Alan Wikeley

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Club:Thirsk & Sowerby
Age Group:V70
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2017 V70 Thirsk & Sowerby
parkrun34:18379Fountains AbbeyFountains Abbey parkrun # 18430 Sep 17
9.6KMR91:1126Pruské, SVKWorld Masters Mountain Running Championships2 Sep 17
2016 V70 Thirsk & Sowerby
6.55KMR92:448322Susa, ITAWorld Master Mountain Running Championships27 Aug 16
2015 V70 Thirsk & Sowerby
parkrun30:201291Fountains AbbeyFountains Abbey parkrun # 5925 Apr 15
parkrun30:52170Fountains AbbeyFountains Abbey parkrun # 5711 Apr 15
8.7KMR76:2919420Betws Y CoedWorld Masters Mountain Running Championships 8.7K Masters12 Sep 15
ZXC34:422RichmondNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League8 Feb 15
2014 V65 Thirsk & Sowerby
ZXC33:474RichmondNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League9 Feb 14
ZFL60:21582Carlton Bank TopCarlton Midsummer Meander (6.2M/1499ft)9 Jul 14
ZFL68:171505Great BroughtonClay Bank East (5.7M/1007ft)5 Jan 14
ZFL70:471086CommondaleCommondale Clart (5.2M/722ft)16 Feb 14
ZFL72:293338ShattonWolf's Pit (5.6M/1476ft)16 Mar 14
ZFL74:201192Great BroughtonBroughton Wood Wobble (4.5M/1220ft)2 Feb 14
ZFL78:00801SwainbyWhorlton Run (6.2M/1401ft)18 Jun 14
ZFL96:48713StokesleyInclined To Madness (6.2M/1230ft)27 Aug 14
ZFL1:47:20953GlaisdaleGlaisdale Rigg (8.5M/1844ft)2 Mar 14
ZFL1:52:59553BransdaleTom's Bransdale Race (7.5M/1312ft)12 Aug 14
ZFL2:00:281232GuisboroughGuisborough 3 Tops (8.1M/2149ft)2 Nov 14
ZFL2:36:571204GuisboroughGisborough Moors (12.4M/2789ft)13 Apr 14
ZMR81:2540Telfes, AUTMaster World Mountain Running Championships6 Sep 14
2013 V65 Thirsk & Sowerby
5.9MNAD59:572786OtleyHarrogate District Summer Race League8 May 13
ZFL22:17561Newton under RoseberryRoseberry Topping (1.4M/712ft)11 Sep 13
ZFL54:191063StokesleyClay Bank West (4.2M/1201ft)10 Nov 13
ZFL59:50351StokesleyCarlton Midsummer Meander (6.2M/1499ft)7 Jul 13
ZFL61:54914StokesleyCarlton Challenge (5M/1181ft)15 May 13
ZFL64:561527StokesleyClay Bank East (5.7M/1007ft)6 Jan 13
ZFL65:30701Ingleby ArncliffeOssy Oiks (5.3M/1722ft)5 Jun 13
ZFL66:56531Chop GateCock Howe And Beyond (7.1M/1509ft)17 Jul 13
ZFL68:28833GuisboroughGuisborough Grunt (6.2M/1365ft)14 Aug 13
ZFL71:04873PinchinthorpePinchinthorpe Plod (6.2M/902ft)7 Apr 13
ZFL77:23512LocktonLevisham Limping (7M/1083ft)26 May 13
ZFL83:26452MaybeckMaybeck 3 Crosses (5.8M/1280ft)29 Jun 13
ZFL87:071215GuisboroughGuisborough Woods (5.5M/1234ft)27 Dec 13
ZFL87:59762GribdaleGribdale Gallop (7.2M/1919ft)31 Jul 13
ZFL94:1922016Castle BoltonJames Herriot Run (8.7M/1001ft)28 Jul 13
ZFL98:481175GlaisdaleGlaisdale Rigg (8.5M/1844ft)3 Mar 13
ZFL1:41:001094CastletonEskdale Eureka (7.8M/1542ft)8 Dec 13
ZFL1:54:031392GuisboroughGuisborough 3 Tops (8.1M/2149ft)27 Oct 13
ZFL2:20:00731LevishamSaltergate - Levisham (10.6M/1411ft)20 Oct 13
ZFL2:23:15743CastletonBlakey Blitz (10.6M/2805ft)4 Aug 13
ZFL2:30:351446GuisboroughGisborough Moors (12.4M/2789ft)21 Apr 13
ZMR75:2833Janské Lazné, CZEWorld Masters' Mountain Running Championships31 Aug 13
2012 V65 Thirsk & Sowerby
9.5KMR82:24.496540Buhlertal, GERWorld Masters' Mountain Running Championships19 May 12
2011 V65 Thirsk & Sowerby
4.75M44:192563SicklinghallHarrogate and District Summer Race League29 Jun 11
8.1K 45:021285RiponHarrogate and District Summer Race League14 Jul 11
5.9MMT54:002576OtleyHarrogate and District Summer League21 Jun 11
5.9MMT56:302427HarrogateHarrogate and District Summer League26 May 11
6.2MMT60:011728RichmondHarrogate and District Summer League2 Jun 11
10KMT55:541828BedaleYorkshire 10K15 May 11
Mar5:24:445:22:5327529LondonVirgin London Marathon17 Apr 11
Total Performances: 50
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