Kathy Cook

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Club:Wolverhampton & Bilston
Date of Birth:03/05/1960
Age Group:V55
Region:West Midlands
Lead Coach:Unknown
Previous Lead:Jim Spooner1981-1984

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Kathy ranks alongside Dorothy Hyman as Britain’s best ever female sprinter—but has the added prowess of being terrific at 400m as well—indeed she is the only Briton, male or female, to make Olympic finals in the 100m, 200m and 400m. A winner of 19 major championship medals, the most ever by a British woman, Kathy was invariably in the world’s top 3 or 4 but, despite peaking perfectly for every major champs she always found someone too good for her. No disgrace of course when she competed with the likes of Koch, Wockel, Gohr, Ashford and Ottey. Her three Gold medals came in 4x100m at the Commonwealth games whilst her finest runs where the two silvers over 200m she claimed in Athens and Brisbane in 1982 although she is perhaps best remembered for her 400m Olympic bronze in LA two years later—the only time she ran full out over one lap. Eleven times a winner at the WAAA’s Kathy held British records at 100m, 400m and 4x100m for over a quarter of a century and today still has ownership of the 200m which has been hers alone since 1980!

Best known performances

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1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 2014 2016

2016 V55 Wolverhampton & Bilston
parkrun29:52217WalsallWalsall Arboretum parkrun # 21623 Apr 16
parkrun30:10233WalsallWalsall Arboretum parkrun # 21730 Apr 16
parkrun30:22198WalsallWalsall Arboretum parkrun # 23610 Sep 16
parkrun30:31246WalsallWalsall Arboretum parkrun # 2187 May 16
parkrun30:39209WalsallWalsall Arboretum parkrun # 23213 Aug 16
parkrun33:32115Lanhydrock HouseLanhydrock parkrun # 1373 Sep 16
parkrun34:07202Lanhydrock HouseLanhydrock parkrun # 13627 Aug 16
2014 V50 Wolverhampton & Bilston
parkrun30:02107WalsallWalsall Arboretum parkrun # 1205 Jul 14
parkrun30:20140WalsallWalsall Arboretum parkrun # 1242 Aug 14
parkrun30:24139WalsallWalsall Arboretum parkrun # 11928 Jun 14
1986 SEN Wolverhampton & Bilston
20023.18w2.12EdinburghCommonwealth Games31 Jul 86
20023.200.55s1Stuttgart, GEREuropean Championships28 Aug 86
30037.043Birmingham-19 Jul 86
40051.883EdinburghCommonwealth Games27 Jul 86
40053.141h1BirminghamWAAA Championships6 Jun 86
40053.501BirminghamWAAA Championships7 Jun 86
40053.692h1EdinburghCommonwealth Games26 Jul 86
40053.91Coventry-11 May 86
1985 SEN Wolverhampton & Bilston
20022.870.25Moscow, USSREuropean Cup18 Aug 85
30037.11CoventryCoventry Games16 Jun 85
40051.365Berlin, GERISTAF23 Aug 85
40051.911Crystal PalaceGreat Britain v Romania14 Sep 85
40052.293BirminghamGreat Britain v German Democratic Republic6 Jul 85
1984 SEN Wolverhampton & Bilston
10011.240.93Koblenz, GERR-W29 Aug 84
20022.10-0.14Los Angeles CA, USAOlympic Games9 Aug 84
20022.210.01Nice, FRANik20 Aug 84
20022.250.03Zurich, SUIWK22 Aug 84
20022.381.43s2Los Angeles CA, USAOlympic Games9 Aug 84
20022.771.81Crystal PalaceWAAA Champs16 Jun 84
20023.023q2Los Angeles CA, USAOlympic Games8 Aug 84
20023.711h6Los Angeles CA, USAOlympic Games8 Aug 84
30035.461Crystal PalaceNike18 Aug 84
40049.433Los Angeles CA, USAOlympic Games6 Aug 84
40050.741Crystal PalacePTG13 Jul 84
40050.821BirminghamJCf2 Sep 84
40050.961Crystal PalaceIAC7 Sep 84
40051.491Oslo, NORBislett Games28 Jun 84
40051.492s1Los Angeles CA, USAOlympic Games5 Aug 84
40051.531GatesheadOlympic Trials10 Jun 84
40052.642h2Los Angeles CA, USAOlympic Games4 Aug 84
40053.21WolverhamptonStaffordshire County Championships19 May 84
1983 SEN Wolverhampton & Bilston
10011.08w2.94Zurich, SUIWK24 Aug 83
10011.11w5.91EdinburghEdinG26 Jun 83
10011.131.81Crystal PalaceEvHUN,NOR,S-ns29 Aug 83
10011.23-0.71BirminghamEvAUT,BEL,POL-ns1 Jul 83
10011.261.71Crystal PalaceWAAA29 Jul 83
10011.331.01EdinburghUK Championships28 May 83
20022.261.22Zurich, SUIWK24 Aug 83
20022.371.53Helsinki, FINWC14 Aug 83
20022.572.02s1Helsinki, FINWC13 Aug 83
20022.57-1.73Crystal PalaceEP21 Aug 83
20022.70-1.72Nice, FRANik18 Jul 83
20022.71-0.42Crystal PalaceTalbot15 Jul 83
20023.36i"1CosfordEvUSA-ns12 Mar 83
30035.511Crystal PalaceIAC9 Sep 83
40050.951Koblenz, GER-31 Aug 83
400L51.2L4London-21 Aug 83
1982 U23 Reading AC
10011.33-1.24Zurich, SUIWeltklasse18 Aug 82
10011.34-0.51Koblenz, GER-25 Aug 82
20022.130.92Athens, GREEC9 Sep 82
20022.21w2.52Brisbane, AUSCommonwealth Games7 Oct 82
20022.530.63Koblenz, GERR-W25 Aug 82
20022.600.02Nice, FRANik14 Aug 82
20023.40i1CosfordEvUSA-ns13 Mar 82
30035.8+mCrystal PalaceIAC17 Sep 82
40050.461Crystal PalaceIAC17 Sep 82
40051.291Oslo, NORBislett Games26 Jun 82
400L50.9L1Athens, GREEC11 Sep 82
400L52.1L3Brisbane, AUSCommonwealth Games9 Oct 82
1981 U23 Reading AC
10011.100.12Rome, ITAWP5 Sep 81
10011.231.01Koblenz, GERR-W26 Aug 81
10011.27-1.02Zagreb, CROEP15 Aug 81
20022.57w2.91EdinburghEPs5 Jul 81
20022.580.01Koblenz, GERR-W26 Aug 81
20022.60w2.51Crystal PalacevFRG,POL24 Jun 81
20022.65-1.62Zagreb, CROEP16 Aug 81
20022.701.31Crystal PalaceEvPOL,SUI-ns31 Aug 81
20022.771Nice, FRANik23 Aug 81
40051.082Crystal PalaceIAC11 Sep 81
1980 U23 Reading AC
10011.10w5.61EdinburghvSWE13 Sep 80
10011.10.03Porsgrunn, NORInv29 Jun 80
10011.19w4.03Crystal PalaceEvBEL,S,SWE-ns21 May 80
10011.241.02h2Moscow, USSROlympic Games25 Jul 80
10011.281.06Moscow, USSROlympic Games26 Jul 80
10011.300.93s1Moscow, USSROlympic Games26 Jul 80
20022.311.61Crystal PalaceIAC8 Aug 80
20022.611.55Moscow, USSROlympic Games30 Jul 80
20022.62-2.11Crystal PalaceUK15 Jun 80
20022.63-0.51Crystal PalaceTalbot27 Jun 80
20022.65-0.83s1Moscow, USSROlympic Games30 Jul 80
20022.662.02Stuttgart, GERvFRG5 Jun 80
20022.68-0.61Koblenz, GERR-W27 Aug 80
20022.700.31Tokyo, JPN8N20 Sep 80
20022.751Oslo, NORBisl1 Jul 80
40054.31ReadingSouthern Women's League6 Sep 80
1979 U20 Reading AC
10011.27A0.02Mexico City, MEXWSG9 Sep 79
10011.30A0.01s2Mexico City, MEXWSG8 Sep 79
10011.37A1.41h4Mexico City, MEXWSG8 Sep 79
10011.421.03BirminghamUK11 Aug 79
10011.431.71h2BirminghamUK11 Aug 79
20022.70A1.92Mexico City, MEXWSG12 Sep 79
20022.840.24Turin, ITAEP5 Aug 79
20023.110.73Bremen, GERvFRG,POL,SUI24 Jun 79
20023.17-1.52BirminghamUK12 Aug 79
20023.22A-0.42s1Mexico City, MEXWSG11 Sep 79
40054.51PortsmouthGRE Cup10 Jun 79
1978 U20 Reading AC
20022.73w4.41h2Edmonton, CANCommonwealth Games8 Aug 78
20022.96w5.15Edmonton, CANCommonwealth Games10 Aug 78
20022.991.01s1Edmonton, CANCommonwealth Games8 Aug 78
20023.051.51Crystal PalaceRotary23 Aug 78
20023.12-0.35s2Prague, CZEEC31 Aug 78
20023.151.83BirminghamCT17 Jun 78
1977 U20 Reading AC
10011.711.03Donetsk, UKREuropean Junior Championships19 Aug 77
20023.1w>4.01HendonES-209 Jul 77
20023.221.51Nice, FRAvFRA-A17 Jul 77
20023.450.11h2Donetsk, UKREuropean Junior Championships20 Aug 77
20023.530.03Donetsk, UKREuropean Junior Championships21 Aug 77
40056.01ReadingSouthern Women's League21 May 77
Total Performances: 118
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