Emma Andersson

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Club:Shaftesbury Barnet/Sweden
Age Group:SEN
Lead Coach:Richard Humby2020-
Previous Lead:Jack Frost-2015
Previous Lead:Ellie Spain2015-2020

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2022 SEN Shaftesbury Barnet/Sweden
PV4.01i11CLoughboroughLoughborough Indoor Open16 Jan 22
PV4.01i2LoughboroughLoughborough Pole Vault Invitational - Elite18 Feb 22
PV4.00i4BCarshalton11th South London Athletics Network Early Season Indoor Open8 Jan 22
PV4.00i4SportcityBoxx United Manchester Indoor Tour22 Jan 22
PV3.80i4Lee ValleySouthern U20/Senior Championships6 Feb 22
2021 SEN Shaftesbury Barnet/Sweden
PV4.055CardiffWelsh Senior Championships (inc. Under 15)15 Aug 21
PV4.003BedfordEngland Athletics Senior Championships, including Disability Championships18 Jul 21
PV4.001AHendonNational Athletics League Premier London North28 Aug 21
PV3.902BedfordSouth of England U20/Senior Championships12 Jun 21
PV3.901BHendonNational Athletics League Premier London North4 Jul 21
PV3.903LoughboroughClayton Invitational30 Jul 21
PV3.802BSouthamptonSouthampton AC Spring Invitation Pole Vault22 May 21
2020 SEN Shaftesbury Barnet/Sweden
PV4.02i3CCarshaltonVault London9 Feb 20
PV4.02i1FCardiffVault Cardiff8 Mar 20
PV3.98i1BLee ValleyLondon U20 / Senior Games18 Jan 20
PV3.91i5CardiffWelsh Athletics Senior Championships25 Jan 20
PV3.90i2Lee ValleySouth of England AA U20 / Senior Championships2 Feb 20
PV3.90i6BUxbridgeBrunel Jumps & Throws Festival22 Feb 20
2019 SEN Shaftesbury Barnet/Sweden
PV4.10i5CUxbridgeBrunel Jumps & Throws Series3 Feb 19
PV4.00i2Lee ValleySouth of England AA U20 / Senior Championships20 Jan 19
PV4.001AHendonUK Women's League Division 19 Jun 19
PV3.96i2BLee ValleyLondon Senior & U20 Games26 Jan 19
PV3.961LoughboroughLoughborough EAP Open Meeting6 Aug 19
PV3.95i3Loughborough40 till 40 Pole Vault24 Feb 19
PV3.901BedfordSouth of England AA U20 / Senior Championships1 Jun 19
PV3.86i4CUxbridgeBrunel Jumps & Throws Series3 Mar 19
PV3.83i8DCardiffVault Cardiff10 Mar 19
PV3.803Geneva, SUIAtletiCAGenève15 Jun 19
PV3.802Kessel-Lo, BELMeeting Voor Mon17 Aug 19
PV3.701=AStevenageUK Women's League Division 16 Jul 19
PV3.658LoughboroughLoughborough International19 May 19
PVNM-SportcityManchester International Match (Inc Home Countries International)14 Aug 19
2018 SEN Shaftesbury Barnet/Sweden
PV4.05i2Gävle, SWESwedish National Championships - Friidrotts ISM 201817 Feb 18
PV4.011CardiffWelsh Championships14 Jul 18
PV4.002BedfordSouth of England AA U20 / Senior Championships9 Jun 18
PV4.005=Kessel-Lo, BELMeeting voor Mon4 Aug 18
PV3.903LoughboroughLoughborough International20 May 18
PV3.903ACardiffUK Women's League Division 12 Jun 18
PV3.86i3ALee ValleyLondon Senior & U20 Games27 Jan 18
PV3.864LoughboroughLoughborough EAP Open Meeting25 Jul 18
PV3.82i4CardiffVault Cardiff21 Jan 18
PV3.821LoughboroughLoughborough Students AC Open9 May 18
PV3.81i2BUxbridgeBrunel Jumps & Throws Series4 Feb 18
PV3.80i2Lee ValleySouth of England AA U20 / Senior Championships14 Jan 18
PV3.802BasingstokeHampshire Grand Prix Open18 Jul 18
PV3.507SportcityCAU Inter-County Championships (Inc England Athletics Senior Championships)29 Jul 18
2017 SEN Shaftesbury Barnet/Sweden
PV3.953AHelsingborg, SWEFriidrott SM (Swedish National Championship)25 Aug 17
PV3.902=AEtonUK Women's League Premier Division3 Jun 17
PV3.901nsSouthamptonSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 119 Aug 17
PV3.88i7Växjö, SWESwedish Indoor Championships25 Feb 17
PV3.854CardiffRun with the Wind Open21 Jun 17
PV3.80i4Lee ValleySouth of England AA U20 / Senior Championships15 Jan 17
PV3.801AKingstonSouthern Counties Senior Inter County Match2 Jul 17
PV3.75i5BBirminghamBirmingham Games19 Feb 17
PV3.713SouthamptonWest London Pole Vault Invitational5 Aug 17
PV3.655BedfordCAU Inter-County Championships (Inc England Athletics Senior Championships)30 Jul 17
PV3.62i10SheffieldBritish Athletics Indoor Team Trials11 Feb 17
PV3.604ABirminghamUK Women's League Premier Division6 May 17
PV3.559CardiffWelsh Championships10 Jun 17
2016 SEN Shaftesbury Barnet/Loughborough Students/Sweden
PV3.771BStockholm, SWESwedish Athletics Championships27 Aug 16
PV3.70i2nsLee ValleyInter Varsity Meeting3 Feb 16
PV3.705BedfordCAU Inter-County Championships (Inc England Athletics Senior Championships)31 Jul 16
PV3.63i3UxbridgeWest London Pole Vault Invitation10 Jan 16
PV3.614EtonWest London Pole Vault Invitational11 May 16
PV3.60i2ALee ValleyLondon Senior & U20 Games30 Jan 16
PV3.604BLoughboroughLoughborough Students AC Open25 May 16
PV3.602ASwanseaUK Women's League Premier Division4 Jun 16
PV3.601nsEtonSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 3SW9 Jul 16
PV3.56i4Lee ValleyMetaswitch Games Open3 Jan 16
PV3.56i6KCardiffVault Cardiff24 Jan 16
PV3.551nsEtonSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 3SW20 Aug 16
2015 SEN Sale Harriers Manchester/Loughborough Students/Sweden
PV3.801Huddinge, SWEHuddinge Spelen12 Jun 15
2014 SEN Sale Harriers Manchester/Loughborough Students/Sweden
PV3.70i2SheffieldBUCS Indoor Championships23 Feb 14
PV3.703LoughboroughLoughborough Students AC Open Meeting11 Jun 14
PV3.65i5CardiffVault Cardiff1 Feb 14
PV3.652LoughboroughLoughborough Students AC v East Midlands v Combined Services v Achilles28 May 14
PVNMi-SheffieldBritish Athletics Championships8 Feb 14
2013 U23 Sale Harriers Manchester/Loughborough Students/Sweden
PV3.734Boras, SWESvenska Masterskapen i Friidrott31 Aug 13
PV3.45i4LoughboroughLoughborough Students AC Open7 Dec 13
2012 U23 Sale Harriers Manchester/Loughborough Students/Sweden
PV3.50i2SheffieldRAF v British Universities15 Feb 12
PV3.45i1LoughboroughLoughborough Students AC Open Meeting21 Jan 12
PV3.453LoughboroughLoughborough Students v East Midlands v Birmingham University30 May 12
PV3.43i3DSportcityVault Manchester14 Jan 12
PV3.416ASportcitySportcity Pole Vault Competition6 Jun 12
PV3.40i2LoughboroughLoughborough Students BUCS Trials28 Apr 12
PV3.303AOlympic ParkBUCS Championships5 May 12
PVNHi-ABirminghamInter Varsity Match8 Feb 12
PVNM-Olympic ParkBUCS Championships6 May 12
2011 U23 Sale Harriers Manchester/Loughborough Students/Sweden
40067.09i32SheffieldRAF Invitation16 Feb 11
PV3.31i5SportcityOpen Pole Vault27 Aug 11
PV3.302LoughboroughLoughborough v East Midlands v British Police25 May 11
PV3.21i1LoughboroughLoughborough Open Meeting26 Feb 11
PV3.202LoughboroughLoughborough Students v Birmingham University v Army11 May 11
PV3.12i7SportcityVault Manchester15 Jan 11
PV3.10i9SheffieldRAF Invitation16 Feb 11
PV3.10i1=LoughboroughLoughborough Students AC Open Meeting10 Dec 11
2010 U20 Sale Harriers Manchester/Sweden
PV3.201SportcitySportcity Pole Vault Meeting17 Aug 10
PV3.151SportcityPole Vault Series7 Sep 10
PV3.103BBirminghamUK Women's League Premier5 Jun 10
PV3.10i3LoughboroughLoughborough Open11 Dec 10
PV3.003SportcityNorthern Athletics Senior & U20 Championships13 Jun 10
PV3.002AGatesheadNational Junior Athletic League Northern Premier27 Jun 10
PV3.001SportcityPole Vault Series31 Aug 10
PV2.93i5SportcityVault Manchester16 Jan 10
PV2.901BSportcityNational Junior Athletic League Northern Premier25 Apr 10
PV2.85i2ASportcityReebok Manchester Open Meeting7 Mar 10
PV2.801BWakefieldNorthern League 11 May 10
DT1K2.801BWakefieldNorthern League 11 May 10
2009 U20 Sale Harriers Manchester/Sweden
PV3.05i11SportcityReebok Manchester Open Meeting20 Dec 09
PV2.85i6=QASportcityReebok Manchester Open Meeting6 Dec 09
2008 U17 Sale Harriers Manchester/Sweden
LJ4.63MacclesfieldCheshire Schools' Championships14 Jun 08
LJ4.62BirminghamESAA Mason Trophy Schools Inter-County Championships21 Jun 08
2007 U17 Sale Harriers Manchester/Sweden
LJ4.78MacclesfieldCheshire County Schools Championships9 Jun 07
Total Performances: 113
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