Peter Watkeys

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Club:Basingstoke & Mid Hants
Date of Birth:29/12/1981
Age Group:SEN
Region:South East
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2014 SEN Basingstoke & Mid Hants
40054.92BBasingstokeSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 112 Jul 14
40055.11nsChelmsfordSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 12 Aug 14
40055.51nsColchesterSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 122 Jun 14
40056.84i35Lee ValleyMetaswitch Games5 Jan 14
6001:27.86i42CardiffCardiff Met Grand Prix14 Dec 14
8002:00.716ElthamBMC Regional Races28 May 14
8002:01.172ElthamBMC Regional Races23 Jul 14
8002:01.641018WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting13 Aug 14
8002:02.048ElthamBMC Regional Races25 Jun 14
8002:02.0543BasingstokeSaucony Hampshire Grand Prix16 Jul 14
8002:02.106h3Crystal PalaceSouth of England AA U20 / Senior Championships14 Jun 14
8002:02.961122WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting18 Jun 14
8002:03.2111WokingWoking AC Open6 Aug 14
8002:03.75212WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting21 May 14
8002:05.225h1PortsmouthHampshire County Championships25 May 14
8002:05.23i4h1Lee ValleySouth of England AA Championships Day 1 (inc U15 / U17 Pentathlon Championships)12 Jan 14
8002:06.15i32CardiffCardiff Met Grand Prix2 Feb 14
8002:06.84i5h2CardiffWelsh Athletics U13 / U17 / Senior Championships25 Jan 14
8002:07.17i56Lee ValleyLondon U20/Senior Games26 Jan 14
15004:13.486BBathBritish Athletics League Division 29 Aug 14
TJ9.864ABasingstokeSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 112 Jul 14
TJ9.534AChelmsfordSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 12 Aug 14
TJ8.363BAbingdonSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 117 May 14
parkrun18:0541NewburyNewbury parkrun # 12310 May 14
10K48:1548:06322YateleyYateley 10K Series4 Jun 14
10KMT35:1135:0941RichmondRichmond Running Festival 10K21 Sep 14
HM1:54:401:53:50599BasingstokeBasingstoke Half Marathon5 Oct 14
ZXC31:5657ChichesterDestination Basingstoke Hampshire League8 Nov 14
ZXC38:0258WinchesterHampshire League11 Oct 14
ZXCNT19Pamber ForestSouthern Cross Country League12 Oct 14
2013 SEN Basingstoke & Mid Hants
40055.432nsMilton KeynesSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 110 Aug 13
40055.63nsWaltonSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 115 Jun 13
6001:30.65i62SportcitySale Open Series6 Jan 13
8002:01.4244BasingstokeSaucony Hampshire Grand Prix17 Jul 13
8002:02.35i3h2Lee ValleySouth of England AA Championships day 1 inc. Pentathlon Championships13 Jan 13
8002:02.93i23BirminghamMidland Counties Open17 Feb 13
8002:03.25213WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting12 Jun 13
8002:03.69i1B2Lee ValleyLondon U20/Senior Games27 Jan 13
8002:03.83921WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting7 Aug 13
8002:04.255EElthamBMC Regional Races14 Aug 13
8002:04.465h1PortsmouthHampshire County Championships25 May 13
8002:05.01BWorthingSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 118 May 13
8002:05.18i4h3BirminghamBirmingham Games2 Feb 13
8002:08.717h3WatfordSouth of England AA Senior/U20 Championships22 Jun 13
15004:10.64312WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting21 Aug 13
15004:29.02ALee ValleySweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 120 Apr 13
Mile4:35.601Crystal PalaceCrystal Palace Stadium Open Meeting4 Sep 13
parkrun16:552BasingstokeBasingstoke parkrun 5K Event 25223 Feb 13
parkrun17:2431BasingstokeBasingstoke parkrun 5K Event 28221 Sep 13
parkrun17:413BasingstokeBasingstoke parkrun 5K Event 2845 Oct 13
parkrun18:337Ashton CourtAshton Court parkrun 5K Event 1197 Sep 13
5.848KL20:2961L6Sutton ParkERRA Men's National 6-Stage Relays12 Oct 13
5.994KL19:5517L4AldershotSouthern Men's 6-Stage Relays22 Sep 13
ZXC30:3410Staunton Country ParkToday's Runner Winter League3 Mar 13
ZXCNT22Queen Elizabeth Country ParkSouthern Cross Country League10 Nov 13
ZXCNT22Lord Wandsworth CollegeSouthern Cross Country League29 Dec 13
2012 SEN Basingstoke & Mid Hants
8002:02.22816WatfordWatford Graded Open22 Aug 12
8002:02.29i4h2BirminghamBirmingham Games4 Feb 12
8002:02.37116WatfordWatford Graded Open11 Jul 12
8002:02.40i52BirminghamMidland Counties Open19 Feb 12
8002:02.613HElthamBMC Regional Races15 Aug 12
8002:02.67i5h1CardiffWelsh U13/U15/Senior Championships21 Jan 12
8002:02.69i5h3BirminghamMidland Championships11 Feb 12
8002:02.801216WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting13 Jun 12
8002:03.13i6h2Lee ValleySEAA Championships Day 1 inc. U15 / U17 Pentathlon Championships15 Jan 12
8002:03.52ABasingstokeSouthern Athletics League Division 2 W9 Jun 12
8002:03.90i52CardiffUWIC Grand Prix8 Jan 12
8002:05.92BPortsmouthSouthern Athletics League Division 2 W Match 119 May 12
8002:07.307h4BirminghamEngland Championships (Inc North & Midland Champs)2 Jun 12
15004:15.71BSalisburySouthern Athletics League Division 2 W14 Jul 12
15004:18.11BPlymouthSouthern Athletics League Division 2 W1 Sep 12
DT2K11.274nsPlymouthSouthern Athletics League Division 2 W1 Sep 12
ZXC32:2818Pamber ForestTodays Runner Winter League30 Sep 12
ZXC33:2064GoodwoodHampshire League10 Nov 12
2011 SEN Basingstoke & Mid Hants
8002:04.4i5h3BirminghamBirmingham Games5 Feb 11
8002:05.08i15Lee ValleyLondon U20/Senior Games30 Jan 11
8002:06.651ElthamCambridge Harriers Open17 Aug 11
8002:06.80i5h1CardiffWelsh Open Senior Championships inc. Junior 800m Championships23 Jan 11
8002:07.50916Watford Watford Open10 Aug 11
8002:07.769PortsmouthHampshire County Championships14 May 11
8002:08.21BPortsmouthSouthern Men's League Division 2W7 May 11
8002:08.21BBracknellSouthern Men's League Division 2W4 Jun 11
8002:08.2257Watford Watford Open7 Sep 11
8002:08.79i5h2Lee ValleySEAA Championships (inc U15/U17 Pentathlon)9 Jan 11
8002:08.90214Watford Watford Open13 Jul 11
8002:11.29911WatfordWatford Open15 Jun 11
15004:20.97211WatfordWatford Open24 Aug 11
15004:24.30i7BirminghamMidland Counties AA Open20 Feb 11
15004:25.4029WatfordWatford Open29 Jun 11
15004:27.52i8h2Lee ValleySouth of England AA Championships16 Jan 11
15004:27.931BHorspathSouthern Men's League Division 2W Match 213 Aug 11
15004:39.43AAndoverSouthern Men's League Division 2W Match 19 Jul 11
6KL22:2861L3AldershotSouthern Road Relay Championships25 Sep 11
2010 SEN Basingstoke & Mid Hants
20026.22i212CardiffUWIC Open14 Feb 10
40055.92i36CardiffUWIC Open14 Feb 10
6001:28.97i62CardiffUWIC Open Meeting11 Dec 10
8002:05.35i4h2CardiffWelsh Senior Championships23 Jan 10
8002:05.66i34Lee ValleyLondon Games30 Jan 10
8002:05.91i23CardiffUWIC Open14 Feb 10
8002:05.98110WatfordWatford Graded Open16 Jun 10
8002:06.1357WatfordWatford Graded Open19 May 10
8002:07.26i43BirminghamMidland Counties Open21 Feb 10
8002:07.37h1CardiffWelsh Senior Championships13 Jun 10
8002:09.01i4h2BirminghamBirmingham Games6 Feb 10
8002:10.141116WatfordWatford Graded Open11 Aug 10
15004:21.6999WatfordWatford Graded Open30 Jun 10
15004:25.71611WatfordWatford Graded Open28 Jul 10
15004:25.81BWinchesterSouthern Men's League Division 3W15 May 10
15004:25.8951Watford Watford Graded Open8 Sep 10
15004:30.22BBournemouthSouthern Men's League Division 3W31 Jul 10
10KMT39:4115HighclereADP Highclere 10K26 Sep 10
2009 SEN Swansea
6001:29.92i42CardiffUWIC Open12 Dec 09
8002:03.017h2PortsmouthHampshire County Championships9 May 09
8002:04.22210WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting26 Aug 09
8002:04.257h4WatfordSouthern Counties Senior & U20 Championships20 Jun 09
8002:04.3126WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting9 Sep 09
8002:04.996h2CardiffWelsh Open Senior Championships13 Jun 09
8002:05.12512WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting3 Jun 09
8002:05.155KWatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting1 Jul 09
2007 SEN Swansea
8001:58.51BreconWelsh League11 Aug 07
8002:03.08BExeterBMC Exeter Regional Races28 Aug 07
2006 SEN Swansea
8002:03.7CarmarthenWest Wales Championships13 May 06
Total Performances: 122
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