James Roberts

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Club:Invicta East Kent
Region:South East

Athletes Coached
NameClub AG  Sex  Best Event  Rank  AG  Year  Performance 
Emily BondInvicta East KentU20W
Micheala ClayInvicta East KentV45W
Tim CorbyTonbridgeSENM
Garth DugmoreInvicta East KentU20M
Ruby FlemingInvicta East KentU17W
Jean FoleyInvicta East KentU17W
Abigail FoxInvicta East KentU23W
Joseph FoxInvicta East KentU17M
James FutcherInvicta East KentU17M
Ben HallInvicta East KentU23M
Sarah HallInvicta East KentU20W3000161U20201711:29.14
Barney HowardInvicta East KentU23M
Jamie KeirInvicta East KentU15M150056U1520184:23.39
Esther LaffeyInvicta East KentU20W
Joseph LaffeyInvicta East KentU17M
James Lane PitcherInvicta East KentU23M10K1159ALL201834:49
Nicholas LittleInvicta East KentSENM
Emily McKaneInvicta East KentU23W
Adam McKennaInvicta East KentSENMHM3569ALL201886:01
Sam NewsonInvicta East KentU17M1500290U1720184:23.86
Laura ParrishInvicta East KentU20W
Thomas PlattsInvicta East KentU20M10K7967ALL201739:26
James ReillyInvicta East KentSENM
Jake RogersInvicta East KentSENM
Max ShepleyInvicta East KentU23M
Teigan SullivanInvicta East KentU15W1500166U1520184:58.99
Roseanna TempleInvicta East KentU20W50008U20201818:54.86
Anna WestonInvicta East KentU23W5000144ALL201818:22.41
Oliver WestonInvicta East KentU17M
Adam WhitlockInvicta East KentU13M1500240U1320185:07.4
Gavin Alistair WhitlockInvicta East KentV45M10K5523ALL201839:33
Constance WillettInvicta East KentU20W
Lulu WillettInvicta East KentU17W
Katy WoolliscroftInvicta East KentU20W

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