Kelly Holmes

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Club:Ealing Southall & Middx
Age Group:V45
Lead Coach:Unknown
Previous Lead:Dave Arnold-2002
Previous Lead:Margot Jennings2003-2005

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Domestic Championships Record
1993 – 1st UK Championships 800m, 1st AAA Championships 800m
1994 – 1st AAA Championships 1500m
1995 – 1st UK Championships 800m, 1st AAA Championships 800m
1996 – 1st AAA Championships 800/1500m
1997 – 1st UK Championships 800m
1999 – 1st AAA Championships 800m
2000 – 1st AAA Championships 800m
2001 – 1st AAA Championships 800m
2002 – 1st AAA Championships 1500m
2004 – 1st AAA Indoor Championships 800m, 1st AAA Championships 800m

Major Championships Record
Olympic Games – 1996 4th 800m, 11th 1500m; 2000 3rd 800m, 7th 1500m; 1st 800m/1500m
World Championships – 1993 5sf 800m; 1995 3rd 800m, 2nd 1500m; 1997 DNF h 1500m; 1999 4sf 800m; 2001 6th 800m; 2003 2nd 800m, DNS h 1500m
European Championships – 1994 2nd 1500m, 2002 3rd 800m, 4h 1500m
Commonwealth Games – 1994 1st 1500m, 1998 2nd 1500m, 2002 1st 1500m

Other noteworthy performances
1994 – 3rd World Cup 1500m
1995 – 2nd Grand Prix Final 800m
2001 – 2nd Grand Prix Final 800m
2003 – 2nd World Indoor Championships 1500m
2004 – 9th World Indoor Championships 1500m (fell), 1st World Athletics Final 1500m

Holmes was a talented youngster in the 1980s, having won English Schools titles but having gone into the army, athletics was no longer priority until 1993, when Holmes made a tremendous return to the sport. After making the semi-finals in the 800m at the World Championships, Kelly made her breakthrough over 1500m in 1994, winning the European silver medal and the Commonwealth title.

Holmes continued to improve in 1995, winning two world medals in Gothenburg at 800m and 1500m but 1996 was the start of a catalogue of injury problems. Holmes was diagnosed with a stress fracture at the Olympic Games in Atlanta but running through the pain, Holmes was pipped on the line for the bronze in the 800m and having led until the last lap in the 1500m, Kelly drifted back into 11th place and did not compete again in 1996.

Kelly returned stronger in 1997 and prior to the World Championships, the Briton was unbeaten but the gold medal favourite was struck down by injury in the heats of the 1500m, and limped off the track with a calf injury.

Holmes returned late in the 1998 season to win Commonwealth silver but injuries wrecked most of the 1999 and 2000 season. Her participation at the 2000 Olympic Games looked in doubt but despite only six-weeks of training, Holmes won a bronze medal in the 800m, and was seventh in the 1500m.

After a solid 2001 season, Holmes regained her Commonwealth 1500m title in 2002 and won a bronze in the European 800m but in 2003, Holmes decided to train with Maria Mutola and her coach, Margo Jennings, who helped her steer clear of injuries.

Holmes won 800m silver behind Mutola at the 2003 World Championships but Holmes finally fulfilled her potential at the 2004 Olympic Games, winning a spectacular two gold medals.

Having not been fancied to win medals in either events prior to Athens, Holmes eased through her 800m heat but looked like the gold medal favourite, having set a season’s best of 1:57.98 to qualify as the fastest for the final. Two days later, Kelly sat off Jearl Miles Clark’s early pace in the 800m but moved up behind Mutola in the final 300m and in the final 200m, Holmes was in medal contention and in a titanic homestraight battle with Mutola, Holmes came out on top, in a truly memorable race.

Having looked equally supreme in the 1500m heats and semi-finals, Holmes stormed to the 1500m title, as she set a British record of 3:57.90 to defeat the world champion Tatyana Tomashova in the final. Consequently, Kelly was given a knighthood.

Holmes decided to continue her lucrative career and pinpointed the European Indoor Championships and World Championships as major goals for 2005 but

Best known performances

Performances Submit
1985 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2007 2015 2016 2017

2017 V45 Ealing Southall & Middx
15MMT1:52:551:50:549261WadhurstBewl 152 Jul 17
2016 V45 Ealing Southall & Middx
parkrun18:33911MaidstoneMaidstone parkrun # 16828 May 16
parkrun19:30811Tunbridge WellsRoyal Tunbridge Wells parkrun # 10621 May 16
parkrun19:391521Brighton Preston ParkPreston Park parkrun # 15126 Mar 16
parkrun19:421111HorshamHorsham parkrun # 8027 Feb 16
parkrun19:441011DartfordDartford parkrun # 10023 Jul 16
parkrun19:46211OrpingtonOrpington parkrun # 19718 Jun 16
parkrun20:062731Ashton CourtAshton Court parkrun # 2629 Jul 16
parkrun20:49911BasildonBasildon parkrun # 10020 Feb 16
parkrun21:23292CrawleyTilgate parkrun # 2206 Aug 16
parkrun21:252311TonbridgeTonbridge parkrun # 11223 Jan 16
parkrun21:302321TonbridgeTonbridge parkrun # 15412 Nov 16
HM99:1293:563423613Tunbridge WellsTunbridge Wells Half Marathon21 Feb 16
Mar3:11:283:11:27332324325LondonVirgin London Marathon24 Apr 16
2015 V40 Ealing Southall & Middx
HM89:2887:2177    13Reykjavík, ISLReykjavík Half Marathon22 Aug 15
2007 V35 Ealing Southall & Middx
10K37:464ManchesterGreat Manchester Run20 May 07
2005 SEN Ealing Southall & Middx
8002:06.698Don ValleyNorwich Union British Grand Prix21 Aug 05
10002:35.39i1BirminghamNorwich Union Indoor Grand Prix18 Feb 05
15004:06.521Glasgow (S)GB vs USA cs Rus5 Jun 05
15004:14.74i1GlasgowNorwich Union Indoor International29 Jan 05
2004 SEN Ealing Southall & Middx
6001:26.9+mAthens, GREOlympic Games23 Aug 04
6001:29.33i+mSheffieldAAA Indoor Championships8 Feb 04
8001:56.381Athens, GREOlympic Games23 Aug 04
8001:57.981s1Athens, GREOlympic Games21 Aug 04
8001:58.711San Sebastian, ESPSan Sebastián, SPA3 Jul 04
8001:59.391SportcityAAA Championships11 Jul 04
8002:00.461Birmingham25 Jul 04
8002:00.811h3Athens, GREOlympic Games20 Aug 04
8002:01.40i1SheffieldAAA Indoor Championships8 Feb 04
8002:01.621h3SportcityAAA Championships10 Jul 04
8002:02.2i+mBirminghamNUGP-100020 Feb 04
8002:11.44i1h1SheffieldAAA Indoor Championships7 Feb 04
10002:32.96i1BirminghamNorwich Union GP Birmingham20 Feb 04
15003:57.901Athens, GREOlympic Games28 Aug 04
15004:03.482Zurich, SUI6 Aug 04
15004:03.732Eugene, USAEugene19 Jun 04
15004:04.061Crystal PalaceNorwich Union London Grand Prix30 Jul 04
15004:04.183Ostrava, CZEIAAF Super Grand Prix8 Jun 04
15004:04.492Berlin, GERBerlin GP12 Sep 04
15004:04.551Monte Carlo, MONWorld Athletics Final18 Sep 04
15004:04.772s2Athens, GREOlympic Games26 Aug 04
15004:04.83i2Stockholm, SWEStockholm12 Feb 04
15004:05.272Madrid, ESPMeeting de Madrid Madrid19 Jul 04
15004:05.582h2Athens, GREOlympic Games24 Aug 04
15004:06.831GatesheadNorwich Union British Grand Prix27 Jun 04
15004:09.15i1GlasgowNorwich Union International24 Jan 04
15004:11.15i1h2Budapest, HUNIAAF World Indoor Championships5 Mar 04
15004:12.30i9Budapest, HUNIAAF World Indoor Championships7 Mar 04
2003 SEN Ealing Southall & Middx
6001:25.413Naimette-Xhovémont, BELNaimette-Xhovémont, BEL2 Sep 03
6001:29.3i+2mLievin, FRA23 Feb 03
6001:29.3i+mLievin, FRAGaz-100023 Feb 03
8001:58.694Brussels, BELIAAF GOLDEN LEAGUE Brussels5 Sep 03
8001:58.862s2Paris, FRAIAAF World Championships24 Aug 03
8001:59.21i2Ghent, BELEnergizer Series Ghent, BEL9 Feb 03
8001:59.684Berlin, GERISTAF 200310 Aug 03
8001:59.922Monaco, MONWORLD ATHLETCS FINAL Monaco13 Sep 03
8002:00.182Paris, FRAIAAF World Championships26 Aug 03
8002:01.461Yokohama, JAPYokohama, JAP23 Sep 03
8002:03.752h3Paris, FRAIAAF World Championships23 Aug 03
10002:38.47i4Lievin, FRAENERGIZER EURO SERIES, Lievin23 Feb 03
15004:01.964Rome, ITAIAAF GOLDEN LEAGUE, Rome11 Jul 03
15004:02.66i2BirminghamIAAF World Indoor Championships16 Mar 03
15004:05.249Zurich, SUI15 Aug 03
15004:09.78i7BirminghamNU Indoor GP Birmingham NIA21 Feb 03
15004:09.99i2h2BirminghamIAAF World Indoor Championships15 Mar 03
15004:10.401Crystal PalaceNorwich Union London Grand Prix8 Aug 03
15004:12.51i1GlasgowNorwich Union International Glasgow (Indoor)2 Feb 03
30009:01.916GatesheadNorwich Union Super League12 Jul 03
2002 SEN Ealing Southall & Middx
8001:59.833Munich, GEREuropean Champs8 Aug 02
8002:00.171Dessau, GERDessau29 May 02
8002:00.334Annecy, FRAEuropean Cup22 Jun 02
8002:00.461Seville, SPASEVILLE GP,8 Jun 02
8002:00.661s2Munich, GEREuropean Champs7 Aug 02
8002:02.114Don ValleyNorwich Union Classic30 Jun 02
8002:03.181h1Munich, GEREuropean Champs6 Aug 02
15004:01.913Rome, ITAGOLDEN GALA, (IAAF GOLDEN LEAGUE) Rome12 Jul 02
15004:03.931Hengelo, HOLFANNY BLANKERS-KOEN GAMES, Hengelo,2 Jun 02
15004:05.991Manchester (CG)Commonwealth Games31 Jul 02
15004:06.021BirminghamAAA Championships14 Jul 02
15004:06.153Paris, FRAGolden League5 Jul 02
15004:08.114h1Munich, GEREuropean Champs9 Aug 02
15004:08.4812Berlin, GERIAAF Golden League Berlin, GER6 Sep 02
15004:10.382Glasgow (S)GB vs USA vs Russia18 Aug 02
15004:11.271s2Manchester (CG)Commonwealth Games30 Jul 02
Mile4:32.833San Francisco, USASan Francisco15 Sep 02
2001 SEN Ealing Southall & Middx
8001:57.882Zürich17 Aug 01
8001:57.902Brussels, BELIvo Van Damme Memorial24 Aug 01
8001:58.101GatesheadNorwich Union Classic19 Aug 01
8001:58.853LondonNorwich Union London Grand Prix22 Jul 01
8001:58.853Crystal PalaceNorwich Union British Grand Prix22 Jul 01
8001:59.272Brisbane, AUSGoodwill Games5 Sep 01
8001:59.416Monaco, MONHerculis20 Jul 01
8001:59.766Edmonton, CANWorld Championships12 Aug 01
8001:59.766Edmonton, CANIAAF World Championships13 Aug 01
8001:59.784Berlin, GERISTAF31 Aug 01
8002:00.022Melbourne, AUSGrand Prix Final9 Sep 01
8002:00.082hEdmonton, CANIAAF World Championships9 Aug 01
8002:00.541Madrid-7 Jul 01
8002:01.902sfEdmonton, CANIAAF World Championships10 Aug 01
8002:02.611BirminghamAAA Championships14 Jul 01
8002:05.17i1hBirminghamAAA Indoor Championships27 Jan 01
8002:05.231hBirminghamAAA Championships13 Jul 01
10002:43.69A1Rustenburg22 Jan 01
2000 SEN Ealing Southall & Middx
6001:26.0e+mSydney, AUSOlympic Games25 Sep 00
8001:56.803Sydney, AUSOlympic Games25 Sep 00
8001:58.452s2Sydney, AUSOlympic Games23 Sep 00
8002:00.353GatesheadNorwich Union Classic28 Aug 00
8002:00.531Rovereto, ITAQuercia30 Aug 00
8002:01.761h4Sydney, AUSOlympic Games22 Sep 00
8002:02.081BirminghamAAA Championships13 Aug 00
8002:03.261Karlstad, SWEGotagalan23 Aug 00
8002:04.101hBirminghamAAA Championships12 Aug 00
15004:05.354s1Sydney, AUSOlympic Games28 Sep 00
15004:08.027Sydney, AUSOlympic Games30 Sep 00
15004:10.383h2Sydney, AUSOlympic Games27 Sep 00
1999 SEN Ealing Southall & Middx
8001:58.243Stockholm, SWEDNG/GP30 Jul 99
8001:58.861Budapest, HUNEv6N-gst3 Jul 99
8001:59.726Paris, FRAGaz de France21 Jul 99
8001:59.722h4Seville, ESPIAAF World Championships21 Aug 99
8001:59.763Rovereto, ITAQuercia1 Sep 99
8001:59.851GlasgowGBR v. USA4 Sep 99
8001:59.861BirminghamAAA Championships25 Jul 99
8002:00.774s1Seville, ESPIAAF World Championships22 Aug 99
8002:01.301hBirminghamAAA Championships24 Jul 99
15004:04.586Monaco, MONHerculis4 Aug 99
15004:06.773GatesheadCGU International27 Jun 99
15004:08.25London-7 Aug 99
15004:18.982Auckland, NZLTait17 Feb 99
1998 SEN Ealing Southall & Middx
15004:06.102Kuala Lumpur, MALCommonwealth Games21 Sep 98
Mile4:28.041Glasgow (S)vUSA30 Aug 98
30009:10.231ABedfordSouthern Women's League22 Aug 98
1997 SEN Ealing Southall & Middx
8001:57.141Stockholm, SWEDNG/GP7 Jul 97
8001:58.651Bratislava, SVKSlovn10 Jun 97
8001:58.691BirminghamBAF12 Jul 97
8002:01.111Pretoria, RSA-2 Apr 97
10002:32.551LeedsLeeds15 Jun 97
15003:58.071Don ValleySecuricor29 Jun 97
15004:03.411Cape Town, RSAEngen8 Apr 97
15004:04.791Munich, GEREuropean Cup22 Jun 97
1500DNF-h1Athens, GREIAAF World Championships2 Aug 97
20005:56.221Pretoria, RSA-21 Mar 97
1996 SEN Ealing Southall & Middx
40053.81PortsmouthIS2 Jul 96
8001:57.841BirminghamAAA Championships15 Jun 96
8001:58.202Madrid, ESPEP1 Jun 96
8001:58.493s1Atlanta GA, USAOlympic Games27 Jul 96
8001:58.531Helsinki, FINWG25 Jun 96
8001:58.801h5Atlanta GA, USAOlympic Games26 Jul 96
8001:58.814Atlanta GA, USAOlympic Games29 Jul 96
8001:58.871Ljubljana, SLOSikijev26 May 96
8001:59.821GatesheadBupa30 Jun 96
15004:01.132Oslo, NORBisl/GP5 Jul 96
15004:05.881s2Atlanta GA USAOlympic Games1 Aug 96
15004:07.362h3Atlanta GA, USAOlympic Games31 Jul 96
15004:07.4611Atlanta GA, USAOlympic Games3 Aug 96
1995 SEN Ealing Southall & Middx
6001:26.0+mGothenburg, SWEIAAF World Championships13 Aug 95
8001:56.212Monte Carlo, MONGPF9 Sep 95
8001:56.953Gothenburg, SWEIAAF World Championships13 Aug 95
8001:57.561BirminghamAAA Championships16 Jul 95
8001:58.273Berlin, GERISTAF/GP1 Sep 95
8001:58.771Crystal PalaceLondon Grand Prix7 Jul 95
8002:00.233h2Gothenburg, SWEIAAF World Championships10 Aug 95
8002:01.522s2Gothenburg, SWEIAAF World Championships11 Aug 95
10002:32.821Don ValleyBupa23 Jul 95
10002:33.183Brussels, BELVD/GP25 Aug 95
15004:03.042Gothenburg, SWEIAAF World Championships9 Aug 95
15004:04.201GatesheadBupa2 Jul 95
15004:09.152s1Gothenburg, SWEIAAF World Championships7 Aug 95
15004:11.872h1Gothenburg, SWEIAAF World Championships6 Aug 95
1994 SEN Ealing Southall & Middx
8001:59.431Crystal PalaceTSB15 Jul 94
8002:01.561Don ValleyMcDonalds4 Sep 94
8002:01.803GatesheadBupa1 Jul 94
15004:01.411Don ValleyAAA Championships12 Jun 94
15004:02.524Stockholm, SWEDNG/GP12 Jul 94
1993 SEN Middlesex Ladies
8001:58.645s2Stuttgart, GERIAAF World Championships15 Aug 93
8001:58.655s2Stuttgart, GERIAAF World Championships14 Aug 93
8001:59.138AZurich, SUIWeltklasse4 Aug 93
8001:59.162Oslo, NORBislett Games10 Jul 93
8002:00.461Stockholm, SWEDN Galan5 Jul 93
8002:00.731Crystal PalaceTSB Mobil23 Jul 93
8002:00.861LondonBritish Championships13 Jun 93
8002:01.702h2Stuttgart, GERIAAF World Championships13 Aug 93
8002:02.691BirminghamAAA Championships17 Jul 93
8002:04.161hLondonBritish Championships12 Jun 93
8002:05.741hBirminghamAAA Championships16 Jul 93
10002:37.294Don ValleyMcDonalds29 Aug 93
1992 U23 Middlesex Ladies
8002:05.976GatesheadVauxhall17 Jul 92
1985 U17 Tonbridge
5M28:572Hatch EndHatch End 519 Oct 85
Total Performances: 187
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