Ben Hardy

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Age Group:U23
Region:East Midlands
Lead Coach:Tim Raynor

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2015 U20 Mansfield
ZXC23:1748NottinghamMidland Championships24 Jan 15
2014 U17 Mansfield
8002:35.410GranthamNottinghamshire Schools Championships6 Jun 14
5KMT19:5840NottinghamHolme Pierrepont Grand Prix 5K1 Jul 14
6KXC22:38246BirminghamInter County Championships8 Mar 14
6KXC24:22221NottinghamECCA English National Championships22 Feb 14
6KXC27:1954LeamingtonMidland Championships25 Jan 14
4MMT26:0344RuddingtonHolme Pierrepont Grand Prix 424 Jun 14
5MNAD35:19121NottinghamNotts AAA's Summer League16 Apr 14
ZXC22:0713NottinghamNorth Midlands League11 Jan 14
ZXC25:194HeanorNottinghamshire County Championships4 Jan 14
ZXCNT7Sutton-in-AshfieldNottinghamshire Schools' Championships1 Feb 14
2013 U17 Mansfield
8002:12.71BGranthamEnglish Schools' Cup Regional A Final - North Midlands18 Jun 13
8002:16.77NottinghamNottinghamshire Schools' Championships7 Jun 13
TJ10.805GranthamEnglish Schools' Cup Regional A Final - North Midlands18 Jun 13
3KXCL10:4556L2MansfieldECCA National Relays2 Nov 13
3MMT18:3741RuddingtonHolme Pierrepont Grand Prix 5K27 Jun 13
10K43:4181Holme PierrepontHolme Pierrepont Grand Prix 10K25 Jun 13
ZXC16:096NottinghamNottinghamshire County Championships5 Jan 13
ZXC17:53116SunderlandEnglish National Championships23 Feb 13
ZXC19:0612CranwellNorth Midlands League12 Jan 13
ZXC19:42258BirminghamInter Counties Championships9 Mar 13
ZXC23:0922CorbyNorth Midlands League9 Nov 13
ZXC24:39285Catton HallEnglish Schools' Championships16 Mar 13
ZXC24:4914HeanorNorth Midlands League7 Dec 13
ZXC27:0127DerbyNorth Midlands League19 Oct 13
2012 U15 Mansfield
40060.78NottinghamNottinghamshire Schools' Championships15 Jun 12
TJ9.908NottinghamNottinghamshire Schools' Championships15 Jun 12
SHORT5KMT20:2177NottinghamHolme Pierrepoint Grand Prix 5K28 Jun 12
4MMT27:4886NottinghamHolme Pierrepoint Grand Prix 43 Jul 12
10K44:42105West BridgfordHolme Pierrepoint Grand Prix 10K26 Jun 12
ZXC14:445LouthLouth Open7 Oct 12
ZXC15:1517Wollaton ParkNorth Midlands League1 Dec 12
ZXC15:4577NottinghamMidland Championships28 Jan 12
ZXC16:01313IltonEnglish Schools' Championships17 Mar 12
ZXC16:2615NottinghamNorth Midlands League14 Jan 12
ZXC17:3124DerbyNorth Midlands League20 Oct 12
ZXC18:046DerbyNottinghamshire County Championships7 Jan 12
ZXC18:07280BirminghamInter Counties Championships10 Mar 12
ZXC18:44281Parliament HillEnglish National Championships25 Feb 12
ZXCL7:3952L2MansfieldECCA National Relays3 Nov 12
2011 U15 Mansfield
40064.23GranthamEnglish Schools Track & Field Cup North Midlands Regional A Final16 Jun 11
40068.23DerbyNottinghamshire County Championships14 May 11
TJ9.405GranthamEnglish Schools Track & Field Cup North Midlands Regional A Final16 Jun 11
5KMT23:24215Rushcliffe Country ParkHolme Pierrepont Grand Prix5 Jul 11
4MMT31:49 219Rushcliffe Country ParkHolme Pierrepont Grand Prix30 Jun 11
5MMT39:32224Colwick ParkHolme Pierrepont Grand Prix7 Jul 11
ZXC10:53250Alton TowersEnglish National Championships19 Feb 11
ZXC11:527NottinghamNottinghamshire County Championships8 Jan 11
ZXC13:18284BirminghamInter Counties Championships5 Mar 11
ZXC14:5176LeamingtonMidland Cross Country Championships29 Jan 11
ZXC15:5914NottinghamNorth Midlands League15 Jan 11
ZXC16:3811SheffieldSheffield Open31 Dec 11
ZXC18:1120DerbyNorth Midlands League8 Oct 11
ZXC21:3822RAF CranwellNorth Midlands League3 Dec 11
ZXCL7:5661L3MansfieldSaucony ECCA Relays5 Nov 11
ZFL17:2631SedberghEnglish Junior Uphill Championships16 Jul 11
2010 U13 Mansfield
10014.34NottinghamNotts Mini League22 May 10
10015.64DerbyMcCain UK Young Athletes League Midland Premier N16 May 10
20029.30.23StokeMcCain UK Young Athletes League Midland Premier N2 May 10
20030.53DerbyMcCain UK Young Athletes League Midland Premier N16 May 10
8002:35.34NottinghamNotts Mini League22 May 10
8002:35.418GatesheadESAA Cup Final3 Jul 10
8002:37.44MansfieldNottinghamshire County Championships9 May 10
8002:39.42StokeMcCain UK Young Athletes League Midland Premier N2 May 10
8002:41.13NottinghamNotts Mini League13 Jul 10
8002:41.14SolihullMcCain UK Young Athletes League Midland Premier N18 Jul 10
8002:41.33DerbyMcCain UK Young Athletes League Midland Premier N16 May 10
15005:31.55nsAshfieldNotts Mini League13 Jun 10
15005:37.42nsMansfieldNotts Mini League17 Apr 10
3.861KL16:4816L2Sutton ParkMidland Counties Young Athletes' Relays26 Sep 10
3.863KL18:3051L1Sutton ParkYoung Athletes' National Road Relays17 Oct 10
ZXC12:279CranwellNorth Midlands League4 Dec 10
ZXC14:2217DerbyNorth Midlands League9 Oct 10
ZXC14:514LouthLouth Open3 Oct 10
ZXC14:5921KetteringNorth Midlands League13 Nov 10
2009 U13 Mansfield
10014.2w3.44AMansfieldMcCain UK Young Athletes League Midland Premier31 May 09
10014.54ATamworthMcCain UK Young Athletes League Midland Premier19 Jul 09
10014.94ASolihullMcCain UK Young Athletes League Midland Premier21 Jun 09
20030.24BSolihullMcCain UK Young Athletes League Midland Premier21 Jun 09
20030.63BTamworthMcCain UK Young Athletes League Midland Premier19 Jul 09
ZXC5:445MansfieldNottinghamshire County Championships10 Jan 09
Total Performances: 81
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