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Club:Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets

Athletes Coached
NameClub AG  Sex  Best Event  Rank  AG  Year  Performance 
Victor Ade-DavisVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU23M
Ajibola AderemiVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU17M400HU17M22U17201358.3
Joshua AdolpheVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU13M
Sheila AmadasunVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU20W
Jessica AppeagyeiVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU17W60HU15W32U1520139.68
Illias AttibbiVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU15M1500159U1320135:01.6
Taha AttibbiVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU15M800152U1320132:26.8
Zahra AttibbiVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU17W1500434U1520135:16.77
Lillian BangulaVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU15W800154U1520142:34.24
Tia BarrettVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU15W60114U1520148.38
Symone BelleVictoria Park & Tower HamletsSENW
Tayler CanningVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU20W
Georganne ColbertVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU15W6086U1520148.31
Kiah Dubarry-GayVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU13W20022U13201428.58
Nayanna Dubarry-GayVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU13W6035U1320138.7
Precious EjimonyeabalaVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU17W60101U1720138.18
Nathan HansonVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU20M
Yasmin HansonVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU20W100198U17201313.0
Whitney IdowuVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU20WTJ25U20201410.86
Chichi IwuchukwuVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU15W6029U1520148.08
Destiny KelvinVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU15W60HU15W161U15201310.39
Nomeda LaukyteVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU15W
Ocean LewisVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU17W2006U17201425.09
Hannah LongVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU13W
Michele MamuduVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU15W20020U15201426.40
Ninnetta MbonuVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU17W800350U1520132:29.75
Nile MckenzieVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU15M8006U1520142:06.93
Omar MukhtarVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU20M
Ruby NaughtonVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU11W
Nicholas OfonagoroVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU23M
Adefunke OyewoleNewham & Essex BeaglesU23W
Brogan PercyVictoria Park & Tower HamletsSENW
Dorica SantosVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU20W60174U1720138.32
Stephanie Steele-BoyceVictoria Park & Tower HamletsU23W
Rebekah WiltshireThames ValleyU23WLJ167ALL20145.12

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