Sharon Edghill

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Club:Marshall Milton Keynes
Age Group:V60
Region:South East
Lead Coach:None

Athletes Coached
NameClub AG  Sex  Best Event  Rank  AG  Year  Performance 
Daniela AdewoleCoventry TriathletesU23W
Tamia AdjedjeMarshall Milton KeynesU23W
Rosina AmoaMarshall Milton KeynesU23W
Cameron AnnisMarshall Milton KeynesU23M
Erin AnnisMarshall Milton KeynesU20W
Ben ArdronMarshall Milton KeynesU20M
Thomas ArdronMarshall Milton KeynesU23M
Janys BidaultMarshall Milton KeynesU23W
Alex BrentMarshall Milton KeynesU20M
Debra BrentMarshall Milton KeynesV55W
Jodie BrogdenMarshall Milton KeynesU20W
Alastair Stuart BrownMarshall Milton KeynesU23M
Galen ButlerMarshall Milton KeynesU23M3000229U2020219:22.82
Rowan ButlerMarshall Milton KeynesU20W
Matthew Douglas CaveMarshall Milton KeynesU23M
Willson ChadMarshall Milton KeynesU20M
Archie CleaverMarshall Milton KeynesU20M
Georgia CollettMarshall Milton KeynesU20W
Madi CrawfordMarshall Milton KeynesU20W
Jamie DarcyMarshall Milton KeynesU20M3000199U2020229:19.03
Imogen DunkleyMarshall Milton KeynesU23W
Libby EdeMarshall Milton KeynesU23W
Kreston EdghillMarshall Milton KeynesSENM
Montana EdghillMarshall Milton KeynesU23W
Sharon EdghillMarshall Milton KeynesV60W
Kate EdwardsMarshall Milton KeynesV35W
Harry James EwingMarshall Milton KeynesU23M
Oliver EwingMarshall Milton KeynesU20M
Thomas EwingMarshall Milton KeynesU23M
Ana FarewellMarshall Milton KeynesU17W
Rose FarewellMarshall Milton KeynesU15W
Annabel FitzgeraldMarshall Milton KeynesU20W
Evan FosterMarshall Milton KeynesU20M
Leo FreelandMarshall Milton KeynesU20M150021U2020223:50.93
Libby FreelandMarshall Milton KeynesU15W1500203U1520225:02.41
Millie FreelandMarshall Milton KeynesU20W300039U17202210:15.54
Natasha FreelandMarshall Milton KeynesU15W200485U13202130.97
Zak FreelandMarshall Milton KeynesU20M150032U2020223:52.05
Lizzie GarnerMarshall Milton KeynesU17W80066U1720222:16.96
Joseph GraingerMarshall Milton KeynesU15M20042U13202127.40
Pele GreenallMarshall Milton KeynesU23M
Candyce HallpikeMarshall Milton KeynesU23W
Chloe HarrisMarshall Milton KeynesU20W
Katie HarrisMarshall Milton KeynesU20W
Logan HendryMarshall Milton KeynesU20M
Isobel HindleyMarshall Milton KeynesU23W
Max HornshawMarshall Milton KeynesU23M
Lewis Ethan HowardMarshall Milton KeynesU23M
Paige JonesMarshall Milton KeynesU20W
Harris KentishMarshall Milton KeynesU20M80041U1720221:58.29
Mai KentishMarshall Milton KeynesU17W300447U15202146.78
Donovan Underwood KiddMarshall Milton KeynesU23M
Daisy Lewis-VivasMarshall Milton KeynesU17W
Lorelle LimaMarshall Milton KeynesU23W
Holly LindopMarshall Milton KeynesU17W300204U15202244.46
Niamh LynchMarshall Milton KeynesU23W
Katie MallaghanMarshall Milton KeynesU23W
Lily MatthewsMarshall Milton KeynesU23W
Thomas MclaughlinMarshall Milton KeynesU20M
Thomas Michael McnamaraMarshall Milton KeynesU20M
Isobelle MillerMarshall Milton KeynesU20W
Felix MoorhouseMarshall Milton KeynesU15M
Ryan MurphyMarshall Milton KeynesU23M
Ethan MurrillMarshall Milton KeynesU20M
Asha NicolsonMarshall Milton KeynesU20W
Ethan NurseMarshall Milton KeynesU20M
Kayo OjoMarshall Milton KeynesU20M
Chima OkosiemeMarshall Milton KeynesU20M
Alice O'LearyMarshall Milton KeynesU17W
Lexi O'LearyMarshall Milton KeynesU15W1500320U1320215:48.04
Niamh OllierMarshall Milton KeynesU20W
Jordan OsinloyeMarshall Milton KeynesU23M
Duke OwusuMarshall Milton KeynesU23M
Alfie PatrickMarshall Milton KeynesU20M
Eleanor PearceMarshall Milton KeynesU15W120013U1320213:53.77
Madeleine PearceMarshall Milton KeynesU17W300036U17202210:13.21
Tim PearceMarshall Milton KeynesV50M
Mary PollardMarshall Milton KeynesU23W
Elizabeth PomfretMarshall Milton KeynesU23W
Liam PugheMarshall Milton KeynesU20M
Harrison Ian ReedMarshall Milton KeynesU23M
Madeline Robinson-SmithMarshall Milton KeynesU20W
Emily RowleyMarshall Milton KeynesU20W
Brian SayleMK Distance ProjectU23M
Harriet ShawMarshall Milton KeynesU15W800285U1320212:39.58
Isabel ShippMarshall Milton KeynesU23W
Ben SicklemoreMarshall Milton KeynesU20M
Ellis StokesMarshall Milton KeynesU20M
Thomas StringerMarshall Milton KeynesU23M
Luke TchuimeniMarshall Milton KeynesU23M
Rebecca TchuimeniMarshall Milton KeynesU23W
Jack TerreyMarshall Milton KeynesU23M
Tyler ThorpeMarshall Milton KeynesU23M
Jessica TiteMarshall Milton KeynesU20W
Harry TottonMarshall Milton KeynesU20M300098U1720229:17.59
Julia TottonMarshall Milton KeynesV40W
Jessica VainesMarshall Milton KeynesU17W800322U1520212:29.9
Jada WashokesaMarshall Milton KeynesU20W
Liberty YoungMarshall Milton KeynesU20W

Best known performances
5M38:4543:5039:02 38:455M
10K45:2958:2655:2547:56 48:0845:2910K

Performances Submit
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

2017 V55 Marshall Milton Keynes
5KDH28:3028:5067824130Milton KeynesMK Rocket 5K30 Apr 17
5KMT28:4428:53215723Marston MoretaineMarston Forest 5K16 Jun 17
2016 V50 Marshall Milton Keynes
5KMT26:4627:00198464Marston MoretaineMarston Forest 5K10 Jun 16
10K58:2658:51149434Milton KeynesMilton Keynes NSPCC 10K25 Sep 16
HM1:55:011:55:376491189Milton KeynesMilton Keynes Festival of Running Half Marathon6 Mar 16
20M3:06:213:06:453227811RuislipFinchley 2013 Mar 16
Mar4:18:254:29:32436888647BrightonBrighton Marathon17 Apr 16
2015 V50 Marshall Milton Keynes
5KNAD26:3526:52226576Marston MoretaineMarston Forest 5K19 Jun 15
10K55:253838812Milton KeynesMilton Keynes 10K30 Jun 15
HM1:57:371:57:56313586Milton KeynesMilton Keynes NSPCC Half Marathon12 Jul 15
HM1:59:582:00:3086424158St NeotsSt Neots Riverside Half Marathon15 Nov 15
HM2:03:072:03:52114625412Milton KeynesMilton Keynes Festival of Running Half Marathon8 Mar 15
Mar4:23:314:25:23180474535348LondonVirgin London Marathon26 Apr 15
2014 V50 Marshall Milton Keynes
5M43:5044:092385913Milton KeynesWolverton 529 Nov 14
2013 V50 Marshall Milton Keynes
HM1:54:011:54:1076143Compton VerneyEdgehill Half Marathon14 Jul 13
HM2:03:522:04:0742085Milton KeynesMilton Keynes NSPCC Half Marathon7 Jul 13
2012 V50 Marshall Milton Keynes
5K23:4323:50130213Marston MoretaineMarston Forest 5K15 Jun 12
5M39:02 39:09 157345Milton KeynesWolverton 524 Nov 12
10K47:56 237424Milton KeynesEMGP Milton Keynes 10K3 Jul 12
SHORT10K47:0247:09233344ThameThame CPM 10K24 Jun 12
10M80:36128228Leighton BuzzardLeighton 1030 Sep 12
20K1:45:1133111Moreton MorrellMoreton Morrell Schools Out 20K11 Aug 12
HM1:46:481:47:02305424Milton KeynesMilton Keynes Half Marathon8 Jul 12
HM1:46:381:47:04465St AlbansSt Albans Half Marathon10 Jun 12
Mar3:53:373:54:224728019AbingdonAbingdon Marathon21 Oct 12
2011 V45 Marshall Milton Keynes
10K48:08261454Milton KeynesEMGP Milton Keynes 10K5 Jul 11
10K48:4948:57217354ThameThame CPM 10K26 Jun 11
10M77:328982BrettonNene Valley 1027 Feb 11
HM1:42:261:42:51737761PeterboroughPerkins Great Eastern Half Marathon9 Oct 11
Mar3:42:213:43:09898104BrightonBrighton Marathon10 Apr 11
2010 V45 Marshall Milton Keynes
8003:20.6102Milton KeynesMilton Keynes Open Meeting4 Jul 10
5K22:3622:36Marston MoretaineMarston Forest 5K18 Jun 10
parkrun22:522341Milton KeynesMilton Keynes parkrun # 1417 Apr 10
parkrun22:534231Milton KeynesMilton Keynes parkrun # 4123 Oct 10
parkrun23:41201Milton KeynesMilton Keynes parkrun # 330 Jan 10
5M38:4538:45BlisworthBlisworth Friday 5 Series5 Aug 10
10K45:2945:29SilverstoneSilverstone Grand Prix 10K4 May 10
10K46:3446:36BedfordBedford Harriers Anniversary 10K5 Sep 10
10K46:4946:49Milton KeynesMilton Keynes 10K29 Jun 10
10M76:1376:13SandySandy 1011 Apr 10
10M77:0677:06St. AlbansFred Hughes 1024 Jan 10
10M78:104531Leighton BuzzardLeighton Tough 1019 Sep 10
HM99:481:40:09569576PeterboroughGreat Eastern Half Marathon10 Oct 10
HM1:40:171:40:28257368St. NeotsSt. Neots Riverside Half Marathon21 Nov 10
HM1:41:571:42:37749897Milton KeynesNike Milton Keynes Half Marathon7 Mar 10
HM1:44:531:45:06291Milton KeynesMilton Keynes Half Marathon18 Jul 10
Mar3:52:583:55:228876LondonVirgin London Marathon25 Apr 10
ZXC33:395011WingApex Sports Chiltern League13 Feb 10
Total Performances: 48
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