYorkshire Championships10 May 08
HJ1.802BAshfordInterland Masters Match21 Jun 08
HJ1.804Ljubljana, SLOEuropean Masters' Championships28 Jul 08
HJ1.781Clayton-le-MoorsNorthern Veterans Championships28 Sep 08
HJ1.751CleckheatonNorthern Veterans AC League16 Apr 08
HJ1.751BLeedsNorth of England League Division 13 May 08
HJ1.755ALeedsBritish Athletics League National 35 Jul 08
HJ1.753=aWakefieldNorth of England League Division 16 Jul 08
HJ1.755bBedfordBritish Athletics League National 32 Aug 08
HJ1.751SportcityNorth of England Inter-Club Cup Final13 Sep 08
HJ1.751CleckheatonYorkshire Vets Open21 Sep 08
HJ1.75i1SheffieldNorthern Athletics Indoor Open Meeting13 Dec 08
HJ1.708aKingstonBritish Athletics League National 37 Jun 08
2007 V40 Leeds City/Northern Vets
HJ1.893Tournai, BELInterland GB v BEL v FRA23 Jun 07
HJ1.871WiganNorth of England League Division 12 Jun 07
HJ1.852StretfordNorth of England League Division 15 Aug 07
HJ1.811GrimsbyCleethorpes Open26 May 07
HJ1.80i2Lee ValleyBMAF Indoor Championships4 Mar 07
HJ1.801NelsonPendle Pre-Season Warm Up25 Mar 07
HJ1.802MiddlesbroughMiddlesbrough Open7 Apr 07
HJ1.802CudworthYorkshire County Championships12 May 07
HJ1.801StretfordTrafford Grand Prix12 Jun 07
HJ1.801BirminghamBMAF Championships29 Jul 07
HJ1.802HullNorth Of England Club Cup12 Aug 07
HJ1.805AAbingdonBritish Athletics League Qualifier15 Sep 07
HJ1.801CleckheatonYorkshire Vets Open Inc Yorkshire Veterans' Championships23 Sep 07
HJ1.801Clayton-le-MoorsNVAC Championships30 Sep 07
HJ1.781CleckheatonNVAC League18 Apr 07
HJ1.75i71ManchesterReebok City of Manchester Open Meeting7 Jan 07
HJ1.751HalifaxHalifax Track Records Meeting31 Mar 07
HJ1.752HullKingston Upon Hull AC Open8 Apr 07
HJ1.751BLeedsNorth of England League Division 15 May 07
HJ1.75i5=SportcityNorth of England League Division 18 Jul 07
HJ1.7211Riccione, ITAWorld Masters Athletics Championships10 Sep 07
2006 V40 Leeds City/Northern Vets
HJ1.861BirminghamBMAF Championships9 Jul 06
HJ1.801CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League10 May 06
HJ1.804GatesheadNorth of England League Division 13 Jun 06
HJ1.804LiverpoolNorth of England League Division 12 Jul 06
HJ1.801LeedsComplete Runner West Yorkshire League26 Jul 06
HJ1.805AbingdonB A L Qualifying match9 Sep 06
HJ1.801AccringtonNorthern Veterans AC Championships10 Sep 06
HJ1.761StretfordTrafford Grand Prix13 Jun 06
HJ1.751CleckheatonYorkshire Veterans' Championships24 Sep 06
HJ1.702=Sports City ManchesterNorth of England Div 16 Aug 06
2005 V40 Leeds City/Northern Vets
HJ1.80i1CardiffBMAF Indoor Champs20 Feb 05
2004 V40 Leeds City/Northern Vets
HJ1.852ALeedsNorth of England League Div 12 May 04
HJ1.80i2CardiffBMAF Indoor Track & Field Championships22 Feb 04
HJ1.801=BRotherhamNorth of England League Div 15 Jun 04
HJ1.801BirminghamBMAF National Track & Field Championships27 Jun 04
HJ1.802BBlackpoolBlackpool Marathon31 Jul 04
HJ1.801Clayton-le-MoorsNorthern Veterans Track & Field Championships26 Sep 04
HJ1.751Cleckheaton-18 Aug 04
2002 V35 Leeds City/Northern Vets
HJ1.911StretfordTrafford Grand Prix14 May 02
HJ1.902StretfordTrafford Grand Prix6 May 02
HJ1.905JarrowNorth of England Championships1 Jun 02
HJ1.854StretfordTrafford Grand Prix23 Jul 02
HJ1.802CleckheatonWest Yorkshire Track & Field League1 May 02
1999 V35 Leeds City/Northern Vets
HJ1.953LeedsNorth of England Senior Championships20 Jun 99
HJ1.90i4=Sheffield (DVS)North of England Indoor Championships23 Jan 99
HJ1.901StretfordTrafford Grand Prix3 Aug 99
1997 SEN Leeds City/Northern Vets
HJ1.904=AWakefieldNorthern Men's League Division 13 May 97
Total Performances: 506 (247 awaiting approval)
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