Gemma Le Sauvage

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Age Group:V35
Region:South East
Lead Coach:Unknown

Best known performances

Performances Submit
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2017 V35 Guernsey
3.3MXC25:463112StonecrusherFNB Guernsey League21 Jan 17
3.3MXC25:51123Home FarmFNB Guernsey League11 Feb 17
4.7MXC38:00312Rocque BalanGuernsey New Year’s Day Handicap1 Jan 17
2016 V35 Guernsey
1MNAD6:4132ValeVazon Mile21 Apr 16
3MXC23:1895DelanceyFNB Guernsey League15 Oct 16
3MXC24:221351Home FarmFNB Guernsey League6 Feb 16
5K22:3626163CastelChertsey House 5K13 Mar 16
5K22:438921GuernseyKPMG Guernsey Easter 5K25 Mar 16
5K22:552941CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series27 May 16
5K22:593111CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series29 Apr 16
5K23:083864CastelChertsey House 5K24 Jan 16
3.2MXC25:12165DelanceyFNB Guernsey League16 Jan 16
4.75MXC37:415913L'Ancresse CommonGuernsey Easter 4.7526 Mar 16
7.85KXC40:216710BotleyHampshire County Championships9 Jan 16
10K47:064853ValeChertsey House 10K6 Mar 16
10K48:466817St Peter PortKPMG Guernsey Easter 10K28 Mar 16
10M81:4546105St Peter PortChertsey House 1014 Feb 16
HM1:48:131:47:4460410121GosportGosport Half Marathon20 Nov 16
2015 V35 Guernsey
3MXC22:43154DelanceyFNB Guernsey League5 Dec 15
3MXC22:5510119DelanceyFNB Guernsey League31 Oct 15
5K23:283910CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series4 Sep 15
5K23:38306CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series14 Aug 15
5K23:543911CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series1 May 15
parkrun24:01263Peckham RyePeckham Rye parkrun # 499 May 15
parkrun25:031001Ashton CourtAshton Court parkrun # 23319 Dec 15
4MXC32:068417LucksallFNB Guernsey League21 Nov 15
4.75MXC38:506915L'AncresseGuernsey Boxing Day Open26 Dec 15
10K51:0412930Port SoifKPMG Guernsey Easter 10K3 Apr 15
ZXC40:56668EastleighHampshire County Championships3 Jan 15
ZXCL16:0722L12StonecrusherGuernsey Easter Stonecrusher 4x2M Relay5 Apr 15
2014 SEN Guernsey
500022:55.775St. Peter PortGuernsey Endurance Fest 2 inc 10,000m Champs8 Aug 14
500023:29.6553St. Peter PortGuernsey 5000m Festival16 May 14
5K23:344541CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series1 Aug 14
5K23:43423CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series5 Sep 14
5K23:53396CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series2 May 14
5K23:55486CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series30 May 14
5K24:02422CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series19 Sep 14
5K24:06395GuernseyChertsey House Series 5K9 Mar 14
5K24:18557GuernseyChertsey House Series 5K9 Feb 14
5K24:28287CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series27 Jun 14
parkrun23:54190SouthamptonSouthampton parkrun # 12615 Nov 14
parkrun24:45106Ashton CourtAshton Court parkrun # 18129 Nov 14
5M39:183662GuernseyChertsey House 521 Dec 14
5M39:56497GuernseyChertsey House Series 512 Jan 14
10K48:3612325Port SoifKPMG Guernsey Easter 10K18 Apr 14
10KNAD50:46409GuernseyChertsey House Series 10K16 Mar 14
7M59:2772131St Peter PortLiberation Day 79 May 14
10M86:20479St. Peter PortGuernsey 1026 Jan 14
HM1:53:3517134St Peter PortGuernsey Dairy Half Marathon15 Jun 14
ZXC22:158415Delancey ParkGuernsey League11 Oct 14
ZXC25:17195Home ParkGuernsey League6 Dec 14
ZXC25:28215L'AncresseGuernsey League22 Nov 14
ZXC31:559112LucksallGuernsey League1 Nov 14
ZXC34:36105DelanceyGuernsey AC Championships23 Feb 14
ZXC35:37239JerseyInter-Insular Championships30 Mar 14
2013 SEN Guernsey
5K24:34537CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series26 Apr 13
5K24:554211CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series20 Sep 13
5K25:185110CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series23 Aug 13
5K25:20358CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series3 Mar 13
10K53:0413236Port SoifKPMG Guernsey Easter 10K29 Mar 13
7M59:578813St Peter PortLiberation Day 79 May 13
10M91:076318GuernseyGuernsey 10M Road Championships20 Jan 13
HM2:01:0511832St Peter PortKPMG Guernsey Easter Half Marathon1 Apr 13
HMNAD1:53:3716941St ClementsJersey Spartan Half Marathon17 Nov 13
ZXC23:288714Delancey ParkGuernsey League12 Oct 13
ZXC24:011911Delancey ParkGuernsey League23 Nov 13
ZXC25:01166Nature TrailGuernsey League7 Dec 13
ZXC26:03158StonecrusherGuernsey League2 Nov 13
ZXC33:147714LucksallGuernsey League26 Oct 13
ZXC39:437311L'AncresseGuernsey League26 Dec 13
ZXC40:467720L'AncresseGuernsey Easter 4.7530 Mar 13
ZXCL16:5428L17La FontenelleGuernsey Easter Stonecrusher 4x2M Relay31 Mar 13
2012 SEN Guernsey
5KNAD24:594611CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series20 Apr 12
5K25:00378CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series31 Aug 12
5K25:094911CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series28 Sep 12
5KNAD25:23579CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series30 Mar 12
5KNAD26:5160CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series29 Jun 12
7MNAD61:359718GuernseyLiberation Day 79 May 12
10M89:474011GuernseyGuernsey 1022 Jan 12
HM2:00:21114GuernseyKPMG Guernsey Easter Half Marathon9 Apr 12
Mar5:01:034:58:0761631679EdinburghEdinburgh Marathon Festival Marathon27 May 12
ZXC24:078018DelanceyFNB League13 Oct 12
ZXC24:18135DelanceyFNB League1 Dec 12
ZXC26:17136StonecrusherFNB League17 Nov 12
ZXC27:44116Saumarez ParkFNB League15 Dec 12
ZXC33:377116Millennium StoneFNB League27 Oct 12
ZXC42:027315L'AncresseGuernsey Boxing Day Open26 Dec 12
2011 SEN Guernsey
5K25:423410GuernseySaumarez Park 5K Series12 Aug 11
5K26:59377GuernseySaumarez Park 5K Series3 Jun 11
5K27:00285GuernseySaumarez Park 5K Series1 Jul 11
HM2:06:4020143GuernseySpearpoint Guernsey Fathers Day Half Marathon19 Jun 11
ZXC15:32127Delancey ParkGuernsey League10 Dec 11
ZXC17:131913StonecrusherGuernsey League5 Nov 11
ZXC19:512013Fauxquets ValleyGuernsey League26 Nov 11
ZXC23:11178L'AncresseGuernsey Boxing Day Open26 Dec 11
Total Performances: 95
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