Joseph Kirton

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Club:City of Norwich/St. Mary's Uni
Age Group:U23
Lead Coach:Mick Woods

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2014 U23 City of Norwich/St. Mary's Uni
7.9KXC28:5667BStirlingBUCS Championships1 Feb 14
8KXC30:4646Parliament HillSouthern Championships25 Jan 14
10K35:2635:268WymondhamWymondham AC New Year's Day 10K1 Jan 14
11KXC41:21236BirminghamInter County Championships8 Mar 14
ZXC28:3624Alexandra PalaceLondon Colleges League22 Jan 14
ZXC42:094EustonNorfolk County Championships12 Jan 14
2013 U23 Thetford/City of Norwich
8002:06.51AKing's LynnEast Anglian League12 May 13
8002:09.81AGreat YarmouthEast Anglian League23 Jun 13
5K17:5617:5647NorwichNorwich Lord Mayor's 5K6 Jul 13
5K18:1638HovetonWroxham 5K Series19 Jun 13
parkrun17:3711Thetford Abbey MeadowsThetford parkrun 5K Event 168 Jun 13
parkrun17:4711Thetford Abbey MeadowsThetford parkrun 5K Event 76 Apr 13
parkrun17:5811Thetford Abbey MeadowsThetford parkrun 5K Event 372 Nov 13
parkrun18:2311Thetford Abbey MeadowsThetford parkrun 5K Event 1715 Jun 13
parkrun18:2411Thetford Abbey MeadowsThetford parkrun 5K Event 151 Jun 13
9.8KXC35:42180LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials)23 Nov 13
10K35:4935:494NorwichTrowse 10K31 Mar 13
10K37:1737:16443King's LynnGrand East Anglia Run 10K5 May 13
ZXC17:3011Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League20 Jan 13
ZXC22:2551Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League15 Dec 13
ZXC23:211Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League24 Mar 13
ZXC30:5155Parliament HillSouthern Championships16 Feb 13
ZXC31:0965ThetfordNorfolk County Championships6 Jan 13
ZXC34:0584StowmarketSuffolk Winter League13 Jan 13
ZXC34:4273BungaySuffolk Winter League17 Feb 13
ZXC36:1134Wimbledon CommonLondon Colleges League13 Nov 13
ZXC41:04103SunderlandEnglish National Championships23 Feb 13
ZXC42:19269BirminghamInter Counties Championships9 Mar 13
2012 U20 Thetford
40055.93ANorwichEast Anglian League22 Apr 12
40055.93AGreat YarmouthEast Anglian League20 May 12
40056.41ABury St EdmondsEast Anglian League1 Jul 12
8002:07.83ChelmsfordChelmsford Open7 Apr 12
8002:09.81AGreat YarmouthEast Anglian League20 May 12
8002:09.91nsNorwichSouthern Athletics League Division 11 Sep 12
8002:10.21ANorwichEast Anglian League22 Apr 12
8002:10.81BNorwichNational Junior Athletic League Thames Division22 Jul 12
8002:11.03ACambridgeSouthern Athletics League Division 2 NE21 Apr 12
8002:11.22NorwichNorfolk County Championships12 May 12
8002:12.61ABury St EdmondsEast Anglian League1 Jul 12
8002:15.31BStevenageNational Junior Athletic League Thames Division29 Apr 12
15004:42.21BStevenageNational Junior Athletic League Thames Division29 Apr 12
15004:45.72ASandyNational Junior Athletic League Thames Division24 Jun 12
300010:21.62BSandyNational Junior Athletic League Thames Division24 Jun 12
300010:22.41AGreat YarmouthEast Anglian League20 May 12
2000SC7:11.31NorwichNorfolk County Championships12 May 12
2000SCNWJ7:05.33AStevenageNational Junior Athletic League Thames Division29 Apr 12
LJ2.614BStevenageNational Junior Athletic League Thames Division29 Apr 12
5K17:0310WroxhamWroxham 5K Series16 May 12
5K17:33274NorwichNorwich Lord Mayor's 5K7 Jul 12
5K17:4012WroxhamWroxham 5K Series18 Jul 12
5K17:5722WroxhamWroxham 5K Series20 Jun 12
parkrun17:3331NorwichNorwich parkrun 5K Event 10822 Sep 12
5MMT29:4929Bury St. EdmundsBury Friday 522 Jun 12
10K36:5019CroxtonBreckland 10K7 May 12
10K37:022East HarlingEast Harling 10K15 Jul 12
10K37:5918DissDiss 10K17 Jun 12
10M63:09c27ReedhamReedham 1029 Jan 12
ZXC17:27124Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League15 Jan 12
ZXC17:4082Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League14 Oct 12
ZXC22:334Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League18 Mar 12
ZXC23:0461Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League16 Dec 12
ZXC29:39151BirminghamInter Counties Championships10 Mar 12
ZXC31:08194FramlinghamSuffolk Winter League28 Oct 12
ZXC31:1952Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League18 Nov 12
ZXC32:2294Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League12 Feb 12
ZXC34:49153StowmarketSuffolk Winter League4 Mar 12
ZXC37:35426Bury St EdmundsSuffolk Winter League22 Jan 12
ZXC38:47143Parliament HillEnglish National Championships25 Feb 12
ZXCNT6ThetfordNorfolk County Championships8 Jan 12
2011 U20 Thetford
40055.23AKing's LynnEast Anglian League19 Jun 11
40055.53AColchester East Anglian League21 Aug 11
40055.842Peterborough Peterborough Open29 Aug 11
40055.91Carn BreaDuchy Open31 Jul 11
8002:07.42AKing's LynnEast Anglian League19 Jun 11
8002:07.83NorwichNorfolk Schools' Championships11 Jun 11
8002:09.252Peterborough Peterborough Open29 Aug 11
8002:09.31Carn BreaDuchy Open31 Jul 11
8002:12.04AColchester East Anglian League21 Aug 11
8002:14.31AGreat YarmouthEast Anglian League8 May 11
8002:16.41Kings Lynn Norfolk County Championships15 May 11
15004:37.51NorwichNorfolk County Championships26 Jun 11
300010:10.61Great YarmouthGreat Yarmouth Warm-Up Meeting21 Apr 11
5K18:2061NorwichLord Mayor's 5K City Centre Classic9 Jul 11
5K19:1633South WalshamBroadland 5K Series22 Jun 11
5MMT30:02232Bury St EdmundsBury 524 Jun 11
10K37:2523CroxtonBreckland 10K2 May 11
10K38:5138:5117TrowseTrowse 10K24 Apr 11
ZXC21:035NorwichNorfolk County Championships9 Jan 11
ZXC23:03261BirminghamInter Counties Championships5 Mar 11
ZXC23:43163Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League18 Dec 11
ZXC24:29127Parliament HillSouthern Cross Country Championships29 Jan 11
ZXC25:119Sloughbottom ParkNorfolk County Schools Championships26 Jan 11
ZXC25:50277NottinghamEnglish Schools' Championships19 Mar 11
ZXC27:1930CorbyAnglian Schools Championships5 Feb 11
ZXC28:01151Alton TowersEnglish National Championships19 Feb 11
ZXC29:56334FramlinghamSuffolk Winter League30 Oct 11
ZXC34:15243WoodbridgeSuffolk Winter League4 Dec 11
ZXC34:43274Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League13 Nov 11
2010 U17 Thetford
40058.03AKing's LynnEast Anglian League4 Jul 10
40058.43AChelmsfordEast Anglian League16 May 10
8002:13.13AChelmsfordEast Anglian League16 May 10
8002:14.01BIpswichEastern Young Athletes' League6 Jun 10
8002:18.31BKing's LynnEast Anglian League4 Jul 10
15004:38.54Great YarmouthNorfolk County Championships9 May 10
15004:41.53ABedfordEastern Young Athletes' League11 Jul 10
15004:44.143PeterboroughPeterborough City Games30 Aug 10
HJ1.455AIpswichEastern Young Athletes' League6 Jun 10
HJ1.456BedfordISA National Championships23 Jun 10
HJ1.301AChelmsfordEast Anglian League16 May 10
LJ4.092BKing's LynnEast Anglian League4 Jul 10
LJ4.082BBedfordEastern Young Athletes' League11 Jul 10
3.863KL13:5267L1Sutton ParkYoung Athletes' National Road Relays17 Oct 10
5K18:2947NorwichNorwich Lord Mayors 5K10 Jul 10
6KXC23:05245BirminghamMcCain UK Cross Challenge inc World Trials & Inter Counties13 Mar 10
10K39:5349CroxtonBreckland 10K3 May 10
ZXC16:582Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League14 Nov 10
ZXC17:493Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League17 Jan 10
ZXC18:4276BiggleswadeSEAA Inter Counties Championships11 Dec 10
ZXC22:077ColchesterEastern AA Championships28 Nov 10
ZXC23:39185LeedsEnglish National Championships27 Feb 10
ZXC24:25116Parliament HillSouthern Cross Country Championships30 Jan 10
ZXC30:5723 4FramlinghamSuffolk Winter League31 Oct 10
ZXC36:32234StowmarketFenn Wight Suffolk Winter League7 Feb 10
ZXC37:23443Bury St EdmundsFenn Wight Suffolk Winter League24 Jan 10
2009 U17 Thetford
40058.56BirminghamISA National Athletics Championships24 Jun 09
8002:18.62BKing's LynnEast Anglian League2 Aug 09
5K18:4447HovetonWroxham 5K Series26 Aug 09
5K19:2167NorwichLord Mayor's 5K11 Jul 09
ZXC10:0043FramlinghamFenn Wight Suffolk Winter League18 Jan 09
ZXC11:4810NorwichNorfolk County Championships11 Jan 09
ZXC13:10102StowmarketFenn Wight Suffolk Winter League1 Feb 09
ZXC17:44155HillingdonSouthern Championships24 Jan 09
ZXC18:244Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League11 Oct 09
ZXC18:25194Parliament HillEnglish National Championships21 Feb 09
ZXC31:12341DitchinghamFenn Wight Suffolk Winter League15 Nov 09
ZXC37:27552WoodbridgeFenn Wight Suffolk Winter League6 Dec 09
2008 U15 Thetford
5K19:3520NorwichRace4each 5K30 Nov 08
5K19:4167NorwichLord Mayor's 5K City Centre Classic5 Jul 08
ZXC11:326Shouldham WarrenNorfolk Championships13 Jan 08
ZXC12:0795Shouldham WarrenRyston Cross Country10 Feb 08
ZXC13:533StowmarketSuffolk Winter League20 Jan 08
ZXC14:32285Alton TowersEnglish National Championships23 Feb 08
ZXC17:445Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League9 Nov 08
ZXC19:436Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League12 Oct 08
ZXC22:51203Parliament HillSouthern Championships26 Jan 08
ZXC26:134Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League14 Dec 08
2007 U15 Thetford
ZXC9:562FramlinghamSuffolk Winter League28 Oct 07
ZXC11:4255Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Races11 Nov 07
ZXC13:213Fritton LakeSuffolk Winter League4 Nov 07
ZXC13:333WoodbridgeSuffolk Winter League9 Dec 07
ZXC21:462BungaySuffolk Winter League16 Nov 07
Total Performances: 151
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