Herefordshire Winter League (Inc Herefordshire County Champs) External Results
Monkhall Farm
8 Jan 12
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PosACPerfNameAG CoachClub 
1146:22Jonathan BarnesU20MVictor TarrantHereford/Wye Valley
2147:57John PullenV45M Wye Valley
3 48:12Eliot TaylorU23M Hereford Couriers RC
4 48:45Stacey MorganV35M Croft Ambrey
5149:02Stafford ReesV40M Rhayader
6249:08Cliff BerryV45M Ledbury
7250:36Stuart MooreV40M Wye Valley
8351:12Mike LinkV40M Hereford Couriers RC
9451:46Simon NorwoodV40M Croft Ambrey
10 52:05Alan LewisSENM Wye Valley Runners
11 52:24Greg WoodSENM Wye Valley Runners
12 52:31John BristowV35M Malvern
13 52:35Samuel BurnageV35M Malvern
14553:05Andy BlanninV40M Malvern
15 53:06Jordan McqueenU23M Presteigne Pacers
16 53:09Andy TaylorSENM Hereford Tri
17153:11Jonathan GreenV50M Malvern
18 53:25Glyn WilliamsV35M Presteigne Pacers
19653:31Mark DykesV40M Hereford Triathlon Club
20753:44Dave GeorgeV40M Croft Ambrey
21354:24Stuart AustinV45M Croft Ambrey
22254:41Gavin JonesU20M Wye Valley
23 54:49Adam MichniokSENM Wye Valley
24 55:05Dave WoodSENM Ledbury & District Harriers
25 55:16David AmeghinoV40M Croft Ambrey
26255:18Nigel SewellV50M Malvern
27455:37Russell JamesV45M Hereford Couriers RC
28856:00Neil LewisV40M Hereford Couriers RC
29 56:05Jonathan WaldenSENM Ludlow
30556:13Mark PaviourV45M Presteigne Pacers/Croft Ambrey
31156:30Geoff KayV55M Hereford Couriers RC
32356:42Ieuan PriceU20M Builth & District R.C.
33657:00Martin CarterV45M Hay Hotfooters
34157:07Steve HeringtonV60M Hereford Couriers RC
35257:34Mervyn ThomasV60M Wye Valley
36 58:53Matthew TaylorSENM Wye Valley
37958:58Mark WorthingV40M Hereford Couriers RC
38 59:26Eifon ReesSENM Builth & District R.C.
39359:26David HorneV50M Ledbury & District Harriers
40759:30Daniel PavittV45M Ludlow
411059:51Carl GilmourV40M Hay Hotfooters
42859:58Chris MasonV45M Wye Valley
43 60:12Darren WoodallSENM Hereford Triathlon Club
44260:41Ian DysonV55M Malvern
451160:44Jason SmithV40M Wye Valley
461260:58Chris BaileyV40M Wye Valley
47161:01Guy WhitmarshV65M Croft Ambrey
481361:08Gary LewisV40M Presteigne Pacers
49461:12Ian SmithV50M Wye Valley
50361:27Stuart Charles BrownV55M Malvern
51961:36Kevin BarnesV45M Hereford
52561:55Neil TaylorV50M Croft Ambrey
53 62:13Owain PascoeSENM Wye Valley
54362:22Michael ShawV60M Wye Valley
55 62:31Greg WealeSENM Wye Valley Runners
56263:03Gary GunnerV65M Croft Ambrey
57663:15Chris PayneV50M Hereford Triathlon Club
58 63:27Angus HolmesSENM Croft Ambrey R.C.
591464:10Malcolm EdwardsV40M Wye Valley
60464:14Tom DaviesV60M Croft Ambrey
611064:23Simon OliverV45M Wye Valley
62465:05Frank LuscottV55M Croft Ambrey
631565:34Daren LincolnV40M Croft Ambrey
641165:58Ralph LloydV45M Wye Valley
65766:13David SherwoodV50M Wye Valley
66566:22Clive RichardsonV55M Ludlow Runners
67 66:38Ricardo MartinsSENM Wye Valley Runners
68567:00Peter SmithV60M Wye Valley
69667:07Ashley RobinsonV60M Croft Ambrey R.C.
70867:13John PriceV50M Hay Hotfooters
71 67:28Tom BennettSENM Presteigne Pacers
72 68:18Marcus BilligSENM Hereford Triathlon Club
731669:33Jason StuchberyV40M Ludlow
74770:18Martyn RosserV60M Hay Hotfooters
75971:06Steve TurnerV50M Wye Valley Runners
76672:28Mike BetteridgeV55M Wye Valley Runners
77872:28Leslie ChamberlainV60M Wye Valley
78372:34Brian SymondsV65M Wye Valley
791286:14Ian JonesV45M Builth & District R.C.
801386:17Terry EvansV45M Presteigne Pacers
811486:56Mark FreakeV45M Presteigne Pacers
PosACPerfNameAG CoachClub 
1155:54Paula MoseleyV35W Hereford Tri
2157:56Clara EvansU20W Hereford
3158:12Sue DaviesV45W Croft Ambrey
4259:45Alex LookV35W Wye Valley
5 60:48Kylie MansfieldSENW Wye Valley
6161:17Alison CookeV50W Hereford Couriers RC
7361:27Sarah HoltonV35W Swaledale/Hereford Tri
8 64:18Kathryn KingSENW Wye Valley
9464:53Rebecca AnsfieldV35W Wye Valley
10265:23Rita TomkinsV50W Presteigne Pacers
11265:51Sue SherwoodV45W Wye Valley
12166:37Jo MarriottV40W Croft Ambrey
13166:39Jan EdwardsV55W Wye Valley
14566:53Lucy TimmerV35W Wye Valley Runners
15367:17Liza AustinV45W Croft Ambrey
16467:25Jenny JonesV40W Ledbury
17268:24Joyce WarburtonV40W Hereford Triathlon Club
18 68:42Lucy ThomasSENW Wye Valley
19669:09Mary MortonV35W Rhayader
20570:48Lynne ComptonV45W Wye Valley
21371:32Angela PriceV40W Hay Hotfooters
22373:20Sarah CogginsV50W Ledbury
23474:16Sarah JamiesonV40W Ludlow
24275:28Suzannah EnglishV55W Hay Hotfooters
25576:04Rachel JonesV40W Hay Hotfooters
26776:55Sarah ColeV35W Wye Valley
27 77:20Susan WilliamsV35W Ludlow
28478:10Jane MappV50W Ludlow Runners
29 79:51Felicity GillSENW Hay Hotfooters
30681:39Sheridan ButterfieldV40W Wye Valley Runners
31782:38Sarah WildingV40W Presteigne Pacers
32882:56Katherine DrabbleV40W Hereford Triathlon Club
33585:56Tina LavelleV50W Hay Hotfooters
34387:05Harriett EnglishV55W Hay Hotfooters
35987:32Deborah CleeV40W Presteigne Pacers
36 88:58Paula RandellSENW Presteigne Pacers
37693:34Helen JonesV45W Builth
38 94:52Holly MumfordSENW Hay Hotfooters
39796:37Donna EvansU17W Presteigne Pacers
4061:44:18Margaret MorrisV50W Ludlow
4141:51:09Carrol StockerV55W Presteigne Pacers
4251:54:14Claire MilnerV55W Hay Hotfooters