Andrew Sutcliffe

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Club:Sale Harriers Manchester
Age Group:SEN
County:Greater Manchester
Region:North West
Lead Coach:Christian North2014-
Previous Lead:Julien Raffalli-Ebezant-2013
Previous Lead:Alan Richardson2013-2014

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Britain’s first global medallist in the pole vault

Domestic Championships Record
2007 - England U17 Indoor Championships PV bronze. UK School Games PV bronze.
2008 - England U20 Championships PV bronze. England U20 Indoor Championships 5th.
2009 - England U20 Championships PV gold. Aviva England Athletics U20 Indoor Championships PV gold. Aviva World Trials & National Championships PV 12th.
2010 - Aviva World Indoor Trials & UK Championships PV silver. AAA England U20 Indoor Championships PV gold. Aviva European Trials & UK Championships PV 5th. Aviva England U20 World Trials Championships PV bronze.
2011 - Aviva European Indoor Trials & UK Championships PV 4th
2012 - Aviva European Indoor Trials & UK Championships PV gold

Major Championships and International Record
2012 - Aviva Indoor International GBR v GER v RUS v Commonwealth v USA PV bronze
2010 - IAAF World Junior Championships PV bronze.
2009 - European Junior Championships PV 4th

Prior to taking up athletics, Andrew played both rugby and football. He is also a supporter of Manchester United FC.

Best known performances

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2019 SEN Sale Harriers Manchester
LJ5.983GrimsbyCleethorpes AC Open27 May 19
2018 SEN Sale Harriers Manchester
607.58i61.4SportcitySale Harriers Open Series16 Dec 18
LJ6.352BWarringtonNorth of England League Division 3W4 Aug 18
LJ6.223StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix Open19 Jun 18
LJ5.61i6BSportcitySale Harriers Open Series16 Dec 18
2016 SEN Sale Harriers Manchester
PV5.45i2SheffieldBritish Athletics Championships28 Feb 16
PV5.36i1ALee ValleyMetaswitch Games Open3 Jan 16
PV5.33i3=3Rouen, FRAPerche Elite Tour23 Jan 16
PV5.32i4ASportcityVault Manchester30 Jan 16
PV5.31i1CardiffCardiff Met GP2: New Year Open (inc South West of England & Welsh Masters Championships)10 Jan 16
PV5.30i3CardiffWelsh Athletics International7 Feb 16
2015 SEN Sale Harriers Manchester
PV5.45i2SheffieldSainsbury's Indoor British Championships15 Feb 15
PV5.451CardiffWelsh Championships28 Jun 15
PV5.42i2ASportcityVault Manchester31 Jan 15
PV5.421CardiffWelsh Athletics International29 Jul 15
PV5.401BathTeam Bath Evening Open Meeting24 Jun 15
PV5.40i1BBathBath Christmas Pole Vault Special20 Dec 15
PV5.35i1CardiffSSI 3 - The Bar Rises13 Jun 15
PV5.34i1FCarshaltonVault London 201522 Feb 15
PV5.30i1CardiffWelsh U13 / U17 / Senior Championships25 Jan 15
PV5.30i2CardiffWelsh International8 Mar 15
PV5.20i1CardiffCardiff Met Grand Prix (Inc South West England U20 / Senior Championships)11 Jan 15
PV5.201ALee ValleyBritish Athletics League Division Premiership6 Jun 15
PV5.204BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships5 Jul 15
PV5.004ALee ValleyBritish Athletics League Division Premiership8 Aug 15
PV4.802BirminghamBritish Athletics Jumps & Throws Fest18 Jul 15
PVNHi-CardiffVault Cardiff18 Jan 15
2014 SEN Sale Harriers Manchester
PV5.40i23Orleans, FRAPerche Elite Tour18 Jan 14
PV5.35i1CardiffVault Cardiff1 Feb 14
PV5.353BirminghamBritish Championships (Inc European Trials)29 Jun 14
PV5.33i13Rouen, FRAPerche Elite Tour25 Jan 14
PV5.31i2CardiffCardiff Met University Pole Vault Invitation24 May 14
PV5.30i4SheffieldBritish Athletics Championships9 Feb 14
PV5.30i1ABirminghamBritish Athletics League Premiership7 Jun 14
PV5.302AHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership5 Jul 14
PV5.304CardiffWelsh Athletics International15 Jul 14
PV5.301ASportcityBritish Athletics League Premiership9 Aug 14
PV5.24i9MAubiere, FRACapitale Perche11 Jan 14
PV5.201BathTeam Bath Evening Open18 Jun 14
PV5.201BathBath Field Fest Open3 Aug 14
PV5.18i5=SportcityVault Manchester8 Mar 14
PV5.17i2ASportcitySportcity Pole Vault Competition4 Jan 14
PV5.15i3BBirminghamBirmingham Games16 Feb 14
PV5.15i3CardiffCardiff Invitation Pole Vault2 Mar 14
PV5.064LoughboroughLEAP19 Jul 14
PV5.003CardiffWelsh Championships31 May 14
PVNH-ACardiffBritish Athletics League Premiership10 May 14
PVNH-LoughboroughLoughborough International18 May 14
2013 U23 Sale Harriers Manchester
PV5.45i5=10Nevers, FRAFinale Perche Elite Tour23 Feb 13
PV5.401Regensburg, GERSparkassen Gala8 Jun 13
PV5.36i2SportcityVault Manchester 20139 Mar 13
PV5.321CardiffWelsh Athletics International31 Jul 13
PV5.311ASportcityNorth of England League Division 17 Jul 13
PV5.26i1BathBath Pole Vault Christmas Special22 Dec 13
PV5.25i33Rouen, FRAPerche Elite Tour26 Jan 13
PV5.254ManchesterGreat Manchester City Games25 May 13
PV5.211CardiffWelsh Championships30 Jun 13
PV5.20i1SportcityManchester Pole Vault19 Jan 13
PV5.201BedfordEngland Athletics U20/U23 Championships (Inc U18 Events)16 Jun 13
PV5.20i9GatesheadEuropean Athletics Team Championships23 Jun 13
PV5.155LoughboroughLoughborough EAP Open Meeting23 Jul 13
PV5.12i7=AOrleans, FRAPerche Elite Tour12 Jan 13
PV5.101BirminghamBirmingham Games20 Jul 13
PV5.004AHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership3 Aug 13
PVNMi-SheffieldBritish Athletics European Trials & UK Championships10 Feb 13
PVNH-BLee ValleyBritish Athletics League Premiership11 May 13
PVNH-LoughboroughLoughborough International19 May 13
2012 U23 Sale Harriers Manchester
PV5.55i1SheffieldAviva European Indoor Trials & UK Championships11 Feb 12
PV5.54i1BVilleurbanne, FRAInsa Perch'formance21 Jan 12
PV5.461BirminghamMcCain Jumps & Throws Fest11 Aug 12
PV5.45i4Aubiere, FRAChampionnats de France Elite en salle25 Feb 12
PV5.432LoughboroughLEAP7 Jul 12
PV5.40i3GlasgowAviva International (GBR v GER v RUS v Commonwealth v USA)28 Jan 12
PV5.407Crystal PalaceSamsung Diamond League13 Jul 12
PV5.401AHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership28 Jul 12
PV5.352BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. Olympic Trials23 Jun 12
PV5.33i1=AAubiere, FRAMeeting Capitale Perche14 Jan 12
PV5.308qAHelsinki, FINEuropean Championships30 Jun 12
PV5.26i9=Nevers, FRAFinale du Perche Elite Tour18 Feb 12
PV5.22i23Aulnay sous Bois, FRAMeeting de la Perche aux Etoiles7 Jan 12
PV5.201ABirminghamBritish Athletics League Premiership9 Jun 12
PV5.201BedfordAviva England Athletics U20/U23 Championships17 Jun 12
PV5.152UKAOlympic ParkBUCS Championships5 May 12
PV5.106LoughboroughLoughborough International20 May 12
PV4.806Vila Real de Santo António, POREuropean Club Championships - Group A27 May 12
2011 U23 Sale Harriers Manchester
PV5.25i1SportscityManchester Open20 Feb 11
PV5.24i3SheffieldMcCain City Challenge6 Feb 11
PV5.23i1SportcityManchester Pole Vault8 Jan 11
PV5.22i1CardiffMcCain City Challenge26 Feb 11
PV5.21i4SheffieldAviva European Trials & UK Championships12 Feb 11
PV5.21i4BOrleans, FRAPerche Elite Tour10 Dec 11
PV5.19i5=ACassis, FRAFinale du perche Elite Tour26 Mar 11
PV5.03i11Villeurbannes, FRAINSA Perch'formance22 Jan 11
PV5.02i4SportcityVault Manchester15 Jan 11
2010 U20 Sale Harriers Manchester
607.61i41.3SportcityManchester Open19 Dec 10
40052.62i15SportcityManchester Open19 Dec 10
PV5.36i2SheffieldAviva World Trials & UK Championships14 Feb 10
PV5.353Moncton, CANIAAF World U20/Junior Championships22 Jul 10
PV5.30i1BirminghamAviva England U15 / U17 / U20 Championships27 Feb 10
PV5.301Mannheim, GERBauhaus Junior Gala4 Jul 10
PV5.25i1BirminghamBirmingham Games6 Feb 10
PV5.21i4ANantes, FRAMeeting Le Butoir Nantais - Perche Elite Tour23 Jan 10
PV5.205BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. European Trials27 Jun 10
PV5.153qBMoncton, CANIAAF World U20/Junior Championships20 Jul 10
PV5.12i7ALimoges, FRAPerche Elite Tour20 Mar 10
PV5.1012SportcityVault Manchester30 May 10
PV5.08i2LoughboroughLoughborough University Open31 Jan 10
PV5.052SportcityNorthern Athletics Senior & U20 Championships13 Jun 10
PV5.05i1LoughboroughLoughborough Open11 Dec 10
PV5.03i1SportcityVault Manchester16 Jan 10
PV5.001SportcityNorthern Athletics Senior & U20 Championships12 Jun 10
PV4.90i1ASportcityNational Junior Athletic League Northern Premier25 Apr 10
PV4.904LoughboroughLoughborough International23 May 10
PV4.82i14ALyon, FRAPerche Elite Tour9 Jan 10
PV4.804=AHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership5 Jun 10
PV4.803BedfordAviva England U23 and U20 World Trials Championships19 Jun 10
PV4.401AWakefieldNorthern League 11 May 10
parkrun19:42141Bramhall ParkBramhall parkrun # 12325 Sep 10
parkrun19:4511Bramhall ParkBramhall parkrun # 1242 Oct 10
parkrun19:5617Bramhall ParkBramhall parkrun # 12218 Sep 10
2009 U20 Sale Harriers Manchester
607.54i11.05SportcityReebok Manchester Open Meeting6 Dec 09
PV5.101BedfordEngland U20 & U23 Championships27 Jun 09
PV5.051SportcityNorthern Athletics U20 Championships20 Jun 09
PV5.054Novi-Sad, SRBEuropean Junior Championships26 Jul 09
PV5.03i2BCercy-la-Tour, FRATop Perche7 Feb 09
PV5.001ASportcityNational Junior Athletic League Northern Premier14 Jun 09
PV5.002SportcityNorthern Athletics Senior Championships21 Jun 09
PV4.951Faro, PORRegional Junior Championships23 May 09
PV4.955qANovi-Sad, SRBEuropean Junior Championships24 Jul 09
PV4.92i4SportcityVault Manchester17 Jan 09
PV4.90i5Apeldoorn, NEDJumps International28 Feb 09
PV4.90i1QBSportcityReebok Manchester Open Meeting6 Dec 09
PV4.851ASportcityNorth of England League Division 12 May 09
PV4.80i1BirminghamBirmingham Games31 Jan 09
PV4.803LoughboroughMcCain Loughborough International17 May 09
PV4.801ADon ValleyBritish Athletics League Premiership7 Jun 09
PV4.803AManchesterBritish Athletics League Premiership4 Jul 09
PV4.80i2SportcityReebok Manchester Open Meeting20 Dec 09
PV4.711SportcityPole Vault Open Meeting30 May 09
PV4.70i2SportcityReebok Manchester Open11 Jan 09
PV4.70i1BirminghamEngland Athletics U20, U17 & U15 Championships14 Feb 09
PV4.632BHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership1 Aug 09
PV4.60i2BSportcityReebok Manchester Open4 Jan 09
PV4.6012BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. World Trials12 Jul 09
PV4.54i4CardiffCeltic International22 Feb 09
2008 U20 Sale Harriers Manchester
PV4.901BHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership2 Aug 08
PV4.85i2CardiffCeltic Cup3 Feb 08
PV4.801SportcityNorthern Athletics Senior Championships14 Jun 08
PV4.803BedfordEngland Athletics Open Championships (U23/U20)21 Jun 08
PV4.70i5BirminghamEngland Athletics U20/U17/U15 Championships23 Feb 08
PV4.704Pune, INDCommonwealth Youth Games15 Oct 08
PV4.63i2SportcityVault Manchester19 Jan 08
PV4.602BBirminghamBritish Athletics League Premiership8 Jun 08
PV4.601ASportcityNational Junior Athletic League - Northern Premier27 Jul 08
PV4.51i2Sportcityuk:a Indoor City Challenge27 Jan 08
PV4.40i2BSportcityReebok Manchester Open6 Jan 08
PV4.40i1SportcityReebok Manchester Open6 Feb 08
PV4.40i6SheffieldUKA Indoor City Challenge Final17 Feb 08
PV4.30i2B2SportcityReebok Manchester Open13 Jan 08
PV4.301StretfordTrafford Grand Prix6 May 08
PV4.252ADerbyNational Junior Athletic League - National Final14 Sep 08
PV4.104BedfordCAU Inter Counties Championships25 May 08
2007 U17 Sale Harriers Manchester
PV4.61i4Aulnay sous Bois, FRAPerche aux Etoiles8 Dec 07
PV4.401WakefieldBAL Cup Semi Final21 Jul 07
PV4.353CoventryUK School Games25 Aug 07
PV4.303LiverpoolNorthern Athletics Senior/U20 Championships16 Jun 07
PV4.302DerbyNJAL Final9 Sep 07
PV4.30i3SheffieldNorthern Athletics Indoor Open24 Nov 07
PV4.251StretfordGreater Manchester County Schools Championships9 Jun 07
PV4.205BSportcityBritish Athletics League Premiership2 Jun 07
PV4.201SportcityUKA Young Athletes League Northern Premier24 Jun 07
PV4.201SportcityNorth of England League Division 18 Jul 07
PV4.201BirminghamNYAL Main Final2 Sep 07
PV4.151StretfordGreater Manchester County Championships12 May 07
PV4.151SportcityNational Junior League Northern Premier1 Jul 07
PV4.12i3SportcityPole Vault Elite Tour10 Mar 07
PV4.10i3BirminghamEngland Athletics Open Championships (U20/U17/U15)25 Feb 07
PV4.101StretfordTrafford Grand Prix24 Jul 07
PV3.95i2SportcityReebok Manchester Open7 Feb 07
PV3.951LiverpoolNational Junior League Northern Premier27 May 07
PV3.80i52ManchesterReebok City of Manchester Open Meeting7 Jan 07
PV3.80i3SheffieldNoEAA Junior Indoor Championships20 Jan 07
PV3.801StretfordTrafford Grand Prix29 May 07
PV3.75i42SportcityReebok Manchester Open25 Mar 07
PV3.701Ellesmere PortUKA Young Athletes League Northern Premier3 Jun 07
2006 U17 Sale Harriers Manchester
PV3.90i62SportcitySale Harriers Open3 Dec 06
PV3.80i3BSportcityReebok Manchester Open17 Dec 06
PV3.701BirminghamESAA Mason Trophy Schools Inter-County Championships17 Jun 06
PV3.7014=BirminghamAAA U17 & U15 Championships6 Aug 06
PV3.70i7SheffieldNoEAA Indoor Open25 Nov 06
PV3.651SportcityCity of Manchester Open Meeting7 Jun 06
PV3.6514GatesheadESAA English Schools Championships8 Jul 06
PV3.63i9SportcityVault Manchester25 Mar 06
PV3.60i4SportcityCity of Manchester Open Sport City19 Mar 06
PV3.6062SportcityCity of Manchester Open Meeting28 Jun 06
PV3.50i13BirminghamAAA U20, U17 & U15 Indoor Championships5 Mar 06
PV3.501StretfordGreater Manchester County Championships13 May 06
PV3.501BebingtonUKA Young Athletes League Northern Premier4 Jun 06
PV3.40i2ASportcitySale Harriers Open Meeting7 Jan 06
PV3.40i6SheffieldNorth of England Junior Championships21 Jan 06
PV3.40i6BSportcityCity of Manchester Open Meeting31 Jan 06
PV3.401StretfordGreater Manchester County Schools Championships10 Jun 06
PV3.402SportcityUKA Young Athletes League Northern Premier23 Jul 06
PV3.201JarrowUKA Young Athletes League Northern Premier30 Apr 06
PV3.205BirminghamUKA Young Athletes League Auxiliary Final2 Sep 06
2005 U15 Sale Harriers Manchester
PV3.35i3Manchester (SC)Reebok Sale Open18 Dec 05
PV3.20i5SheffieldNORTH OF ENGLAND OPEN27 Nov 05
PV3.101BirminghamESAA Mason Trophy Schools Inter-County Championships18 Jun 05
PV3.001CudworthNorth of England Junior Championships29 May 05
PV3.001StretfordGreater Manchester Schools Championships11 Jun 05
PV3.001Sheffield (W)Young Athlete League Northern Premier26 Jun 05
PV3.001Manchester (SC)CITY OF MANCHESTER OPEN Sportcity10 Aug 05
PV3.002BirminghamYAL Final4 Sep 05
PV2.952Manchester (SC)UKA Young Athletes' League Northern Premier31 Jul 05
PV2.901Manchester (SC)UKA Young Athletes League Northern Premier8 May 05
PV2.901StretfordGreater Manchester County Championships14 May 05
PV2.901LiverpoolUKA Young Athletes League Northern Premier5 Jun 05
PV2.902Manchester (SC)CITY OF MANCHESTER OPEN Sportcity20 Jul 05
PV2.8512=BirminghamESAA English Schools' Championships9 Jul 05
PV2.70i1Manchester (SC)CITY OF MANCHESTER OPEN Sportcity, Manchester2 Mar 05
PV2.60i2Manchester (SC)Sale Harriers Open16 Feb 05
PV2.60i1Manchester (SC)CITY OF MANCHESTER OPEN16 Mar 05
PV2.6010BirminghamAAA U15 / U17 Championships14 Aug 05
Total Performances: 224
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