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Level 4 100/200 Sprints and Relays UK Athletics Coach
Level 4 Sprint Hurdles UK Athletics Coach
Level 3 Long and Triple Jump Uk Athletics Coach
Level 3 Middle Distance Coach for 800/1500m
Level 2 Throws Coach
Event Group qualification for Sprints and Hurdles
With over 30 years experience coaching both young and senior athletes up to National Level. Disciplines coached are mainly Sprints, Hurdles with Long and Triple Jump, High Jump, Shot, Discus and Javelin, all the events required to compete for Combined Events. Coached a number of athletes in Middle Distance including Steeplechase to National Level in Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire. Involved as the Lead coach at the Northwood Hurdles Academy for the U20s / Senior Women's 100m Hurdles event Group and for the Spar Sprints East Midlands, delivering quality training and support for athletes and their coaches in the East Midlands. Worked with many elite coaches from the uk and worldwide which has greatly enhanced my coaching experience.
Bassetlaw Coach of the Year Award, Strategic Leader of the Year Award - England Athletics East Midlands, Achievement through Adversity with the Bassetlaw Sports Awards.
Athletes achieving medals and setting championship bests at the Area Championships and at County level for Sprints, Hurdles, Jumps and Combined Events. Most athletes coached have achieved a top 10 UK ranking at some time. Coached and advised numerous young athletes competing at the English School and National Championships for most athletics disciplines including athletes representing England Schools, British Schools Internationals and UK School Games.
Attended the British Athletics Summer Schools for Junior Development and also the International Course, both at Loughborough University, spent time with a number of National Event coaches at the time, such as Malcolm Arnold, Bruce Longdon, Max Jones, Frank Dick and other National coaches at the time, which has helped me build up experience to coach at an elite level. Pass the Senior Coach Award exams, in Event Theory for Hurdles and Coaching Theory way back in 1993.
Attended a variety of UK athletics Masterclases and Conferences in Combined events, Speed, Sprints, Hurdles and Endurance. A member of the National Coach Development programme for Speed as an Associate Member. Worked with a great team and given the opportunity to learn and experience new skills and techniques from the best International coaches Worldwide.
Now currently coaching and advising mainly juniors in sprints, hurdles and multi events, assisted by the help of Dave Andrews and other support coaches at the Keepmoat Stadium, Doncaster which is an excellent base for training athletes of all ages.

Athletes Coached
NameClub AG  Sex  Best Event  Rank  AG  Year  Performance 
Scarlett AshfordDoncasterU15W75HU15W291U15202413.2
Amy BaileyDoncasterU23W60HW94ALL20239.25
Sophie BarleyDoncasterU13WJT400154U13202416.91
Michael BatesDoncasterV45M
Josh BoyerDoncasterU20MHJ89U1720231.75
Willow ButlerDoncasterU13W75509U13202411.41
Ava CooperDoncasterU15W
Bradley CooperDoncasterU13M
Eden DixonDoncasterU13WJT400240U13202414.56
Trinity Dooley-WilliamsDoncasterU20WLJ177U2020244.67
Olivia DoyleDoncasterU20W60222U1720238.32
Minnie DunbarDoncasterU23W
Sophie GermainDoncasterU15W
Ella GrangerDoncasterU15W100317U15202413.4
Mario GujdanDoncasterU20M
Lakey HaighDoncasterU13W
Lani HaighDoncasterU15W
Kieran LambertDoncasterU23M200319ALL202422.47
Nicole LannieDoncasterU23W
Oscar McGuinnessDoncasterU13M
Oscar McGuinnessDoncasterU13M
Rupert McGuinnessDoncasterU11M
Luke NaylorDoncasterU20M
Darren OtterDoncasterV50MHT7.26K111ALL202437.76
Katie RowneyDoncasterU20WLJ169U2020244.72
Jessica ShepherdDoncasterU15W
Abbie SmithDoncasterU11W
Aimee SmithDoncasterU17W60467U1520238.95
Millie WilsonDoncasterU15W

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