Siannah Rayment

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Club:Bracknell AC
Date of Birth:27/07/1998
Age Group:U17
Region:South East
Lead Coach:Les Rayment

Best known performances

Performances Submit
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2014 U17 Bracknell AC
15005:12.13ABracknellSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 3 South19 Apr 14
DT1K15.672BBracknellSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 3 South19 Apr 14
5KXC20:1654NottinghamECCA English National Championships22 Feb 14
5KXC21:4156BirminghamInter County Championships8 Mar 14
ZXC13:0611Wellington CollegeBerkshire Schools' Championships18 Jan 14
ZXC13:4125SouthamptonSouth East Schools' Inter County Championships1 Feb 14
ZXC17:2633Milton KeynesApex Sports Chiltern League8 Feb 14
ZXC23:003BracknellBerkshire County Championships4 Jan 14
2013 U17 Bracknell AC
15004:49.641AldershotUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Southern South 12 Jun 13
15004:54.41ABracknellSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 3 S20 Apr 13
15004:55.33ReadingBerkshire Schools' Championships8 Jun 13
15004:56.449AMilton KeynesBMC PB Classic18 May 13
15004:56.62BracknellUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Southern South 128 Apr 13
15004:57.101BasingstokeBasingstoke & Mid Hants Young Athletes Graded Open Meeting6 Apr 13
15004:57.44ReadingBerkshire County Championships26 May 13
15004:57.81AGuildfordAlder Valley Girls' League19 May 13
15004:57.91BournemouthUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Southern South 130 Jun 13
15005:00.11ALewesSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 3 S15 Jun 13
300010:38.02BracknellBerkshire County U13 Championships10 Jul 13
300011:04.1311HendonSouth of England AA Combined Events & 3000m Championships21 Jul 13
SP4K5.576BournemouthUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Southern South 130 Jun 13
JT6008.515BournemouthUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Southern South 130 Jun 13
JT6008.356AldershotUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Southern South 12 Jun 13
2.5KXCL9:5235L1MansfieldECCA National Relays2 Nov 13
3.863KL14:102L2Sutton ColdfieldERRA Young Athletes' Relays14 Apr 13
ZXC14:1834Catton HallEnglish Schools' Championships16 Mar 13
ZXC14:458LutonApex Sports Chiltern League12 Jan 13
ZXC15:2034Parliament HillSouthern Championships16 Feb 13
ZXC15:369WingApex Sports Chiltern League9 Feb 13
ZXC16:43139Milton KeynesApex Sports Chiltern League7 Dec 13
ZXC18:0921BirminghamInter Counties Championships9 Mar 13
ZXC18:1919SunderlandEnglish National Championships23 Feb 13
ZXC20:4787WatfordApex Sports Chiltern League19 Oct 13
ZXC20:53119OxfordApex Sports Chiltern League9 Nov 13
ZXC25:393BracknellBerks, Bucks & Oxon Championships16 Nov 13
2012 U15 Bracknell AC
8002:27.52BReadingMcCain Young Athletes' League Division Southern Premier S20 May 12
15004:43.857AMilton KeynesBMC PB Classic19 May 12
15004:44.0852WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting4 Apr 12
15004:45.03h2WatfordSouth of England AA U15/U17 Championships14 Jul 12
15004:45.391AndoverAndover Young Athletes' Open4 Jun 12
15004:45.63BracknellBerkshire Schools' Championships16 Jun 12
15004:45.616WatfordSouth of England AA U15/U17 Championships15 Jul 12
15004:46.21AWinchesterMcCain Young Athletes' League Division Southern Premier S17 Jun 12
15004:46.51BBracknellMcCain Young Athletes' League Division Southern Premier S6 May 12
15004:47.596h2GatesheadAviva English Schools' Championships6 Jul 12
15004:48.091BracknellBracknell Young Athletes' Meeting31 Mar 12
15004:48.73EtonBerkshire County Championships13 May 12
15004:49.24169WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting30 May 12
15004:51.221BasingstokeBasingstoke Young Athletes' Open Meeting7 Apr 12
15004:54.145AbingdonSEAA Inter-County U15/U20 Championships26 May 12
15004:54.81BReadingAlder Valley Girls' League15 Apr 12
Mile5:36.8711AOxfordBMC Gold Standard Races (inc Oxford Festival of Miles)28 Jul 12
300010:24.43161WatfordWatford Graded Open25 Jul 12
300010:27.53BracknellBerkshire U13, 3000m & Relay Championships11 Jul 12
LJ3.153PBEtonAlder Valley Girls' League Final16 Sep 12
DT1K10.753PAEtonAlder Valley Girls' League Final16 Sep 12
ZXC11:053Wellington CollegeBerkshire Schools' Championships21 Jan 12
ZXC11:4611IltonEnglish Schools' Championships17 Mar 12
ZXC12:403BasildonSouth East Schools' Inter Counties4 Feb 12
ZXC13:242CardiffMcCain UK Cross Challenge Series15 Jan 12
ZXC13:583ShuttleworthApex Sports Chiltern League10 Nov 12
ZXC14:385BrightonSouthern Championships28 Jan 12
ZXC15:175MaidenheadBerks, Bucks & Oxon Championships17 Nov 12
ZXC16:181NewburyBerkshire County Championships7 Jan 12
ZXC16:4835BirminghamInter Counties Championships10 Mar 12
ZXC17:2912OxfordApex Sports Chiltern League20 Oct 12
ZXCL7:427L2MansfieldECCA National Relays3 Nov 12
ZXCL7:474L3Wormwood ScrubsSEAA XC Relays6 Oct 12
2011 U15 Bracknell AC
8002:24.83AHarrowMcCain Young Athletes League Southern Premier W Division Match 219 Jun 11
15004:43.11ReadingBerkshire County Schools Championships11 Jun 11
15004:48.996h2GatesheadEnglish Schools' Championships1 Jul 11
15004:50.51WinchesterMcCain Young Athletes League Southern Premier W Division5 Jun 11
15004:51.31BracknellBerkshire County Championships15 May 11
15004:52.636AbingdonSEAA U15/U20 Inter-counties Championships27 Aug 11
15004:52.81AReadingAlder Valley Girls' League Plate18 Sep 11
15004:53.221BracknellBracknell Young Athletes' Open26 Mar 11
15004:53.52ABracknellAlder Valley Girls' League14 Aug 11
15004:54.21AEtonAlder Valley Girls' League10 Apr 11
15004:54.81LewesMcCain Young Athletes League Southern Premier W Division8 May 11
15004:54.938BStreetBMC PB Classic2 May 11
15004:55.51BracknellMcCain Young Athletes League Southern Premier W Division22 May 11
15004:55.913AshfordSEAA U15/U17 Championships6 Aug 11
15005:00.5610BedfordEngland Athletics U15/U17 Championships21 Aug 11
300010:20.01BracknellBerkshire County U13 Championships13 Jul 11
300010:27.461AbingdonSEAA Combined Events & U15 / U17 3000m Championships31 Jul 11
SP3.25K4.467BBracknellAlder Valley Girls' League14 Aug 11
DT1K10.107BEtonAlder Valley Girls' League10 Apr 11
DT1K9.267BBracknellAlder Valley Girls' League14 Aug 11
DT1K8.076AHarrowMcCain Young Athletes League Southern Premier W Division Match 219 Jun 11
JT60016.543WinchesterMcCain Young Athletes League Southern Premier W Division5 Jun 11
2.997KL10:563L3AldershotSouthern Junior Road Relay Championships24 Sep 11
3KXC11:128LiverpoolMcCain UK Cross Challenge Series (inc European Trials)26 Nov 11
3.863KL14:091L2Sutton ParkERRA National Young Athletes' Relays16 Oct 11
3M17:565Old BillingsgateVirgin London Mini Marathon17 Apr 11
ZXC10:061ReadingSouth East Schools' Inter-Counties Championships5 Feb 11
ZXC10:161St AlbansApex Sports Chiltern League3 Dec 11
ZXC10:221WingApex Sports Chiltern League12 Feb 11
ZXC10:461LutonApex Sports Chiltern League15 Jan 11
ZXC11:181Wellington CollegeBerkshire County Schools Championships22 Jan 11
ZXC12:152Parliament HillSouthern Cross Country Championships29 Jan 11
ZXC13:0116NottinghamEnglish Schools' Championships19 Mar 11
ZXC13:223LutonApex Sports Chiltern League8 Oct 11
ZXC13:492Alton TowersEnglish National Championships19 Feb 11
ZXC16:143BristolMcCain UK Cross Challenge Series13 Nov 11
ZXC19:091BracknellBerks, Bucks & Oxon Championships20 Nov 11
ZXCL7:173L1BiggleswadeSEAA Relay Championships1 Oct 11
ZXCL7:305L3MansfieldSaucony ECCA Relays5 Nov 11
ZXCL7:362L3Wormwood ScrubsSEAA Cross Country Relays12 Mar 11
2010 U13 Bracknell AC
7512.15KingstonMcCain UK Young Athletes League Southern 1 NW20 Jun 10
15024.16KingstonMcCain UK Young Athletes League Southern 1 NW20 Jun 10
8002:31.62BracknellMcCain UK Young Athletes League Southern 1 NW16 May 10
8002:33.91AberdareNACYP Championships26 Jun 10
8002:34.824BasingstokeBasingstoke & Mid Hants AC Young Athletes Open3 Apr 10
8002:36.21KingstonMcCain UK Young Athletes League Southern 1 NW20 Jun 10
8002:36.82EtonMcCain UK Young Athletes League Southern 1 NW2 May 10
10003:09.81BracknellBerkshire County U13 Championships14 Jul 10
10003:14.61ReadingBerkshire Schools U13 Championships30 Jun 10
10003:16.2911BracknellBracknell Young Athletes' Open27 Mar 10
12003:52.11PerivaleMcCain UK Young Athletes League Southern 1 NW - Match B18 Jul 10
15005:00.0622KingstonSouthern U13 Inter County Match25 Jul 10
15005:06.41AWimbledonLily B Girls' League - Match 231 Jul 10
15005:17.01AGuildfordLily B Girls' League - Match 25 Jun 10
LJ3.365PerivaleMcCain UK Young Athletes League Southern 1 NW - Match B18 Jul 10
LJ2.726BracknellMcCain UK Young Athletes League Southern 1 NW16 May 10
2.291KL8:221L1AldershotSouthern Women's 4 Stage & Young Athletes Relays25 Sep 10
3KXC12:1079BirminghamMcCain UK Cross Challenge inc World Trials & Inter Counties13 Mar 10
3.863KL14:461L2Sutton ParkYoung Athletes' National Road Relays17 Oct 10
ZXC9:541WatfordApex Sports Chiltern League13 Nov 10
ZXC10:061Wellington CollegeBerkshire Schools Championships23 Jan 10
ZXC10:061StoweApex Sports Chiltern League4 Dec 10
ZXC10:356WingApex Sports Chiltern League13 Feb 10
ZXC11:2411ShuttleworthApex Sports Chiltern League16 Jan 10
ZXC11:243OxfordApex Sports Chiltern League9 Oct 10
ZXC12:493MaidenheadBerkshire County Championships11 Dec 10
ZXC13:173OxfordBBO Championships20 Nov 10
ZXC13:2222Parliament HillSouthern Cross Country Championships30 Jan 10
ZXC13:2558LeedsEnglish National Championships27 Feb 10
ZXCL7:424L2MansfieldECCA Relays6 Nov 10
2009 U13 Bracknell AC
8002:35.185FStreetBMC PB Classic4 May 09
8002:37.51BBracknellMcCain UK Young Athletes League Southern One West21 Jun 09
8002:39.11BGuildfordLily B Girls League Match 223 May 09
8002:40.17HMilton KeynesBMC PB Classic16 May 09
8002:41.71BTwickenhamMcCain UK Young Athletes League Southern One West31 May 09
8002:43.52BEwellLily B Girls League Cup Final12 Sep 09
8002:44.12WelwynHerts Phoenix Good Friday Open10 Apr 09
10003:20.23BracknellBerkshire County U13 Championships15 Jul 09
10003:29.34BracknellBracknell Young Athletes' Open28 Mar 09
12004:15.81BGuildfordMcCain UK Young Athletes League Southern One West17 May 09
ZRDL8:232L3AldershotSouthern Counties Young Athletes' Relays26 Sep 09
ZRDL15:4910L3Sutton ColdfieldYoung Athletes' National Road Relays18 Oct 09
ZXC9:375ReadingBerkshire County Championships12 Dec 09
ZXC11:383MaidenheadBerkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire County Championships14 Nov 09
ZXC11:517Shotover HillApex Sports Chiltern League10 Oct 09
ZXC12:2140Parliament HillLondon Championships (inc SEAA Inter-Counties Championships)21 Nov 09
2008 U11 Bracknell AC
8002:48.3NewportClubs for Young People National Athletic Championships28 Jun 08
Total Performances: 155
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