Ray Bobrownicki

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Club:Victoria Park City of Glasgow/Edinburgh Uni
Age Group:SEN
County:Scotland West
Lead Coach:John Melvin

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2015 SEN Victoria Park City of Glasgow/Edinburgh Uni
HJ2.20i3Emirates ArenaScottish National Senior Championships1 Feb 15
HJ2.19i2Emirates ArenaBritish Athletics International Match24 Jan 15
HJ2.185Montgeron, FRAMeeting Elite de Montgeron17 May 15
2014 SEN Victoria Park City of Glasgow/Edinburgh Uni/United States
HJ2.281AGrangemouthScottish Athletics League Division 213 Jul 14
HJ2.252BBirminghamUK Athletics Jumps & Throws Fest20 Jul 14
HJ2.213Cork, IRLCork City Sports8 Jul 14
HJ2.219=Hampden ParkCommonwealth Games30 Jul 14
HJ2.208qBHampden ParkCommonwealth Games28 Jul 14
HJ2.20i12Emirates ArenaGlasgow Yuletide Open Meeting20 Dec 14
HJ2.17i1Emirates ArenaScottish National Senior Championships2 Feb 14
HJ2.17i2SheffieldBUCS Championships23 Feb 14
HJ2.16i7SheffieldBritish Athletics Championships9 Feb 14
HJ2.157BirminghamBritish Athletics UK Championships (Inc European Trials)29 Jun 14
HJ2.14i11Emirates ArenaScottish National Open18 Jan 14
HJ2.043BedfordBUCS Championships4 May 14
HJ2.002AGatesheadBritish Athletics League Division 17 Jun 14
HJ2.002ALee ValleyBritish Athletics League Division 19 Aug 14
HJ1.95i1qASheffieldBUCS Championships22 Feb 14
HJ1.951qBBedfordBUCS Championships3 May 14
2013 SEN Victoria Park City of Glasgow/Edinburgh Uni/United States
HJ2.17i1SheffieldBUCS Championships24 Feb 13
HJ2.171Moulins, FRAMeeting National de Moulins Communauté29 Jun 13
HJ2.161BedfordBUCS Championships5 May 13
HJ2.15i1Emirates ArenaScottish Universities & College Championships12 Jan 13
HJ2.15i2Emirates ArenaScottish National Senior Championships17 Feb 13
HJ2.141AEtonBritish Athletics League Division 16 Jul 13
HJ2.09i8SheffieldBritish Athletics European Trials & UK Championships10 Feb 13
HJ2.051ACardiffBritish Athletics League Division 111 May 13
HJ2.001BLiverpoolBritish Athletics League Division 13 Aug 13
HJ1.95i2ASheffieldBUCS Championships23 Feb 13
HJ1.901qABedfordBUCS Championships4 May 13
2012 SEN Victoria Park City of Glasgow/Edinburgh Uni/United States
HJ2.20i1GlasgowScottish Senior Championships19 Feb 12
HJ2.201Lokeren, BELGrote Prijs Stad Lokeren28 May 12
HJ2.201Moulins, FRAMeeting National de Moulins Communauté2 Jun 12
HJ2.19i1SheffieldBUCS Championships26 Feb 12
HJ2.171Oordegem, BELIFAM26 May 12
HJ2.16i6SheffieldAviva European Indoor Trials & UK Championships12 Feb 12
HJ2.15i1GlasgowScottish University Championships4 Feb 12
HJ2.151Olympic ParkBUCS Championships7 May 12
HJ2.151AGlasgowBritish Athletics League Division 230 Jun 12
HJ2.133=LoughboroughLoughborough International20 May 12
HJ2.101Leiden, NEDGouden Spike9 Jun 12
HJ2.051ADerbyBritish Athletics League Division 228 Jul 12
HJ1.98i1BSheffieldBUCS Championships25 Feb 12
HJ1.981BOlympic ParkBUCS Championships6 May 12
2011 SEN Victoria Park City of Glasgow/Edinburgh Uni/United States
HJ2.22i1SheffieldBUCS Championships20 Feb 11
HJ2.20i1GlasgowScottish Senior Championships26 Feb 11
HJ2.18i4SheffieldAviva European Trials & UK Championships13 Feb 11
HJ2.162BedfordBUCS Championships1 May 11
HJ2.151AYeovilBritish Athletics League Division 32 Jul 11
HJ2.151Glasgow (S)Scottish Senior & U14 Championships17 Jul 11
HJ2.151AKingstonBritish Athletics League 313 Aug 11
HJ2.133=LoughboroughLoughborough International22 May 11
HJ2.12i1GlasgowScottish Universities Championships5 Feb 11
HJ2.101GrangemouthScottish Universities Championships16 Apr 11
HJ2.102Bedford Bedford International Games12 Jun 11
HJ2.051BGlasgowBritish Athletics League Division 34 Jun 11
HJ1.9812qBBedfordBUCS Championships30 Apr 11
HJ1.95i1qASheffieldBUCS Championships19 Feb 11
2010 SEN Victoria Park City of Glasgow/Edinburgh Uni/United States
HJ2.181DunfermlineScottish Senior Championships (inc Commonwealth Games Trials)18 Jul 10
HJ2.17i1GlasgowScottish Senior & Junior Relay Championships6 Feb 10
HJ2.163Gothenburg, SWEGothenburg Youth Games3 Jul 10
HJ2.151AAshfordBritish Athletics League Division 45 Jun 10
HJ2.141AWishawScottish Inter-Regional Champs (inc 10,000m Champs)16 May 10
HJ2.12i8SheffieldAviva World Trials & UK Championships14 Feb 10
HJ2.111GrangemouthScottish U20/U23 Championships (inc Junior Relay)13 Jun 10
HJ2.101AGrangemouthCentral & South Scotland League - Division 123 May 10
HJ2.08i1AGlasgowScottish Senior Inter-Regional Championships17 Jan 10
2009 SEN Edinburgh Uni/United States
HJ2.10i1GlasgowScottish Universities Freshers Match28 Oct 09
HJ2.09i1GlasgowGlasgow Indoor Championships Day 230 Dec 09
HJ2.08i1GlasgowGlasgow Indoor Championships28 Dec 09
HJ2.00i1GlasgowScottish Universities Indoor Championships28 Feb 09
HJ2.00i3SheffieldBUCS Indoor Championships15 Mar 09
HJ1.952=QBBedfordBUCS Championships3 May 09
HJ1.955=BedfordBUCS Championships3 May 09
HJ1.90i1QASheffieldBUCS Indoor Championships15 Mar 09
LJ6.69i1GlasgowGlasgow Indoor Championships28 Dec 09
LJ6.23i2GlasgowGlasgow Indoor Championships Day 230 Dec 09
2008 SEN United States
HJ1.90i2GlasgowScottish Universities Freshers Match29 Oct 08
2006 U23 United States
HJ2.161Philadelphia PA , USAIvy League Heptagonal Championships7 May 06
HJ2.15i1Hanover NH, USAHanover NH, USA26 Feb 06
Total Performances: 80
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