Daniel Franks

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Age Group:U23
Lead Coach:Jack Howey

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2017 U23 Wakefield/Unattached
8002:04.74BWiganNorth of England League Division 19 Jul 17
3000SC10:25.02AStretfordNorth of England League Division 2 Promotion Match20 Aug 17
3000SC10:45.533APrestonNorth of England League Division 15 Aug 17
parkrun17:2111PontefractPontefract parkrun # 3309 Sep 17
5.88KL20:3964L6Sutton ParkERRA Men's National 6-Stage Relays7 Oct 17
6.5KL22:3629L5ManchesterNorthern Counties Men's 6-Stage Relays16 Sep 17
HM80:515PontefractPontefract Half Marathon1 Oct 17
2016 U23 Wakefield/Unattached
8002:04.5025StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix28 Jun 16
15004:27.64BEllesmere PortNorth of England League Division 13 Jul 16
parkrun17:5261Leeds Hyde ParkLeeds parkrun # 47715 Oct 16
5.16KL18:0512L1WakefieldYorkshire Road Relay Championships18 Sep 16
7.7KXC29:4456KeighleyWest Yorkshire League4 Dec 16
10KXC36:3435WakefieldWest Yorkshire League2 Oct 16
ZXC41:3438LeedsWest Yorkshire League30 Oct 16
2015 U20 Wakefield/Unattached
500018:11.72BHullNorth of England League Division 13 May 15
8KXC31:3959PontefractNorthern Championships24 Jan 15
10KXC41:50148Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships21 Feb 15
ZXC33:1310RiponYorkshire County Championships10 Jan 15
2014 U20 Wakefield/Unattached
8002:03.325ASpinkhillUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Northern Premier 11 Jun 14
8002:09.435AEdinburghUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Northern Premier 127 Apr 14
15004:21.801CleckheatonWest Yorkshire Schools Championships14 Jun 14
15004:26.155CudworthYorkshire County Champioinships18 May 14
30009:45.994ASpinkhillUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Northern Premier 11 Jun 14
30009:54.063AEdinburghUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Northern Premier 127 Apr 14
3000SC11:00.14ADerbyNorth of England League Division 113 Jul 14
3000SCNWJ10:41.83AHullNorth of England League Division 14 May 14
6KL22:1959L4WarringtonNorthern Men's 6 Stage Relays20 Sep 14
10KXC37:30137NottinghamECCA English National Championships22 Feb 14
ZXC38:22374WakefieldWest Yorkshire Cross Country League19 Oct 14
ZXC38:5315North StainleyYorkshire County Championships4 Jan 14
2013 U20 Wakefield/Unattached
8002:08.2268StretfordTrafford Grand Prix6 Aug 13
8002:08.5558StretfordTrafford Grand Prix25 Jun 13
15004:23.572CleckheatonWest Yorkshire Schools' Championships8 Jun 13
15004:30.7717SportcityNorthern Athletics U20/Senior Championships22 Jun 13
3000SC10:55.854AWakefieldNorth of England League Division 13 Aug 13
3KXCL10:1167L1MansfieldECCA National Relays2 Nov 13
3.863KL13:1713L3Sutton ColdfieldERRA Young Athletes' Relays14 Apr 13
parkrun17:1131PontefractPontefract parkrun # 1225 Oct 13
parkrun17:2721PontefractPontefract parkrun # 12128 Sep 13
parkrun17:2911PontefractPontefract parkrun # 949 Mar 13
parkrun17:3131PontefractPontefract parkrun # 11410 Aug 13
parkrun18:1261PontefractPontefract parkrun # 13428 Dec 13
6.6KL23:3051L2BlackpoolNorthern Men's 6-Stage Relays21 Sep 13
ZXC22:3724RiponYorkshire County Championships5 Jan 13
ZXC23:35132SunderlandEnglish National Championships23 Feb 13
ZXC31:5116Upper BatleyWest Yorkshire Schools' Championships2 Feb 13
ZXC32:4538LeedsComplete Runner West Yorkshire League1 Dec 13
ZXC37:22204WakefieldComplete Runner West Yorkshire League20 Oct 13
ZXC39:01327LeedsComplete Runner West Yorkshire League17 Nov 13
2012 U17 Wakefield/Unattached
8002:12.2436StretfordTrafford Grand Prix (Distance & Throws only)21 Aug 12
8002:12.9769StretfordTrafford Grand Prix (Distance & Throws only)7 Aug 12
300010:10.023AWakefieldMcCain Young Athletes' League Division Northern Premier 117 Jun 12
300010:25.71ADoncasterMcCain Young Athletes' League Division Northern Premier 16 May 12
1500SC5:08.701CudworthYorkshire County Championships12 May 12
1500SC5:17.41ADoncasterMcCain Young Athletes' League Division Northern Premier 16 May 12
1500SC5:18.501CleckheatonWest Yorkshire Schools' Championships16 Jun 12
3.45KL11:1824L1LeighNorthern Counties Young Athletes Road Relays (U17)22 Sep 12
parkrun18:024PontefractPontefract parkrun # 7313 Oct 12
parkrun18:1121PontefractPontefract parkrun # 7527 Oct 12
ZXC18:5918YeadonComplete Runner West Yorkshire League10 Nov 12
ZXC20:4314WetherbyComplete Runner West Yorkshire League20 Oct 12
ZXC21:2013WakefieldComplete Runner West Yorkshire League9 Dec 12
ZXC21:4112HuddersfieldComplete Runner West Yorkshire League24 Nov 12
ZXC22:2022WakefieldYorkshire County Championships7 Jan 12
ZXC22:4273PontefractNorthern Championships28 Jan 12
ZXC23:19216Parliament HillEnglish National Championships25 Feb 12
ZXCL8:0823L1SheffieldNorthern Athletics XC Relay Championships6 Oct 12
ZXCL10:5873L1MansfieldECCA National Relays3 Nov 12
2011 U17 Wakefield/Unattached
8002:16.6079StretfordTrafford Grand Prix31 May 11
8002:16.761WakefieldWest Yorkshire League4 May 11
8002:22.666Wakefield Wakefield Spring Open10 Apr 11
15004:41.772WakefieldMcCain Young Athletes League Northern Premier E Division8 May 11
15004:42.789CudworthYorkshire County Championships14 May 11
15004:45.9131YorkWest Yorkshire League16 Apr 11
15004:48.23HullMcCain Young Athletes League Northern Premier E Division22 May 11
300010:06.91BarlboroughMcCain Young Athletes League Northern Premier E Division19 Jun 11
1500SC5:33.32HullMcCain Young Athletes League Northern Premier E Division22 May 11
3.3KL11:2429L1WarringtonNorthern Road Relay Championships 3.3K24 Sep 11
3.863KL13:4645L2Sutton ParkERRA National Young Athletes' Relays16 Oct 11
4.3KL15:275L1LeedsYorkshire Road Races & Relay Championships10 Sep 11
parkrun18:246PontefractPontefract parkrun # 3531 Dec 11
ZXC14:257SheffieldSheffield Open2 Jan 11
ZXC17:0249SunderlandNorthern Cross Country Championships29 Jan 11
ZXC18:0715DoncasterYorkshire & Humberside County Championships9 Jan 11
ZXC18:5487Alton TowersEnglish National Championships19 Feb 11
ZXC19:5012ShipleyWest Yorkshire Schools Championships5 Feb 11
ZXC20:2112WakefieldComplete Runner West Yorkshire League4 Dec 11
ZXC23:2612YorkComplete Runner West Yorkshire League29 Oct 11
ZXC25:5616ShipleyComplete Runner West Yorkshire League19 Nov 11
ZXCL11:0183L1MansfieldSaucony ECCA Relays5 Nov 11
2010 U15 Wakefield/Unattached
20028.44South LeedsMcCain UK Young Athletes League Northern Premier E2 May 10
20028.61RotherhamRotherham Spring Open Meeting11 Apr 10
20029.92StretfordTrafford Open Medal Meeting5 Apr 10
40063.36Sheffield (W)McCain UK Young Athletes League Northern Premier E18 Jul 10
40063.717BCudworthMcCain UK Young Athletes League Northern Final1 Aug 10
8002:15.0661StretfordTrafford Grand Prix Open24 Aug 10
8002:17.0176StretfordTrafford Grand Prix Open13 Jul 10
8002:18.31CudworthBarnsley AC Young Athletes Open11 Jul 10
8002:18.354ACudworthMcCain UK Young Athletes League Northern Final1 Aug 10
8002:18.951WakefieldWest Yorkshire League16 Jun 10
8002:19.103WakefieldDouglas Bedford Memorial Open Meeting12 Sep 10
8002:19.22DerbyMcCain UK Young Athletes League Northern Premier E20 Jun 10
8002:19.9351WakefieldWakefield Spring Open3 Apr 10
8002:21.71RotherhamRotherham Spring Open Meeting11 Apr 10
8002:21.82StretfordTrafford Open Medal Meeting5 Apr 10
8002:21.83Sheffield (W)McCain UK Young Athletes League Northern Premier E18 Jul 10
8002:22.925h1Don ValleyYorkshire & Humberside County Championships9 May 10
8002:24.42South LeedsMcCain UK Young Athletes League Northern Premier E2 May 10
8002:25.11i4SheffieldNorthern Athletics Junior Indoor Championships17 Jan 10
8002:28.3782LeedsWest Yorkshire League28 Jul 10
15004:33.82YorkWest Yorkshire League17 Apr 10
15004:38.42WakefieldMcCain UK Young Athletes League Northern Premier E16 May 10
15004:43.1741WakefieldWest Yorkshire League26 May 10
15004:46.7911Don ValleyYorkshire & Humberside County Championships8 May 10
15004:47.646CleckheatonWest Yorkshire Schools Championships12 Jun 10
15004:47.947h2Don ValleyYorkshire & Humberside County Championships8 May 10
15004:48.1913LeighNorthern Athletics U15/U17 Championships30 May 10
15004:56.12CleckheatonIvan Stringer Memorial Open28 Mar 10
2.8KL9:439L1ManchesterNorthern Counties Young Athletes' Relay (U15 & U13)2 Oct 10
3.863KL13:1819L1Sutton ParkYoung Athletes' National Road Relays17 Oct 10
ZXC14:11216ManchesterEnglish Schools' Championships20 Mar 10
ZXC14:5261BlackburnNorthern Cross Country Championships23 Jan 10
ZXC15:3113HuddersfieldComplete Runner League (West Yorkshire)30 Oct 10
ZXC15:46124LeedsEnglish National Championships27 Feb 10
ZXC15:498GuiseleyComplete Runner League (West Yorkshire)10 Oct 10
ZXC15:598LeedsComplete Runner League (West Yorkshire)20 Nov 10
ZXC16:3614WakefieldComplete Runner League (West Yorkshire)5 Dec 10
ZXC17:408WakefieldWest Yorkshire Schools6 Feb 10
ZXCL7:1759L1MansfieldECCA Relays6 Nov 10
2009 U15 Wakefield/Unattached
8002:14.89BLeeds (B)BMC Regional Races1 Jul 09
8002:18.85CudworthBarnsley Young Athlete Open12 Jul 09
8002:19.051AWakefieldMcCain UK Young Athletes League Northern One East19 Jul 09
8002:19.364WakefieldWest Yorkshire League9 Aug 09
8002:20.2461LeedsWest Yorkshire League29 Jul 09
8002:21.71BScunthorpeMcCain UK Young Athletes League Northern One East31 May 09
15004:41.5482StretfordTrafford Grand Prix1 Sep 09
15004:42.995GatesheadNorthern Athletics U15 & U17 Championships24 May 09
15004:43.34CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League20 May 09
15004:43.531CleckheatonWest Yorkshire Track and Field League8 Jul 09
15004:45.53YorkWest Yorkshire League19 Apr 09
15004:48.284h2Don ValleyYorkshire & Humberside County Championships9 May 09
15004:49.11BBarlboroughMcCain UK Young Athletes League Northern One East21 Jun 09
15004:52.638Don ValleyYorkshire & Humberside County Championships9 May 09
ZRDL10:0310L2LeedsNorthern Counties Young Athletes' Relays27 Sep 09
ZRDL11:005SheffieldYorkshire Road Relays13 Sep 09
ZRDL14:1041L1Sutton ColdfieldYoung Athletes' National Road Relays18 Oct 09
ZXC11:084RotherhamYorkshire County Championships10 Jan 09
ZXC12:1517St. HelensNorthern Championships24 Jan 09
ZXC12:186LeedsWest Yorkshire Schools Championships7 Feb 09
ZXC12:4738Parliament HillEnglish National Championships21 Feb 09
ZXC13:1739NottinghamInter Counties7 Mar 09
ZXC16:54170Stanford HallSainsbury English Schools Championships21 Mar 09
ZXC17:2110GuiseleyComplete Runner League (West Yorkshire)6 Dec 09
2008 U13 Wakefield/Unattached
20028.03AWakefieldUKA Young Athletes League Northern Premier22 Jun 08
20028.6GrimsbyCleethorpes Open24 May 08
20028.6BlackpoolUKA Young Athletes League Northern Premier20 Jul 08
20028.7GrimsbyCleethorpes Open24 May 08
20029.0BebingtonUKA Young Athletes League Northern Premier1 Jun 08
8002:21.41CudworthBarnsley Open13 Jul 08
8002:22.211Leeds (S)West Yorkshire Track & Field League 630 Jul 08
8002:24.171Don ValleyYorkshire Championships10 May 08
8002:24.561CleckheatonWest Yorkshire Track & Field League Final31 Aug 08
8002:25.01CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League9 Jul 08
8002:26.51h1WakefieldComplete Runner West Yorkshire League18 Jun 08
8002:26.51WakefieldComplete Runner West Yorkshire League18 Jun 08
8002:26.51WakefieldWest Yorkshire Track & Field League10 Aug 08
8002:26.91ABlackpoolUKA Young Athletes League Northern Premier20 Jul 08
8002:27.02LiverpoolUKA Young Athletes League Northern Premier18 May 08
8002:27.21YorkCity of York AC Open7 Sep 08
8002:27.51AWakefieldUKA Young Athletes League Northern Premier22 Jun 08
8002:28.01WakefieldDouglas Bedford Memorial Open Meeting21 Sep 08
8002:28.6WakefieldSpring Open Medals Meeting13 Apr 08
8002:28.9BebingtonUKA Young Athletes League Northern Premier1 Jun 08
8002:29.7GrimsbyCleethorpes Open24 May 08
8002:32.7YorkWest Yorkshire League20 Apr 08
8002:36.51Don ValleyYorkshire Championships10 May 08
15005:10.9LiverpoolUKA Young Athletes League Northern Premier4 May 08
LJ4.39CleckheatonWest Yorkshire T&F League28 May 08
LJ4.22LeedsWest Yorkshire T&F League 630 Jul 08
LJ3.96YorkCity of York AC Open7 Sep 08
DT1K16.74CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League9 Jul 08
DT1K14.50CleckheatonWest Yorkshire Track & Field League Final31 Aug 08
ZRDL11:275LiverpoolNorthern Counties Young Athletes' Relay5 Oct 08
ZRDL13:447Sutton ColdfieldNational Young Athletes' Relay19 Oct 08
ZXC5:04101WetherbyComplete Runner League15 Nov 08
ZXC10:242SheffieldSheffield Open27 Dec 08
ZXC11:4757LeedsNorthern Championships26 Jan 08
ZXC11:483GuiseleyComplete Runner League26 Oct 08
ZXC11:59119Alton TowersEnglish National Championships23 Feb 08
ZXC12:271WakefieldComplete Runner League7 Dec 08
ZXC14:083OtleyComplete Runner League12 Oct 08
2007 U13 Wakefield/Unattached
10014.4GrimsbyGrimsby Harriers Open29 Sep 07
10014.5WakefieldWakefield Open16 Sep 07
10014.5GrimsbyGrimsby Harriers Open29 Sep 07
8002:38.5WakefieldUKA Young Athletes League Northern 1 East22 Jul 07
8002:38.8WakefieldWest Yorkshire League20 Jun 07
8002:38.8CleckheatonWest Yorkshire Championships1 Sep 07
8002:39.3CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League11 Jul 07
8002:39.5CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League12 Aug 07
8002:40.0LeedsWest Yorkshire League25 Jul 07
8002:40.5YorkCity of York Medals Open8 Sep 07
8002:41.9CudworthBarnsley Young Athletes Open Meeting15 Jul 07
HJ1.25CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League9 May 07
LJ4.38CleckheatonWest Yorkshire Championships1 Sep 07
LJ4.28WakefieldWakefield Harriers Spring Open Meeting15 Apr 07
LJ4.05CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League12 Aug 07
LJ4.04GrimsbyGrimsby Harriers Open29 Sep 07
LJ3.99WakefieldWest Yorkshire T&F League - Meeting 121 Apr 07
LJ3.94CudworthBarnsley Young Athletes Open Meeting15 Jul 07
ZXC7:2988KnavesmireComplete Runner West Yorkshire League17 Nov 07
ZXC13:216WakefieldComplete Runner West Yorkshire League2 Dec 07
ZXC13:2966LeedsComplete Runner West Yorkshire League27 Oct 07
2006 U11 Wakefield/Unattached
LJ3.83Wakefield17 Sep 06
Total Performances: 213
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