Oliver Earl

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Date of Birth:05/11/2000
Age Group:U15
Lead Coach:Unknown

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Awarded Harrogate Harriers Juniors boys 'Team Spirit' cup 2012/3

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2011 2012 2013 2014

2014 U15 Harrogate
parkrun25:00104HarrogateHarrogate parkrun 5K Event 10825 Jan 14
ZXC13:1176North StainleyYorkshire County Championships4 Jan 14
ZXC15:1423ShipleyPECO League2 Mar 14
ZXC20:1339LeedsPECO League12 Jan 14
2013 U13 Harrogate
609.2i6SheffieldNorth Yorkshire Indoor Open15 Dec 13
8012.3932YorkWest Yorkshire League13 Apr 13
8012.8242WakefieldWest Yorkshire League1 May 13
8013.77YorkBenenden Health City of York Summer League10 Aug 13
15025.9572WakefieldWest Yorkshire League1 May 13
20032.6i8SheffieldNorth Yorkshire Indoor Open15 Dec 13
8003:15.3462YorkWest Yorkshire League13 Apr 13
15006:17.72YorkBenenden Health City of York Summer League10 Aug 13
LJ3.67i4SheffieldNorth Yorkshire Indoor Open15 Dec 13
LJ3.108YorkBenenden Health City of York Summer League10 Aug 13
parkrun22:2266HarrogateHarrogate parkrun 5K Event 1007 Dec 13
parkrun23:2797HarrogateHarrogate parkrun 5K Event 8020 Jul 13
parkrun23:3883HarrogateHarrogate parkrun 5K Event 612 Mar 13
parkrun23:47105HarrogateHarrogate parkrun 5K Event 7729 Jun 13
parkrun23:5268HarrogateHarrogate parkrun 5K Event 6023 Feb 13
parkrun23:55100HarrogateHarrogate parkrun 5K Event 823 Aug 13
parkrun24:16102HarrogateHarrogate parkrun 5K Event 5916 Feb 13
parkrun24:35123HarrogateHarrogate parkrun 5K Event 8921 Sep 13
parkrun24:3791HarrogateHarrogate parkrun 5K Event 6613 Apr 13
parkrun25:24132HarrogateHarrogate parkrun 5K Event 6430 Mar 13
parkrun26:28169HarrogateHarrogate parkrun 5K Event 8631 Aug 13
parkrun26:35113HarrogateHarrogate parkrun 5K Event 535 Jan 13
parkrun28:46117HarrogateHarrogate parkrun 5K Event 5519 Jan 13
ZXC12:3249WakefieldComplete Runner West Yorkshire League20 Oct 13
ZXC14:2847LeedsComplete Runner West Yorkshire League1 Dec 13
ZXC16:2155LeedsComplete Runner West Yorkshire League17 Nov 13
2012 U13 Harrogate
609.69i13SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series4 Nov 12
8012.7YorkCity of York Summer League15 Jul 12
8013.1YorkCity of York Summer League19 Aug 12
8013.1333YorkWest Yorkshire League21 Apr 12
8013.515h3WakefieldWest Yorkshire League9 May 12
8014.0YorkCity of York Summer League23 Jun 12
10015.74h3CudworthBarnsley Open8 Jul 12
10015.86YorkCity of York AC Open Meeting8 Sep 12
15027.505h3WakefieldWest Yorkshire League9 May 12
20032.86YorkCity of York AC Open Meeting8 Sep 12
20032.95h2CudworthBarnsley Open8 Jul 12
20033.2YorkCity of York Summer League15 Jul 12
20033.58i13SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series4 Nov 12
20033.6YorkCity of York Summer League19 Aug 12
20035.0YorkCity of York Summer League23 Jun 12
20037.2YorkCity of York Summer League9 Jun 12
8003:19.6982YorkWest Yorkshire League21 Apr 12
8003:40.4YorkCity of York Summer League9 Jun 12
LJ3.3717CudworthBarnsley Open8 Jul 12
LJ3.33YorkCity of York Summer League23 Jun 12
LJ3.25YorkCity of York Summer League15 Jul 12
LJ3.24i17SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series4 Nov 12
LJ3.004YorkCity of York AC Open Meeting8 Sep 12
parkrun23:5160HarrogateHarrogate parkrun 5K Event 3622 Sep 12
parkrun23:5282HarrogateHarrogate parkrun 5K Event 3913 Oct 12
parkrun23:5556HarrogateHarrogate parkrun 5K Event 331 Sep 12
parkrun24:1770HarrogateHarrogate parkrun 5K Event 478 Dec 12
parkrun24:2067HarrogateHarrogate parkrun 5K Event 386 Oct 12
parkrun25:5282HarrogateHarrogate parkrun 5K Event 3225 Aug 12
parkrun26:13105HarrogateHarrogate parkrun 5K Event 4127 Oct 12
parkrun26:41113HarrogateHarrogate parkrun 5K Event 461 Dec 12
parkrun26:53113HarrogateHarrogate parkrun 5K Event 3118 Aug 12
ZXC15:3168WakefieldYorkshire County Championships7 Jan 12
ZXC17:4059WetherbyComplete Runner West Yorkshire League20 Oct 12
2011 U11 Harrogate
2MMT15:39275LeedsHarewood Junior 22 Oct 11
ZXC7:3437ShipleyComplete Runner West Yorkshire League19 Nov 11
ZXC8:3832LeedsComplete Runner West Yorkshire League9 Oct 11
ZXC8:4637WakefieldComplete Runner West Yorkshire League4 Dec 11
ZXC9:3942YorkComplete Runner West Yorkshire League29 Oct 11
Total Performances: 69
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