Event Year Include Indirect
Helen Godsell V60W Blackheath & Bromley/Southern Counties Vets
Emily McMahon V65W Enfield & Haringey/Eastern Masters/Loughton
Fiona Argent V60W Medway & Maidstone/Veterans/Tonbridge
Anne Nelson V65W Epsom & Ewell/Veterans
Sue Dassie V65W Epsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets/Veterans
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EventMeetingVenueDateHelen GodsellEmily McMahonFiona ArgentAnne NelsonSue Dassie
60BMAF Indoor ChampsCardiff19 Feb 058.9619.3139.864
60British Masters ChampionshipsCardiff4 Mar 068.5219.0229.4439.746
60BMAF Indoor ChampionshipsLea Valley3 Mar 078.4819.1319.4759.712
60Southern Counties Veterans ChampionshipsLee Valley9 Feb 089.2919.622
60British Masters Indoor ChampionshipsLee Valley23 Feb 088.581rA9.603rA
60SCVAC ChampionshipsLee Valley8 Feb 098.6919.8549.8439.802
60Eastern Veterans AC & Veterans AC ChampionshipsLee Valley22 Feb 099.803r19.732r1
60BMAF Indoor ChampionshipsLee Valley7 Mar 098.5719.4029.6239.6349.655
60Southern Counties Veterans' ChampionshipsLee Valley14 Feb 108.74110.4769.905
60Belgian Masters Indoor ChampionshipsGent, BEL13 Mar 109.8969.554
60BMAF ChampionshipsLee Valley27 Mar 109.5139.7459.492
60Eastern Vets/Vets AC Indoor ChampionshipsLee Valley13 Feb 1110.1759.302
60Southern Counties Veterans Association ChampionshipsLee Valley20 Feb 1110.239.22
60BMAF ChampionshipsLee Valley26 Feb 1110.0959.262
60EVAC & VAC Championships (Inc unofficial BMAF Masters' Championships)Lee Valley19 Feb 129.832r110.154r1
60Belgium Indoor Masters ChampionshipsGhent, BEL10 Mar 129.9759.634
60BMAF ChampionshipsLee Valley17 Mar 129.65110.083
60Southern Counties Veterans' ChampionshipsLee Valley17 Feb 139.829.81
60BMAF South of England Championships (inc EVAC & VAC Championships) & Pentathlon ChampionshipsLee Valley24 Feb 139.703r110.406r112.647r1
60British Masters ChampionshipsLee Valley9 Mar 139.65210.094
60SCVAC ChampionshipsLee Valley15 Feb 148.9719.8329.853
60British Masters Indoor Pentathlon Championships (inc South of England/ Eastern Vets Championships)Lee Valley16 Feb 149.9949.9439.812
60BMAF ChampionshipsLee Valley8 Mar 148.9119.76410.0759.763
60BMAF ChampionshipsLee Valley8 Mar 148.881h19.692h1
60BMAF ChampionshipsLee Valley8 Mar 149.642h210.013h2
60World Masters ChampionshipsBudapest, HUN25 Mar 149.884s19.823s1
60South of England Masters' Championships inc British Masters PentathlonLee Valley15 Feb 158.8619.75310.244
60SCVAC ChampionshipsLee Valley22 Feb 158.9119.91410.455
60EAMA ChallengeLee Valley1 Mar 159.74210.224
60BMAF ChampionshipsLee Valley7 Mar 158.8519.82510.056
60European Masters Indoor ChampionshipsTorun, POL24 Mar 158.791h19.785h1
60British Masters Pentathlon, South of England Masters, EVAC & VAC Championships & Open MeetingLee Valley12 Feb 178.991r110.044r1
60SCVAC ChampionshipLee Valley19 Feb 179.00110.023
60England Masters Inter Area MatchLee Valley26 Feb 1712.2610.54
60British Masters ChampionshipsLee Valley11 Mar 1710.17410.113
60British Masters ChampionshipsLee Valley11 Mar 178.811r29.924r2
60British Masters Pentathlon Championships (inc South of England, EMAC & VAC Championships)Lee Valley25 Feb 1810.1329.791
60British Masters ChampionshipsLee Valley10 Mar 1810.01310.4159.772
60European Masters Indoor ChampionshipsMadrid, ESP20 Mar 189.993h19.692h1
60European Masters Indoor ChampionshipsMadrid, ESP21 Mar 189.96510.3589.733

Win-Loss-TieHelen GodsellEmily McMahonFiona ArgentAnne NelsonSue Dassie
Helen Godsell-8-0-06-0-010-0-08-0-0
Emily McMahon0-8-0-4-0-018-2-03-8-0
Fiona Argent0-6-00-4-0-4-3-01-1-0
Anne Nelson0-10-02-18-03-4-0-2-13-0
Sue Dassie0-8-08-3-01-1-013-2-0-