PECO League External Results
2 Mar 14
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PosMWACPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
1 130:15Simon PassV40M  Saltaire Striders
2 230:32Colin WalkerV40M  Pudsey & Bramley
3 330:36Paul MillgateV40M  Wetherby
4  30:39Will KerrV35M Brian ScobieSaltaire Striders/Bradford Airedale
5  30:40Andrew BedfordSENM  Saltaire Striders
6 430:51Kevin OgdenV40M  Spenborough/Hyde Park Harriers
7  31:00Matthew HallamSENM  Kippax/Abbey Runners Leeds
8  31:37Emile CaressSENM  Bingley Harriers
9  31:41Sam AlexanderSENM  Abbey Runners
10  31:45James HallU20M Mick WoodsWharfedale/Bingley
11  31:49William MorrisSENM  Airecentre Pacers
12  31:53Gwilym ThomasV35M  Valley Striders
13  32:00Rob FurnessSENM  Horsforth Harriers
14  32:03Paul FotherbyV35M  Valley Striders
15  32:05Ross BlackburnSENM  Rothwell
16  32:07Franco PardiniSENM  Valley Striders
17  32:10Tim StreetSENM  Horsforth Harriers
18  32:11Girma AyanaSENM  Littledown
19 132:13Jon HolahV50M  Pudsey & Bramley
20  32:19Philip LivermoreV35M  Abbey Runners Leeds
21  32:25Neal EdmondsonSENM  Horsforth Harriers
221 32:34Annabel MasonU17W  Wakefield
23 132:37Paul NelsonV45M  Wetherby Runners
24  32:39John RobsonV35M  St. Theresa's
25  32:40Paul KaiserV35M  Valley Striders
26  32:41Daniel CrossSENM  Hyde Park Harriers
27  32:42Allan DoddsV40M  Roundhay Runners
28 232:43David ChristieV45M  Knaresborough Striders
29 332:44Dominic NurseV45M  Abbey Runners Leeds
30  32:48James McKennaSENM  Harrogate & York Tri Clubs
31 532:50Ian AndersonV40M  Harrogate & York Tri Clubs
32  32:53Mark MonaghanV35M  Horsforth Harriers
33  32:56John MasonV50M  Wakefield
34 432:59Dave McGuireV45M  Wharefedale Harriers
35  32:59Stefan SkrimshireSENM  Abbey Runners Leeds
36  33:04Jeremy LadymanV35M  Valley Striders
37 233:08Charles LinesV50M  Ackworth/Unattached
38 633:10Stephen CoyV40M  Ilkley
39  33:20Simon MidwoodSENM  Valley Striders
40 533:22Gerard MillsV45M  Bradford Airedale
41  33:25Chris LyonsV35M Chris LyonsChapel Allerton
42  33:28Nick KeenSENM  Chapel Allerton
43  33:39James GoodallSENM  Eccleshill
44  33:48Alex RomaniwSENM  Abbey Runners Leeds
45 333:49Steve WebbV50M  Valley Striders/Civil Service
46 633:50Graham ShooterV45M  St. Theresa's
47  33:54Tim BuckleySENM  Harrogate & York Tri Clubs
48  33:58Steve WilkinsV35M  Valley Striders
49  34:01Sam WallisV35M  Saltaire Striders
50  34:05Tony WardSENM  Team Trisports/Abbey Runners Leeds
51  34:07Kevin DrewSENM  Abbey Runners Leeds
52 734:14Joseph KwallahV45M  Wetherby
53  34:15Stan KaranasiosSENM  Hyde Park Harriers
54 834:19Mick LoftusV45M  Valley Striders
55 734:21Jamie DilasserV40M  Harrogate/Unattached
56 834:23David AllisonV40M  Chapel Allerton
57  34:25Stuart SaundersU23M  Hyde Park Harriers
58 434:36Duncan ClarkV50M  Abbey Runners Leeds
59  34:45William MaddockSENM  Harrogate & York Tri Clubs
60  34:48Timothy AndrewSENM  Harrogate & York Tri Clubs
61  34:49Mark MillsSENM  Ackworth
62  35:00Christian EastonV35M Christian EastonChapel Allerton
63  35:04Kirk HaddonSENM  Abbey Runners Leeds
64 935:11Richard SunleyV45M  Horsforth Harriers
65  35:13Duncan SleighSENM  Harrogate & York Tri Clubs
66  35:15Robin OwenV35M  Abbey Runners Leeds
67  35:16Colin TranterSENM  Hyde Park Harriers
68  35:20Peter WilkieV35M  Roundhay Runners
69  35:26Jon PownallSENM  Valley Striders
70 935:29Peter DawsonV40M  Rothwell
71 1035:32Martin John FillinghamV40M  Saltaire Striders
72  35:33Gary MannSENM  Valley Striders
73 535:34Steven WigglesworthV50M  Ackworth
74 1035:54Paul BrownV45M  Rothwell
75 1135:58Paul NewsomeV40M  St. Theresa's
76 636:03Stuart DunbarV50M  Saltaire Striders
77 1136:06Ian LeggV50M  Wetherby
78  36:16Greg WeatherheadSENM  Abbey Runners Leeds
79  36:16Paul MillerSENM  Kirkstall
80 1236:17Ian OgdenV40M  Spenborough/Saltaire Striders
81  36:18Neil BurtonV40M  Horsforth Harriers
82 1336:21Gareth CavillV40M  Abbey Runners Leeds
832136:21Karen GarvicanV35W  Abbey Runners Leeds
84  36:45Richard FosterSENM  Abbey Runners Leeds
85  36:46Adam HartleySENM  Rothwell
86 136:54Mick ChambersV60M  Saltaire Striders/Unattached
87 1436:59Tony MillsV40M  Valley Striders
88 137:02Paul RenderV55M  Harrogate
89  37:07Tom WilliamsV35M  Hyde Park Harriers
90  37:08Lee AsquithSENM  Saltaire Striders
91  37:16Ben HartleyV35M  Hyde Park Harriers
92 737:18John HalliwellV50M  Abbey Runners Leeds
93 237:19Jack VerityV55M  Saltaire Striders
94  37:20Jonathan SmythSENM  Valley Striders
95 1537:23Stephen KirkV40M  Harrogate/Unattached
96 1237:26Jason WestmorelandV45M  Rothwell
97  37:29Scott HendersonV35M  Hyde Park Harriers
98 1637:41Richard WilsonV40M  Rothwell
99 1737:44Mike FurbyV40M  Valley Striders
100  37:45Simon GloverV35M  St. Theresa's
101 837:51Alan SchofieldV50M  St. Theresa's
102  37:52Robert SprostonV35M  Ackworth
103 1337:53Andrew DavidsonV45M  Abbey Runners Leeds
104  37:53Adam MogerV35M  Kirkstall
105  37:54Joe LeachU20M  Ackworth
106  37:55Martin ShawSENM  Abbey Runners Leeds
107 1437:58Ian JonesV45M  Saltaire Striders
108  38:01Dan PriceSENM  Chapel Allerton
109 938:03Peter AndersonV50M  St. Theresa's
110 1038:04Christopher GloverV50M  Kirkstall
111 1538:06Richard StoneV45M  Saltaire Striders
112 1138:11Jonathan EagleV50M  Horsforth Harriers
113  38:13Richard GaffySENM  Abbey Runners
114  38:17Chris JonesSENM  Saltaire Striders
115 1838:18Paul EbreyV40M  St. Theresa's
1163 38:18Emma RobinsonSENW  Unattached/Harrogate
117 1238:26David BeecroftV50M  Rothwell
118  38:29Scott LeachSENM  Fellandale
119  38:33Nick RankV35M  Abbey Runners Leeds
120 1338:35Andy PagdinV50M  Valley Striders
121 1938:41Martin JonesV40M  Abbey Runners Leeds
1224138:42Alison VarleyV40W  Leeds City
1235 38:50Myra JonesSENW  Valley Striders
1246238:58Karen BallV35W  Ackworth
125 1439:00Nick AndralojcV50M  Harrogate
126 1639:05Ian DownhamV45M  Kippax
1277339:06Claire HernV35W  Eccleshill
128 2039:06Robert CalverV40M  Chapel Allerton
129  39:08Andrew KirbyV35M  Kirkstall
1308139:10Sharon WilliamsV50W  Abbey Runners Leeds
131 2139:11Darren RogersV40M  Roundhay Runners
1329439:11Sarah O'SullivanV35W  Horsforth Harriers
13310239:14Rachel MackieV40W  Abbey Runners Leeds
134 1539:18Roy HugginsV50M  Valley Striders
135 1739:20Simon WebsterV45M  Valley Striders
136 1839:23Stephen TaylorV45M  Chapel Allerton
137 1639:27Nigel McKaineV50M  Wetherby
138  39:31Jonathan MillsV35M  Chapel Allerton
139 2239:37Joe HanneyV40M  Valley Striders
140 1939:43Kevin NicholasV45M  Dragons
141 339:47Chris JonesV55M  Hyde Park Harriers
142  39:54Daniel WaasSENM  Hyde Park Harriers
14311 40:00Steph WilsonV35W  Saltaire Striders
144  40:01Richard SmartSENM  Ackworth
14512 40:03Niamh JacksonSENW  Kirkstall
146 1740:10Iain DenbyV50M  Dragons
147 240:12Gordon CrawfordV60M  Hyde Park Harriers
148 1840:19Gary CarlisleV50M  Kirkstall
149 2040:19Steve NesbittV45M  City of York/Harrogate
150  40:20Marc HowardSENM  Bradford Airedale
151 1940:25Nic CuthbertsonV50M  Chapel Allerton
152 340:26John WardV60M  Abbey Runners Leeds
153  40:27David HughesV35M  Ackworth
154 440:29Ken FoxV55M  Hyde Park Harriers
15513 40:35Rebecca ForsterSENW  Chapel Allerton
156  40:36Marc RandallV35M Marc RandallRothwell
157 2340:41David FennahV40M  Wetherby
158 2140:41Paul GrindleyV50M  Airecentre Pacers
15914 40:46Elizabeth BurrowsSENW  Ackworth
160  40:49Simon ClothierV35M  Kippax
161  41:00Liam MealeySENM  Kirkstall
162 2041:02Mark SkinnerV50M  Kirkstall
16315541:03Liga Magdalenoka-KeenV35W  Chapel Allerton
164 2241:03Stewart SpinkV45M  Saltaire Striders
165 2141:09Ian PatchettV50M  Abbey Runners Leeds
166 2341:12Richard BellV45M  Wetherby
167  41:14Nick ClaytonSENM  Kirkstall Harriers
168 2441:18Guy LeechV45M  Ackworth
169 141:24Christopher GillV65M  St. Theresa's
170  41:34Craig DanielsSENM  Ackworth
171 2541:37Michael WigglesworthV45M  Ackworth
172 2441:46Adam PartonV40M  Valley Striders
173 2641:47Peter BryantV45M  Dragons/Unattached
174  41:47Phil SteelSENM  Fellandale
17516 41:49Sian DaviesSENW  Rothwell Harriers
176 2241:52Jeremy WrightV50M  Saltaire Striders
177  41:54Martin SavageV35M  Kirkstall
178 2341:56Kevin BlackhurstV50M  Kirkstall
179 2741:56Martin McCleaveV45M  Horsforth Harriers
180 2841:57Mark LaughtonV45M  Harrogate & York Tri Clubs
181  42:02Jason BuckleySENM  Kirkstall
182 2442:06Trevor RhodesV50M  Eccleshill
183  42:08James MangeollesSENM  Horsforth Harriers
184  42:09Craig WarrenSENM  Chapel Allerton
185 2542:10Matthew TuplingV40M  Airecentre Pacers
18617 42:15Kathryn FiskSENW  Horsforth Fellandale
187 2642:22Steven TurnerV40M  Wetherby
18818642:28Alison BoyleV35W  Hyde Park Harriers
18919 42:30Charlotte DavisonSENW  Horsforth Harriers
190  42:34Ed FreckeltonSENM  Roundhay Runners
191 442:38David WomersleyV60M  Hyde Park Harriers
192 2942:43John HuntV45M  Saltaire Striders
19320 42:44Hannah CorneSENW  Valley Striders
194  42:45Alex GreenSENM  Harrogate
19521242:45Sue SunderlandV50W  Valley Striders
196 242:46Kevin WatsonV65M  Horsforth Harriers
19722342:49Bev ElliotV40W  Horsforth Harriers
198  42:54Ian GriffithsV35M  Horsforth Harriers/South London Orienteers
199  43:14Joseph DerrySENM  Chapel Allerton
200 543:18Ralph KidnerV60M  Hyde Park Harriers
20123743:24Tao (Judy) LuiV35W  STAC
20224 43:29Hikari YamaguchiSENW  Kirkstall
20325 43:32Rebecca GraySENW  Hyde Park Harriers
204  43:36James BoothSENM  Hyde Park Harriers
205  43:36Ian SheppardSENM  St. Theresa's
206 2543:39Garry EllisonV50M  Eccleshill
20726 43:40Laura HoggU23W  Kirkstall
208 2743:45Mike SmithV40M  Abbey Runners
209 2643:46Mick HoganV50M  Eccleshill
210 2743:56Roger WardV50M  Rothwell
211 3044:02Frank BeecroftV45M  Saltaire Striders
212 544:06John HusseyV60M  Valley Striders
213 2844:09Peter JohnsonV50M  Abbey Runners Leeds
21427 44:16Daisy KotlyarSENW  Hyde Park Harriers
215 644:18John PottsV60M  Kirkstall Harriers
216 3144:20Adrian LeachV45M  Ackworth/Fetch Everyone
217 2844:32Danny SampsonV40M  Harrogate & York Tri Clubs
218 744:35Barney LernerV60M  Saltaire Striders
21928444:36Gail WranglesV40W  Ackworth
220 844:41Steve WoodV60M  Horsforth Harriers
221 644:41Richard PullanV55M  Hyde Park Harriers
22229544:47Tracy FoyV40W  Saltaire Striders
22330644:52Mercedes NevadoV40W  Horsforth Harriers
224 3244:55Garry KeenanV45M  Wetherby
22531145:04Carol-Ann DaviesV55W  Rothwell
22632745:04Alison SmithV40W  Abbey Runners Leeds
22733 45:15Monica PadillaSENW  Hyde Park Harriers
228 2945:18Bruce FletcherV40M  Kippax
229 2945:18Richard ThomasV50M  Kirkstall
23034145:28Rachel CookeV45W  Ackworth
231 3345:32Andrew ByromV45M  Eccleshill RR
232 745:39Alistair SmythV55M  Valley Striders
233 345:46Carl PrendergastV65M  Fellandale
234  45:49Marc SteeleSENM  Eccleshill RR
23535845:51Emma Lavelle-WoodV35W  Kirkstall
236 445:54John MessengerV65M  Kippax
23736 45:58Victoria Burrows-BiltonSENW  Ackworth
238  46:00Jonathan MasonU20M  Hyde Park Harriers
23937246:02Lynne MetcalfeV45W  Rothwell
240 546:04Gordon LittleV65M  Horsforth Harriers
24138 46:06Elizabeth ScottSENW  Chapel Allerton
24239346:07Dawn MalloyV45W  Harrogate & York Tri Clubs
243 3046:08Andy RichardsV50M  Harrogate & York Tri Clubs
24440446:12Angela PattinsonV45W  Horsforth Harriers
24541846:16Louise NashV40W  Saltaire Striders
246 3146:17Peter CallaghanV50M  Wetherby
24742546:20Jo HeseltineV45W James WardmanRothwell
24843646:23Louise JohnsonV45W  Dragons
249  46:26John FieldSENM  Wetherby Runners
250 3246:28Reza AbdiV45M  Saltaire Striders
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