Molly Renfer

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Club:Kingston & Poly/New Mexico Uni/Switzerland
Date of Birth:22/08/1993
Age Group:U23
Lead Coach:Richard Holt

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Molly is coached by Richard Holt of Momentum Sports and is currently a part of their Project 2012 set up, which provides her with additional support beyond coaching, such as sports massage and nutritional advice.

Molly’s favoured event is the 800m, in which she won Bronze in the English Schools Championships in 2010, and for which she was called up to represent Switzerland in the European Junior Championships in Tallinn, where she also represented the country in the 4x400m relay.

Molly has also shown talent in the 400m, and won the Bronze medal in the Surrey County Championships in the event.

She is now continuing her studies in the USA but will be hoping to build on the massive progress made during the 2010 and 2011 seasons.

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2015 U23 Kingston & Poly/Harvard Uni/Switzerland
8002:13.332Cambridge MA, USAYale v Harvard11 Apr 15
8002:15.02i4Cambridge MA, USAHarvard-Yale-Princeton Tri-Meet14 Feb 15
10002:50.10i51Boston MA, USADavid Hemery Valentine Invitational13 Feb 15
15004:18.2522Waltham MA, USANew Balance Boston Twilight Meet #36 Jun 15
15004:18.3511Tallinn, ESTEuropean Athletics U23 Championships12 Jul 15
15004:18.8633Waltham MA, USANew Balance Boston Twilight Meet #413 Jun 15
15004:19.4510Heraklion, GREEuropean Athletics Team Championships First League21 Jun 15
15004:21.2121Lowell MA, USANew Balance Boston Twilight #116 May 15
15004:22.4851Gainesville FL, USAFlorida Relays3 Apr 15
15004:25.095Philadelphia PA, USAIvy League Heptagonal Championships10 May 15
15004:27.073h1Philadelphia PA, USAIvy League Heptagonal Championships9 May 15
15004:27.8011h4Jacksonville FL, USANCAA Championships DI East Preliminaries28 May 15
Mile4:40.585ODPhiladelphia PA, USAPenn Relays25 Apr 15
Mile4:42.98i3Cambridge MA, USAIvy League Indoor Championships1 Mar 15
Mile4:50.371OxfordOxford/Cambridge University v Harvard/Yale University Match29 Jun 15
Mile4:50.86i2h1Cambridge MA, USAIvy League Indoor Championships28 Feb 15
Mile4:55.93i#102Notre Dame IN, USAAlex Wilson Invitational21 Feb 15
500016:25.83121Charlottesville VA, USAVirginia Challenge18 Apr 15
500016:37.5311h1Jacksonville FL, USANCAA Championships DI East Preliminaries30 May 15
ZXC16:52.7121Notre Dame IN, USAJoe Piane Notre Dame Invitational2 Oct 15
ZXC19:55.510Madison WI, USAWisconsin Adidas Invitational17 Oct 15
ZXC20:08.023Ruidoso NM, USATexas Tech Open4 Sep 15
ZXC20:17.524Louisville KY, USANCAA DI Championships21 Nov 15
ZXC21:15.511Albuquerque NM, USANCAA Division I Mountain Region13 Nov 15
ZXC22:54.16Reno NV, USAMountain West Conference Championships30 Oct 15
2014 U23 Kingston & Poly/Harvard Uni/Switzerland
8002:10.6011Boston MA, USANew Balance Boston Twilight Meet 217 May 14
8002:12.7923Cambridge MA, USASean Collier Invitational19 Apr 14
15004:18.785h4Jacksonville FL, USANCAA East Preliminary Round29 May 14
15004:21.932New Haven CT, USAIvy League Heptagonal Championships11 May 14
15004:22.569q1Jacksonville FL, USANCAA East Preliminary Round31 May 14
15004:24.3351Gainesville FL, USAFlorida Relays4 Apr 14
15004:25.662h1New Haven CT, USAIvy League Heptagonal Championships10 May 14
15004:29.941Crystal PalaceSouth of England AA U20 / Senior Championships14 Jun 14
15004:30.051Cambridge MA, USAYale vs Harvard12 Apr 14
Mile4:40.35i71Boston MA, USADavid Hemery Valentine Invitational7 Feb 14
Mile4:41.35i#42South Bend IN, USAAlex Wilson Invitational22 Feb 14
Mile4:45.89i3Hanover NH, USAIvy League Heptagonal Championships2 Mar 14
Mile4:47.49i52Boston MA, USAJohn Thomas Terrier Invitational24 Jan 14
Mile4:48.50i1New Haven CT, USAHarvard - Yale - Princeton15 Feb 14
Mile4:51.95i2h1Hanover NH, USAIvy League Heptagonal Championships1 Mar 14
30009:54.81i1Cambridge MA, USABattle in Beantown18 Jan 14
parkrun17:20411Bushy ParkBushy Park parkrun # 53223 Aug 14
8KXC33:184DorkingSurrey County Championships4 Jan 14
10K37:3637:34503Walton-on-ThamesElmbridge 10K20 Jul 14
ZXC18:08.012New Haven CT, USAHYP Meet12 Sep 14
ZXC18:36108Boston MA, USABattle in Beantown26 Sep 14
ZXC20:54.918Bronx NY, USANCAA Division I Northeast Region14 Nov 14
ZXC21:27.223Princeton NJ, USAIvy League Heptagonal Championships1 Nov 14
ZXC21:30128Madison WI, USAWisconsin adidas Invitational17 Oct 14
2013 U23 Kingston & Poly/Harvard Uni/Switzerland
8002:08.333TwickenhamSt Mary's Ivy League Meeting20 Jun 13
8002:08.664WatfordSouth of England AA Senior/U20 Championships22 Jun 13
8002:08.965h2Princeton NJ, USAECAC/IC4A Outdoor Championships11 May 13
8002:09.1111Baton Rouge LA, USALSU Alumni Gold20 Apr 13
8002:09.386Princeton NJ, USAIvy League Outdoor Championships5 May 13
8002:09.39i82New York NY, USAArmory Collegiate Invitational & Open2 Feb 13
8002:09.4062Gainesville FL, USAFlorida Relays5 Apr 13
8002:09.53i21Boston MA, USATerrier Invitational25 Jan 13
8002:09.536AWatfordBMC Gold Standard Races12 Jun 13
8002:10.183h1Princeton NJ, USAIvy League Outdoor Championships4 May 13
8002:10.262New Haven CT, USAHarvard vs. Yale13 Apr 13
8002:10.610BWatfordBMC Grand Prix30 Jun 13
8002:11.48i3h1Cambridge MA, USAHeptagonal Indoor Championships23 Feb 13
8002:12.302Houston TX, USAVictor Lopez Classic23 Mar 13
8002:17.73i8Cambridge MA, USAHeptagonal Indoor Championships24 Feb 13
10002:49.06i1Cambridge MA, USAHarvard Challenge & Multi Meet19 Jan 13
15004:29.855BSportcityBMC Grand Prix1 Jun 13
15004:30.394Waltham MA, USANew Balance Twilight Meet18 May 13
15004:35.812BedfordEngland Athletics U20/U23 Championships (Inc U18 Events)15 Jun 13
Mile4:56.37i3Princeton NJ, USAHarvard v Yale v Princeton9 Feb 13
parkrun17:522011Bushy ParkBushy Park parkrun # 47717 Aug 13
ZXC18:45.470Earlysville VA, USAPanorama Farms Invitational28 Sep 13
ZXC18:5116Boston MA, USAHarvard v Yale14 Sep 13
ZXC21:08.431Bronx NY, USANCAA DI Northeast Regional Championships15 Nov 13
ZXC21:25.817Princeton NJ, USAIvy League Championships2 Nov 13
ZXC21:416Princeton NJ, USAPrinceton Invitational19 Oct 13
ZXC21:5616OBethlehem PA, USAPaul Short XC Invitational5 Oct 13
2012 U20 Kingston & Poly/Harvard Uni/Switzerland
40057.20i1h4Cambridge MA, USAHarvard - Yale - Princeton11 Feb 12
40058.3962WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting13 Jun 12
50075.18i2Cambridge MA, USAHarvard Challenge Track Meet21 Jan 12
8002:09.426AWatfordBMC Gold Standard Races13 Jun 12
8002:10.134h1Philadelphia PA, USAIvy League Heptagonal Outdoor Championships5 May 12
8002:10.342Cambridge MA, USAHarvard/Yale Dual Meet14 Apr 12
8002:10.736h2Princeton NJ, USAECAC and IC4A Outdoor Championships12 May 12
8002:10.986CWatfordBMC Grand Prix9 Jun 12
8002:11.005BedfordAviva England Athletics U20/U23 Championships17 Jun 12
8002:11.446Jacksonville FL, USAUNF Invitational31 Mar 12
8002:12.36i4h2Ithaca NY, USAIvy League Heptagonal Indoor Championships25 Feb 12
8002:13.391Houston TX, USATexas Southern Relays16 Mar 12
8002:14.165h1BedfordAviva England Athletics U20/U23 Championships16 Jun 12
8002:14.36i2Cambridge MA, USABattle of Beantown3 Feb 12
8002:14.4074Princeton NJ, USALarry Ellis Invitational20 Apr 12
parkrun18:562011Bushy ParkBushy Park parkrun # 44225 Dec 12
ZXC19:20.2923New Haven CT, USAHarvard vs. Yale14 Sep 12
ZXC19:32.441Smithfield RI, USABryant Invitational8 Sep 12
ZXC22:32.571Princeton NJ, USAHeptagonal Cross Country Championships27 Oct 12
ZXC22:4247Princeton NJ, USAPrinceton Invitational13 Oct 12
2011 U20 Kingston & Poly
20026.76AHillingdonNational Junior League Brent Division1 May 11
40056.853KingstonSurrey County Championships15 May 11
8002:09.1251Hochdorf, SUIBonus-Track9 Jul 11
8002:10.11Ewell CourtRosenheim League West Division1 Jun 11
8002:10.236s3Tallinn, ESTEuropean Junior Championships21 Jul 11
8002:11.383h3GatesheadEnglish Schools' Championships1 Jul 11
8002:11.61Kingston Surrey County Schools' Championships11 Jun 11
8002:12.064GatesheadEnglish Schools' Championships2 Jul 11
8002:12.243AshfordSouth of England U20 / Senior Championships18 Jun 11
8002:12.89i51Lee ValleyLondon U20/Senior Games30 Jan 11
8002:13.267BedfordAviva U20/U23 Championships (inc European Trials)25 Jun 11
8002:15.29i5h2SheffieldAviva European Trials & UK Championships12 Feb 11
8002:15.733KingstonSurrey County Championships14 May 11
8002:18.31AHillingdonNational Junior League Brent Division1 May 11
Mile5:26.42Crystal PalaceHercules Wimbledon Young Athletes' Open3 Apr 11
parkrun19:556221Bushy ParkBushy Park parkrun # 35323 Apr 11
ZXC15:334Reigate PriorySurrey County Schools Championships22 Jan 11
ZXC16:3884NottinghamEnglish Schools' Championships19 Mar 11
ZXC21:286Lloyd ParkSurrey County Championships8 Jan 11
2010 U20 Kingston & Poly
20027.02BUxbridge (H)National Junior Athletic League Brent27 Jun 10
40058.22AGuildfordNational Junior Athletic League Brent25 Jul 10
40058.515KingstonSurrey County Championships9 May 10
40059.204h2KingstonSurrey County Championships9 May 10
8002:08.943BirminghamAviva English Schools' Championships10 Jul 10
8002:09.665AWatfordBMC Gold Standard Races28 Jul 10
8002:09.724AWatfordBMC Gold Standard Races11 Aug 10
8002:10.114BElthamBMC Regional Races18 Aug 10
8002:10.914Crystal PalaceSouthern Counties U20/Senior Championships13 Jun 10
8002:14.023KingstonSurrey County Championships8 May 10
8002:15.11AHillingdonNational Junior Athletic League Brent27 Jun 10
8002:15.542h2Crystal PalaceSouthern Counties U20/Senior Championships12 Jun 10
8002:16.313h1BirminghamAviva English Schools' Championships9 Jul 10
15004:47.2976Watford Watford Graded Open25 Aug 10
15004:48.06KingstonRosenheim League Western21 Jul 10
HJ1.401BUxbridge (H)National Junior Athletic League Brent27 Jun 10
3M18:468 Old BillingsgateVirgin London Mini Marathon25 Apr 10
5KXC21:38106BirminghamMcCain UK Cross Challenge inc World Trials & Inter Counties13 Mar 10
parkrun19:112321Bushy ParkBushy Park parkrun # 3021 May 10
parkrun19:205341Bushy ParkBushy Park parkrun # 30017 Apr 10
parkrun19:424111Bushy ParkBushy Park parkrun # 29727 Mar 10
parkrun19:437252Bushy ParkBushy Park parkrun # 29910 Apr 10
parkrun20:10661Bushy ParkBushy Park parkrun # 32111 Sep 10
ZXC15:337ReigateSouth East Inter County Schools6 Feb 10
ZXC15:526ReigateSurrey County Schools' Championships23 Jan 10
ZXC17:2874ManchesterEnglish Schools' Championships20 Mar 10
ZXC25:2915BiggleswadeSEAA Inter Counties Championships11 Dec 10
ZXC25:56596Denbies VineyardSurrey Women's League13 Nov 10
2009 U17 Kingston & Poly
20027.93AMilton KeynesNational Junior Athletic League Brent24 May 09
30042.91KingstonMcCain UK Young Athletes League Southern One West31 May 09
8002:17.731Hendon10 in 100 Cup Plate Final Women8 Aug 09
8002:18.11AMilton KeynesNational Junior Athletic League Brent24 May 09
8002:19.41KingstonMcCain UK Young Athletes League Southern One West31 May 09
8002:20.645KingstonSurrey County Championships9 May 09
8002:24.61AWycombeNational Junior Athletic League Brent26 Jul 09
HJ1.352BMilton KeynesNational Junior Athletic League Brent24 May 09
1M5:1944LondonLord Mayor's Mile14 Nov 09
2.5M15:3721Bushy ParkKingston upon Thames London Minimarathon Trial 2.5M28 Feb 09
parkrun18:503611Bushy ParkBushy Park parkrun # 26926 Sep 09
5MMT33:583711ClaygateClaygate Country 512 Jul 09
ZXC15:549ReigateSurrey County Schools Championships17 Jan 09
ZXC16:539ReigateSurrey Women's League10 Oct 09
ZXC17:311CoulsdonSurrey Womens' League10 Jan 09
ZXC18:031CroydonSurrey Womens' League28 Feb 09
ZXC19:2910ShuttleworthSouth of England Inter Counties Championships31 Jan 09
ZXC20:4570NottinghamInter Counties7 Mar 09
ZXC21:5610CroydonSurrey County Championships3 Jan 09
2008 U17 Kingston & Poly
30043.81AKingstonUKA Young Athletes League Southern 2 London20 Jul 08
30044.32Parliament HillUKA Young Athletes League Southern 2 London1 Jun 08
30044.41ATooting BecLily B League - Match 224 May 08
8002:19.803KingstonSurrey Schools' Championships14 Jun 08
8002:23.01ACarshaltonLily B League Match 27 Jun 08
8002:24.61Parliament HillUKA Young Athletes League Southern 2 London1 Jun 08
8002:25.99KingstonSurrey Championships10 May 08
8002:26.7BromleySouthern Womens League - Senior Div 126 Apr 08
8002:28.07KingstonSurrey Championships10 May 08
10003:03.01High WycombeSouth East (West) Schools Biathlon Championships6 Dec 08
15005:09.5Tooting BecLily B League - Meeting 124 May 08
parkrun19:58371Bushy ParkBushy Park parkrun # 1905 Apr 08
parkrun20:0138Bushy ParkBushy Park parkrun # 18822 Mar 08
5MMT32:592711ClaygateClaygate Country 513 Jul 08
ZXC13:431Richmond ParkKingston & Poly Belton, Holland & Yates Inter Schools & Champs26 Jan 08
ZXC15:0060LiverpoolEnglish Schools' Championships8 Mar 08
ZXC16:0743LightwaterSurrey Womens' League8 Nov 08
ZXC17:4586ReigateSurrey Ladies' League12 Jan 08
ZXC17:526ReigateSurrey Schools Championships19 Jan 08
ZXC21:084BansteadSurrey Womens' League11 Oct 08
2007 U15 Kingston & Poly
8002:28.7KingstonLily B League Cup & Plate Finals8 Sep 07
8002:29.70KingstonSurrey County Schools Championships9 Jun 07
8002:29.87KingstonSurrey County Schools Championships9 Jun 07
8002:35.6OxfordYAL Southern 2 N3 Jun 07
parkrun20:063121Bushy ParkBushy Park parkrun # 16924 Nov 07
parkrun21:47781Bushy ParkBushy Park parkrun # 13210 Mar 07
ZXC9:5715St. AlbansSainsbury's ESAA Final1 Dec 07
ZXC10:4833BexleyESAA Cross Country Cup Regional Final10 Nov 07
ZXC18:48107EsherSurrey Ladies' League13 Oct 07
2006 U15 Kingston & Poly
8002:30.9KingstonUKA Young Athletes League Southern 1W23 Jul 06
15005:26.7KingstonUKA Young Athletes League Southern 1W21 May 06
75HU15W15.2KingstonUKA Young Athletes League Southern 1W23 Jul 06
parkrun21:54601Bushy ParkBushy Park parkrun # 8025 Mar 06
parkrun22:57841Bushy ParkBushy Park parkrun # 828 Apr 06
2005 U13 Kingston & Poly
parkrun24:0164Bushy ParkBushy Park parkrun # 5729 Oct 05
Total Performances: 197
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