Thomas Green

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Club:Marshall Milton Keynes
Date of Birth:07/04/1991
Age Group:SEN
Region:South East
Lead Coach:Kenneth Green

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Domestic Championships Record
2011 - BUCS Championships DT 4th
2010 - Aviva Parallel Success DT 4th, CT silver
2009 - BWAA International CT gold, DT F51 gold
2007 - CP National Championships CT bronze

Major Championships and International Record
2011 - IWAS World Junior Championships CT gold, DT 4th. IPC Athletic Championships CT 7th
2010 - Paralympic World Cup CT 4th
2009 - Paralympic World Cup CT 5th
2008 - Paralympic World Cup DT 6th

He enjoys playing and watching football and is a Blackburn Rovers season ticket holder and likes rock music.

Thomas is following in the footsteps of his hero, three times Paralympic Club Champion, Stephen Miller .

Best known performances

Performances Submit
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2016 SEN Marshall Milton Keynes
CT28.202F32LivingstonScottish Athletics Throws Grand Prix23 Jul 16
CT27.012F32Stoke MandevilleBWAA/BWRA Grand Prix16 Jul 16
CT26.912F32Stoke MandevilleBWAA/ BWRA/ CP Sport Grand Prix 20165 Jun 16
CT26.471NewhamNewham Parallel Success & Open Event10 Jul 16
CT23.732F32DoncasterCP Sport Athletics Series25 Jun 16
CT23.091SportcityNorthern Senior & U20 Championships11 Jun 16
CT23.082KingstonSurrey Disability Championships & Open9 Apr 16
CT22.492F32Stoke MandevilleBWAA/BWRA Grand Prix May 20168 May 16
2015 SEN Marshall Milton Keynes
CT29.582F32Stoke MandevilleBWAA / CP Sport Grand Prix11 Jul 15
CT27.371KingstonWeir Archer Academy / Kingston & Polytechnic Open Throws Meeting (Inc Surrey Disability Championships)11 Apr 15
CT26.681F32StretfordCheshire & Greater Manchester County Championships24 May 15
CT26.001F32Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix8 Aug 15
CT25.961CoventryCoventry Godiva Classic Open (inc Midland 3000m Championships)22 Aug 15
CT25.966F32Doha, QATIPC World Championships26 Oct 15
CT25.86-F32Grosseto, ITAIPC Grand Prix14 Jun 15
CT25.862BedfordCAU Inter-County Championships (Inc England Athletics Senior Championships)1 Aug 15
CT25.861F32NottinghamCP National Championships19 Sep 15
CT25.122F32DoncasterCP Grand Prix7 Jun 15
CT24.972F32Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix5 Sep 15
2014 SEN Marshall Milton Keynes
CT29.382Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix10 May 14
CT28.434SwanseaIPC Athletics European Championships19 Aug 14
CT28.12Stoke MandevilleBWAA/BWRA/CP Sport Grand Prix5 Jul 14
CT28.021CoventryCoventry Godiva Classic inc Midland 3000m Championships20 Jul 14
CT27.83Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix6 Sep 14
CT27.06Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix14 Jun 14
CT26.89DoncasterCP Sport Grand Prix21 Jun 14
CT25.93KingstonWeir Archer Academy Disability Open Meeting / Surrey County Disability Championships6 Apr 14
CT25.48Stoke MandevilleBWAA/BWRA Grand Prix9 Aug 14
CT25.074MacclesfieldCheshire & Greater Manchester County Championships17 May 14
2013 U23 Marshall Milton Keynes
CT25.671BirminghamEngland Athletics Senior Disability Championships22 Jun 13
CT25.21Stoke MandevilleBWAA/BWRA Grand Prix15 Jun 13
CT25.11ChelmsfordCP Sport Grand Prix18 May 13
CT24.334BirminghamIPC Athletics Grand Prix Final29 Jun 13
CT24.19Stoke MandevilleBWAA/BWRA Grand Prix6 Jul 13
CT24.12GranthamCP National Athletics Championships21 Sep 13
CT23.653F32KingstonK&P Open Throws & Surrey/Open Graded Disability Meeting6 Apr 13
CT23.53Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix28 Apr 13
DT1K16.11Stoke MandevilleBWAA/BWRA Grand Prix16 Jun 13
DT1K15.55BedfordBUCS Championships4 May 13
DT1K14.56Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix27 Apr 13
DT1K14.27GranthamCP National Athletics Championships21 Sep 13
DT1K10.46Stoke MandevilleBWAA/BWRA Grand Prix6 Jul 13
2012 U23 Marshall Milton Keynes
CT26.89Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix19 May 12
CT25.57Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix9 Jun 12
CT21.80GranthamCP Sport Grand Prix (Inc Aviva U20 Parallel Success)14 Apr 12
DT1K12.525Olympic ParkVisa London Disability Athletics Challenge8 May 12
2011 U23 Marshall Milton Keynes
CT29.34Stoke MandevilleStoke Mandeville Disability Athletics Challenge31 Jul 11
CT28.72NottinghamCP National Championships17 Sep 11
CT27.47PerivaleCP Sport Grand Prix21 May 11
CT27.34StokeBWAA Grand Prix14 May 11
CT25.88Dublin (S), IRLIWAS & CPSI National Athletics Championships3 Jul 11
CT25.451Dubai, UAEIWAS World Junior Championships20 Apr 11
CT25.45StokeBWAA Grand Prix11 Jun 11
CT25.057Christchurch, NZLIPC Athletic Championships25 Jan 11
CT24.562BedfordEngland Senior Championships (inc Parallel Success)16 Jul 11
CT21.84StokeBWAA Grand Prix3 Sep 11
DT1K12.714Dubai, UAEIWAS World Junior Championships18 Apr 11
DT1K11.911BedfordBUCS Championships2 May 11
2010 U20 Marshall Milton Keynes
CT28.88StokeBWAA Grand Prix11 Sep 10
CT26.32StokeBWAA Grand Prix7 Aug 10
CT25.86NottinghamCP National Championships18 Sep 10
CT25.22GatesheadCleveland Land Services Tartan Games21 Aug 10
CT25.094SportcityParalympic World Cup25 May 10
CT24.41PerivaleCP Sport Grand Prix17 Apr 10
CT24.263Tunis, TUNTunis Open28 Jun 10
CT23.382GatesheadGateshead Disabilty Athletics Challenge11 Jul 10
CT22.772CardiffAviva Parallel Success13 Jun 10
CT21.03StokeBWAA Grand Prix3 May 10
DT1K14.77PerivaleCP Sport Grand Prix17 Apr 10
DT1K13.71StokeBWAA Grand Prix2 May 10
DT1K13.66GatesheadCleveland Land Services Tartan Games21 Aug 10
DT1K13.544CardiffAviva Parallel Success13 Jun 10
DT1K12.86StokeBWAA Grand Prix7 Aug 10
DT1K12.39StokeBWAA Grand Prix12 Sep 10
DT1K7.387Tunis, TUNTunis Open29 Jun 10
2009 U20 Marshall Milton Keynes
CT28.721StokeBWAA International13 Jun 09
CT26.33NottinghamCP National Junior Under 16 & Under 23 Championships18 Jul 09
CT25.422StokeBWAA Grand Prix8 Aug 09
CT25.141PerivaleParallel Success10 May 09
CT25.045Crystal PalaceLondon Disability Athletics Challenge26 Jul 09
CT24.784SportcityParalympic World Cup24 May 09
CT24.602Olomouc, CZECzech Open22 Aug 09
CT23.49WiganCP Sport Grand Prix20 Jun 09
DT1K13.76NottinghamCP National Junior Under 16 & Under 23 Championships18 Jul 09
DT1K13.481StokeBWAA Grand Prix9 Aug 09
DT1K12.961BromleyLondon Disability Athletics Challenge25 Jul 09
DT1K12.837Crystal PalaceLondon Disability Athletics Challenge26 Jul 09
DT1K12.211PerivaleParallel Success10 May 09
Total Performances: 88
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