Stuart Clarkson

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Age Group:V40
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2017 V40 Swaledale
HM2:12:51a2:05:57112201406Newcastle-South ShieldsSimplyHealth Great North Run10 Sep 17
2016 V35 Swaledale
HM2:10:18a2:04:0396391344Newcastle-South ShieldsGreat North Run11 Sep 16
2015 V35 Swaledale
HM2:29:31a2:22:36168592212Newcastle-South ShieldsMorrisons Great North Run13 Sep 15
2014 V35 Swaledale
HM2:43:22ac33976Newcastle-South ShieldsBupa Great North Run7 Sep 14
HMMT2:41:1731636SkiptonWharfedale Half Marathon7 Jun 14
2013 V35 Swaledale
5.9MNAD49:09205OtleyHarrogate District Summer Race League8 May 13
6MNAD51:48245HarrogateHarrogate District Summer Race League21 May 13
10KMT49:1510220North StainleyLightwater Valley 10K17 Mar 13
10MMT86:57160RiponRipon 1019 May 13
HM1:46:36244BamptonHaweswater Half Marathon3 Mar 13
14.188M1:56:20156DentDentdale 149 Mar 13
SHORTMar4:05:184:04:20418SunderlandMarathon of the North28 Apr 13
ZFL77:25133AustwickAustwick Amble (8.1M/1197ft)27 May 13
ZFL2:07:5545HolwickCronkley (10.5M/1755ft)30 Jun 13
ZFL5:10:00174ReethSwaledale Marathon (23.2M/4128ft)8 Jun 13
2012 V35 Swaledale
4.9MNAD38:42210IlkleyHarrogate District Summer Race League1 May 12
5MMT42:23138Nidd ValleyHarrogate District Summer Race League28 Jun 12
8.1KNAD41:1872RiponHarrogate District Summer Race League12 Jul 12
5.5MNAD45:38146YeadonHarrogate District Summer Race League31 May 12
5.5MMT41:38179ThirskHarrogate District Summer Race League15 May 12
10K46:2088Kirkby MalzeardKirkby Malzeard 10K2 Jun 12
10K47:4676RavenstonedaleRavenstonedale Red 10K24 Nov 12
10KMT47:3782ThirskRainton 10K24 Jun 12
10KMT49:30201Low DalbyDalby Dash 10K11 Nov 12
10KMT50:15102RiponFountains 10K29 Apr 12
10KMT53:3321321RiponRipon Jolly Holly Jog 10K30 Dec 12
10M78:0619424KeswickDerwentwater 104 Nov 12
10M79:4779:25314ThirskThirsk 1025 Mar 12
10M80:00380 PocklingtonSnake Lane 1026 Feb 12
10MMT80:3442BoroughbridgeShaun Lee Johnstone Memorial 1021 Oct 12
10MMT83:20111RiponRipon 1013 May 12
HM1:41:25acNewcastle-South ShieldsBupa Great North Run16 Sep 12
HM1:45:35211 BamptonHaweswater Half Marathon4 Mar 12
HM1:47:491:46:23828YorkBrass Monkey Half Marathon22 Jan 12
HM1:51:038917MashamBurn Valley Run Half Marathon1 Jul 12
2011 SEN Swaledale
10MAPPROX81:2987RipponRipon 10 (Approx)8 May 11
4.75M38:53198SicklinghallHarrogate and District Summer Race League29 Jun 11
8.1K 41:1692RiponHarrogate and District Summer Race League14 Jul 11
5.9MMT47:04173OtleyHarrogate and District Summer League21 Jun 11
6.2MMT53:57139RichmondHarrogate and District Summer League2 Jun 11
10K48:33280WetherbyWetherby Run 10K11 Sep 11
10K48:46116Kirkby MalzeardKirkby Malzeard 10K4 Jun 11
10KMT49:19117GrantleyFountains 10K1 May 11
10KMT51:07118RaintonRainton 10K26 Jun 11
10KMT51:21167RiponJolly Holly Jog 10K27 Dec 11
8MMT63:46156LoftusLoftus Poultry Run 818 Dec 11
HM1:41:56ac3318Newcastle-South ShieldsBupa Great North Run Half Marathon18 Sep 11
HM1:49:171:48:31867YorkBrass Monkey Half Marathon23 Jan 11
HM1:56:52100MashamBurn Valley Half Marathon3 Jul 11
ZMT44:21158ThirskHarrogate and District Summer League5 May 11
2010 SEN Swaledale
10K46:55205WetherbyWetherby 10K12 Sep 10
10M80:3937BoroughbridgeShaun Lee Johnstone Memorial 1010 Oct 10
HM1:43:51ac3188Newcastle-South ShieldsBupa Great North Run Half Marathon19 Sep 10
2008 SEN Swaledale
ZRDL24:24-45L11Catterick Northern 12 Stage Relay6 Apr 08
Total Performances: 54
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