Bryon Taylor

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Club:Tunbridge Wells
Age Group:V80
Region:South East
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2019 V75 Tunbridge Wells
5KXC45:301701TonbridgeKent League26 Oct 19
5.26KXC43:201781BexleyheathKent League9 Nov 19
5.4KXC48:561952DartfordKent County Masters' Championships30 Nov 19
5.505KXC52:091032BromleyKent League9 Feb 19
10MMT3:17:513:17:513515Eridge GreenEridge Park 101 Sep 19
HM3:19:283:19:022620St Leonards On SeaHastings Half Marathon24 Mar 19
HM3:26:133:25:2512428Tunbridge WellsHendy Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon17 Feb 19
2018 V75 Tunbridge Wells
5KXC40:21101BexleyheathKent League10 Nov 18
5KXC41:051571TonbridgeKent League27 Oct 18
5KXC42:451622DartfordKent County Masters' Championships1 Dec 18
5KXC44:4381NonningtonKent League13 Oct 18
10MMT3:04:543256Eridge GreenEridge Park 109 Sep 18
2017 V75 Tunbridge Wells
5KXC38:54113DartfordKent County Masters' Championships2 Dec 17
5KXC42:3792TonbridgeKent League28 Oct 17
5.3KXC44:1372WilmingtonKent League14 Oct 17
10MMT3:00:483832Eridge GreenEridge Park 1010 Sep 17
HM2:50:422:50:4215049Tunbridge WellsTunbridge Wells Half Marathon19 Feb 17
HM3:12:523:12:4926308St Leonards On SeaHastings Half Marathon19 Mar 17
Mar6:38:24c38198158LondonVirgin London Marathon23 Apr 17
ZXC40:2362BexleyheathKent League25 Nov 17
2016 V75 Tunbridge Wells
5KXC32:3231Foots Cray MeadowsKent League13 Feb 16
5KXC36:28123DartfordKent County Masters' Championships3 Dec 16
5.3KXC41:3963WilmingtonKent League15 Oct 16
HM2:56:252:56:2126515St Leonards On SeaHastings Half Marathon20 Mar 16
HM3:01:282:59:4716664Tunbridge WellsTunbridge Wells Half Marathon21 Feb 16
ZXC36:4273WellingKent League26 Nov 16
ZXC59:5363TonbridgeKent League29 Oct 16
2015 V75 Tunbridge Wells
5KXC37:5721BexleyheathKent League28 Nov 15
5KXC40:492TonbridgeKent League24 Oct 15
5.3KXC43:2031WilmingtonKent League10 Oct 15
5.43KXC39:5882Sparrows DenKent County Masters' Championships5 Dec 15
HM2:58:362:58:2015534Tunbridge WellsTunbridge Wells Half Marathon22 Feb 15
HM2:59:412:58:3728835St Leonards On SeaHastings Half Marathon22 Mar 15
ZXC41:362SwanleyKent League7 Feb 15
2014 V70 Tunbridge Wells
HM2:48:172:46:2216463Tunbridge WellsTunbridge Wells Half Marathon2 Mar 14
HM2:49:552:48:49318012St Leonards On SeaHastings Half Marathon (Inc Sussex Champs)23 Mar 14
Mar6:19:156:18:2733233110LondonVirgin London Marathon13 Apr 14
ZXC39:1941Sparrows DenKent County Masters' Championships6 Dec 14
ZXC39:392SwanleyKent League11 Oct 14
ZXC40:0842HayesKent League8 Nov 14
ZXC41:303TonbridgeKent League25 Oct 14
ZXC44:091SwanleyKent League8 Feb 14
2013 V70 Tunbridge Wells
7MMT87:06 2102SevenoaksSevenoaks 71 Sep 13
HM2:48:402:45:2620705Tunbridge WellsTunbridge Wells Half Marathon24 Feb 13
HM2:51:232:50:579923TonbridgeTonbridge Half Marathon22 Sep 13
15MMT3:18:083:18:295925WadhurstBewl 157 Jul 13
ZXC35:123SwanleyKent League5 Oct 13
ZXC36:035BexleyKent County Masters' Championships7 Dec 13
ZXC40:302NoningtonKent League9 Nov 13
ZXC41:111TonbridgeKent League26 Oct 13
ZXC43:032SwanleyKent League9 Feb 13
2012 V70 Tunbridge Wells
10K76:003805CrowboroughCrowborough 10K2 Dec 12
HM2:47:302:45:1920834Tunbridge WellsTunbridge Wells Half Marathon26 Feb 12
HM2:54:202:54:13339812St Leonards On SeaHastings Half Marathon25 Mar 12
ZXC36:151132SwanleyKent League6 Oct 12
ZXC36:25873NoningtonKent League10 Nov 12
ZXC42:22992TonbridgeKent League27 Oct 12
ZXC43:442SwanleyKent League11 Feb 12
2011 V70 Tunbridge Wells
10K80:3480:2848544PemburyTunbridge Wells 10K18 Sep 11
HM2:40:232:40:10334211HastingsHastings Half Marathon20 Mar 11
HM2:41:402:38:2819235Tunbridge WellsTunbridge Wells Half Marathon27 Feb 11
HM2:41:522:41:3118588Paddock WoodBrooks Paddock Wood Half Marathon27 Mar 11
HM3:02:383:01:278111TonbridgeTonbridge Half Marathon25 Sep 11
15MMT3:13:253:12:556216WadhurstBewl 153 Jul 11
Mar5:53:015:49:1130799LondonVirgin London Marathon17 Apr 11
ZXC40:175Tunbridge WellsKent County Masters' Championships10 Dec 11
ZXC42:521034TonbridgeKent League29 Oct 11
ZXC75:001071SwanleyKent League12 Feb 11
2010 V70 Tunbridge Wells
10K79:5458362Tunbridge WellsTunbridge Wells 10K19 Sep 10
HM2:44:532:43:113726HastingsHastings Half Marathon21 Mar 10
HM2:53:212:49:381779Tunbridge WellsTunbridge Wells Half Marathon28 Feb 10
ZXC38:1435Tunbridge WellsKent Veterans Cross Country Championships11 Dec 10
ZXC72:391441West WickhamKent League9 Oct 10
ZXC79:071502TonbridgeKent League23 Oct 10
Total Performances: 74
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