Crispian Bloomfield

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Age Group:V40
Lead Coach:Unknown

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Although Crispian's brother and three sisters were all naturally gifted runners as children, he himself suffered from being somewhat portly and too fond of sausages. He was nearly 14 before he tried, successfully, to lose some of his excess baggage, and about a year later, in the spring of 1991, he entered his first road race, the three mile Brentwood Fun Run, in which he came 163rd. The urge to compete was evidently inate, and in subsequent years he managed to improve on this performance until, in 1996, he was amazed to finish 12th. He had challenged himself that he would try the half marathon once he had attained a top 50 placing, so he duly entered the longer event in 1997, completing it in 92 minutes and coming 166th. Having finished his degree in Biological Sciences at Oxford, Crispian went on to do a teaching qualification at Warwick, and while there trained hard for the 1998 half marathon. He was far from an enthusiastic runner, however, and he promised himself that he would never put himself through another half marathon once this one was over. To this day, he doesn't know how he kept running for the last 6 miles, but he finished in 86 minutes and thereafter kept his promise to himself for the next four years. During this time, in January 2000, he was invited, by a collegue, to join the Billericay Striders. Up to this point, Crispian had never regularly run more than once a week and always alone. Having joined a club, however, he gradually began to increase his mileage and the number of times he ran, and over the next five years his times came slowly down, such that he recorded a 10k pb of 35:14 at Southend in October 2004.

Upon returning from honeymoon in June 2005, Crispian was not pleased to discover he had gained half a stone, and was told by a street tester that his body fat was 24%. Another change of diet to combat this saw a stone weight loss down to 10 and a half stone. Thereafter he ran better than previously, but was still totally unprepared for his performance in the Chelmsford (and Essex championships) 10k in November 2005. In one fell swoop, Crispian knocked a full three minutes off his pb, finishing 3rd in 32:09. Crispian had never had any aspirations to compete for his county or win races, as he hadn't dreamt it possible, but suddenly found himself catapaulted into a position where he could win stuff, and not just because nobody good turned up. Realising it could all end as quickly as it began, he vowed to make the absolute most of the talent he somehow found himself with.

Crispian's first county selection was for the inter-counties cross country in March 2006. He had been dismayed that this event was scheduled for the day before his home race, the Brentwood half marathon, but couldn't turn down the chance to wear an Essex vest for the first time. Fortunately for him, he was able to have his cake and eat it (metaphorically, if not in practice), and it was the proudest moment of his life to win the Brentwood half, despite having a 12k cross country in his legs.

Since then Crispian has done a stupid number of races in an attempt to win pretty much everything in his local area, despite the fact that his dislike of running has turned into a deep set loathing at times. He has won 8 county golds and has competed for Essex on 10 occasions on the track, country and road, winning an inter-county silver in the half marathon championships in 2007 (a poor field admittedly, but what can you do?). He feels he's done three really good pbs: 24:41 for 5 miles in December 2006, 68:15 for a half in February 2007, and 1:48:30 for 20 miles in February 2008. Nowadays he doesn't think he's got any more pbs in him. but he wants to run the London marathon in a reasonable time before he retires from taking it all so seriously, so he is trying desperately to find a way to hang on to a semblance of form for another 9 months, which doesn't involve too much pain.

I guess it's about time I updated this, as it was written over two years ago now. As will be evident from looking at his results, Crispian's 2009 retirement plans ended in failure and he is still running and still wants to give up. Though battling persistent niggles in the months beforehand, he did manage to stay reasonably fit for the marathon in 2009, and embarked upon his planned three month series of races that were supposed to be done just for fun. Serious training and weight control were meant to be ditched as he gradually faded into the racing oblivion from whence he came, but stopping proved more difficult than he had imagined. Then disaster struck in the shape of a beligerent steeplechase hurdle. Crispian landed heavily on the base of his spine and disconsolately crawled from the track, only to be asked by his ever-sypathetic coach to "jog round for the point". This did not do Crispian's back much good, but it was running in the Essex Championships 3000m three days later (at 9:34 the performance wasn't quite good enough to be shown below) and then attempting the Thrift Green Trotters 10k another four days later that really did him in. He couldn't even walk properly for daysdue to the pain, and it was about a month before he started on the slow road back to proper mileage. Even when symptoms of the injury had disappeared, Crispian had to cope with reduced fitness, and he found that he didn't like it, especially when it had been forced upon him. So, he worked his way back to full training and, for some reason, entered the London Marathon again. He planned to give up serious running afterwards the same as in 2009, but again he failed. The lure of winnning races was strong, and he also discovered that running wasn't so unpleasant if it was taken less seriously. This opinion may change when it starts getting colder, however. Who knows, he may even be able to retire before putting in for the marathon again.

Crispian's dislike of running did return with the cold weather, but perhaps not as vehemently as in the past, and the hope of doing a 2:30 marathon resurfaced. Having made the decision to enter London again, he amazed himself by running a sub-32 minute 10k once more, and soon afterwards took to frequently running twice a day. This was not for any legitimate reason, but more because every day he wanted to get the running over with as soon as possible. He couldn't face getting up to do a long run, however, and the prospect of a short run of three or four miles was as much as he could stand. That wasn't enough mileage, though, so he had to go out for another short run in the evening. The training paid off as he somehow managed to place third in the Essex cross country championship in January 2011, thus securing a place in the inter-counties cross country for a fifth time. After that came the big one. The first half of the marathon went okay, but at around 17 miles Crispian had to face the fact that he was simply too tired to continue to run at a reasonable pace. Somehow his legs kept on going despite this, and when he passed 24 miles with thirteen minutes left on the clock, he realised he was still in with a shout. It came down to having to run better than a three minute 800m, but he did it with 12 seconds to spare - 2:29:48.

With that result, Crispian hoped to retire in peace, but once again there was always another race just round the corner to stay fit for, and so he finds himself back running a lot again. But he still has no plans for a fourth London.

18th September 2016 I was never meant to be still running seriously now, but somehow, against all my better judgement, I could never stop entering just one more race, and going for a run every day, albeit often only a short one, unless there is a good excuse not to (and the only acceptable excuses are having an important race the next day and having an injury that is actually going to be made significantly worse by running on it), and this has kept me fit despite never doing any proper speed work or following any sort of training plan. The last five years have seen some truly ridiculous results that I never dreamed would be possible, even given the successes I enjoyed in my early 30s. These have included, winning the Essex half marathon and 10 miles in 2013 and then getting selected to run for Essex for a 6th time in the Inter-counties cross country at the beginning of 2014 and, more recently, winning a record 8 consecutive races in October/November 2015, including the Chelmsford 10k which I'd never won before and the Chelmsford marathon by 10 minutes. Following a slight dip in form at the beginning of this year, I again amazed myself when, having just turned 40, I somehow ran 25:52 in the Witham May Day 5 and then followed it up with a 15:48 in the Essex 5000, a V35 pb never mind V40. Wins for the fifth time in the Brentwood 10k and Ingatestone 5, both marking ten years since I won those races first, have made it a pretty good summer. Once upon a time I was trying to achieve 100 wins before retiring, and then, for a while, it was the lure of 200 that provided motivation. After that, I stopped caring as there was no way I was going to reach any more milestones, but now I find myself, just two years later, staring down the barrel of 250. Admittedly 19 of those have come from Parkruns, which I finally succumbed to in August 2015 and now the challenge of doing lots of different ones of those is driving me to some extent. I still wake up every morning and try to think of a reason why I don't need to bother running, but overall I probably hate it less than I used to because I just don't care as much. No targets, just see what happens.

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5K15:2815:5315:5415:5016:07 16:0616:2815:5416:2316:1115:3516:5415:4715:405K15:2816:27

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2020 V40 Billericay/Thurrock
parkrun16:4011Chalkwell BeachChalkwell Beach parkrun # 27 Mar 20
parkrun16:5131RaphaelRaphael parkrun # 2461 Feb 20
parkrun17:0811ThurrockThurrock parkrun # 2268 Feb 20
parkrun17:1011ValentinesValentines parkrun # 47118 Jan 20
parkrun17:3211Great NotleyGreat Notley parkrun # 30125 Jan 20
parkrun18:1711South Woodham FerrersSouth Woodham Ferrers parkrun # 9911 Jan 20
10KXC39:3772BasildonEssex County U17 / U20 / Senior Championships4 Jan 20
HM72:4872:4831BrentwoodBrentwood Half Marathon15 Mar 20
20M1:53:3171RochfordEssex 20 (Inc Essex Championships)1 Mar 20
2019 V40 Billericay/Thurrock
15004:55.005ChelmsfordEssex County Championships12 May 19
Mile4:51.39AChelmsfordChelmsford Miles of Miles11 Aug 19
500015:50.2111BraintreeEssex 5000m Championships12 Jun 19
1000032:23.83ABraintreeEssex County 10,000m Championships10 Jul 19
3KMT9:331WickfordSkylarks 3K17 Apr 19
3KMT9:581WickfordSkylarks 3K17 Jul 19
5K15:5315:5411BarkingBarking Road Runners BH ELVIS 5K26 Aug 19
5K16:491BasildonCrown to Crown 5K Series4 Sep 19
5KMT16:231BasildonCrown to Crown Good Friday 5K19 Apr 19
5KMT16:531BasildonCrown to Crown 5K Series8 May 19
5KMT17:141BasildonCrown to Crown 5K Series14 Aug 19
5KXCL16:3110L1Writtle CollegeEssex County Relay Championships28 Sep 19
parkrun15:4611Hackney MarshesHackney Marshes parkrun # 46013 Apr 19
parkrun15:4911RaphaelRaphael parkrun # 21322 Jun 19
parkrun15:5111SouthendSouthend parkrun # 35820 Jul 19
parkrun15:5211BarkingBarking parkrun # 35620 Apr 19
parkrun16:0511Chelmsford CentralChelmsford Central parkrun # 35431 Aug 19
parkrun16:0811RaphaelRaphael parkrun # 1891 Jan 19
parkrun16:0811Burnham on CrouchBurnham on Crouch parkrun # 9725 May 19
parkrun16:1211Great NotleyGreat Notley parkrun # 27213 Jul 19
parkrun16:1311Maldon PromMaldon Prom parkrun # 31624 Aug 19
parkrun16:1611South Woodham FerrersSouth Woodham Ferrers parkrun # 624 May 19
parkrun16:1711BillericayBillericay parkrun # 10118 May 19
parkrun16:2011AberystwythAberystwyth parkrun # 36710 Aug 19
parkrun16:2511BasildonBasildon parkrun # 26323 Mar 19
parkrun16:3111Foots Cray MeadowsFoots Cray Meadows parkrun # 3330 Mar 19
parkrun16:3411ThetfordThetford parkrun # 34727 Jul 19
parkrun16:3711ValentinesValentines parkrun # 42323 Feb 19
parkrun16:4011GunpowderGunpowder parkrun # 3968 Jun 19
parkrun16:4121HighwoodsHighwoods parkrun # 66 Apr 19
parkrun16:4511Great NotleyGreat Notley parkrun # 25116 Feb 19
parkrun16:4611Chelmsford CentralChelmsford Central parkrun # 32112 Jan 19
parkrun16:4611HighwoodsHighwoods parkrun # 1615 Jun 19
parkrun16:4711Harrow LodgeHarrow Lodge parkrun # 31627 Apr 19
parkrun16:4711South Woodham FerrersSouth Woodham Ferrers parkrun # 807 Sep 19
parkrun16:4911BasildonBasildon parkrun # 29028 Sep 19
parkrun16:5711South Woodham FerrersSouth Woodham Ferrers parkrun # 441 Jan 19
parkrun16:5811BrentwoodBrentwood parkrun # 2201 Jun 19
parkrun17:3511HadleighHadleigh parkrun # 1169 Feb 19
parkrun17:4411HadleighHadleigh parkrun # 1413 Aug 19
parkrun18:3851BillericayBillericay parkrun # 13125 Dec 19
7KXC25:0521Weald ParkSouth Essex League17 Feb 19
4.5MXC26:4432One Tree HillSouth Essex League13 Jan 19
4.58MXC27:492Thorndon ParkSouth Essex League10 Feb 19
8KXC30:4432Writtle CollegeEssex County U13 / U15 / Veterans' Championships30 Nov 19
5M26:0426:0431BraintreeBraintree 531 Mar 19
5M26:3321IngatestoneIngatestone 522 Sep 19
10K32:1921BlackmoreBrentwood 10K7 Jul 19
10K32:3732:3821Horndon on the HillHorndon 10K30 Jun 19
10K32:4721ChelmsfordChelmsford 10K17 Nov 19
10K33:1833:1841SouthendSouthend 10K Classic6 Oct 19
10KXC34:048ChelmsfordEssex County U17 / U20 / Senior Championships5 Jan 19
10KXC38:56217LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)9 Mar 19
10M53:0653:0611WithamWitham May Day 106 May 19
10M54:4554:461TiptreeTiptree 1013 Oct 19
HM71:5571:5531BrentwoodBrentwood Half Marathon17 Mar 19
HM72:1972:2151PlesheyPleshey & Essex Half Marathon15 Sep 19
15MMT93:0593:053BenfleetBenfleet 1520 Jan 19
20M1:55:20161RochfordEssex 20 (Inc Essex Championships)3 Mar 19
Mar2:35:082:35:0811HalsteadHalstead & Essex Marathon12 May 19
ZXC29:09232ChingfordEssex League12 Jan 19
ZXC29:35121BasildonEssex League2 Feb 19
2018 V40 Billericay/Thurrock
500015:33.131ChelmsfordEssex County Championships12 May 18
1000033:18.64BraintreeEssex County 10,000m Championships11 Jul 18
3KMT9:431WickfordSkylarks 3K18 Jul 18
3KMT9:521BasildonEversley 3K5 Jun 18
3KMT10:291BasildonEversley 3K1 May 18
5K15:5421BarkingBarking Road Runners BH ELVIS 5K27 Aug 18
5KMT16:471BasildonCrown to Crown 5K8 Aug 18
5KMT16:501BasildonCrown to Crown 5K13 Jun 18
5KMT16:521BasildonCrown to Crown 5K5 Sep 18
5KMT17:071BasildonCrown to Crown Good Friday 5K30 Mar 18
5KMT17:181BasildonCrown to Crown 5K9 May 18
parkrun15:5211GunpowderGunpowder parkrun # 3449 Jun 18
parkrun16:0111RaphaelRaphael parkrun # 16521 Jul 18
parkrun16:0611PymmesPymmes parkrun # 36314 Apr 18
parkrun16:0711SouthendSouthend parkrun # 28013 Jan 18
parkrun16:0811Chelmsford CentralChelmsford Central parkrun # 27724 Mar 18
parkrun16:0911HaverhillHaverhill parkrun # 316 Oct 18
parkrun16:1611Maldon PromMaldon Prom parkrun # 26028 Jul 18
parkrun16:2111South Woodham FerrersSouth Woodham Ferrers parkrun # 177 Jul 18
parkrun16:2211BasildonBasildon parkrun # 21819 May 18
parkrun16:2811ThurrockThurrock parkrun # 1501 Sep 18
parkrun16:3311Castle ParkCastle Park parkrun # 3916 Jun 18
parkrun16:3411GrovelandsGrovelands parkrun # 42011 Aug 18
parkrun16:3711RaphaelRaphael parkrun # 1423 Feb 18
parkrun16:3711ValentinesValentines parkrun # 4063 Nov 18
parkrun16:4211Great NotleyGreat Notley parkrun # 22318 Aug 18
parkrun16:4711South Woodham FerrersSouth Woodham Ferrers parkrun # 47 Apr 18
parkrun16:4711IpswichIpswich parkrun # 3084 Aug 18
parkrun16:4911BillericayBillericay parkrun # 6729 Sep 18
parkrun16:4911South Woodham FerrersSouth Woodham Ferrers parkrun # 3327 Oct 18
parkrun16:4911Burnham on CrouchBurnham on Crouch parkrun # 6710 Nov 18
parkrun16:4911Clare CastleClare Castle parkrun # 6115 Dec 18
parkrun16:4911BillericayBillericay parkrun # 7925 Dec 18
parkrun16:502HavantHavant parkrun # 34529 Dec 18
parkrun16:5111Great DunmowGreat Dunmow parkrun # 45 May 18
parkrun16:5911HadleighHadleigh parkrun # 8026 May 18
parkrun17:0911Dartford HeathDartford Heath parkrun # 318 Dec 18
parkrun17:1211Hockley WoodsHockley Woods parkrun # 19424 Nov 18
parkrun17:1911BrentwoodBrentwood parkrun # 18014 Jul 18
parkrun17:2211HadleighHadleigh parkrun # 6427 Jan 18
parkrun17:2311BillericayBillericay parkrun # 4131 Mar 18
parkrun17:3511BrentwoodBrentwood parkrun # 18625 Aug 18
parkrun17:4211Harrow LodgeHarrow Lodge parkrun # 29722 Dec 18
parkrun17:5411Hockley WoodsHockley Woods parkrun # 15510 Feb 18
3.8MXC23:5621Hadleigh DownsSouth Essex League25 Nov 18
4.3MXC25:1211South WealdSouth Essex League25 Feb 18
4.5MXC25:5921One Tree HillSouth Essex League18 Feb 18
4.7MXC28:3211Hadleigh DownsSouth Essex League30 Dec 18
8KXC25:101ColchesterEssex County U13 / U15 / Veterans' Championships1 Dec 18
5M25:5425:5551WithamWitham Boxing Day 526 Dec 18
5M27:1021IngatestoneIngatestone 523 Sep 18
8.8KXC31:47131HockleyEssex League27 Oct 18
10K32:5611ChelmsfordChelmsford 10K18 Nov 18
10K33:1133:1111Horndon on the HillHorndon 10K24 Jun 18
10K33:2233:2311BlackmoreBrentwood 10K1 Jul 18
12KXC43:017BraintreeEssex County U17 / U20 / Senior Championships6 Jan 18
12KXC49:39133LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)10 Mar 18
10M55:3651TiptreeTiptree 1014 Oct 18
15MMT90:4690:4621BenfleetBenfleet 1521 Jan 18
Mar2:37:562:37:5621ChelmsfordChelmsford Marathon21 Oct 18
Mar2:51:40c50389LondonVirgin London Marathon22 Apr 18
ZXC28:0761One Tree HillEssex League10 Nov 18
ZXC29:37121HorseheathEssex League15 Dec 18
2017 V40 Billericay/Thurrock
8002:19.32SouthendEastern Masters AC Championships22 Jul 17
15004:30.81SouthendEastern Masters AC Championships22 Jul 17
500015:53.923ChelmsfordEssex County Championships14 May 17
1000033:35.93BraintreeEssex 10000m Championships12 Jul 17
3KMT9:421WickfordSkylarks 3K26 Jul 17
5K15:5021BarkingBarking Road Runners BH ELVIS 5K28 Aug 17
5KMT16:311BasildonCrown to Crown 5K14 Apr 17
5KMT16:451BasildonCrown to Crown 5K6 Sep 17
5KMT16:571BasildonCrown to Crown 5K14 Jun 17
parkrun15:5611SouthendSouthend parkrun # 23111 Feb 17
parkrun16:0521Hatfield ForestHatfield Forest parkrun # 13123 Sep 17
parkrun16:1311Chelmsford CentralChelmsford Central parkrun # 2472 Sep 17
parkrun16:1711HarwichHarwich parkrun # 1105 Aug 17
parkrun16:2211BasildonBasildon parkrun # 15611 Mar 17
parkrun16:2341Hackney MarshesHackney Marshes parkrun # 3464 Feb 17
parkrun16:2311Mersea IslandMersea Island parkrun # 4811 Nov 17
parkrun16:2411BedfordBedford parkrun # 3093 Jun 17
parkrun16:2611RaphaelRaphael parkrun # 13516 Dec 17
parkrun16:2811AylesburyAylesbury parkrun # 19112 Aug 17
parkrun16:2811Burnham on CrouchBurnham on Crouch parkrun # 89 Sep 17
parkrun16:2811BillericayBillericay parkrun # 2225 Nov 17
parkrun16:3111BecktonBeckton parkrun # 2568 Apr 17
parkrun16:3411BillericayBillericay parkrun # 415 Jul 17
parkrun16:3611Bury St EdmundsBury St Edmunds parkrun # 21229 Jul 17
parkrun16:4111RaphaelRaphael parkrun # 8821 Jan 17
parkrun16:4111Roding ValleyRoding Valley parkrun # 1927 May 17
parkrun16:4311ValentinesValentines parkrun # 3599 Dec 17
parkrun16:4811Hockley WoodsHockley Woods parkrun # 10625 Feb 17
parkrun16:4911BillericayBillericay parkrun # 1714 Oct 17
parkrun16:5611BasildonBasildon parkrun # 19723 Dec 17
parkrun17:0711Hockley WoodsHockley Woods parkrun # 13126 Aug 17
parkrun17:1211BrentwoodBrentwood parkrun # 1181 Apr 17
parkrun17:2511Clacton SeafrontClacton Seafront parkrun # 5528 Oct 17
parkrun17:3011HadleighHadleigh parkrun # 524 Nov 17
parkrun17:3311HadleighHadleigh parkrun # 378 Jul 17
parkrun17:3521HadleighHadleigh parkrun # 3310 Jun 17
parkrun17:4211HadleighHadleigh parkrun # 1528 Jan 17
6.7KXC24:4111HadleighSouth Essex League31 Dec 17
7KXC25:102Weald ParkSouth Essex League19 Feb 17
8KXC27:551WrittleEssex County U13 / U15 / Veterans' Championships2 Dec 17
5M25:5625:5731WithamWitham Boxing Day 526 Dec 17
5M26:0621IngatestoneIngatestone 517 Sep 17
5M26:5631PlesheySpringfield Striders Friday Night 523 Jun 17
8.5KXC29:113One Tree HillSouth Essex League22 Jan 17
10K32:1211ChelmsfordChelmsford 10K19 Nov 17
10K32:4632:4851SouthendSouthend 10K Classic1 Oct 17
10K33:4233:4352BlackmoreBrentwood 10K (Inc Essex Championships)2 Jul 17
10M53:0411TiptreeTiptree 108 Oct 17
HM74:1474:1461BrentwoodBrentwood Half Marathon19 Mar 17
15MMT88:3921BenfleetBenfleet 1515 Jan 17
20M1:55:3671LanghamEssex 205 Mar 17
Mar2:35:452:35:4521ChelmsfordChelmsford Marathon22 Oct 17
ZXC39:5913WoodfordEssex County U17/U20/Senior Championships7 Jan 17
2016 V35 Billericay/Thurrock
30009:19.902ChelmsfordEssex County Championships14 May 16
500015:48.325ChelmsfordEssex County Championships14 May 16
1000034:28.14BraintreeEssex 10000m Championships20 Jul 16
3000SC10:44.33SouthendEssex County Relay / Steeplechase Championships27 Aug 16
3KMT9:511WickfordSkylarks 3K20 Apr 16
5K16:07 21BarkingBarking Road Runners BH ELVIS 5K29 Aug 16
5KMT17:071BasildonCrown to Crown 5K7 Sep 16
5KMT17:101BasildonCrown to Crown 5K10 Aug 16
5KMT17:152BasildonCrown to Crown 5K25 Mar 16
parkrun16:0111RaphaelRaphael parkrun # 8317 Dec 16
parkrun16:0811SouthendSouthend parkrun # 21712 Nov 16
parkrun16:1311Chelmsford CentralChelmsford Central parkrun # 18028 May 16
parkrun16:2011Chelmsford CentralChelmsford Central parkrun # 21025 Dec 16
parkrun16:2211BasildonBasildon parkrun # 1117 May 16
parkrun16:2211Colchester CastleColchester Castle parkrun # 19524 Dec 16
parkrun16:2911BasildonBasildon parkrun # 11321 May 16
parkrun16:3711Great NotleyGreat Notley parkrun # 10511 Jun 16
parkrun16:3811BasildonBasildon parkrun # 14631 Dec 16
parkrun16:4111BarkingBarking parkrun # 19716 Apr 16
parkrun16:4611BasildonBasildon parkrun # 12223 Jul 16
parkrun16:4821SouthendSouthend parkrun # 1776 Feb 16
parkrun16:4831BasildonBasildon parkrun # 1062 Apr 16
parkrun16:4911GunpowderGunpowder parkrun # 24913 Aug 16
parkrun16:5211BexleyBexley parkrun # 25210 Dec 16
parkrun16:5411Harrow LodgeHarrow Lodge parkrun # 18510 Sep 16
parkrun16:5611Chelmsford CentralChelmsford Central parkrun # 1859 Jul 16
parkrun17:0411Chelmsford CentralChelmsford Central parkrun # 16513 Feb 16
parkrun17:0511Harrow LodgeHarrow Lodge parkrun # 17418 Jun 16
parkrun17:2011LullingstoneLullingstone parkrun # 835 Nov 16
parkrun17:2611BarclayBarclay parkrun # 7315 Oct 16
parkrun17:2811BrentwoodBrentwood parkrun # 893 Sep 16
parkrun17:3511Hockley WoodsHockley Woods parkrun # 565 Mar 16
parkrun17:4311HadleighHadleigh parkrun # 229 Oct 16
parkrun17:5111BrentwoodBrentwood parkrun # 7123 Apr 16
4.3MXC25:111Hadleigh ParkSouth Essex League28 Feb 16
7KXC25:461Weald ParkSouth East Essex League21 Feb 16
7.5KXC24:483Thorndon ParkSouth Essex League4 Dec 16
8KXCNT1WrittleEssex County U13 / U15 / Veterans' Championships26 Nov 16
5M25:5221WithamWitham May Day 52 May 16
5M26:4211IngatestoneIngatestone 518 Sep 16
5MMT27:4121ChingfordOrion Harriers Forest 54 Jun 16
5MMT28:1431Chigwell RowNewman Hilly 513 Jul 16
8.1KXC23:42202ChelmsfordEssex League29 Oct 16
8.5KXC30:411One Tree HillSouth East Essex League24 Jan 16
10K33:1521ChelmsfordChelmsford 10K20 Nov 16
10K33:2033:2141SouthendSouthend 10K Classic2 Oct 16
10K33:2521Horndon on the HillHorndon 10K26 Jun 16
10M54:2711TiptreeTiptree 109 Oct 16
HM73:1373:124BrentwoodBrentwood Half Marathon20 Mar 16
15MMT92:203BenfleetBenfleet 1517 Jan 16
Mar2:36:552:36:5521ChelmsfordChelmsford Marathon23 Oct 16
ZXC41:4314ClayburyEssex County Championships9 Jan 16
2015 V35 Billericay/Thurrock
30009:21.806ChelmsfordEssex County Championships23 May 15
500015:53.154ChelmsfordEssex County Championships24 May 15
1000034:10.21SouthendEssex County Relay Championships29 Aug 15
3KMT9:471WickfordSkylarks 3K22 Apr 15
5K16:0631IlfordValentines Park 5K27 Sep 15
5K16:162BarkingBarking Road Runners BH 5K31 Aug 15
5KMT16:442BasildonCrown to Crown 5K8 Jul 15
5KMT16:571BasildonCrown to Crown 5K13 May 15
5KMT16:571BasildonCrown to Crown 5K12 Aug 15
5KMT17:191BasildonCrown to Crown 5K2 Sep 15
5KMT17:473BasildonCrown to Crown 5K3 Apr 15
parkrun15:4911RaphaelRaphael parkrun # 2814 Nov 15
parkrun15:523Chelmsford CentralChelmsford Central parkrun # 1443 Oct 15
parkrun16:1111ThurrockThurrock parkrun # 431 Oct 15
parkrun16:2711Maldon PromMaldon Prom parkrun # 1157 Nov 15
parkrun16:3511BasildonBasildon parkrun # 7322 Aug 15
parkrun16:5111HarlowHarlow parkrun # 5728 Nov 15
parkrun17:0031Chelmsford CentralChelmsford Central parkrun # 1368 Aug 15
7.5KXC24:521ThorndonSouth East Essex League25 Oct 15
5M26:593IngatestoneIngatestone 520 Sep 15
5MMT27:321ChingfordOrion Harriers Forest 51 Aug 15
5MMT27:4611Chigwell RowNewman Hilly 515 Jul 15
10K32:091ChelmsfordChelmsford 10K22 Nov 15
10K33:1233:134BlackmoreBNY Mellon Brentwood & Essex Championship 10K5 Jul 15
10K33:563Horndon on the HillHorndon 10K28 Jun 15
10M54:3011TiptreeTiptree 1011 Oct 15
10M54:4754:472ChelmsfordEdmund Carr Great Baddow 1017 May 15
HM74:0774:082RedhillCaterham Rotary Half Marathon26 Jul 15
HM74:5374:5483PlesheyPleshey & Essex Half Marathon13 Sep 15
HM75:2375:236BrentwoodBrentwood Half Marathon22 Mar 15
Mar2:37:142:37:1411ChelmsfordChelmsford Marathon18 Oct 15
ZXC23:303HadleighSouth East Essex League8 Mar 15
ZXC27:055Weald ParkSouth East Essex League15 Feb 15
ZXC27:505RayleighSouth East Essex League11 Jan 15
ZXC46:0649WoodfordEssex County Championships3 Jan 15
2014 V35 Billericay/Thurrock
30009:16.034ChelmsfordEssex County Championships Day 118 May 14
500015:52.643ChelmsfordEssex County Championships Day 224 May 14
1000034:40.02ChelmsfordEssex County Championships Day 330 Aug 14
3KMT9:491WickfordSkylarks 3K23 Apr 14
3KMT10:011WickfordSkylarks 3K16 Jul 14
5K16:281Clacton-on-SeaClacton Summer 5K Series25 Jul 14
5KMT16:361BasildonCrown to Crown 5K18 Apr 14
5KMT16:391BasildonCrown to Crown 5K14 May 14
5KMT16:571BasildonCrown To Crown 5K11 Jun 14
5KMT17:222BasildonCrown To Crown 5K3 Sep 14
5M26:393RomfordHavering 90 Joggers Midweek 510 Jun 14
5M27:105PlesheySpringfield Striders Friday Night 511 Jul 14
5M27:324IngatestoneIngatestone 514 Sep 14
5M28:4428:457BraintreeBraintree 527 Apr 14
5MMT27:421ChingfordOrion Harriers Forest 57 Jun 14
5MMT27:511EppingCopped Hall 55 Oct 14
10K33:3933:392BlackmoreBrentwood 10K6 Jul 14
10K33:4252ChelmsfordChelmsford 10K (inc Essex Championships)23 Nov 14
10KMT41:2441:253HadleighHadleigh 2012 Legacy 10K26 Jan 14
11KXC39:43184BirminghamInter County Championships8 Mar 14
HM72:5872:582BrentwoodBrentwood Half Marathon23 Mar 14
15MMT98:485BenfleetBenfleet 1519 Jan 14
MarMT2:49:012:49:022ChelmsfordChelmsford Park Marathon19 Oct 14
ZXC23:522KelvedonSouth East Essex League16 Mar 14
ZXC26:152ThorndonSouth East Essex League26 Oct 14
ZXC27:243Weald Country ParkSouth East Essex League2 Feb 14
ZXC27:592Thorndon Country ParkSouth East Essex League16 Feb 14
ZXC42:137ColchesterEssex County Championships4 Jan 14
2013 V35 Billericay/Thurrock
30009:06.184GraysEssex County Championships6 May 13
500015:53.107ChelmsfordEssex County Championships25 May 13
500016:01.62ASandyHibbard, Bemax & Peterhouse Trophy Meeting7 Sep 13
3000SC10:43.73ColchesterEssex County Championships31 Aug 13
3KMT9:421WickfordSkylarks 3K24 Apr 13
3KMT9:491WickfordSkylarks 3K24 Jul 13
5K15:542BarkingBarking Road Runners BH 5K26 Aug 13
5K16:141IlfordValentines Park 5K29 Sep 13
5K16:171LeytonEton Manor 5K14 Jul 13
5KMT16:362BasildonCrown to Crown 5K14 Aug 13
5KMT16:471BasildonCrown to Crown 5K8 May 13
5KMT16:581BasildonCrown to Crown 5K10 Jul 13
5KMT17:011BasildonCrown to Crown 5K4 Sep 13
3.5ML19:332L2ChelmsfordEssex Relay Championships16 Mar 13
5M25:522WithamWitham Boxing Day 526 Dec 13
5M26:222IngatestoneIngatestone 515 Sep 13
5MMT27:391ChingfordOrion Harriers Forest 53 Aug 13
5MMT27:432Chigwell RowNewman Hilly 53 Jul 13
5MMT27:431ChingfordOrion Harriers Forest 56 Jul 13
5MMT27:511ChingfordOrion Harriers Forest 51 Jun 13
5MMT28:491RayleighKirste 528 Jul 13
10K32:202ChelmsfordChelmsford 10K24 Nov 13
10K32:5832:595SouthendSouthend 10K Classic6 Oct 13
10K33:241Leigh-on-SeaLeigh-on-Sea 10K20 Oct 13
10K34:064Horndon on the HillHorndon 10K30 Jun 13
10KNAD34:161ChelmsfordEAN Easter 10K1 Apr 13
10KMT34:032Canvey IslandCanvey Island Rotary 10K8 Sep 13
10KMT40:171HadleighHadleigh 2012 Legacy 10K27 Jan 13
10M53:222TiptreeTiptree 1013 Oct 13
10M53:561StebbingStebbing Remembrance Day 1010 Nov 13
10M56:2556:254Great BaddowGreat Baddow Charity 1019 May 13
HM72:0172:011PlesheyPleshey & Essex Half Marathon22 Sep 13
HM73:5873:583BrentwoodBrentwood Half Marathon24 Mar 13
15MMT93:501BenfleetBenfleet 1520 Jan 13
20M1:57:434LanghamEssex 203 Mar 13
ZXC26:1010Hadleigh DownsSouth East Essex League17 Feb 13
ZXC26:252South WealdSouth East Essex League3 Feb 13
ZXC27:222Thorndon ParkSouth East Essex League13 Jan 13
ZXC27:392BasildonSouth East Essex League17 Nov 13
ZXC51:2317HadleighEssex County Championships5 Jan 13
2012 V35 Billericay/Thurrock
500015:58.808ChelmsfordEssex County Championships12 May 12
1000033:43.182WoodfordEssex County Championships22 Apr 12
3KMT9:591WickfordSkylarks 3K18 Jul 12
5K16:233IlfordValentines Park 5K30 Sep 12
5K16:371Orlando FL, USAUNCF Walk For Education3 Nov 12
5KMT16:511BasildonCrown to Crown 5K5 Sep 12
5M26:4226:423BraintreeBraintree 51 Apr 12
5M26:444WixWix 5 (Inc Essex Champs)21 Oct 12
5M26:504WithamWitham Les Leeds Boxing Day 526 Dec 12
5M26:531IngatestoneIngatestone 516 Sep 12
10K33:206ChelmsfordChelmsford 10K (Inc Essex Champs)25 Nov 12
10K33:421BrentwoodBrentwood 10K14 Oct 12
10KMT35:052Horndon on the HillHorndon 10K24 Jun 12
10KMT35:102Canvey IslandCanvey Island Rotary 10K9 Sep 12
10M58:4158:417HarlowHarlow 1022 Jul 12
HM73:1273:123BrentwoodBrentwood Half Marathon25 Mar 12
HM75:5575:577PlesheyPleshey & Essex Half Marathon23 Sep 12
15MMT1:31:371Canvey IslandBenfleet 1522 Jan 12
20M1:56:222ColchesterEssex 204 Mar 12
ZXC24:431BrentwoodSouth Essex League29 Jan 12
ZXC26:113Gloucester ParkSouth East Essex League18 Nov 12
ZXC26:454DuntonSouth East Essex League16 Dec 12
ZXC39:4612BasildonEssex County Championships7 Jan 12
2011 SEN Billericay/Thurrock
500016:11.49ChelmsfordEssex County Championships14 May 11
1000033:11.441WoodfordEssex County Championships8 May 11
3000SC10:26.033WoodfordEssex County Championships7 May 11
5K16:111IlfordValentines Park 5K25 Sep 11
5KMT16:231DagenhamAugust Bank Holiday 5K29 Aug 11
5M25:3925:401Great NotleyBraintree 5 (inc Essex Championships)27 Mar 11
5M26:133WithamWitham Boxing Day 526 Dec 11
5M26:383WithamWitham Not The Boxing Day 52 May 11
5M26:483IngatestoneIngatestone 518 Sep 11
10K32:405ChelmsfordChelmsford 10K20 Nov 11
10K33:181High OngarHigh Ongar 10K3 Jul 11
10K33:292BrentwoodBNY Mellon Brentwood 10K17 Jul 11
10K33:401Horndon-On-The-HillHorndon Feast And Fayre 10K26 Jun 11
10K33:431Leigh-On-SeaLeigh-on-Sea 10K16 Oct 11
10K35:054Canvey IslandCanvey Rotary 10K11 Sep 11
10M56:055TiptreeTiptree 10 (inc Essex Championships)9 Oct 11
HM70:5270:522BrentwoodBrentwood Half Marathon20 Mar 11
HM71:2171:234Woodford GreenRoding Valley Half Marathon27 Feb 11
HM71:5972:006WatfordAsics Watford Half Marathon6 Feb 11
15MMT1:28:201Canvey IslandBenfleet 1523 Jan 11
20M1:50:532RuislipFinchley 2013 Mar 11
Mar2:29:482:29:4853LondonVirgin London Marathon17 Apr 11
ZXC23:522HadleighSouth Essex Cross Country League11 Dec 11
ZXC24:381DuntonSouth Essex Cross Country League20 Feb 11
ZXC24:383BasildonSouth Essex Cross Country League23 Oct 11
ZXC26:002BrentwoodSouth Essex Cross Country League27 Nov 11
ZXC26:251Thorndon ParkSouth Essex Cross Country League16 Jan 11
ZXC32:194LoughtonEssex League12 Feb 11
ZXC39:53132BirminghamInter Counties Championships5 Mar 11
ZXC50:013Hadleigh Country ParkEssex County Championships8 Jan 11
2010 SEN Billericay/Thurrock
30009:11.56BraintreeEssex County Championships Day 68 Jun 10
500015:40.608ChelmsfordEssex County Championships8 May 10
500015:45.21AGraysSouthern Men's League Division 15 Jun 10
500015:46.72BBraintreeSouthern Men's League Division 11 May 10
1000032:30.601WoodfordEssex Championships Day 4 & 516 May 10
3000SC10:27.273WoodfordEssex Championships Day 4 & 515 May 10
5K15:351IlfordValentines Park 5K26 Sep 10
5K15:542BarkingBarking Bank Holiday 5K30 Aug 10
5K15:571Basildon Basildon Little Havens 5K8 Aug 10
5KMT17:321BasildonCrown to Crown 5K21 Feb 10
5M25:371Howe StreetSpringfield Striders Friday Night 511 Jun 10
5M25:391WixWix 517 Oct 10
5M26:192IngatestoneIngatestone 519 Sep 10
5M26:231Great NotleyBraintree 528 Mar 10
5MMT26:431RomfordNewman Hilly 521 Jul 10
10K31:474ChelmsfordChelmsford 10K21 Nov 10
10K32:522BrentwoodTgt Brentwood 10K18 Jul 10
10K32:5532:565Southend-on-SeaSouthend 10K3 Oct 10
10K33:053FelstedFelsted 10K11 Jul 10
10K33:361Weald St GeorgesWeald St George's 10K5 Sep 10
10KMT34:191Canvey IslandCanvey Island 10K12 Sep 10
10M53:571TiptreeTiptree 1010 Oct 10
10M55:232ChelmsfordGreat Baddow 1023 May 10
HM72:202ShoeburynessSouthend Half Marathon13 Jun 10
HM72:3472:352BrentwoodBrentwood Half Marathon21 Mar 10
HM73:4173:426Great BentleyGreat Bentley Half Marathon (inc Essex Championships)7 Feb 10
15MMT1:32:383Canvey IslandBenfleet 1524 Jan 10
20M1:54:114Great BromleyGreat Bromley 20 (inc Essex Championships)7 Mar 10
Mar2:33:242:33:2483LondonVirgin London Marathon25 Apr 10
ZXC24:331BrentwoodSouth Essex Cross Country League28 Nov 10
ZXC26:0210ColchesterEssex League30 Oct 10
ZXC27:437SouthendEssex League13 Nov 10
ZXC29:124BraintreeEssex League18 Dec 10
2009 SEN Billericay/Thurrock
500015:281GraysThurrock Harriers Graded Meeting18 Feb 09
500015:41.42AEtonSouthern Men's League Division 2 Match 211 Jul 09
500015:431GraysThurrock Harriers Graded Meeting21 Jan 09
500015:50.01AColchesterSouthern Men's League Division 2 Match 22 May 09
500016:221GraysThurrock Harriers Open11 Nov 09
500016:251GraysThurrock Harriers 5000m & Mile14 Oct 09
1000031:49.71GraysThurrock Harriers Graded Meeting18 Mar 09
3000SC10:22.512ChelmsfordEssex County Championships4 May 09
3000SC10:42.02AColchesterSouthern Men's League Division 2 Match 22 May 09
5K16:542IlfordValentine's Park 5k Run27 Sep 09
5KMT16:181BasildonCrown To Crown 5K10 Apr 09
5KMT16:371BasildonCrown To Crown 5K10 Jun 09
5KMT16:502BasildonCrown to Crown 5K13 May 09
5KMT17:262BasildonCrown To Crown 5K26 Dec 09
5M25:051Canvey IslandCanvey Island Nicola's 529 Mar 09
5M26:254Howe StreetSpringfield Striders Friday 512 Jun 09
5MMT26:501ChigwellNewman Hilly 58 Jul 09
5MMT27:181BenfleetBenfleet Bluebell 510 May 09
5MMT28:492RomfordBarking & Dagenham 57 Jun 09
5MMT30:102RomfordDagenham 88 Runners 5ish20 Sep 09
10K32:241HastingwoodSt. Clare Hospice 10K5 Apr 09
10K33:064ChelmsfordChelmsford 10K22 Nov 09
10K33:191High OngarHigh Ongar 10K5 Jul 09
10K33:5511SouthendSouthend 10K Classic4 Oct 09
10K33:592Horndon-on-the-HillHorndon Feast & Fayre 10K28 Jun 09
10M53:572DartfordDartford "Les Witton Memorial" 1018 Jan 09
10M55:272Great BaddoowGreat Baddow 1017 May 09
10M56:202TiptreeTiptree 1011 Oct 09
HM68:531Great BentleyGreat Bentley Half Marathon (inc Essex Champs)8 Feb 09
HM71:412BrentwoodEquity Brentwood Half Marathon15 Mar 09
HM71:582WoodfordRoding Valley Half Marathon1 Mar 09
15MMT1:31:271Canvey IslandBenfleet 1525 Jan 09
20M1:50:102Bury St. EdmundsBury 2022 Feb 09
Mar2:34:412:34:4194LondonLondon Marathon26 Apr 09
ZXC28:1913HockleyEssex League28 Nov 09
ZXC29:495ChingfordEssex League3 Jan 09
ZXC30:369RAF HaltonRAF v Cambridge Uni v Eastern Counties7 Nov 09
ZXC42:28152NottinghamInter Counties7 Mar 09
ZXC46:227BasildonEssex County Championships10 Jan 09
2008 SEN Billericay/Thurrock
30009:05.4SouthendEssex County Championships - Day 420 Sep 08
500015:28.33LutonSouthern Men's League Division 212 Jul 08
500015:301GraysThurrock Harriers Graded Meeting19 Nov 08
500015:47.31GraysSouthern Men's League Division 27 Jun 08
3000SC10:32.8GraysSouthern Men's League Division 228 Jun 08
3000SC10:42.1GraysSouthern Men's League Division 27 Jun 08
3000SC10:47.4LutonSouthern Mens League - Div 212 Jul 08
5K15:471IlfordValentines Park 5K28 Sep 08
5K15:553BarkingBarking Park 5K25 Aug 08
5KMT16:291Langdon HillsCrown To Crown 5K21 Mar 08
5KMT16:431Langdon HillsCrown to Crown 5K8 Apr 08
5M25:052WithamWitham 526 Dec 08
5M25:332BasildonEssex PB 51 Jun 08
5M25:413Canvey IslandNicola's 520 Apr 08
5M25:431IngatestoneIngatestone 521 Sep 08
5M25:441ChelmsfordSpringfield Striders Friday Night 513 Jun 08
5MMT24:161BasildonLangdon 519 Oct 08
5MMT27:101Chigwell RowNewman Hilly 51 Jul 08
10K31:532ChelmsfordChelmsford 10K16 Nov 08
10K32:202SouthendSouthend 10K Classic5 Oct 08
10K32:281BrentwoodTGT Brentwood 10K20 Jul 08
10K32:461High OngarHigh Ongar 10K6 Jul 08
10K32:552Hatfield Broad OakHatfield Broad Oak 10K26 May 08
10K32:591HorndonHorndon Feast & Fayre 10K29 Jun 08
10K33:081Great BardfieldGreat Bardfield 10K14 Sep 08
10K34:122Canvey IslandCanvey Island Rotary 10K7 Sep 08
10KMT34:211Stansted MountfitchetStansted 10K15 Jun 08
10KMT38:282North PerrottHaselbury Trail 10K6 Aug 08
10M53:381DartfordDartford 1020 Jan 08
10M54:301TiptreeTiptree 1012 Oct 08
10M54:502StebbingStebbing 109 Nov 08
10M55:003ChelmsfordEdmund Carr Great Baddow 1018 May 08
HM70:481ColchesterGreat Bentley Half3 Feb 08
HM71:154BrentwoodEquity Brentwood Half Marathon9 Mar 08
15MMT86:051BenfleetBenfleet 1527 Jan 08
15MMT89:541ChingfordOrion 1529 Mar 08
20M1:48:301Great BromleyEssex 2017 Feb 08
Mar2:48:062HalsteadHalstead Marathon11 May 08
ZMT38:282North PerrottHaselbury Trail 10K6 Aug 08
ZMT83:451Canvey IslandMersea Round The Island 10K22 Jun 08
ZXC26:586ChelmsfordEssex League12 Jan 08
ZXC28:005LoughtonEssex League11 Oct 08
ZXC28:465SpringfieldEssex League29 Nov 08
ZXC31:245ColchesterEssex League13 Dec 08
ZXC41:43119NottinghamInter Counties Championships15 Mar 08
ZXC47:136BasildonEssex Championships5 Jan 08
2007 SEN Billericay/Thurrock
15004:15.2WaltonSouthern Men's League Div 2 (2)2 Jun 07
30008:59.06ColchesterEssex Relay & Combined Events Championships22 Sep 07
500015:01.4913Crystal PalaceSouth of England Senior Championships17 Jun 07
500015:09.51HarrowSouthern Men's League Division 25 May 07
500015:14.44ChelmsfordEssex County Championships12 May 07
1000031:17.645BedfordCAU Inter County Championships27 May 07
3000SC10:08.5HarrowSouthern Men's League Div 2 (1) & 3N (1)5 May 07
5K15:403WythenshaweReebok Manchester 5K Sizzler9 Aug 07
5K15:442BarkingBarking Park 5K27 Aug 07
5K15:551Langdon HillsCrown To Crown6 Apr 07
5K16:131LaindonCrown to Crown 5K11 Jul 07
5K16:231LaindonCrown to Crown 5k5 Sep 07
5KMT16:351Dunton, EssexPhoenix Striders - Dunton 5km17 Jul 07
5M25:071Canvey IslandNicola's 529 Apr 07
5M25:351ChelmsfordSpringfield 58 Jun 07
5M25:421BasildonEssex PB 513 May 07
5M25:421TiltyTilty Hilly 53 Jun 07
5M25:441IngatestoneIngatestone 523 Sep 07
5M25:584HorwichHorwich Jubilee Series15 Aug 07
5M26:264WithamWitham Boxing Day 526 Dec 07
5MMT27:301EppingGuardian Copped Hall 530 Sep 07
10K31:2440ChichesterChichester Priory 10K7 Oct 07
10K31:433London Victoria ParkMiddlesex & Open 10K9 Sep 07
10K31:491FelstedFelsted 10K8 Jul 07
10K31:582ChelmsfordChelmsford 10K18 Nov 07
10K32:043AshfordAshford & District 10K18 Feb 07
10K32:331BrentwoodTGT Brentwood 10K15 Jul 07
10M52:471DartfordDartford RR Les Witton 1021 Jan 07
10M53:412Great BaddowGreat Baddow 1020 May 07
10M54:051TiptreeTiptree 10 Miles14 Oct 07
10M54:132DunmowStebbing 10 Mile Road Race11 Nov 07
HM68:151Great BentleyGreat Bentley Half inc Essex Championships4 Feb 07
HM70:071BrentwoodBrentwood Half Marathon25 Mar 07
HM70:393HessleHumber Half Marathon24 Jun 07
HM70:571MaidstoneMaidstone Half Marathon21 Oct 07
ZXC26:495BasildonEssex League24 Nov 07
ZXC26:515HockleyEssex League15 Dec 07
ZXC28:535One Tree HillEssex League3 Nov 07
ZXC35:262UpminsterEssex League13 Oct 07
2006 SEN Billericay/Thurrock
15004:16.18ChelmsfordEssex County Championships14 May 06
30008:46.52GraysEssex County Championships23 Sep 06
500015:15.71ReadingSouthern Men's League Division 222 Jul 06
500015:23.71GraysSouthern Men's League Division 23 Jun 06
500015:24.343ChelmsfordEssex County Championships13 May 06
500015:26.3410Crystal PalaceSouthern Senior & U20 Championships18 Jun 06
500015:31.31Mile EndSouthern Men's League Division 2 Match 28 Jul 06
500015:35.21IpswichSouthern Men's League Division 220 May 06
1000032:00.796BedfordCau Inter Counties Championships28 May 06
3000SC9:54.623BCrawleySouthern Inter-Counties13 Aug 06
5K15:281BasildonLittle Havens 5km13 Aug 06
5K15:321BarkingBarking Park 5km28 Aug 06
5K15:361GraysThurrock Harriers 5km3 Sep 06
5K15:581LaindonCrown To Crown 5K6 Sep 06
5K16:111LaindonCrown To Crown 5km12 Jul 06
5K16:411DuntonDunton 5km15 Aug 06
5M24:411WithamWitham Boxing Day 526 Dec 06
5M25:061IngatestoneIngatestone 517 Sep 06
5M25:221BasildonEssex PB 517 Apr 06
10K31:142ChelmsfordChelmsford 10km inc Essex Championships19 Nov 06
10K31:321SouthendSouthend 10K8 Oct 06
10K31:3917EastleighB&Q Eastleigh 10km19 Mar 06
10K32:191Saffron WaldenSaffron Walden 10k24 Sep 06
10K32:321HorndonHorndon Feast Fayre 10km25 Jun 06
10K32:591BrentwoodBrentwood 10km16 Jul 06
10K33:541High OngarHigh Ongar 10K2 Jul 06
10M52:181StebbingStebbing Rememberance Day 1012 Nov 06
10M53:401TiptreeTiptree 1015 Oct 06
10M55:022Great BaddowEdmund Great Baddow Charity 1021 May 06
HM70:501BrentwoodEquity Insurance Brentwood Half Marathon12 Mar 06
HM72:4213AckworthWilkinson Ackworth Half Marathon Inc Inter-Counties Championships2 Apr 06
HM74:122Roding (Long course)Roding Half Marathon (13.68M estimated)26 Feb 06
15M1:28:081BenfleetBenfleet 1529 Jan 06
2005 SEN Billericay/Thurrock
5K16:275BasildonLITTLE HAVEN 5km7 Aug 05
5M25:473WithamWITHAM BOXING DAY 526 Dec 05
5M27:064IngatestoneINGATESTONE 518 Sep 05
10K32:093ChelmsfordCHELMSFORD 10km20 Nov 05
10M56:085TiptreeFIVEWAYS TIPTREE 1016 Oct 05
2004 SEN Billericay/Thurrock
5M27:206WithamWITHAM BOXING DAY 526 Dec 04
10K35:1427SouthendSOUTHEND 10km3 Oct 04
Total Performances: 592
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