Mollie Haines

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Club:Reading AC
Date of Birth:16/03/1996
Age Group:U20
Region:South East
Lead Coach:Lee Richardson

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2014 U20 Reading AC
15005:44.565ANorwichUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Southern Premier 127 Apr 14
15005:49.745ABromleyUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Southern Premier 11 Jun 14
6KXC31:22131NottinghamECCA English National Championships22 Feb 14
6KXC34:0672Parliament HillSouthern Championships25 Jan 14
ZXC20:41301Donington ParkEnglish Schools' Championships15 Mar 14
2013 U20 Reading AC
300012:50.575BBromleyUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Southern Premier 12 Jun 13
300013:27.44BDerbyUK Women's League Division 24 Aug 13
parkrun23:44961WoodleyWoodley parkrun 5K Event 3929 Jun 13
parkrun25:27621WoodleyWoodley parkrun 5K Event 579 Nov 13
ZXC17:3714BournemouthHampshire League12 Jan 13
ZXC23:39118SunderlandEnglish National Championships23 Feb 13
ZXC24:465MaidenheadBerkshire County Championships5 Jan 13
ZXC25:0187Parliament HillSouthern Championships16 Feb 13
ZXC25:41220BirminghamInter Counties Championships9 Mar 13
ZXC32:02416BracknellBerks, Bucks & Oxon Championships16 Nov 13
ZXCL10:472L3Wormwood ScrubsSEAA Relay Championships5 Oct 13
2012 U17 Reading AC
15005:37.32BBracknellMcCain Young Athletes' League Division Southern Premier S6 May 12
15005:42.02ReadingReading AC Club Championships Day One22 Apr 12
15005:55.44AHarrowNational Junior Athletic League Brent Division24 Jun 12
15006:15.935BHendonMcCain Young Athletes' League Southern Final29 Jul 12
300011:26.773AHendonMcCain Young Athletes' League Southern Final29 Jul 12
300012:21.12BReadingMcCain Young Athletes' League Division Southern Premier S20 May 12
2.997KL12:5836L1AldershotSouthern Road Relays (U17W/U15M/U15W/U13M)22 Sep 12
ZXC15:276Wellington CollegeBerkshire Schools' Championships21 Jan 12
ZXC16:5211King's Park2:09 Events Hampshire League14 Jan 12
ZXC17:238Hudson's Field2:09 Events Hampshire League11 Feb 12
ZXC20:0374BasildonSouth East Schools' Inter Counties4 Feb 12
ZXC23:05120Parliament HillEnglish National Championships25 Feb 12
ZXC23:1588BrightonSouthern Championships28 Jan 12
ZXC23:5923WinchesterHampshire League13 Oct 12
ZXC28:1110MaidenheadBerks, Bucks & Oxon Championships17 Nov 12
ZXCL11:234L3Wormwood ScrubsSEAA XC Relays6 Oct 12
2011 U17 Reading AC
20031.78-3.68BHendonMcCain Young Athletes League Southern Regional Final17 Jul 11
40072.37KingstonNational Junior League Brent Division10 Jul 11
15005:32.353AHendonNational Junior League Southern Promotion Match28 Aug 11
15005:32.623BHendonMcCain Young Athletes League Southern Regional Final17 Jul 11
15005:34.42AHarrowMcCain Young Athletes League Southern Premier W Division Match 119 Jun 11
300012:32.93ReadingMcCain Young Athletes League Southern Premier W Division Match 18 May 11
300012:38.04TwickenhamMcCain Young Athletes League Southern Premier W Division5 Jun 11
300012:47.02KingstonNational Junior League Brent Division10 Jul 11
JT60011.024AHarrowMcCain Young Athletes League Southern Premier W Division Match 119 Jun 11
JT60010.207BHendonNational Junior League Southern Promotion Match28 Aug 11
JT6008.944TwickenhamMcCain Young Athletes League Southern Premier W Division5 Jun 11
2.997KL12:1327L1AldershotSouthern Junior Road Relay Championships24 Sep 11
ZXC11:3812ReadingHampshire League15 Jan 11
ZXC17:0762Parliament HillSouthern Cross Country Championships29 Jan 11
ZXC17:40130Alton TowersEnglish National Championships19 Feb 11
ZXC18:4014Goodwood2:09 Events Hampshire League12 Nov 11
ZXC21:058Popham2:09 Events Hampshire League3 Dec 11
ZXC26:0514BracknellBerks, Bucks & Oxon Championships20 Nov 11
ZXCL8:446L2Wormwood ScrubsSEAA Cross Country Relays12 Mar 11
2010 U15 Reading AC
8002:34.73APortsmouthSouthern Women's League Premier - Match 126 Jun 10
15005:08.65AReadingAlder Valley Girls' League11 Apr 10
15005:09.31ReadingBerkshire County Championships9 May 10
15005:11.32ReadingBerkshire Schools Championships12 Jun 10
15005:13.41ReadingReading Club Championships15 Aug 10
15005:14.12AHarrowMcCain UK Young Athletes League Southern Premier W - Match B20 Jun 10
15005:14.81AReadingSouthern Women's League Premier - Match 124 Apr 10
15005:15.03AUxbridgeAlder Valley Girls' League22 Aug 10
15005:15.82AAbingdonSouthern Women's League Premier - Match 27 Aug 10
15005:17.065ASportcityMcCain UK Young Athletes League - Auxiliary Final4 Sep 10
15005:22.23AEtonAlder Valley Girls' League Final - Trophy19 Sep 10
15005:22.934AHendonMcCain UK Young Athletes League Southern Final1 Aug 10
2.997KL12:0030L1AldershotSouthern Women's 4 Stage & Young Athletes Relays25 Sep 10
ZXC11:04103ManchesterEnglish Schools' Championships20 Mar 10
ZXC11:439SalisburyHampshire League13 Feb 10
ZXC13:072Wellington CollegeBerkshire Schools Championships23 Jan 10
ZXC16:15105LeedsEnglish National Championships27 Feb 10
ZXC16:285MaidenheadBerkshire County Championships11 Dec 10
ZXC17:1469Parliament HillSouthern Cross Country Championships30 Jan 10
ZXC18:3112Farley MountHampshire League9 Oct 10
2009 U15 Reading AC
15005:18.03ReadingReading Club Championships19 Apr 09
15005:32.034BBirminghamMcCain National Young Athletes League Auxiliary Final5 Sep 09
ZRDL12:1643L1AldershotSouthern Counties Young Athletes' Relays26 Sep 09
ZXC8:0614SalisburyHampshire League14 Feb 09
ZXC9:538ReadingHampshire League3 Jan 09
ZXC11:243Newbury Berkshire County Championships10 Jan 09
ZXC12:43189Stanford HallSainsbury English Schools Championships21 Mar 09
ZXC14:0058Parliament HillEnglish National Championships21 Feb 09
ZXC14:0235HillingdonSouthern Championships24 Jan 09
ZXC14:5288NottinghamInter Counties7 Mar 09
2008 U13 Reading AC
6001:53.43ReadingReading AC Club Championships Part 217 Aug 08
8002:42.6SouthamptonUKA Young Athletes League Southern Premier20 Jul 08
8002:43.3ReadingUKA Young Athletes League Southern Premier1 Jun 08
8002:44.3ReadingUKA Young Athletes League Southern Premier22 Jun 08
8002:46.6WoodfordUKA Young Athletes League Southern Premier4 May 08
ZXC8:159OvertonHampshire Women's League6 Dec 08
ZXC9:067WinchesterHampshire League11 Oct 08
ZXC10:096SherbourneESAA Cross Country Cup Regional Final Region F8 Nov 08
ZXC10:2115ReadingHampshire League12 Jan 08
ZXC11:5377SloughBerkshire Championships5 Jan 08
ZXC12:065MaidenheadBerkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Championships15 Nov 08
ZXC13:19134Alton TowersEnglish National Championships23 Feb 08
ZXC15:42231NottinghamInter Counties Championships15 Mar 08
ZXCNT1SonningEnglish Schools Cross Country Cup Round 18 Oct 08
Total Performances: 95
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