Alf Vickers

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Club:Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets

Athletes Coached
NameClub AG  Sex  Best Event  Rank  AG  Year  Performance 
Olashubomi AdebiyiVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU17W
Victor Ade-DavisVictoria Park & Tower HamletsSENM
Ajibola AderemiVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU20M400H5U20201553.79
Sheila AmadasunVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU20W
Elisa AndreVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU20W
Jessica AppeagyeiVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU20W
Illias AttibbiVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU17M
Taha AttibbiVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU17M
Zahra AttibbiVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU20W
Lillian BangulaVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU17W300HW83U17201548.72
Tia BarrettVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU17W10019U15201512.47
Symone BelleVictoria Park & Tower HamletsSENW
Olowasubomi BelloVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU15M60HU15M40U1520159.59
Shekinah BrownVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU17W100390U15201513.35
Tayler CanningVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU23W
Georganne ColbertVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU17W200216U17201526.6
Kiah Dubarry-GayVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU15W20023U15201525.8
Nayanna Dubarry-GayVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU15W10067U15201512.8
Precious EjimonyeabalaVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU20WLJ72U2020155.20
Nathan HansonVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU23M
Yasmin HansonVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU23W
Chichi IwuchukwuVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU17W60134U1720158.20
Destiny KelvinVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU17W
Amber KingChelmsfordU17W
Nomeda LaukyteVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU17W
Michelle MamuduVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU17W30015U17201540.17
Ninnetta MbonuVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU20W
Omar MukhtarVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU23M
Nicholas OfonagoroVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU23M
Wale OlatunjiVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU20M6023U2020156.99
Adefunke OyewoleNewham & Essex BeaglesSENW
Brogan PercyVictoria Park & Tower HamletsSENW
Amarika Prescod-SutherlandVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU17W
Myron Rhule-AlexanderVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU17M2005U15201522.88
Stephanie Steele-BoyceVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU23W
Leigh ThompsonVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU20WLJ104U1720155.11
Rebekah WiltshireThames ValleySENWLJ432ALL20155.04

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