Cardiff & the Vale of Glamorgan Combined Events Championships External Results
7 May 13
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800 U17M
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
P2:12.4Ryan JamesSBU17M1Helen Patricia JamesCardiff2:12.42:08.65
P2:18.0Charlie NealePBU17M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:18.02:18.0
P2:20.0Adam SmithPBU17M1Helen Patricia JamesCardiff2:20.02:20.0
P2:20.7Elliot Morris-Devred U17M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:20.202:20.20
P2:24.9Matthew Lai U17M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:17.442:16.88
P2:29.4Will Rees U17M  C&V Sch  
P2:36.7Sam GreenPBU13M-3 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:36.72:36.7
P2:37.0Connor McGrathPBU17M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:37.02:37.0
P2:37.3George AshbyPBU17M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:37.32:37.3
P2:37.3Dana Saed U17M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:34.762:34.76
P2:41.6Edward BaileySBU17M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:41.62:34.69
P2:44.5Cameron EscottPBU17M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:44.52:44.5
P2:47.7Ethan Darter U17M  C&V Sch  
P2:53.7Julian BoswellPBU17M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:53.72:53.7
P2:54.1Aron CynnanPBU17M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:54.12:54.1
P2:54.6Stephan PrydderchPBU17M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:54.62:54.6
P2:55.0Owen BradshawPBU17M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:55.02:55.0
P2:58.3Harvey SebastyanPBU17M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:58.32:58.3
P2:58.7Jerrelle JamesPBU17M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:58.72:58.7
P3:15.5Patrick Evans U17M  C&V Sch  
800 U15M
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
P2:21.0Harry Hillman U15M2Georgina Bruce WilliamsCardiff2:17.972:13.35
P2:21.7Aled GeorgePBU15M2Tim FryCardiff2:13.732:13.73
P2:23.4Ben Paris U15M1Jeffrey HarwoodCardiff Archers2:19.022:19.02
P2:23.5Charlie PegrumPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:23.52:23.5
P2:24.2Joshua PetersenPBU15M2 Cardiff2:24.22:24.2
P2:24.3Jordan Fender U15M2 Cardiff2:14.292:05.87
P2:24.5Nick LaiSBU15M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:24.52:10.6
P2:28.6Callum BarrySBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:28.62:15.83
P2:31.6Robert Boyt U15M2 Barry & Vale2:29.802:22.41
P2:33.2Daffydd SmithPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:33.22:33.2
P2:34.1Jacob HodgesPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:34.12:34.1
P2:34.2Matthew Cottington U15M2Helen Patricia JamesCardiff2:27.962:27.96
P2:35.3Lewis Downey U15M  C&V Sch  
P2:35.3Adam PaytonPBU17M3 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:35.32:35.3
P2:36.0Joseph Williams U15M  C&V Sch  
P2:37.6Jack CarfaroPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:37.62:37.6
P2:39.4Jessie Guy-Jones U15M  C&V Sch  
P2:40.5Ben BoydPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:40.52:40.5
P2:41.1Chris Mortimer-Brown U15M  C&V Sch  
P2:43.6Joseff WilliamsPBU15M1David HawthornCardiff/Poole AC2:43.62:27.39
P2:43.6Rhys Beynon U15M  C&V Sch  
P2:43.8Rhodri DaviesPBU15M2Edward ThompsonCardiff2:43.82:43.8
P2:44.3Moses GeeSBU15M1 Barry & Vale2:44.32:32.5
P2:44.4Samuel SnaithPBU15M1Danny CarterBarry & Vale2:34.552:32.7
P2:44.7Angus Robertson U15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:32.292:32.29
P2:44.7Ed Bowman U15M  C&V Sch  
P2:44.9Deri LeitchSBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:44.92:42.22
P2:45.6Fergus HodgsonPBU15M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:45.62:45.6
P2:45.8Harrison StevensPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:45.82:45.8
P2:46.2Garmon ab U15M  C&V Sch  
P2:46.8Cai Evans U15M  C&V Sch  
P2:46.8Max Cunnington U15M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:40.512:40.51
P2:47.0Rhys BradshawSBU15M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:47.02:28.03
P2:48.9Corey CurtisPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:48.92:48.9
P2:50.3James NashPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:50.32:50.3
P2:51.7Tom PitmanPBU17M3 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:51.72:51.7
P2:52.5Isaac RawlingsPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:52.52:52.5
P2:53.1Kieran HorriganPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:53.12:53.1
P2:53.9Cory RichardsonPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:53.92:53.9
P2:55.5Gethin JonesPBU20M5 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:55.52:55.5
P2:55.7Tom Auton U15M  C&V Sch  
P2:56.0Lewis GibbonSBU15M2Frederick MalkinBarry & Vale2:56.02:30.0
P2:56.0Lewis Thomas U15M  C&V Sch  
P2:56.4Cameron BurkePBU15M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:56.42:56.4
P2:57.6Laurence BowmanPBU15M1 Barry & Vale2:57.62:57.6
P2:58.6Ethan WilliamsPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:58.62:58.6
P2:59.0Callum JonesPBU15M2 Cardiff2:59.02:59.0
P2:59.2Jordan SarrasPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:59.22:59.2
P2:59.7Luke RogersPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:59.72:59.7
P3:00.4Joshua Hufton U15M  C&V Sch  
P3:01.0Joe MorganPBU17M4John PennyCardiff3:01.03:01.0
P3:02.5Cadan Ashun U15M  C&V Sch  
P3:03.0Josh WilbyPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs3:03.03:03.0
P3:04.4Ben Hunter U15M  C&V Sch  
P3:04.6Tomaso Dimech U15M  C&V Sch  
P3:07.2James LargePBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs3:07.23:07.2
P3:08.5Alessandro DimechPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs3:08.53:08.5
P3:12.0Jack Brickle U15M  C&V Sch  
P3:22.1Iwan WilliamsPBU15M2 Cardiff3:22.13:22.1
P3:22.5Johan Hoogendoorn U15M1 Cardiff Archers3:10.883:07.52
P3:23.9Steffan JonesPBU23M8 Cardiff & The Vale Schs3:23.93:23.9
P3:24.3Thomas Williams U15M  C&V Sch  
P3:43.2Cameron Kilday U15M  C&V Sch  
PDNFAeron Evans U15M2Tim FryCardiff2:17.32:01.73
PDNSTyrell Williams U15M  C&V Sch  
PDNSRhys Davies U15M  C&V Sch  
PDNSShaun Carpenter U15M  C&V Sch  
PDNSBen Brown SENM  Cardiff & The Vale Schs  
800 U17W
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
P2:51.4Bethan Thomas U17W  C&V Sch  
P2:51.9Brooke Langton-CryerPBU17W1Gareth LeaseCardiff2:49.102:49.10
P2:52.1Megan WilliamsPBU17W2 Cardiff2:39.442:39.44
P2:53.7Alia YadollahiPBU17W1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:53.72:53.7
P2:56.2Georgia BrownPBU17W1 Cardiff2:56.22:56.2
P3:00.0Tillie CarterSBU17W2Andrew JollyBarry & Vale3:00.02:50.5
P3:02.9Tamara PittPBU17W1 Cardiff3:02.93:02.9
P3:04.0Megan AtkinsPBU17W1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs3:04.03:04.0
P3:04.6Becca Morrell U17W  C&V Sch  
P3:07.1Jessica MorganPBU17W2 Barry & Vale3:07.13:07.1
P3:07.8Manon Griffith U17W  C&V Sch  
P3:09.4Elan Parry-Lowther U17W  C&V Sch  
P3:18.7Hannah Riggs U17W  C&V Sch  
P3:24.4Harriet Combs U17W  C&V Sch  
P3:30.2Brionni Townsend U17W  C&V Sch  
P3:32.5Ffion ByrnePBU17W2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs3:32.53:32.5
P3:32.6Holly HowlesPBU17W1 Barry & Vale3:32.63:32.6
P3:34.5Lydi Bowen Williams U17W  C&V Sch  
P3:43.9Angharad ThomasSBU23W7 Cardiff & The Vale Schs3:43.93:40.30
P3:55.5Cari-Ann O'ToolePBU17W1 Barry & Vale3:55.53:55.5
P4:04.2Grace Hubbard-SmithPBU17W1Helen Patricia JamesCardiff4:04.24:04.2
800 U15W
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
P2:44.4Amy Ahia U15W1Emma LyonsCardiff Archers2:40.82:40.8
P2:52.4Katy Williams U15W1 Barry & Vale2:43.62:43.6
P2:56.3Genevieve KirkPBU15W2 Cardiff2:56.32:56.3
P2:57.0Bethan LittleSBU17W3 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:57.02:56.3
P2:57.9Lauren Evans U15W1Emma LyonsCardiff2:45.192:33.72
P3:01.6Faye GibbonSBU15W2 Barry & Vale3:01.62:52.74
P3:01.7Samantha ThomasSBU15W1 Cardiff3:01.72:59.3
P3:1.7Rachel RellyPBU15W1 Barry & Vale3:1.73:1.7
P3:01.9Niamh GaltonPBU15W2Gareth LeaseCardiff2:47.052:47.05
P3:05.6Kelsea PetersonSBU17W3 Cardiff & The Vale Schs3:05.62:48.31
P3:07.2Nia Attwell U17W3 Cardiff & The Vale Schs2:51.762:51.76
P3:08.2Rhian JonesSBU15W2 Barry & Vale3:08.22:35.3
P3:09.1Broni TurnbullPBU15W1 Barry & Vale3:09.13:09.1
P3:09.3Charlotte RobinsonPBU17W3 Cardiff & The Vale Schs3:09.33:09.3
P3:10.6Georgina SweetPBU15W1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs3:10.63:10.6
P3:11.0Luca HillSBU15W2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs3:11.03:09.8
P3:11.5Nel WilliamsSBU15W2 Cardiff3:11.52:47.16
P3:12.0Ella PowellSBU15W1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs3:12.02:57.87
P3:12.1Eva ThompsonPBU15W1 Cardiff Archers3:12.13:12.1
P3:13.8Catrin Lord U15W1Helen Patricia JamesCardiff3:04.743:04.74
P3:15.3Olivia AhmedPBU15W1 Barry & Vale3:15.33:15.3
P3:16.4Issy Jenks U15W1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs3:13.782:55.46
P3:17.3Cameron LockePBU15W1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs3:17.33:17.3
P3:17.9Sophie DoogueSBU15W2 Barry & Vale3:17.93:15.5
P3:19.1Catherine Liguz U15W2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs3:18.313:15.2
P3:22.7Ellie JonesPBU15W2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs3:22.73:22.7
P3:24.0Hollie DaviesPBU15W2 Cardiff3:24.03:24.0
P3:24.1Tayla Gerrish U15W  C&V Sch  
P3:24.9Tamara Freeman U15W  C&V Sch  
P3:25.2Jordan GibbsPBU15W1 Barry & Vale3:25.23:25.2
P3:25.3Jennifer SaniPBU15W1 Cardiff Archers3:25.33:25.3
P3:26.0Nia Davies U15W  C&V Sch  
P3:26.3Bethan Williams U15W  C&V Sch  
P3:26.5Carys OsborneSBU15W1 Cardiff3:26.53:19.3
P3:27.8Nia FennSBU17W3 Cardiff & The Vale Schs3:27.83:21.84
P3:29.9Chelsea Slack U15W  C&V Sch  
P3:30.3Jess ShalomPBU15W2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs3:30.33:30.3
P3:32.4Anwen Fardy U15W  C&V Sch  
P3:34.6Hollie McCormackPBU15W2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs3:34.63:34.6
P3:35.2Pippa Jolles U15W  C&V Sch  
P3:35.3Elen Masters U15W  C&V Sch  
P3:35.4Elysse HaywoodPBU15W1 Cardiff Archers3:35.43:35.4
P3:47.7Molly Chick U15W  C&V Sch  
P3:49.7Mia Watkins U15W  C&V Sch  
P3:50.4Elan Jones U15W  C&V Sch  
P3:51.1Rosie Ellis U15W  C&V Sch  
P3:56.4Lucia HanlonPBU15W2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs3:56.43:56.4
P4:01.9Ffion ThomasPBU15W2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs4:01.94:01.9
PDNFElen Dafydd U15W  C&V Sch  
PDNFVarnah Williams U15W  C&V Sch  
PDNSNatalie Goodwin U15W  C&V Sch  
PDNSElla Mae Comanescu U15W2 Cardiff  
PDNSMegan Slater U15W  C&V Sch  
PDNSBelinda Wallace U15W2 Cardiff 2:45.21
PDNSKatie Chatwell U15W2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs 3:28.6