Robert Scarfe

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Age Group:V65
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2020 V65 Wymondham
5KXC28:061276Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League12 Jan 20
10K61:3162:0847610EastonSportlink Grand Prix - Valentine 10K16 Feb 20
ZXCNT1064Blickling ParkEast Anglian League29 Jan 20
ZXCNT1123ThetfordEast Anglian League5 Feb 20
ZXCNT914StowmarketEast Anglian League19 Feb 20
ZXCNT773RAF MarhamEast Anglian League26 Feb 20
2019 V65 Wymondham
6.5KXC38:201533Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League8 Dec 19
10K58:0958:262149CroxtonBreckland 10K6 May 19
10K60:0661:034718EastonSportlink Grand Prix - Valentine 10K17 Feb 19
10KXC64:57882ReephamReepham Runners Open20 Jan 19
10M1:43:411:44:1945013DerehamDereham 1012 May 19
ZXCNT794RAF MarhamEast Anglian League16 Jan 19
ZXCNT1034NorwichEast Anglian League23 Jan 19
ZXCNT885ThetfordEast Anglian League6 Feb 19
ZXCNT692StowmarketEast Anglian League20 Feb 19
ZXCNT886NorwichEast Anglian League27 Mar 19
ZXCNT1087West RuntonEast Anglian League16 Oct 19
ZXCNT1566TrowseEast Anglian League6 Nov 19
ZXCNT1167Caister-on-SeaEast Anglian League20 Nov 19
ZXCNT1196ReephamEast Anglian League11 Dec 19
2018 V65 Wymondham
5M48:2148:462796WorsteadWorstead Festival 527 Jul 18
10K56:5857:164449Great YarmouthGreat Yarmouth East Coast 10K14 Oct 18
10K59:0560:07117643King's LynnAsda Foundation GEAR 10K6 May 18
ZXCNT756Downham MarketEast Anglian League10 Jan 18
ZXCNT1068NorwichEast Anglian League24 Jan 18
ZXCNT859ThetfordEast Anglian League7 Feb 18
ZXCNT858West RuntonEast Anglian League10 Oct 18
ZXCNT13412TrowseEast Anglian League7 Nov 18
ZXCNT11111FrittonEast Anglian League21 Nov 18
ZXCNT1006ReephamEast Anglian League12 Dec 18
2017 V60 Wymondham
10K56:5257:1338614Great YarmouthGreat Yarmouth East Coast 10K15 Oct 17
10K58:0158:47105635King's LynnGrand East Anglia Run 10K30 Apr 17
ZXCNT987Downham MarketEast Anglian League18 Jan 17
ZXCNT607StowmarketEast Anglian League8 Feb 17
ZXCNT587BrandonEast Anglian League22 Feb 17
ZXCNT607Bury St EdmundsEast Anglian League8 Mar 17
ZXCNT649NorwichEast Anglian League22 Mar 17
ZXCNT768West RuntonEast Anglian League18 Oct 17
ZXCNT10510TrowseEast Anglian League8 Nov 17
ZXCNT1069FrittonEast Anglian League22 Nov 17
ZXCNT938ReephamEast Anglian League13 Dec 17
2016 V60 Wymondham
4.2MXC49:42131BungayGroggy Doggy Open26 Dec 16
6MXC62:1066ReephamReepham Runners Open3 Jan 16
6MXCNT553North WalshamEast Anglian League24 Feb 16
10K56:0056:2127916Great YarmouthGreat Yarmouth East Coast 10K16 Oct 16
10K57:0657:273396NorwichTrowse 10K27 Mar 16
10K56:2158:28119335King's LynnGrand East Anglia Run 10K1 May 16
10K58:2958:593226EastonValentine 10K (Inc Norfolk Championships)14 Feb 16
10KMT59:4059:531809East HarlingHarling 10K10 Jul 16
ZXCNT684UEAEast Anglian League13 Jan 16
ZXCNT754MarhamEast Anglian League20 Jan 16
ZXCNT725NorwichEast Anglian League23 Mar 16
ZXCNT836FrittonEast Anglian League9 Nov 16
ZXCNT978TrowseEast Anglian League23 Nov 16
ZXCNT978ReephamEast Anglian League14 Dec 16
2015 V60 Wymondham
10K54:4635716Great YarmouthGreat Yarmouth East Coast 10K18 Oct 15
10K55:3557:0498226King's LynnGrand East Anglia Run 10K3 May 15
10K57:1357:473438EastonValentine 10K (Inc Norfolk Championships)15 Feb 15
6.5MXCNT897TrowseEast Anglian League25 Nov 15
6.75MXCNT785Fritton LakeEast Anglian League11 Nov 15
10M97:0323814DerehamDereham 1010 May 15
ZXC51:26134BungayGroggy Doggy Open26 Dec 15
ZXCNT735HoningtonEast Anglian League28 Oct 15
ZXCNT696ReephamEast Anglian League16 Dec 15
2014 V60 Wymondham
10K55:362008CroxtonBreckland 10K5 May 14
10K56:0856:2324313EastonValentine 10K16 Feb 14
10K57:2629215Great YarmouthGreat Yarmouth East Coast 10K19 Oct 14
10KMT57:5658:091058East HarlingHarling 10K13 Jul 14
ZXC26:3813Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League12 Oct 14
ZXC36:34707Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League14 Dec 14
ZXC47:538914Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League16 Nov 14
ZXCNT752Whitwell StationEast Anglian League11 Jan 14
ZXCNT824UEAEast Anglian League15 Jan 14
ZXCNT722Shouldham WarrenEast Anglian League22 Jan 14
ZXCNT543RAF BarnhamEast Anglian League5 Mar 14
2013 V60 Wymondham
10K50:361042DitchinghamRoger Wing Memorial Charity 10K29 Mar 13
10K51:5753:0960819King's LynnGrand East Anglia Run 10K5 May 13
10K53:3353:4924210Great YarmouthGreat Yarmouth East Coast 10K20 Oct 13
10KMT52:05695East HarlingHarling 10K14 Jul 13
10M85:011559DerehamDereham 1012 May 13
ZXC49:24193BungayGroggy Doggy Boxing Day Cross Country26 Dec 13
ZXCNT944RAF BarnhamEast Anglian League23 Oct 13
ZXCNT884Fritton LakeEast Anglian League6 Nov 13
2012 V55 Wymondham
10K53:33664East HarlingEast Harling 10K15 Jul 12
10K53:1353:4463164King's LynnGrand East Anglia Run 10K6 May 12
10K53:5629811NorwichTrowse 10K8 Apr 12
10K54:071178FrettenhamMike Groves 10K30 Sep 12
10M87:53c30018ReedhamReedham 1029 Jan 12
ZXCNT825RAF MarhamEast Anglia League11 Jan 12
ZXCNT415RAF MarhamEast Anglia League25 Jan 12
ZXCNT445Easton CollegeEast Anglia League8 Feb 12
ZXCNT435Bury St. EdmundsEast Anglia League29 Feb 12
2011 V55 Wymondham
5MMT43:316111ColtishallMike Groves Run15 Jul 11
10K52:4353:0962467King's LynnGrand East Anglia Run 10K1 May 11
10K54:2154:4730815TrowseTrowse 10K24 Apr 11
10K54:4354:5729218Great YarmouthEast Coast Run 10K23 Oct 11
10M93:2724317DerehamDereham 1015 May 11
ZXC33:536810Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League18 Dec 11
ZXC34:11509Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League27 Mar 11
ZXC44:37117BungayGroggy Doggy26 Dec 11
ZXC45:529214Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League13 Nov 11
ZXC46:06475Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League20 Feb 11
ZXCNT524RAF BarnhamEast Anglia League5 Oct 11
ZXCNT575Great YarmouthEast Anglia League2 Nov 11
ZXCNT576NorwichEast Anglia League23 Nov 11
ZXCNT575NorwichEast Anglia League7 Dec 11
ZXCNT513ReephamEast Anglia League14 Dec 11
2010 V55 Wymondham
ZXC25:318111Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League10 Oct 10
ZXC32:02234Kings LynnWest Norfolk AC Open7 Feb 10
ZXC45:47869Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League14 Nov 10
ZXCNT573RAF BarnhamEast Anglian League13 Oct 10
ZXCNT422NorwichEast Anglian League17 Nov 10
ZXCNT512ReephamEast Anglian League8 Dec 10
Total Performances: 113
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