Malcolm Peggs

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Club:Loftus & Whitby
Age Group:V60
County:North East
Region:North East
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2017 V60 Loftus & Whitby
2MXCL16:2122L4ThirskNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League Relays24 Sep 17
5KMT27:02914Stockton-on-TeesPreston Park Winter Series 5K8 Oct 17
8.9KXC50:281354HartlepoolNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League3 Dec 17
9.5KXC52:321338RichmondNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League19 Feb 17
12KXC63:41304RedcarNorth Eastern County Championships9 Dec 17
ZXC54:41270RiponYorkshire County Championships7 Jan 17
2016 V60 Loftus & Whitby
1MMTL6:5565L1MiddlesbroughNorth York Moors AC Relay (4 x Mile)26 May 16
1MMTL6:5957L23MiddlesbroughNorth York Moors AC Relay (4 x Mile)25 Aug 16
2MXCL16:2523L4ThirskNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League Relays2 Oct 16
5K24:2224:151225RedcarCoast Road 5K Series27 Apr 16
5KMT24:30361Cowpen BewleyTees Trail 5K28 Feb 16
5KMT24:49734WynyardStockton Winter 5K Series11 Dec 16
5KMT25:02593Preston ParkStockton Winter 5K Series9 Oct 16
5KMT25:57424LordstonesStockton on Tees Trail 5K19 May 16
5KMT26:00972Cowpen BewleyStockton Winter 5K Series20 Nov 16
5KMT32:57784WynyardTees Trail 5K28 Jul 16
5.5MMT41:221183HartlepoolOld Monks 5.53 Jan 16
9.5KXC50:38803RichmondNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League7 Feb 16
9.7KXC50:49603RedcarNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League23 Jan 16
10K51:082046StaindropRaby Castle 10K15 May 16
10.4KXC58:54250RiponYorkshire County Championships9 Jan 16
8MMT68:5024313LoftusLoftus Poultry Run 818 Dec 16
ZXC48:351475RedcarNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League12 Nov 16
2015 V60 Loftus & Whitby
5K23:2623:221133RedcarNew Marske Autumn Coast Road 5K2 Sep 15
5KMT20:14131WynyardTees 5K Summer Trail Series20 Aug 15
5KMT24:38612Cowpen BewleyTees 5K Summer Trail Series10 Sep 15
5KMT25:191186Stockton on TeesTees 5K Summer Trail Series23 Apr 15
5KMT26:231037PinchinthorpeTees 5K Summer Trail Series30 Jul 15
5KMT26:58742LordstonesTees 5K Summer Trail Series21 May 15
5.5MMT44:261152HartlepoolOld Monks 5.54 Jan 15
9.3KXC45:04111WhitbyNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League4 Oct 15
10K51:091754StaindropRaby Castle 10K17 May 15
10KMT56:48799LytheYorkshire Vet's Grand Prix 10K7 Jun 15
ZXC46:391075HartlepoolNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League10 Jan 15
ZXC47:55944RichmondNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League8 Feb 15
ZXC51:35123AcklamNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League25 Oct 15
2014 V55 Loftus & Whitby
5K23:0322:581445RedcarNew Marske Spring Coast Road 5K30 Apr 14
5K23:1523:09982RedcarNew Marske Autumn Coast Road 5K3 Sep 14
5KMT23:141053Preston ParkStockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series15 May 14
5KMT23:39843Wynyard WoodlandStockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series24 Apr 14
12KXC59:081468NottinghamECCA English National Championships22 Feb 14
12KXC63:14234North StainleyYorkshire County Championships4 Jan 14
ZXC43:43732HartlepoolNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League12 Jan 14
ZXC46:5298WhitbyNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League15 Nov 14
ZXC48:38661FileyNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League25 Oct 14
ZXC52:021222MiddlesbroughNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League5 Oct 14
ZXC53:11867RichmondNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League9 Feb 14
ZXCL15:5620L2ThirskNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League Relays21 Sep 14
ZFL49:4318916Great AytonCaptain Cook's Races (5M/1043ft)1 Jan 14
ZFL62:34602Chop GateCock Howe And Beyond (7.1M/1509ft)23 Jul 14
ZFL65:08662GuisboroughGuisborough Grunt (6.2M/1365ft)20 Aug 14
ZFL68:02545StokesleyInclined To Madness (6.2M/1230ft)27 Aug 14
ZFL79:27742Gt AytonGribdale Gallop (7.2M/1919ft)6 Aug 14
2013 V55 Loftus & Whitby
5K21:47915RedcarNew Marske Summer Coast Road 5K26 Jun 13
5K22:01594RedcarNew Marske Spring Coast Road 5K17 Apr 13
5KMT22:10696Stockton on TeesStockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series20 Jun 13
5KMT22:44696Ropner ParkStockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series22 Aug 13
5KMT22:58674Preston ParkStockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series11 Jul 13
5KMT23:07577Thorpe ThewlesStockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series30 May 13
5KMT23:09825Cowpen BewleyStockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series9 May 13
5KMT23:38553Cowpen BewleyStockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series25 Jul 13
5.5MMT42:06714HartlepoolOld Monks 5.56 Jan 13
10K45:20987Marske by the SeaNew Marske Mermaid 10K29 Mar 13
10K45:52966Marske by the SeaNew Marske Victorian 10K21 Jul 13
10K50:0514115StaindropRaby Castle 10K26 May 13
10KMT52:174324WhitbyMulgrave Castle 10K2 Jun 13
7MNAD54:3713321MaltbyMaltby 710 Nov 13
8MMT64:5822541LoftusLoftus Poultry Run 822 Dec 13
ZXC38:25714DarlingtonNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League1 Dec 13
ZXC44:51446RichmondNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League17 Feb 13
ZXC45:13814WhitbyNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League27 Oct 13
ZXC46:54523Filey Country ParkNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League17 Nov 13
ZXC50:01555AcklamNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League3 Mar 13
ZXC52:22893MiddlesbroughNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League6 Oct 13
ZXCL14:237L4ThirskNYSD Relays10 Mar 13
ZFL45:561316Great AytonCaptain Cook's Race (5M/1043ft)1 Jan 13
ZFL50:52546StokesleyCarlton Challenge (5M/1181ft)15 May 13
ZFL57:31554GuisboroughGuisborough Grunt (6.2M/1365ft)14 Aug 13
ZFL57:46384Chop GateCock Howe And Beyond (7.1M/1509ft)17 Jul 13
ZFL59:14644Clay BankBroughton Woods Wobble (4.5M/1220ft)3 Feb 13
ZFL59:33587StokesleyInclined To Madness (6.2M/1230ft)28 Aug 13
ZFL70:26988GuisboroughGuisborough Woods (5.5M/1234ft)27 Dec 13
ZFL75:00634GribdaleGribdale Gallop (7.2M/1919ft)31 Jul 13
ZFL1:44:44699AinthorpeFox & Hounds Chase (9M/1499ft)5 May 13
ZFL2:06:421037GuisboroughGisborough Moors (12.4M/2789ft)21 Apr 13
2012 V55 Loftus & Whitby
5KNAD22:481057Marske by the SeaNew Marske Mermaid 10K6 Apr 12
5K22:55795RedcarNew Marske Autumn Coast Road 5K5 Sep 12
5M38:0717814HartlepoolHartlepool Marina 5 (Inc NE Veterans' Champs)1 Apr 12
5MMT37:364010BillinghamAnn Johnson Absent Friends 512 Feb 12
5.5MMT43:279920HartHartlepool Old Monks 5.58 Jan 12
10K47:16726Thornton Le ClayFoston and Thornton Le Clay 10K23 Sep 12
10KMT49:591293HelmsleyHelmsley 10K8 Apr 12
10KMT54:0232WhitbyMulgrave Castle 10K3 Jun 12
7M59:2213710KilburnKilburn 78 Jul 12
7MNAD53:5912219MaltbyMaltby 711 Nov 12
ZXC38:50818DarlingtonNorth Yorkshire and South Durham League18 Nov 12
ZXC43:26877WhitbyNorth Yorkshire and South Durham League27 Oct 12
ZXC44:355816WhitbyNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League19 Feb 12
ZXC47:246916RichmondNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League5 Feb 12
ZXC48:03395ScarboroughNorth Yorkshire and South Durham League2 Dec 12
ZXC48:598622NunthorpeNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League15 Jan 12
ZXC52:081028MiddlesbroughNorth Yorkshire and South Durham League14 Oct 12
2011 V55 Loftus & Whitby
5K21:11557RedcarSummer Coast Road 5K29 Jun 11
5K21:34429RedcarAutumn Coast Road 5K7 Sep 11
10K45:507013MarskeMarske Victorian 10K24 Jul 11
7M54:289812KilburnKilburn Feast 710 Jul 11
8MMT63:0211323LoftusLoftus Poultry Run13 Feb 11
ZXC43:3210623Croft AutodromeNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League4 Dec 11
ZXC43:53499SummerhillNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League20 Feb 11
ZXC46:226711WhitbyNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League16 Jan 11
ZXC46:435814ThirskNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League6 Feb 11
ZXC54:579221Old Richmond Race CourseNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League13 Mar 11
2010 V55 Loftus & Whitby
ZXC49:519017MiddlesbroughNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League14 Nov 10
Total Performances: 113
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