Simon Turnock

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Club:Nene Valley/Birmingham Uni
Date of Birth:01/01/1989
Age Group:SEN
Lead Coach:Tim Needham

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Please note, Turnpike likes jelly babies and will steal your jelly babies whilst you're not looking. In other news, he won't buy you a drink on a night out, but he is pretty handy with a video camera - hey hey hey!!! ;)

Simon James Turnock comes from a Weightlifting background, and only took up Athletics in 2008.
He won numerous county Clean and Jerk competitions, with one national title 2006 in the 85-94kg U18 category.

Simon is currently injured with an abdominal and adductor problem - which means he's pretty crocked and won't be competing for a while. Hence the massive gaps in performances.

in Winter2009- Simon thought he'd try his hand at American Football, but after a slap round the back of the head from his coach, he stopped this and was part of the Southern Men's League Division 1 league title winning Nene Valley Harriers squad of 2010,
along with getting promotion to the British Athletics League at Abingdon on September 18th 2010.

Simon spends most of his time lying on his arse, or working his arse off - then getting injured. Then proceeds to lie on his arse. It's a vicious cycle.

In 2011 after actually starting to return to form and get some decent runs together, Simon got a serious knee problem, which left him lying on his arse for 3 months, and put on a truck load of weight, because he spent his spare time in the gym and all his pocket money on protein shakes - the greedy git.

Simon continues learning and applying better technique with the aim of consistently improving his own performance.

Although he personally needs to drop 10lbs and stop being such a whining pussy.

Current Stats:

Height: 6"3
Weight: 212lbs

Best known performances

Performances Submit
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

2015 SEN Nene Valley/Birmingham Uni
10012.366KetteringKettering Open Meeting22 Aug 15
10012.567nsBrightonSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 120 Jun 15
10012.64AKing's LynnEast Anglian League9 Aug 15
10012.63-1.04nsStevenageSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 115 Aug 15
20024.936KetteringKettering Open Meeting22 Aug 15
20025.62BKing's LynnEast Anglian League9 Aug 15
20026.03BPeterboroughEast Anglian League19 Jul 15
TJ10.575BBury St. EdmundsEast Anglian League Final13 Sep 15
9.5KXC54:29285DerbyNorth Midlands League10 Oct 15
2014 SEN Nene Valley/Birmingham Uni
10012.74BPortsmouthSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 12 Aug 14
SP7.26K8.431nsLutonEast Anglian League8 Jun 14
2013 SEN Nene Valley/Birmingham Uni
10011.63BBasingstokeSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 113 Jul 13
10011.82BHornchurchSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 116 Jun 13
10011.82.042St. IvesCambridgeshire AA Development Open17 Jul 13
10011.97-0.95ns3KingstonBritish Athletics League Division 36 Jul 13
10012.04nsPeterboroughSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 110 Aug 13
10012.240.86ns1Stoke GiffordBritish Athletics League Division 33 Aug 13
20024.72nsBasingstokeSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 113 Jul 13
20024.82BHornchurchSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 116 Jun 13
2012 SEN Nene Valley/Birmingham Uni
607.57i61.20Lee ValleyNew Year Sprints Meeting (inc 800m Races)2 Jan 12
607.7i62.15Lee ValleyNew Year Sprints Meeting (inc 800m Races)2 Jan 12
809.74ScunthorpeScunthorpe & District Winter Warm Up25 Mar 12
10012.02BStevenageSouthern Athletics League Division 119 May 12
15017.56ScunthorpeScunthorpe & District Winter Warm Up25 Mar 12
2011 U23 Nene Valley/Birmingham Uni
607.47i4BBirminghamInter Varsity Match9 Feb 11
607.47i22Birmingham (PB)Midland Counties AA Open26 Mar 11
607.50i61SheffieldRAF Invitation16 Feb 11
10011.325CambridgeCambridgeshire County Championships14 May 11
10011.41BPeterboroughEast Anglian League19 Jun 11
10011.60i21Birmingham (PB)Midland Counties AA Open26 Mar 11
10011.62410Birmingham (U)Birmingham Rowheath Open2 May 11
10011.65w3.64CambridgeEastern AA Championships28 May 11
10011.738CorbyCorby AC Open14 Jun 11
10011.95-4.35BBournemouthBritish Athletics League Division 44 Jun 11
10012.01-1.85BHendonBritish Athletics League Division 42 Jul 11
10012.12nsNorwich Southern Athletics League Division 19 Jul 11
20023.0w6.42h1CambridgeCambridgeshire County Championships14 May 11
20023.07w3.63CambridgeCambridgeshire County Championships14 May 11
20023.23APeterboroughSouthern Athletics League Division 130 Apr 11
20023.517CorbyCorby AC Open14 Jun 11
20023.62Kettering Kettering Open25 Apr 11
20023.81i3ns2BirminghamInter Varsity Match9 Feb 11
20026.84BLee ValleySouthern Athletics League Division 121 May 11
30037.2861GillinghamMedway & Maidstone Open23 Apr 11
40052.86i5h7BirminghamBirmingham Games5 Feb 11
40052.92Kettering Kettering Open25 Apr 11
40053.0711Parliament Hill Highgate Harriers/City of London Open13 Apr 11
40053.08i4h1BirminghamMidland Counties AA Championships13 Feb 11
40053.34BLee ValleySouthern Athletics League Division 121 May 11
40053.85i55Lee ValleyLondon U20/Senior Games29 Jan 11
40053.9712Watford Watford Open15 Jun 11
40054.993CambridgeEastern AA Championships28 May 11
LJ4.254AIpswichEast Anglian League8 May 11
TJ8.503AIpswichEast Anglian League8 May 11
SP7.26K9.742nsPeterboroughEast Anglian League19 Jun 11
DT2K21.711BIpswichEast Anglian League8 May 11
2010 U23 Nene Valley/Birmingham Uni
607.41i11.14Lee ValleyLondon Games31 Jan 10
607.49i3h2CardiffInter-Universities Match7 Mar 10
10011.42BHarrowSouthern Men's League Division 126 Jun 10
10011.52KetteringKettering Open18 Apr 10
10011.522Sandy Biggleswade AC Open25 Sep 10
10011.51w3.12St. IvesCambridgeshire County Championships8 May 10
10011.56w3.71h2St. IvesCambridgeshire County Championships8 May 10
10011.66w3.63CambridgeEastern AA Championships17 Jul 10
10011.693PeterboroughPeterborough City Games30 Aug 10
10011.74BPortsmouthSouthern Men's League Division 115 May 10
10011.71BGraysSouthern Men's League Division 15 Jun 10
10011.72nsPeterboroughSouthern Men's League Division 131 Jul 10
10011.7513Birmingham (Un)Birmingham Rowheath AC Open21 Apr 10
10011.82ABraintreeEast Anglian League8 Aug 10
10011.94-1.14BChelmsfordHibbard / Bemax / Peterhouse Trophy11 Sep 10
10012.13-0.87h2Gothenburg, SWEGothenburg Youth Games3 Jul 10
15017.7122Birmingham (Un)Birmingham Rowheath AC Open21 Apr 10
20023.351Sandy Biggleswade AC Open25 Sep 10
20023.418KetteringKettering Open18 Apr 10
20023.83BHarrowSouthern Men's League Division 126 Jun 10
20023.96w3.25CambridgeEastern AA Championships17 Jul 10
20023.97i44BirminghamMidland Counties Open21 Feb 10
20024.000.83BChelmsfordHibbard / Bemax / Peterhouse Trophy11 Sep 10
20024.03BPortsmouthSouthern Men's League Division 115 May 10
20024.02-0.77h2Gothenburg, SWEGothenburg Youth Games4 Jul 10
20024.22ABraintreeEast Anglian League8 Aug 10
20024.41i12CardiffInter-Universities Match7 Mar 10
20025.25KetteringKettering Open22 Aug 10
40053.52ABraintreeEast Anglian League8 Aug 10
40053.7021WatfordWatford Graded Open25 Aug 10
40054.42ABury St. EdmundsEast Anglian League Final19 Sep 10
40054.59i5h10SheffieldBUCS Indoor Championships13 Mar 10
8002:16.331PeterboroughNene Valley Harriers Club Championships9 Sep 10
2009 U23 Nene Valley
10011.32ACambridgeEast Anglian League19 Jul 09
10011.43ANorwichEast Anglian League19 Apr 09
10011.62BPeterboroughSouthern Men's League Division 16 Jun 09
10011.620.96CambridgeEastern AA Championships5 Jul 09
10011.630.25BIpswichHibberd, Bemax And Peterhouse Cup Meeting23 Aug 09
10011.7nwi3BIlfordSouthern Men's League Division 12 May 09
20023.12ACambridgeEast Anglian League19 Jul 09
20023.43BBracknellSouthern Men's League Division 11 Aug 09
20023.63BPeterboroughSouthern Men's League Division 16 Jun 09
20023.63w4.64CambridgeEastern AA Championships5 Jul 09
40053.652PeterboroughPeterborough City Games31 Aug 09
2008 U20 Nene Valley
20023.521St. IvesCambridgeshire Evening Open Development Meeting23 Jul 08
20023.9nwi2AKing's LynnEast Anglian League18 May 08
SP6K10.45CambridgeEastern AA Championships6 Jul 08
Total Performances: 103
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