Bethany Woodward

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Date of Birth:26/12/1992
Age Group:SEN
Region:South East
Lead Coach:Lee Doran2014-
Previous Lead:Todd Bennett-2010
Previous Lead:Jared Deacon2012-2014

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Domestic Record
2012 - England Closed Championships 100m bronze, 200m silver
2009 - UK School Games 100m gold, 200m gold
2007 - UK School Games 100m silver

Major Championships and International Record
2013 - IPC Athletics World Championships 100m 4th, 200m silver
2012 - Paralympic Games 200m silver. Paralympic World Cup 200m silver
2011 - IPC Athletic Championships 200m 3rd ht, 400m gold
2010 - Commonwealth Games 100m 6th
2009 - German Disability Championships 100m 6th, 200m 5th

Her father is an actor.

Best known performances

Performances Submit
2007 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

2015 SEN Southampton
10014.33w2.253HorspathOxford City AC Open Graded Meeting8 Jul 15
10014.37nwi1MastersClermont FL, USANTC Pure Athletics Sprint Elite Meet18 Apr 15
10014.560.672WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting6 May 15
10014.56-0.443Lee ValleyLee Valley Sprint Series Open22 Jul 15
20029.65w3.81T37Clermont FL, USANTC Pure Athletics Sprint Elite Meet18 Apr 15
20029.70w2.774HorspathOxford City AC Open Graded Meeting8 Jul 15
20029.700.072Lee ValleyLee Valley Sprint Series Open22 Jul 15
40067.7051LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Meeting15 Jul 15
40068.015LoughboroughLoughborough Students v Army13 May 15
40069.494T37Olympic ParkIPC Grand Prix26 Jul 15
2014 U23 Southampton
10014.73w2.266LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Meeting13 Aug 14
20030.050.95P2BedfordBedford International Games Open31 May 14
20030.0744LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Meeting13 Aug 14
20030.201.142LoughboroughLoughborough Students AC Open Meeting11 Jun 14
40067.2721LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Meeting9 Jul 14
40068.202AmbBirminghamMidland Counties U20 / Senior Championships & England Athletics Senior Disability Championships14 Jun 14
40068.573T37SwanseaIPC Athletics European Championships22 Aug 14
40068.81nsRugbyMidland Veterans' League East Division25 Jun 14
LJ4.00-0.42T37/38Hampden ParkCommonwealth Games27 Jul 14
LJ3.92-0.81F37BedfordBedford International Games Open1 Jun 14
LJ3.87i9LoughboroughLoughborough Students AC Open1 Feb 14
LJ3.791nsAldershotSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 3 South12 Jul 14
2013 U23 Southampton
10014.34-0.12Olympic ParkSainsbury's International Para Challenge28 Jul 13
10014.43-0.84Lyon, FRAIPC Athletics World Championships24 Jul 13
10014.48-0.251.1BedfordEngland Athletics Senior/U20 Combined Events Championships, U18 Events & Home International Throws Competition1 Jun 13
10014.541.77AMBLoughboroughLoughborough International19 May 13
10014.54-1.74h1Lyon, FRAIPC Athletics World Championships23 Jul 13
10014.610.73Berlin, GERInternational German Championships (IPC Grand Prix)15 Jun 13
10014.710.01Berlin, GERInternational German Championships (IPC Grand Prix)14 Jun 13
20029.120.02Lyon, FRAIPC Athletics World Championships22 Jul 13
20029.292.012.1BedfordEngland Athletics Senior/U20 Combined Events Championships, U18 Events & Home International Throws Competition2 Jun 13
20029.40w2.141.2BedfordEngland Athletics Senior/U20 Combined Events Championships, U18 Events & Home International Throws Competition2 Jun 13
20029.44-1.12h1Lyon, FRAIPC Athletics World Championships21 Jul 13
20029.480.81BirminghamIPC Athletics Grand Prix Final29 Jun 13
40068.722nsSouthamptonSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 110 Aug 13
40071.286DBedfordBedford International Games27 May 13
40071.343nsLoughboroughLoughborough Students AC v Army v British Police v Birmingham University Match15 May 13
40072.8333PeterboroughPeterborough City Games26 Aug 13
40073.092AmbBedfordEngland Athletics U15/U17 Championships31 Aug 13
2012 U23 Southampton
10014.850.64Olympic ParkVisa London Disability Athletics Challenge8 May 12
10014.90-1.23AMB1BirminghamEngland Championships (Inc North & Midland Champs)2 Jun 12
20029.500.32h2Olympic ParkParalympic Games5 Sep 12
20029.650.42Olympic ParkParalympic Games5 Sep 12
20029.890.81PLoughboroughCharnwood Graded Open4 Jul 12
20030.28-0.963BirminghamMcCain Birmingham Games & Parallel Success8 Jul 12
20030.421.22AMB1BirminghamEngland Championships (Inc North & Midland Champs)3 Jun 12
20030.76-2.14SportcityParalympic World Cup22 May 12
40072.951WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting13 Jun 12
40073.8085HendonLondon Inter-Club Challenge16 Jun 12
2011 U20 Southampton
10015.421.0Stoke MandevilleStoke Mandeville Disability Athletics Challenge30 Jul 11
20030.741.66AmbBirminghamAviva British Grand Prix10 Jul 11
20031.29-0.53Crystal PalaceLondon Disability Athletics Grand Prix6 Aug 11
20031.410.43h3Christchurch, NZLIPC Athletic Championships22 Jan 11
20032.27-1.7Stoke MandevilleStoke Mandeville Disability Athletics Challenge31 Jul 11
20032.440.63h2Singen, GERGerman National Paralympic Championships24 Jul 11
40069.211Christchurch, NZLIPC Athletic Championships29 Jan 11
40071.501h1Singen, GERGerman National Paralympic Championships23 Jul 11
40072.301h2Christchurch, NZLIPC Athletic Championships28 Jan 11
2010 U20 Team Southampton
10014.90w2.52BCrystal PalaceLondon Disability Athletics Challenge15 Aug 10
10015.100.02Tunis, TUNTunis Open28 Jun 10
10015.270.56Delhi, INDCommonwealth Games6 Oct 10
10015.442PortsmouthParallel Success and Open Athletics3 May 10
10015.47-1.53GatesheadGateshead Disabilty Athletics Challenge11 Jul 10
10015.75h1CardiffAviva Parallel Success13 Jun 10
10015.77-2.23KnowsleyKnowsley Disability Athletics Challenge22 May 10
10015.98-3.113PerivaleMiddlesex County Championships9 May 10
20031.310.03Tunis, TUNTunis Open29 Jun 10
20031.51w2.42BCrystal PalaceLondon Disability Athletics Challenge15 Aug 10
20032.031.43GatesheadGateshead Disabilty Athletics Challenge11 Jul 10
20032.11-2.03KnowsleyKnowsley Disability Athletics Challenge23 May 10
20032.55-4.02PortsmouthParallel Success and Open Athletics3 May 10
40073.8PerivaleCP Sport Grand Prix17 Apr 10
2009 U17 Team Southampton
10015.780.86Sindelfingen, GERGerman Disability Championships11 Jul 09
10015.81.42PerivaleParallel Success10 May 09
10015.810.2NottinghamCP Sport Grand Prix19 Sep 09
10016.0YateCP Sport Grand Prix16 May 09
10016.190.26BedfordBedford International Games31 May 09
10016.21-1.51CardiffUK School Games6 Sep 09
10016.38-2.86Crystal PalaceLondon Disability Athletics Challenge26 Jul 09
10017.00-6.2NottinghamCP National Junior Under 16 & Under 23 Championships18 Jul 09
20032.4YateCP Sport Grand Prix16 May 09
20033.080.35Sindelfingen, GERGerman Disability Championships12 Jul 09
20033.140.251BedfordBedford International Games Disability Events31 May 09
20033.52PerivaleParallel Success10 May 09
20033.52-2.76Crystal PalaceLondon Disability Athletics Challenge26 Jul 09
20034.08-1.41CardiffUK School Games6 Sep 09
20034.67-4.7NottinghamCP National Junior Under 16 & Under 23 Championships18 Jul 09
2007 U15 Team Southampton
20034.49-1.77BedfordBedford International Games10 Jun 07
Total Performances: 88
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