Julie McGrath

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Age Group:V45
County:North East
Region:North East
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

2015 V45 Hartlepool
4.6KXC28:43714HartlepoolNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League15 Nov 15
5K29:4128:597211926MiddlesbroughMiddlesbrough Riverside 5K31 May 15
5KMT29:00147466Stockton-on-TeesStockton Winter 5K Series1 Mar 15
5KMT30:32105243HartlepoolStockton Winter 5K Series22 Feb 15
5MMT51:40199775BillinghamAnn Johnson Absent Friends 515 Feb 15
5.5MMT54:27224685HartlepoolOld Monks 5.54 Jan 15
10K57:4657:33182511Marske by the SeaNew Marske Everyone Active 10K14 Jun 15
10K64:3160:34154445914MiddlesbroughMiddlesbrough Tees Pride 10K6 Sep 15
10M1:42:181:41:0994535020ThirskThirsk 1022 Mar 15
HM2:07:322:06:17126637014YorkBrass Monkey Half Marathon18 Jan 15
HM2:10:072:09:527072061RedcarRedcar Half Marathon27 Sep 15
ZXC32:06645RichmondNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League8 Feb 15
2014 V40 Hartlepool
5K28:2627:5373414213MiddlesbroughMiddlesbrough Riverside 5K1 Jun 14
5KMT28:48186506Wynyard WoodlandStockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series24 Apr 14
5KMT29:58169526Stockton-on-TeesStockton Winter 5K Series14 Dec 14
5KMT30:42156526Carlton in ClevelandStockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series26 Jun 14
5KMT30:54146464Cowpen BewleyStockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series5 Jun 14
5KMT33:202006311WynyardStockton Winter 5K Series2 Nov 14
5KMT33:42262688Cowpen BewleyStockton Winter 5K Series23 Nov 14
5KMT35:5128011011Preston ParkStockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series15 May 14
5M44:5237310818HartlepoolHartlepool Marina 530 Mar 14
5.5MMT66:412397914HartlepoolOld Monks 5.55 Jan 14
10K59:4557:51117932330DarlingtonDarlington 10K10 Aug 14
10K60:3759:17148837628MiddlesbroughMiddlesbrough Tees Pride 10K31 Aug 14
10KMT63:43222766HamsterleyHamsterley Forest 10K6 Jul 14
7MNAD68:203079430Stockton on TeesMaltby 79 Nov 14
7MNAD72:321725513KilburnKilburn 713 Jul 14
8MMT83:5841912715LoftusLoftus Poultry Run 821 Dec 14
10M2:04:252:03:1279531044ThirskThirsk 1023 Mar 14
HM2:09:002:07:29126939338YorkBrass Monkey Half Marathon19 Jan 14
ZXC25:04272FileyNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League25 Oct 14
ZXC39:16694DaltonNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League30 Nov 14
2013 V40 Hartlepool
5KMT27:35144385Stockton on TeesStockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series20 Jun 13
5KMT28:46148377Thorpe ThewlesStockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series30 May 13
5KMT29:29116275Cowpen BewleyStockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series25 Jul 13
5KMT31:29104346Stockton-on-TeesStockton Winter 5K Series3 Nov 13
5KMT32:01102256Cowpen BewleyStockton Winter 5K Series24 Nov 13
5KMT33:13160497Ropner ParkStockton Summer Tees Trail 5K Series22 Aug 13
5.5MMT56:07171416HartlepoolOld Monks 5.56 Jan 13
10K76:4372:42219178471MiddlesbroughMiddlesbrough Tees Pride 10K8 Sep 13
7MNAD68:442799032MaltbyMaltby 710 Nov 13
7MNAD83:122277112KilburnKilburn 77 Jul 13
2012 V40 Hartlepool
5M44:222686311HartlepoolHartlepool Marina 5 (Inc NE Veterans' Champs)1 Apr 12
5MMT50:151403911BillinghamAnn Johnson Absent Friends 512 Feb 12
5.5MMT58:242185318HartHartlepool Old Monks 5.58 Jan 12
10K63:0161:41164339527MiddlesbroughMiddlesbrough Tees Pride 10K2 Sep 12
HM2:09:582:09:28100528217RedcarRedcar Half Marathon30 Sep 12
20M3:33:3438311612HullEast Hull 2018 Mar 12
ZXC32:37526WhitbyNorth Yorkshire and South Durham League27 Oct 12
2011 V40 Hartlepool
5M46:04226686HartlepoolHartlepool Marina 527 Mar 11
10K64:0760:21165644431MiddlesbroughMiddlesbrough Tees Pride 10K4 Sep 11
ZXC25:326214HartlepoolNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League13 Nov 11
Total Performances: 52
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