Sean Clare

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Club:Wigan & District
Date of Birth:09/07/1993
Age Group:U23
County:Greater Manchester
Region:North West
Lead Coach:Robert Halliwell2015-
Previous Lead:Shelley Holroyd-2015

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Domestic Record
2009 – Dwarf AA UK National Games SP gold. UK School Games SP silver

Major Championships and International Record
2011 – IWAS World Junior Championships DT gold, SP gold
2010 – IWAS World Junior Championships DT bronze, SP bronze
2009 – IWAS Junior Championships dT bronze, SP gold. World Dwarf Games DT gold, JT gold

Best known performances

Performances Submit
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2015 U23 Liverpool H
SP7.26K9.195StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix21 Jul 15
SP4K10.071F41qABedfordCAU Inter-County Championships (Inc England Athletics Senior Championships)1 Aug 15
SP4K9.872F41CoventryCoventry Godiva Classic Open (inc Midland 3000m Championships)23 Aug 15
SP4K9.701F41StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix11 Aug 15
SP4K9.391F41StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix5 May 15
SP4K9.193WiganWigan Harriers Spring Open12 Apr 15
SP4K9.011StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix19 May 15
SP4K8.811F41StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix9 Jun 15
SP4K8.781F41SportcityNorthern Athletics U20 / Senior Championships13 Jun 15
DT1K29.291F41StretfordCheshire & Greater Manchester County Championships23 May 15
DT1K29.241F41StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix21 Jul 15
DT1K28.982F41BedfordCAU Inter-County Championships (Inc England Athletics Senior Championships)2 Aug 15
DT1K28.851F41SportcityNorthern Athletics U20 / Senior Championships14 Jun 15
DT1K28.562F41CoventryCoventry Godiva Classic Open (inc Midland 3000m Championships)22 Aug 15
DT1K27.381StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix19 May 15
DT1K26.501F41StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix11 Aug 15
DT1K26.211F41StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix9 Jun 15
2014 U23 Liverpool H
SP4K9.481AmbMacclesfieldCheshire & Greater Manchester County Championships17 May 14
SP4K9.201SportcityNorthern Athletics U20 / Senior Championships14 Jun 14
SP4K9.001F41WiganWigan Harriers Spring Open6 Apr 14
SP4K8.992BirminghamDSAUK National Games3 May 14
DT1K29.601F41SportcityNorthern Athletics U20 / Senior Championships15 Jun 14
2013 U23 Liverpool H
DT1.75K28.122StretfordTrafford Grand Prix4 Jun 13
DT1K28.761Berlin, GERInternational German Championships (IPC Grand Prix)15 Jun 13
DT1K28.752BebingtonMerseyside County Championships25 May 13
DT1K28.495BedfordEngland Athletics Senior/U20 Combined Events Championships, U18 Events & Home International Throws Competition1 Jun 13
DT1K27.421BirminghamDSAUK National Games4 May 13
DT1K26.241F40StretfordCheshire & Manchester County Championships11 May 13
DT1K25.854BirminghamEngland Athletics Senior Disability Championships23 Jun 13
DT1K25.081StretfordTrafford Grand Prix14 May 13
JT80020.263BirminghamIPC Athletics Grand Prix Final29 Jun 13
2012 U20 Liverpool H
SP4K8.98WolverhamptonNational Open Dwarf Games5 May 12
SP4K8.953Berlin, GERGerman National Paralympic Championships15 Jun 12
SP4K8.651F40LiverpoolMerseyside County Championships12 May 12
SP4K8.621BirminghamEngland Championships (Inc North & Midland Champs)2 Jun 12
SP4K8.471BlackpoolBlackpool Winter Warm Up Open11 Mar 12
DT1K30.146BirminghamMcCain Birmingham Games & Parallel Success8 Jul 12
DT1K29.338Berlin, GERGerman National Paralympic Championships16 Jun 12
DT1K27.532KnowsleyKnowsley Disability Athletics Grand Prix26 May 12
DT1K26.823Olympic ParkVisa London Disability Athletics Challenge8 May 12
DT1K26.74WolverhamptonNational Open Dwarf Games5 May 12
DT1K25.774BirminghamEngland Championships (Inc North & Midland Champs)2 Jun 12
DT1K25.681BedfordBedford International Games10 Jun 12
DT1K25.361F40LiverpoolMerseyside County Championships12 May 12
2011 U20 Liverpool H
SP7.26K8.551Bedford Bedford International Games12 Jun 11
SP4K9.213Bottrop, GERIWAS Series1 Jun 11
SP4K9.173Stadskanaal, NEDIWAS Series5 Jun 11
SP4K9.141Dubai, UAEIWAS World Junior Championships20 Apr 11
SP4K9.052Emmen, NEDIWAS Series29 May 11
SP4K9.011BirminghamNational Dwarf Games30 Apr 11
SP4K9.012AmbBedfordEngland Senior Championships (inc Parallel Success)16 Jul 11
SP4K8.801BlackpoolBlackpool Wyre & Fylde AC Winter Warm Up13 Mar 11
SP4K8.661LiverpoolMerseyside County Championships14 May 11
DT1K25.542Emmen, NEDIWAS Series29 May 11
DT1K25.401Dubai, UAEIWAS World Junior Championships18 Apr 11
DT1K24.971AmbBedfordEngland Senior Championships (inc Parallel Success)17 Jul 11
DT1K24.825Stadskanaal, NEDIWAS Series5 Jun 11
DT1K24.091BirminghamNational Dwarf Games30 Apr 11
DT1K23.241BlackpoolBlackpool Wyre & Fylde AC Winter Warm Up13 Mar 11
DT1K22.422LiverpoolMerseyside County Championships14 May 11
JT60023.383BirminghamNational Dwarf Games30 Apr 11
2010 U20 Liverpool H
SP4K9.763Olomouc, CZEIWAS World Junior Championships24 Aug 10
SP4K8.453Crystal PalaceLondon Disability Athletics Challenge15 Aug 10
SP4K8.383CardiffAviva Parallel Success13 Jun 10
SP4K8.23WiganCP Sport Grand Prix22 May 10
SP4K8.22NottinghamCP National Championships18 Sep 10
SP4K8.17BirminghamUK National Open Dwarf Games1 May 10
SP4K8.05NottinghamCP Sport Grand Prix3 Jul 10
SP4K7.932LiverpoolMerseyside County Championships8 May 10
SP4K7.79PerivaleCP Sport Grand Prix17 Apr 10
SP4K7.5010BlackpoolBlackpool Winter Warm-up14 Mar 10
DT1K26.113Olomouc, CZEIWAS World Junior Championships22 Aug 10
DT1K25.921CardiffAviva Parallel Success13 Jun 10
DT1K25.78NottinghamCP National Championships18 Sep 10
DT1K25.62WiganCP Sport Grand Prix22 May 10
DT1K25.58BirminghamUK National Open Dwarf Games1 May 10
DT1K24.00NottinghamCP Sport Grand Prix3 Jul 10
DT1K23.61PerivaleCP Sport Grand Prix17 Apr 10
DT1K23.613LiverpoolMerseyside County Championships8 May 10
DT1K22.128BlackpoolBlackpool Winter Warm-up14 Mar 10
JT60021.19NottinghamCP Sport Grand Prix3 Jul 10
JT60020.95BirminghamUK National Open Dwarf Games1 May 10
2009 U17 Liverpool H
SP4K8.731Nottwil, SUIIWAS Junior Champs16 Jul 09
SP4K8.042CardiffUK School Games6 Sep 09
SP4K7.441BelfastWorld Dwarf Games27 Jul 09
SP4K6.811BirminghamDwarf AA UK National Games2 May 09
SP4K6.56WiganCP Sport Grand Prix20 Jun 09
DT1K21.323Nottwil, SUIIWAS Junior Champs17 Jul 09
DT1K20.921BelfastWorld Dwarf Games27 Jul 09
DT1K20.75WiganCP Sport Grand Prix20 Jun 09
JT60019.871BelfastWorld Dwarf Games27 Jul 09
JT60017.14WiganCP Sport Grand Prix20 Jun 09
Total Performances: 92
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