Shana Cox

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Club:Woodford Green Essex Ladies
Date of Birth:22/01/1985
Age Group:SEN
Lead Coach:George Williams2013-
Previous Lead:Lloyd Cowan2011-2012

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Domestic Championships
2013 - Sainsbury's British Championships 400m silver. European Indoor Trials & UK Championships 400m silver
2012 - Aviva Olympic Trials & UK Championships 400m silver. England Closed Championships 200m silver. Aviva European Indoor Trials & UK Championships 400m gold
2011 - Aviva World Trials & UK Championships 400m silver

Major Championships and International Record
2013 - IAAF World Championships 4x400m bronze. European Athletics Team Championships 4x400m gold. European Indoor Championships 4x400m gold. European Indoor Championships 400m 6th.
2012 - Olympic Games 400m 7th sf, 4x400m 4th. European Championships 4x400m 4th. IAAF World Indoor Championships 400m 5th, 4x400m gold. Aviva Indoor International GBR v GER v RUS v Commonwealth v USA 400m bronze
2011 - Spar European Team Championships 400m bronze

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2014 SEN Woodford Green Essex Ladies
607.62i3Winston-Salem NC, USAWake Forest Invitational11 Jan 14
607.72i1h3Winston-Salem NC, USAWake Forest Invitational11 Jan 14
10011.650.91Greensboro NC, USAAggie Invitational12 Apr 14
10011.841.41h9Greensboro NC, USAAggie Invitational12 Apr 14
20023.28w2.91ManchesterGreat City Games17 May 14
20024.05i11Winston-Salem NC, USAWake Forest Invitational11 Jan 14
20024.09i1Blacksburg VA, USAVirginia Tech Invitational18 Jan 14
20024.160.36Charlottesville VA, USAVirginia Challenge (inc American Track League)9 May 14
40052.116New York NY, USAIAAF Diamond League14 Jun 14
40052.193Houston TX, USAAmerican Track League6 Jun 14
40052.512BirminghamBritish Athletics UK Championships (Inc European Trials)29 Jun 14
40052.575s2Hampden ParkCommonwealth Games28 Jul 14
40052.621h2BirminghamBritish Athletics UK Championships (Inc European Trials)28 Jun 14
40052.768BirminghamBritish Athletics Grand Prix24 Aug 14
40052.916BBraunschweig, GEREuropean Athletics Team Championships Super League21 Jun 14
40052.916Montreuil-sous-Bois, FRAMeeting Pro Athlé Tour de Montreuil7 Jul 14
40052.93i1BBirminghamBritish Athletics Grand Prix15 Feb 14
40053.003h5Hampden ParkCommonwealth Games27 Jul 14
40053.10i4h2Sopot, POLIAAF World Indoor Championships7 Mar 14
40053.19i1Blacksburg VA, USAVirginia Tech Invitational18 Jan 14
40054.011BelfastBelfast International2 Jul 14
40054.447Bloomington IN, USAAmerican Track League2 May 14
400DQi-h5SheffieldBritish Athletics Championships8 Feb 14
400L50.9L2Nassau, BAHIAAF World Relays25 May 14
400L50.9L2h2Hampden ParkCommonwealth Games1 Aug 14
400L51.26L3Zürich, SUIEuropean Championships17 Aug 14
400L51.3L2h2Nassau, BAHIAAF World Relays24 May 14
400L51.7L2Hampden ParkCommonwealth Games2 Aug 14
400L51.80iL2Sopot, POLIAAF World Indoor Championships9 Mar 14
400L51.87iL2h1Sopot, POLIAAF World Indoor Championships8 Mar 14
2013 SEN Woodford Green Essex Ladies
10012.00+-1.04mGatesheadGreat North CityGames14 Sep 13
15017.70-1.04GatesheadGreat North CityGames14 Sep 13
20023.82-1.23Guadeloupe, FRASpeedy Plus11 May 13
40051.124Olympic ParkSainsbury's Anniversary Games27 Jul 13
40051.762BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships13 Jul 13
40051.892EAtlanta GA, USAAtlanta Grand Prix17 May 13
40051.905Kingston, JAMIAAF World Challenge Jamaica International Invitational Track Meet4 May 13
40052.012BNew York NY, USADiamond League Adidas Grand Prix25 May 13
40052.013Linz, AUTGugl Games26 Aug 13
40052.201h3BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships12 Jul 13
40052.323Luzern, SUISpitzen Leichtathletik17 Jul 13
40052.525Stockholm, SWEDiamond League DN Galan22 Aug 13
40052.86i3s1Gothenburg, SWEEuropean Athletics Indoor Championships2 Mar 13
40052.97i2SheffieldBritish Athletics European Trials & UK Championships10 Feb 13
40052.99i3h2Gothenburg, SWEEuropean Athletics Indoor Championships1 Mar 13
40053.15i6Gothenburg, SWEEuropean Athletics Indoor Championships3 Mar 13
40053.33i2Boston MA, USANew Balance Boston Indoor Games2 Feb 13
40053.35i1I2University Park PA, USAPenn State Invitational26 Jan 13
40053.43i6BirminghamBritish Athletics Grand Prix16 Feb 13
40053.97i1s1SheffieldBritish Athletics European Trials & UK Championships9 Feb 13
40054.52i1h4SheffieldBritish Athletics European Trials & UK Championships9 Feb 13
400L50.3L2Moscow, RUSIAAF World Championships17 Aug 13
400L50.4L2Philadelphia PA, USAPenn Relays27 Apr 13
400L50.9L2Moscow, RUSIAAF World Championships16 Aug 13
400L51.92LGainesville FL, USAFlorida Relays4 Apr 13
400L52.25i2LGothenburg, SWEEuropean Athletics Indoor Championships3 Mar 13
400L52.5L22GatesheadEuropean Athletics Team Championships22 Jun 13
8002:16.10i21Chapel Hill NC, USAThe Dick Taylor Invitational18 Jan 13
2012 SEN Woodford Green Essex Ladies
20023.382.011Azusa CA, USABryan Clay Invitational20 Apr 12
20023.590.221Saint Martin, GUAMeeting de Saint Martin5 May 12
20023.94-0.62ABirminghamEngland Championships (Inc North & Midland Champs)3 Jun 12
20024.19i2h2BirminghamBirmingham Games5 Feb 12
20024.191.771Norwalk CA, USALong Beach Invitational21 Apr 12
20024.27-0.61h3BirminghamEngland Championships (Inc North & Midland Champs)3 Jun 12
200DNSi-BirminghamBirmingham Games5 Feb 12
40051.547New York NY, USASamsung Diamond League9 Jun 12
40051.6631Atlanta GA, USAGeorgia Tech Invitational12 May 12
40051.9742Saint Martin, GUAMeeting de Saint Martin5 May 12
40052.013h2Olympic ParkOlympic Games3 Aug 12
40052.13i5Istanbul, TURIAAF World Indoor Championships10 Mar 12
40052.18i1BirminghamAviva Grand Prix18 Feb 12
40052.268Ostrava, CZEGolden Spike25 May 12
40052.38i1SheffieldAviva European Indoor Trials & UK Championships12 Feb 12
40052.387Crystal PalaceSamsung Diamond League14 Jul 12
40052.461Heusden, BELKBC Night of Athletics7 Jul 12
40052.587s2Olympic ParkOlympic Games4 Aug 12
40052.69i1s2Istanbul, TURIAAF World Indoor Championships9 Mar 12
40052.872BirminghamAviva Olympic Trials & UK Championships23 Jun 12
40052.89i1s2SheffieldAviva European Indoor Trials & UK Championships11 Feb 12
40052.928BirminghamSamsung Diamond League26 Aug 12
40053.08i1h4BirminghamBirmingham Games4 Feb 12
40053.24i1h6Istanbul, TURIAAF World Indoor Championships9 Mar 12
40053.48i1BStockholm, SWEXL Galan23 Feb 12
40053.541h3BirminghamAviva Olympic Trials & UK Championships22 Jun 12
40053.84i3GlasgowAviva International (GBR v GER v RUS v Commonwealth v USA)28 Jan 12
40054.75i1h2SheffieldAviva European Indoor Trials & UK Championships11 Feb 12
400L51.7L1h2Olympic ParkOlympic Games10 Aug 12
400L52.4L1Helsinki, FINEuropean Athletics Championships1 Jul 12
400L52.504LHelsinki, FINEuropean Athletics Championships30 Jun 12
400L52.8L1Olympic ParkOlympic Games11 Aug 12
400L52.82iL1Istanbul, TURIAAF World Indoor Championships11 Mar 12
2011 SEN Unattached/United States
20023.831.53Nouro, ITAMemorial Paolo Delogu13 Jul 11
40051.2422Ponce, PURIAAF World Challenge Meeting14 May 11
40051.431Cork, IRLCork City Games2 Jul 11
40051.462Gainesville FL, USAFlorida Relays1 Apr 11
40051.493r2Stockholm, SWESpar European Team Championships18 Jun 11
40051.564Ostrava, CZEZlatá Tretra31 May 11
40051.638BirminghamAviva British Grand Prix10 Jul 11
40051.637Crystal PalaceAviva London Grand Prix6 Aug 11
40051.781Des Moines IA, USADrake Relays28 Apr 11
40051.842BirminghamAviva World Trials & UK Championships30 Jul 11
40052.32i2BirminghamAviva Grand Prix19 Feb 11
40052.424New York NY, USASamsung Diamond League11 Jun 11
40052.511h1BirminghamAviva World Trials & UK Championships29 Jul 11
40052.58i1BStockholm, SWEXL-Galan22 Feb 11
40053.685Dakar, SENMeeting Grand Prix IAAF de Dakar28 May 11
2010 SEN Unattached/United States
30037.372Gothenburg, SWEFolksam Grand Prix10 Aug 10
40052.336GatesheadAviva British Grand Prix10 Jul 10
5001:08.70i1State College PA, USAPenn State Invitational30 Jan 10
6001:28.15i1State College PA, USANortheast Challenge16 Jan 10
2009 SEN Unattached/United States
40051.562Crystal PalaceAviva London Grand Prix24 Jul 09
40052.714GatesheadAviva British Grand Prix31 Aug 09
2008 SEN Unattached/United States
10011.851State College PA, USAPenn State Open10 May 08
20023.152.01Champaign IL, USABig 10 Championships18 May 08
40050.841Tallahassee FL, USA-31 Aug 08
40052.575Crystal PalaceAviva London Grand Prix25 Jul 08
2006 U23 Unattached/United States
40051.993BirminghamNorwich Union International19 Aug 06
2005 U23 Unattached/United States
20023.48i1State College PA, USANational Open29 Jan 05
2002 U20 Unattached/United States
30037.59i1New York NY, USABishop Loughlin Games21 Dec 02
Total Performances: 119
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