Mark Reynolds

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Club:Tyne Bridge
Date of Birth:24/07/1974
Age Group:V35
Region:North East
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2011 2012 2013 2014

2014 V35 Tyne Bridge
10M68:3831CarlisleSport in Action 105 Apr 14
ZXC39:17226WrekentonNorth East Harrier League22 Mar 14
ZXC43:07256WrekentonNorth East Harrier League8 Feb 14
2013 V35 Tyne Bridge
5K19:1822NewcastleTyne Bridge Harriers Winter 5K Series5 Nov 13
parkrun19:36381NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 1952 Nov 13
parkrun19:5354NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 18921 Sep 13
parkrun19:5436NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 17325 May 13
parkrun20:0244NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 16820 Apr 13
parkrun20:5344NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 1666 Apr 13
parkrun21:3766NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 18517 Aug 13
5M32:1547NewcastleNorman Woodcock Memorial 523 Nov 13
10K40:008917Newcastle Upon TyneClive Cookson 10K22 May 13
10K42:1638AlnwickLes Allcorn Memorial 10K7 May 13
10K42:5642:5234RothburyRun Northumberland Cragside 10K13 Apr 13
ZXC31:30248Shibdon PondNorth East Harrier League26 Oct 13
ZXC40:08141TanfieldSherman Cup / Davidson Shield28 Sep 13
ZXC44:01269115WrekentonStart Fitness North East Harrier League9 Feb 13
ZXC45:09193Wallington HallNorth East Harrier League30 Nov 13
ZXC47:28215AlnwickStart Fitness North East Harrier League2 Mar 13
ZXC49:2821693PrudhoeStart Fitness North East Harrier League23 Mar 13
ZXC54:05214South ShieldsNorth Eastern County Championships14 Dec 13
ZXC62:23786SunderlandEnglish National Championships23 Feb 13
ZXCL11:3416L3SunderlandSunderland Open and Relays7 Sep 13
ZFL20:4328PenshawPenshaw Hill Race5 Jun 13
2012 V35 Tyne Bridge
2ML12:3452L2WallsendGordon Smith Memorial Relays2 May 12
5K19:1216NewcastleTyne Bridge Harriers Winter 5K Series2 Oct 12
5K19:5919NewcastleTyne Bridge Harriers Winter 5K Series6 Nov 12
5KNAD20:38223Newcastle upon TyneJesmond Dene 5K Handicap Series7 May 12
5KMT19:4731WatergateWatergate 5K (Inc NE Veterans' Champs)30 Aug 12
parkrun19:18281NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 14213 Oct 12
parkrun19:2437NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 12914 Jul 12
parkrun19:4020NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 13815 Sep 12
parkrun20:0432NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 1361 Sep 12
parkrun20:2022Whitley BayWhitley Bay parkrun 5K Event 116 Jun 12
parkrun20:4933NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 11531 Mar 12
parkrun20:5176NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 11317 Mar 12
parkrun21:1417SunderlandSunderland parkrun 5K Event 11328 Jan 12
parkrun21:165GatesheadGateshead parkrun 5K Event 118 Feb 12
parkrun24:39127NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 1324 Aug 12
5M32:2367NewcastleBridges of The Tyne 510 Jul 12
5.67M38:24406BlaydonBlaydon Races 5.679 Jun 12
10K41:1541:05109NewcastleTown Moor Memorial 10K11 Nov 12
10K43:03237RothburyRun Northumberland Cragside 10K14 Apr 12
10KMT40:3240:2714HexhamKielder 10K6 Oct 12
ZXC32:5819480Shibdon PondStart Fitness North East Harrier League17 Nov 12
ZXC38:2317067Bedewell ParkStart Fitness North East Harrier League15 Dec 12
ZXC38:2913153South ShieldsSherman Cup / Davidson Shield29 Sep 12
ZXC42:2721588East CramlingtonStart Fitness North East Harrier League27 Oct 12
ZXC48:52245116AlnwickStart Fitness North East Harrier League3 Mar 12
ZXC53:36152HartlepoolNorth Eastern County Championships8 Dec 12
ZXCL10:5717L3SunderlandSunderland Open and Relays8 Sep 12
2011 V35 Tyne Bridge
5K19:4858NewcastleExhibition Park 5K27 Jul 11
5K20:469NewcastleJesmond Dene 5K Series14 Jul 11
5K21:4127NewcastleJesmond Dene 5K Series5 May 11
parkrun19:0633NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 826 Aug 11
parkrun19:3542NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 789 Jul 11
parkrun19:5234NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 7411 Jun 11
parkrun20:1340NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 9322 Oct 11
parkrun20:1442NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 734 Jun 11
parkrun20:2047NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 8023 Jul 11
parkrun20:2041NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 863 Sep 11
parkrun20:4045NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 6326 Mar 11
parkrun21:0266NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 6830 Apr 11
parkrun21:2180NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 6219 Mar 11
parkrun21:4667NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 605 Mar 11
parkrun21:5777NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 6112 Mar 11
parkrun22:1272NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 6616 Apr 11
parkrun22:3582NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 8130 Jul 11
parkrun22:3580NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 10231 Dec 11
parkrun24:3096NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 565 Feb 11
parkrun24:38118NewcastleNewcastle parkrun 5K Event 5529 Jan 11
10K41:47c200EdinburghBupa Great Edinburgh 10K2 Oct 11
HM94:18ac1366Newcastle-South ShieldsBupa Great North Run Half Marathon18 Sep 11
ZXC40:4317378East CramlingtonStart Fitness North East Harrier League8 Oct 11
ZXC42:2319583FarringdonStart Fitness North East Harrier League29 Oct 11
Total Performances: 75
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