Alan Smith

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Club:Deeside Runners
Age Group:V55
County:Scotland East
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2018 V55 Deeside Runners
parkrun20:0761ElginElgin parkrun # 9313 Jan 18
4.5MXC42:427Fort WilliamLochaber Athletic Club Winter League25 Feb 18
6MXC41:4472DundeeWinter Series Races11 Feb 18
7.5MXC47:3761Fort WilliamLochaber Athletic Club Winter League7 Jan 18
10.5MMT94:4551FassfernLochaber Athletic Club Winter League21 Jan 18
11MMT79:2191Glen NevisLochaber Athletic Club Winter League4 Feb 18
2017 V55 Deeside Runners
3MMT24:34121AberdeenEl-Brim-Ick Dash7 Jan 17
5K19:5819:51675CrathieRun Balmoral ConocoPhillips 5K22 Apr 17
parkrun19:2261ElginElgin parkrun # 5018 Feb 17
parkrun19:4731AviemoreAviemore parkrun # 2918 Nov 17
4.2MMT26:10112BraveheartLAC Winter League - Braveheart Loop19 Nov 17
5MXC44:39131Fort WilliamLochaber AC Winter League26 Feb 17
6MXC34:0771BalgownieRunning Shop Winter Series3 Dec 17
6MXC41:53171KnockburnThe Running Shop Series5 Nov 17
10K44:3643:5914011CrathieRun Balmoral Stena Drilling Tartan 10K22 Apr 17
7MXC51:3791Glen NevisLochaber Athletic Club Winter League8 Jan 17
9.7MXC75:4291Fort WilliamLochaber AC Winter League5 Feb 17
ZXC54:1091Cruim LeaccainLochaber Athletic Club Winter League26 Dec 17
2016 V55 Deeside Runners
8.4KXC45:41101ErrachtLochaber Athletic Club Winter League - Beinn Bhan Bash11 Dec 16
10K41:3641:31372LumphananLumphanan Detox 10K2 Jan 16
ZXC55:1071Fort WilliamLochaber Athletic Club Winter League26 Dec 16
2015 V50 Deeside Runners
10KMT43:18162DinnetKinord 10K24 Oct 15
2014 V50 Deeside Runners
10KMT40:3281DinnetLoch Kinord 10K18 Oct 14
10M68:53347BallaterBallater 1027 Jul 14
ZFL23:2981South KirkhillEl-Brim-Ick Dash4 Jan 14
ZFL38:55292BanchoryScolty Hill Race1 Jun 14
ZFL57:18151AlloaMaddy Moss9 Jul 14
ZFL62:42526PenicuikCarnethy 5 (6.2M/2493ft)15 Feb 14
ZFL65:25171BennachieBennachie Hill Race5 Oct 14
ZFL85:25523DollarDollar (9.3M/3379ft)28 Jun 14
ZFL1:46:3416Fort WilliamBen Nevis (8.7M/4419ft)6 Sep 14
ZFL2:20:0472DufftownBen Rinnes Five Tops (14M/4921ft)26 Jul 14
ZFL2:31:08162StrathyreStuc A' Chroin 5000 (13.7M/4921ft)3 May 14
ZFL3:11:14102GlensherupOchil 2000s (18.6M/5003ft)23 Aug 14
ZFL3:33:38111Glen CoeTwo Inns12 Jul 14
ZFL3:44:05152Isle of JuraJura (17.4M/7775ft)24 May 14
ZFL3:53:41181GlensheeGlenshee 93 Aug 14
2013 V50 Deeside Runners
ZXC35:3986HaddoThe Running Shop Winter Series3 Feb 13
ZFL28:0131StrathyreBen Sheann (2.1M/1280ft)12 Jun 13
ZFL33:5941BirnamBirnam Hill (4M/1755ft)30 Mar 13
ZFL35:4751LuthrieNormans Law Hill Race30 Mar 13
ZFL36:42141Tinto HillTinto Hill Race9 Nov 13
ZFL38:2814StirlingDumyat Hill Race (5M/1280ft)8 May 13
ZFL38:40141EdinburghRed Moss Revolution19 Jun 13
ZFL49:1721GroddieMorven Hill Race28 Sep 13
ZFL58:0226 2PenicuikCarnethy 5 Hill Race (6.2M/2493ft)16 Feb 13
ZFL59:0431ConistonConiston Country Fair (6M/2402ft)21 Jul 13
ZFL71:2041Wasdale HeadScafell Pike (4.5M/2999ft)21 Sep 13
ZFL73:1251DingwallCioch Mhor Hill Race6 Apr 13
ZFL76:11101RowardennanBen Lomond Hill Races11 May 13
ZFL83:4583:41351LlanberisSnowdon (10M/3300ft)20 Jul 13
ZFL86:42102BrodickGoatfell Hill Race18 May 13
ZFL94:0891StrathmigloLomonds Of Fife (10.1M/2493ft)18 Aug 13
ZFL1:48:0116ClagganBen Nevis (8.7M/4419ft)7 Sep 13
ZFL2:14:2741DufftownBen Rinnes Five Tops (14M/4921ft)27 Jul 13
ZFL2:39:07232StrathyreStuc A' Chroin 5000 (13.7M/4921ft)4 May 13
ZFL3:02:3461GlencoeTwo Inns (14.9M/5807ft)10 Aug 13
ZFL3:34:2171BraemarLairig Ghru (26.5M/2100ft)30 Jun 13
ZFL3:45:42102Isle of JuraJura (17.4M/7775ft)25 May 13
ZFL5:29:15598HaworthHaworth Hobble - Wuthering Hike (31.7M/4396ft)9 Mar 13
2012 V50 Deeside Runners
10K42:347DinnetKinnord 10K20 Oct 12
10M72:2517Nethy BridgeRSPB Abernethy 1011 Aug 12
ZXC42:41947CuparScottish East District Championships8 Dec 12
2011 V50 Deeside Runners
10M83:338617BallaterBallater 1031 Jul 11
ZFL84:3984:33661SnowdonSnowdon International Race23 Jul 11
2009 V45 Deeside Runners
3.5MMT24:4361Rotten O'GairnKrunce 3.5M/500ft1 Sep 09
3.5MMT27:5151Balmedie BeachBalmedie Beach Bash 3.5M/300ft18 Jun 09
4.5MXC37:245GlennahulishLochaber Winter League13 Dec 09
ZMT31:1773Fort WilliamLochaber Winter League11 Jan 09
ZFL20:2641Fort WilliamCow Hill Race (2M/900ft)13 Jul 09
ZFL22:3161GlenholmChapelgill Hill Race21 Mar 09
ZFL24:0281WesthillEl-brim-ick Dash 3M/800ft10 Jan 09
ZFL25:1551Rotten O'GairnKrunce 3.5M/500ft4 Aug 09
ZFL26:0921KincraigAn Suidhe Hill Race (4.5M/800ft)4 Jul 09
ZFL29:143ObanBeinn Lora 3M/100ft29 Nov 09
ZFL29:4031StonehavenCheyne Hill 4M/740ft20 Aug 09
ZFL32:3832StrathpefferStrathpeffer Games Hill Race (3.5M/900ft)8 Aug 09
ZFL43:4341DurrisDurris Mast 5.5M/1000ft21 May 09
ZFL52:1611ThursoBeinn Ratha 7.5M/800ft25 Apr 09
ZFL62:4811Fort WilliamEagle Crag 5.4M/2500ft27 Jun 09
ZFL1:41:0021DurisdeerDurisdeer 10.5M/3800ft13 Jun 09
ZFLNT22Kinloch RannochCraig Varr Hill Race15 Aug 09
2008 V45 Deeside Runners
3.5MFL24:3651AberdeenKrunce Series 3.5M/500ft2 Sep 08
ZMT24:2231CountesswellsKingshill Krunce Forest Series6 May 08
ZMT24:3131AberdeenKrunce Forest Series1 Jul 08
ZMT24:5941CountesswellsKingshill Krunce Series1 Apr 08
ZFL23:3931GlenholmChapelgill Hill Race15 Mar 08
ZFL24:3651AberdeenKrunce Series 3.5M/500ft2 Sep 08
ZFL24:4641BalmedieBalmedie Beach Bash19 Jun 08
ZFL29:2432GrandtullyGrandtully Hill Race30 Mar 08
ZFL29:2831StonehavenCheyne Hill Race21 Aug 08
ZFL32:3921FairlieAdvertisign Kaim Hill Race30 Apr 08
ZFL32:4652GreenyardsEildon Hills21 Jun 08
ZFL35:1831BennachieMither Tap Hill Race (4M/1200ft)17 Jul 08
ZFL38:0441TillicoultryThe Law Breaker 3M/1900ft28 Dec 08
ZFL39:36134CarncastleP&O Knockdhu Classic26 Apr 08
ZFL41:2141Durris MastDurris Mast Hill Race15 May 08
ZFL55:3054SkyeGlamaig Hill Race5 Jul 08
ZFL65:1231WasdaleScafell Pike 4.5M/3000ft27 Sep 08
ZFL79:0354DingwallCioch Mhor Hill Race13 Apr 08
ZFL90:5421StrachanClachnaben Hill Race19 Apr 08
ZFLNT21Tomintoul Tominabat Hill Race19 Jul 08
ZFLNT31Kinloch Rannoch Craig Varr Hill Race (3M/1000ft)16 Aug 08
2007 V45 Deeside Runners
ZMT24:2641AberdeenKingshill Krunce Forest Series4 Sep 07
ZMT24:4351Countesswells ForestKingshill Krunce Series7 Aug 07
2004 V40 Deeside Runners
10K37:406LagganLAGGAN 10km29 May 04
2003 V40 Deeside Runners
Mar2:59:3824LutonLuton Mar7 Dec 03
Total Performances: 107
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