Trevor Raggett

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Club:Aldershot, Farnham & District
Region:South East

Athletes Coached
NameClub AG  Sex  Best Event  Rank  AG  Year  Performance 
Sam BodoanoAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU13M150015U1320164:53.4
Sammy BonnyAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU17W1500SCW72U1720155:57.36
Charlotte BorgarsAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU13W150030U1320165:19.69
Eoin CanningAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU15M80063U1520162:13.2
Finn CanningAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU13M
Max ChittyAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU15M800162U1520162:18.1
Freya DainesAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU13W
Tabatha DaveyAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU17W1500365U1720155:13.84
Monika DochanAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU20W
Luca ElliottAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU13M
Nathan FitzpatrickAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU15M
Joshua ForemanAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU15M
Michael GarAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU13M150085U1320165:08.8
Tia HansfordAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU13W800105U1320162:38.6
Tula HartAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU20W
Edward HendersonAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU13M150013U1320164:52.7
Ella HendersonAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU11W
Tom HendersonAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU13M1500194U1320165:20.8
Evie HigtonAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU20W1500223U1720155:01.5
Nathan HolmesAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU15M
Barney JackmanAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU13M1500121U1320165:13.4
Joseph JakubaitAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU17M1500179U1520154:32.73
Charles KershawAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU15M80051U1520162:12.1
Ella LitjensAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU15W1500309U1520165:23.93
Emma LitjensAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU13W
George ManolisAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU15M800383U1320152:30.82
Genevieve Moller-ButcherAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU13W
Ellie MondayAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU15W1500203U1520155:02.31
Joseph MondayAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU13M1500720U1320155:24.69
Matthew MurphyAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU20M
William O'NeillAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU13M
Erin PritchardAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU13W
Abbie SchmidAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU23W
Nancy ScottAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU20W300040U20201610:37.4
Marcus ShantryAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU17M1500196U1520154:33.69
Jack SmallAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU17M
Alfie SpearAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU13M15003U1320164:47.1
Finley SpearAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU13M800215U1320162:36.91
Max SpearAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU13M
Liam StoneAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU13M1500171U1320165:18.3
Jodie StrettellAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU17W
Maddie SturgessAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU17W
Alex TaitAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU15W1200226U1320154:17.2
Finn TaylorAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU13M
Guy TuckerAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU17M
Alessandro ValenteAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU13M
Kim ValenteAldershot, Farnham & DistrictV40W
Lucy WagstaffAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU17W
Abigail WhiteAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU15W150025U1520164:55.01
Isaac WongAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU13M800187U1320162:35.72
Olivia WoodAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU15W
Hannah WoolleyAldershot, Farnham & DistrictU13W150043U1320165:24.41

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