Sadam Koumi

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Club:Birchfield H/Sudan
Age Group:SEN
Region:West Midlands
Lead Coach:Tony Hadley2014-
Previous Lead:Keith Holt-2013

Best known performances

Performances Submit
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2017 SEN Birchfield H/Sudan
40046.0021Clermont FL, USAPure Athletics Spring Invitational15 Apr 17
40046.121ALee ValleyBritish Athletics League Division Premiership3 Jun 17
40046.282ABedfordBritish Athletics League Division Premiership & Non Scoring15 Jul 17
40046.512LoughboroughLoughborough International21 May 17
40046.5921LoughboroughLoughborough EAP Open Meeting22 Jul 17
40047.62i2s1SheffieldBritish Athletics Indoor Team Trials11 Feb 17
40047.89i1h2SheffieldBritish Athletics Indoor Team Trials11 Feb 17
400DNSi-SheffieldBritish Athletics Indoor Team Trials12 Feb 17
2016 U23 Birchfield H/Sudan
40045.9511LoughboroughLoughborough EAP Open Meeting16 Jul 16
40045.9811Leiria, POREuropean Clubs Senior Championships (Group B)28 May 16
40046.131AHendonBritish Athletics League Division Premiership6 Aug 16
40046.291ALoughboroughLoughborough International22 May 16
40046.851ABirminghamBritish Athletics League Division Premiership2 Jul 16
2015 U23 Birchfield H/Sudan
40045.8313Copenhagan, DENCopenhagen Athletics Games5 Aug 15
40046.071ALoughboroughLoughborough International17 May 15
40046.081ALee ValleyBritish Athletics League Division Premiership6 Jun 15
40046.271h2BedfordEngland Athletics U20 / U23 Championships20 Jun 15
400DNS-s1BedfordEngland Athletics U20 / U23 Championships20 Jun 15
400L46.2L3SheffieldBritish Athletics League Division Premiership9 May 15
2014 U23 Birchfield H/Sudan
40046.061La Roche sur Yon, FRAMeeting National de la Roche sur Yon23 Jul 14
40046.2222LoughboroughLEAP19 Jul 14
40046.521BedfordEngland Athletics U20 / U23 Championships21 Jun 14
40046.641ABirminghamBritish Athletics League Premiership7 Jun 14
40046.652AHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership5 Jul 14
40046.722BirminghamMidland Counties U20 / Senior Championships & England Athletics Senior Disability Championships14 Jun 14
40046.811h2BirminghamMidland Counties U20 / Senior Championships & England Athletics Senior Disability Championships14 Jun 14
40046.884ALoughboroughLoughborough International18 May 14
40047.091h3BedfordEngland Athletics U20 / U23 Championships21 Jun 14
2013 U20 Birchfield H/Sudan
40047.302ASportcityBritish Athletics League Premiership8 Jun 13
40047.331BLoughboroughLoughborough International19 May 13
40047.883ALee ValleyBritish Athletics League Premiership11 May 13
40048.67i12BirminghamMidland Counties Open17 Feb 13
40049.41i2h4BirminghamBirmingham Games2 Feb 13
Total Performances: 33
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