David Alexander

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Club:West Cheshire
Date of Birth:11/11/1968
Age Group:V45
Region:North West
Lead Coach:Michael Hancock

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2015 V45 West Cheshire
parkrun23:5134Ellesmere PortEllesmere Port parkrun # 2825 Apr 15
parkrun24:1528Ellesmere PortEllesmere Port parkrun # 2028 Feb 15
4MNAD22:47244WrexhamBorders League22 Apr 15
8KXC31:46276RuithinBritish Masters Championships14 Mar 15
8.2KNAD28:31132WrexhamBorders League 8.2K22 Mar 15
12KXC44:43142PontefractNorthern Championships24 Jan 15
12KXC47:48369Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships21 Feb 15
ZXC32:33273Wythenshawe ParkManchester Area League14 Feb 15
ZXC36:1382LilleshallGrand Prix Express North Wales Senior League31 Jan 15
ZXC36:3741OswestryGrand Prix Express North Wales Senior League7 Feb 15
ZXC39:17383Heaton ParkManchester Area League10 Jan 15
ZXC40:20152BolesworthCheshire County Championships3 Jan 15
2014 V45 West Cheshire
500016:59.05AEllesmere PortNorth of England League Division 2W7 Jun 14
500017:38.16ALiverpoolNorth of England League Division 2W13 Jul 14
3.6KL12:2027L1StockportNorth West Road Relays13 Sep 14
5K16:4616:42617ChristletonChristleton 5K23 May 14
parkrun17:4621Delamere ForestDelamere parkrun # 5819 Apr 14
parkrun17:5821Delamere ForestDelamere parkrun # 712 Aug 14
parkrun18:2051Delamere ForestDelamere parkrun # 9125 Dec 14
parkrun18:2811Ellesmere PortEllesmere Port parkrun # 622 Nov 14
parkrun19:2221Ellesmere PortEllesmere Port parkrun # 1127 Dec 14
parkrun24:1473Delamere ForestDelamere parkrun # 7713 Sep 14
parkrun26:2430Ellesmere PortEllesmere Port parkrun # 920 Dec 14
4.3MNAD24:38 15 1DeesideBorders League23 Mar 14
5MMT29:1291MoultonPie and Peas 56 Aug 14
5.75MMT33:0315 2ChesterBorders League 5.759 Nov 14
9.81K35:05132TattenhallBorders League 9.81K7 Dec 14
10K34:2934:28211ArleyCheshire 10K30 Mar 14
10KNAD39:192LlanfairtalhaiarnLlanfair TH Mountain Race 10K26 Jul 14
11KXC40:50224BirminghamInter County Championships8 Mar 14
7MNAD41:3251LangleyLangley 71 Nov 14
12KXC43:30374NottinghamECCA English National Championships22 Feb 14
12KXC49:47144KnowsleyNorthern Championships25 Jan 14
9MMT59:3344TattenhallTattenhall Tough Team 920 Jun 14
10M58:0941WrexhamWrexham Open 10 (Inc North Wales Champs)26 Apr 14
HM77:3577:35111ChesterChester Half Marathon18 May 14
ZXC31:0171WrexhamGrand Prix Express North Wales Senior League29 Nov 14
ZXC33:51121LeekNorth Staffordshire League13 Dec 14
ZXC34:58201Boggart Hole CloughManchester Area League6 Dec 14
ZXC35:3981LlandudnoGrand Prix Express North Wales Senior League18 Oct 14
ZXC35:48363Sherdley ParkManchester Area League8 Nov 14
ZXC36:56131StaffordNorth Staffordshire League25 Oct 14
ZXC37:49463Woodbank ParkManchester Area League11 Oct 14
ZXC38:01151Weston CoyneyNorth Staffordshire League15 Nov 14
ZXC40:48142WinsfordNorth Staffordshire League27 Sep 14
ZXC42:46111WarringtonCheshire County Championships4 Jan 14
ZFL37:016CilcainMoel Fammau25 Aug 14
ZFL59:28232SedberghBA World Championships Trial (Uphill)9 Aug 14
ZMR73:3915Telfes, AUTMaster World Mountain Running Championships6 Sep 14
2013 V40 West Cheshire
5K16:52193CapenhurstUrenco Capenhurst 5K21 Aug 13
5K17:00434ManchesterSale Sizzler 5K Series (Inc Northern Champs)15 Aug 13
5K17:15294ManchesterSale Sizzler 5K Series18 Jul 13
5K17:21344ManchesterSale Sizzler 5K Series1 Aug 13
5K18:0692OswetryPark Hall 5K12 Jun 13
parkrun17:2311Delamere ForestDelamere parkrun 5K Event 2310 Aug 13
parkrun17:3751Delamere ForestDelamere parkrun 5K Event 12 Mar 13
parkrun17:454Delamere ForestDelamere parkrun 5K Event 530 Mar 13
parkrun17:5531Delamere ForestDelamere parkrun 5K Event 186 Jul 13
parkrun18:0151Delamere ForestDelamere parkrun 5K Event 1913 Jul 13
parkrun18:0341Delamere ForestDelamere parkrun 5K Event 4328 Dec 13
parkrun18:183Delamere ForestDelamere parkrun 5K Event 359 Nov 13
9MMT57:596TattenhallTattenhall Tough 921 Jun 13
ZXC30:38239SunderlandBMAF Championships16 Mar 13
ZXC33:05185LeekNorth Staffordshire League30 Nov 13
ZXC34:19185BangorGrand Prix Express North Wales Senior League5 Oct 13
ZXC34:49164LlandudnoGrand Prix Express North Wales Senior League19 Oct 13
ZXC35:5142LilleshallGrand Prix Express North Wales Senior League12 Jan 13
ZXC36:1261OswestryGrand Prix Express North Wales Senior League2 Feb 13
ZXC38:14214Weston CoyneyNorth Staffordshire League16 Nov 13
ZXC38:38214WinsfordNorth Staffordshire League28 Sep 13
ZXC38:42224StaffordNorth Staffordshire League26 Oct 13
ZXC40:33227BirminghamInter Counties Championships9 Mar 13
ZXC42:1092NantwichCheshire County Championships5 Jan 13
ZXC49:43126KnowsleyNorthern Championships26 Jan 13
ZXC49:55241SunderlandEnglish National Championships23 Feb 13
ZFL39:3911FrodshamRobbie Webster's Wobbler4 Sep 13
2012 V40 West Cheshire
5K16:50183WythenshaweSale Sizzler 5K2 Aug 12
5K16:56306WythenshaweSale Sizzler 5K19 Jul 12
5K16:57133AltrinchamDunham Massey Park 5K14 Jun 12
5K17:09284WythenshaweSale Sizzler 5K5 Jul 12
5K17:1741CreweCrewe Queens Park Quacker 5K Series27 Jul 12
5.4KL18:3420L4NorthwichNorth West Relay Championships15 Sep 12
5MMT29:19132CheshirePie and Peas 51 Aug 12
9KNAD31:40132ChristletonBorders League1 Apr 12
9.5KMR51:11.915241Buhlertal, GERWorld Masters' Mountain Running Championships19 May 12
10K34:5434:5461OswestryOslympic 10K15 Jul 12
10K35:05834TelfordTelford 10K16 Dec 12
10K39:4439:4481ManchesterWe Love Manchester 10K24 Jun 12
11KMT41:0931CerrigydrudionFairy Freckled Cow Trail Race1 Jul 12
9MMT57:503TattenhallTattenhall Tough Team 923 Jun 12
ZXC31:52174WrexhamGrand Prix Express North Wales Senior League24 Nov 12
ZXC32:04123TelfordGrand Prix Express North Wales League14 Jan 12
ZXC32:42123LeekNorth Staffordshire League8 Dec 12
ZXC33:5293OswestryGrand Prix Express North Wales League4 Feb 12
ZXC35:57142LlandudnoGrand Prix Express North Wales Senior League20 Oct 12
ZXC37:57193Park HallNorth Staffordshire League27 Oct 12
ZXC38:38122BangorGrand Prix Express North Wales Senior League6 Oct 12
ZXC39:47154Stafford CommonNorth Staffordshire League17 Nov 12
ZXC40:56152WinsfordNorth Staffordshire League29 Sep 12
ZXC42:38269Parliament HillEnglish National Championships25 Feb 12
ZXC44:49152WinsfordCheshire County Championships7 Jan 12
ZXC45:48108PontefractNorthern Championships28 Jan 12
2011 V40 West Cheshire
5K17:03114AltrinchamDunham Massey 5K17 Jun 11
5K17:14164AltrinchamDunham Massey 5K27 May 11
4.5M24:2872Connah's QuayBorders League27 Mar 11
10K34:33243TelfordTelford 10K23 Jan 11
10K35:06193CreweAir Products 10K10 Apr 11
10KMT38:1641StokeNewcastle Dales Dash 10K4 Dec 11
ZXC29:104015BirminghamBMAF Championships12 Mar 11
ZXC29:4011AshbourneDovedale Dash6 Nov 11
ZXC31:03144BangorGrand Prix Express North Wales League1 Oct 11
ZXC31:36173LlandudnoGrand Prix Express North Wales League22 Oct 11
ZXC32:51133NorthopGrand Prix Express North Wales League12 Nov 11
ZXC34:4192LeekNorth Staffordshire League10 Dec 11
ZXC35:13134Stafford CommonNorth Staffordshire League19 Nov 11
ZXC37:21112Weston CoyneyNorth Staffordshire League29 Oct 11
ZXC37:49173WinsfordNorth Staffordshire League8 Oct 11
ZXC37:52102OswestryNorth Wales League5 Feb 11
ZXC42:06113WarringtonCheshire County Championships8 Jan 11
ZXC42:13221BirminghamInter Counties Championships5 Mar 11
ZXC42:35215Alton TowersEnglish National Championships19 Feb 11
ZXC45:3791SunderlandNorthern Cross Country Championships29 Jan 11
2010 V40 West Cheshire
15004:26.94AEllesmere PortNorthern League 2W1 May 10
4.5MMT27:183 1LeekTittesworth Reservoir Christmas Cracker 4.519 Dec 10
9.8KXC34:12150LiverpoolLiverpool & District League27 Nov 10
12KXC41:35207BirminghamMcCain UK Cross Challenge inc World Trials & Inter Counties13 Mar 10
ZXC30:4392LeekNorth Staffordshire League11 Dec 10
ZXC34:00193WythenshaweManchester Area League30 Jan 10
ZXC35:04192StockportManchester Area League3 Jan 10
ZXC36:54123WinsfordNorth Staffordshire League2 Oct 10
ZXC38:2991NantwichCheshire County Championships13 Feb 10
ZXC40:02152Stafford CommonNorth Staffordshire League13 Nov 10
ZXC46:1894BlackburnNorthern Cross Country Championships23 Jan 10
ZMR58:0116KeswickMcCain UK Mountain Running Challenge (inc European Trials)6 Jun 10
2009 V40 West Cheshire
500016:58.51BLitherlandNorth of England League Division 2W6 Jun 09
6.5KMT28:002WhitchurchMarbury Merrydays Mauler 6.5K Trail Race10 May 09
5MMT27:2521ShottonDee Striders Off-road 5 Series6 Aug 09
5MMT27:4132ShottonDee Striders Off-road 5 Series9 Jul 09
5MMT27:4121ShottonDee Striders Off-road 5 Series4 Sep 09
5MMT34:1651MilfordMilford Murder 523 Apr 09
10K34:509EryriBorders League4 Jan 09
11KMT40:3221CerrigydrudionAlwen Fairy Freckled Cow 11K5 Jul 09
HM77:40366BirminghamEDF Energy Birmingham Half Marathon11 Oct 09
ZMT27:2932ShottonDeestriders Off Road Grand Prix4 Jun 09
ZXC31:379WrexhamNorth Wales League17 Jan 09
ZXC35:4882OswestryNorth Wales League7 Feb 09
ZXC38:0661WinsfordCheshire County Championships10 Jan 09
ZXC40:1085St. HelensNorthern Championships24 Jan 09
ZXC44:49177Parliament HillEnglish National Championships21 Feb 09
ZXC45:32255NottinghamInter Counties7 Mar 09
ZFL11:003ChinleyTracks To Trig 1.1M/875ft18 Jul 09
ZFL28:4531MaeshafnThe Beast 4M/1200ft7 Jul 09
2008 V35 West Cheshire
6.5KMT27:001WhitchurchMarbury Merry Days Mauler Trail Race 6.5K11 May 08
5MNAD27:446AbergeleBorders League3 Feb 08
5MMT27:112MoldDeestriders Off-Road Series5 Jun 08
5MMT27:223ShottonDeestriders Off-Road GP Series 53 Jul 08
5MMT27:564ShottonDeesitriders Off-Road GP Series 57 Aug 08
5MMT28:022ShottonDeestriders Off-Road Grand Prix5 Sep 08
5MMT28:192WrexhamErddig 5 Mile Parkland Race25 May 08
11KMT40:402Llyn AlwenLlyn Alwen Trail Race 11K6 Jul 08
ZRD33:327HelsbyBorders League6 Apr 08
ZMT27:001WhitchurchMarbury Merry Days Mauler Trail Race 6.5K11 May 08
ZMT27:112MoldDeestriders Off-Road Series5 Jun 08
ZMT27:553FranbySummer Multi Terrain League2 Sep 08
ZMT33:161Delamere ForestDelamere Forest Trail Series12 Jun 08
ZXC24:2311Ellesmere PortWest Cheshire AC Christmas Handicap 4 XC21 Dec 08
ZXC27:3412WrexhamBorders League9 Mar 08
ZXC30:298WrexhamMajestic Travel North Wales League12 Jan 08
ZXC31:129LiverpoolLiverpool & District Championships10 Feb 08
ZXC33:1512LeekNorth Staffordshire League13 Dec 08
ZXC34:0812Beacon ParkLiverpool & District Cross Country Union League8 Nov 08
ZXC34:145OswestryMajestic Travel North Wales League9 Feb 08
ZXC37:0618Stafford CommonNorth Staffordshire League15 Nov 08
ZXC39:1510BirchwoodCheshire Championships5 Jan 08
ZXC43:08104LeedsNorthern Championships26 Jan 08
ZXC43:52200NottinghamInter Counties Championships15 Mar 08
ZFL22:443TrefonenMynydd Myfr26 May 08
ZFL28:543MoldUp The Beast Trail Fell Race10 Jun 08
2007 V35 West Cheshire
500016:38.7BoltonNorth of England League Division 2W15 Jul 07
4MXC23:241Ellesmere PortWest Cheshire AC Christmas Handicap 4M23 Dec 07
5MMT27:412ShottonDeestriders Off-road Grand Prix Series 52 Aug 07
ZMT22:404Rivacre ValleySummer League18 Sep 07
ZMT23:472WallaseyWirral League11 Sep 07
ZMT24:473BirkenheadWirral League25 Sep 07
ZMT27:303FrankbyWirral summer League4 Sep 07
ZMT27:312ShottonDeestriders off-road Grand Prix7 Sep 07
ZXC32:476Colwyn BayMajestic Travel North Wales League29 Sep 07
ZXC34:158TelfordMajestic Travel North Wales League20 Oct 07
ZXC35:4711ParkhallNorth Staffordshire League13 Oct 07
ZXC37:3524Manchester (BHC)Manchester Area League17 Nov 07
2004 V35 West Cheshire
5M27:3620ChesterCHESTER SPRING 56 Apr 04
Total Performances: 191
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