Judith Marshall

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Age Group:V40
Lead Coach:Unknown

Best known performances

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2008 2009 2013 2014

2014 V35 Settle
ZFL15:494953ArncliffeArncliffe Gala (1.9M/459ft)9 Aug 14
ZFL16:536983KettlewellKettlewell (1.5M/600ft)8 Jun 14
ZFL17:225052HawkswickHawkswick Dash (1.2M/600ft)15 Jun 14
ZFL21:00110125GrasmereGrasmere Senior Guides Race (1.6M/886ft)24 Aug 14
ZFL21:534763WharfdaleBurnsall (BOFRA) (1.5M/801ft)14 Sep 14
ZFL28:154532EmbsayEmbsay (BOFRA) (2.7M/801ft)21 Sep 14
ZFL29:299321KendalKWL Firbank Fell12 Jan 14
ZFL32:224810BarbonKWL Barbondale16 Feb 14
ZFL33:154041CracoeCracoe (BOFRA) (2.6M/899ft)20 Jul 14
ZFL34:276917GiggleswickKWL Giggleswick School19 Jan 14
ZFL36:026212ElterwaterKWL Elterwater Common23 Mar 14
ZFL42:0512721KendalKWL Scout Scar5 Jan 14
ZFL44:307715KendalKWL Cunswick9 Mar 14
ZFL44:44427SedberghKWL Cautley Spout2 Mar 14
ZFL45:03497Staveley-in-CartmelKWL Whitestones26 Jan 14
ZFL60:39107165WrayWray Caton Moor (6.8M/1099ft)5 May 14
ZFL66:592833SelsideGill Garth Gallop (6.1M/1804ft)18 Jun 14
ZFL74:178976AustwickAustwick Amble (8.1M/1197ft)26 May 14
ZFL2:11:1370101AmblesideRydal Round (9M/3002ft)31 Jul 14
ZFL4:53:275106928Horton-in-RibblesdaleThree Peaks (23.2M/5276ft)26 Apr 14
2013 V35 Settle
ZFL16:50576HawkswickHawkswick Dash (1.2M/600ft)16 Jun 13
ZFL18:30768KettlewellKettlewell (1.5M/600ft)9 Jun 13
ZFL21:42476RydalAmbleside Sports (2M/800ft)25 Jul 13
ZFL22:2512616GrasmereGrasmere Senior Guides Race (1.6M/886ft)25 Aug 13
ZFL22:34516WharfdaleBurnsall (1.5M/801ft)15 Sep 13
ZFL28:12527EmbsayEmbsay (2.7M/801ft)22 Sep 13
ZFL31:45629CracoeCracoe (2.6M/899ft)21 Jul 13
ZFL34:06526OxenholmeHelm Hill (3.3M/899ft)23 Jun 13
ZFL54:44727KendalFarlton Knott (4.5M/1499ft)4 Aug 13
ZFL61:3711111WrayWray Caton Moor (6.8M/1099ft)6 May 13
ZFL67:0614922WrayWray Caton Moor (6.8M/1099ft)6 May 13
ZFL77:1417731Hutton RoofHutton Roof Crags (7M/1302ft)25 May 13
2009 SEN Settle
ZFL14:20403GrassingtonKilnsey Show Fell Race (1M/350ft)1 Sep 09
ZFL23:14412AmblesideRydal Round 9M/3000ft30 Jul 09
ZFL24:43231RichmondReeth Show Fell Races26 Aug 09
ZFL35:28423AlvaAlva Highland Games Hill Race (1M/1300ft)11 Jul 09
ZFL67:03463SkiptonCracoe Fell Races & Junior Races26 Jul 09
2008 SEN Settle
ZFL17:28333KillingtonKillington Sports Fell Races29 May 08
ZFL17:58503GrassingtonHawkswick Dash Fell Races20 Jul 08
Total Performances: 39
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